No controlling legal authority

By Alan Caruba
web posted November 27, 2000

Adolph HitlerOn the afternoon of March 23, 1933, just prior to becoming the dictator of Germany, Hitler addressed the Reichstag. He spoke for two and half-hours and, at one point, he said that the judges in German courts would have to show some "elasticity of judgment" for the good of society. It was seen as an attack on legal principles and earned him warm applause.

He told the elected leaders of Germany that the Reichstag was not threatened. It would soon vote itself out of existence. None of the promises he made that day were kept. Soon Germany would be ruled by one man and his Nazi Party loyalists.

We have witnessed the Florida Supreme Court, made up of six Democrats and one independent, intervene in the election process to insure that Al Gore has more time to steal the election. The absentee votes from those serving in the military and sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution have been discarded.

Counties known to be controlled by Democrats have been given further time to overturn the results of the November 7th election which gave George W. Bush the Electoral College victory needed to be the next President of the United States.

The "elasticity" of the Florida Supreme Court has now permitted what is, in effect, the overthrow of the statutory law of the State. All that stands between Al Gore and the presidency is the Florida Secretary of State who could, if she wished, defy the court and assert her lawful duty and the Florida legislature that can intercede to insure that the State's electoral votes go to the rightful winner of the November 7th election.

Writing in "Hitler:1889-1936 Hubris", biographer and historian, Ian Kershaw, records that the "Nazis' 'legal revolution' had nothing to do with legality" and then adds, "But the conservatives present raised no objections."

The future of this nation, founded in the law of the Constitution, rests now the objections of conservatives. Failure to protest this effort to steal the election by every means available, including taking their case to the US Supreme Court and to Congress, if necessary, will leave this nation in the hands of men who have demonstrated that, in their case, "no controlling legal authority" is permission to lie in every way possible to achieve the control of the government.

The Nazi rise to power in Germany, historian Kershaw notes was predicated on their "disdain and detestation for a parliamentary system generally perceived to have failed miserably" resulting in a "willingness to entrust monopoly control over the state to a leader claiming a unique sense of mission…"

Al Gore has, time and again, expressed his sense of mission. In his book, "Earth in the Balance", he wrote that saving the earth from what he believes is the destruction of the environment must be achieved by "an all-out effort to use every policy and program, every law and institution, every treaty and alliance, every tactic and strategy, every plan and course of action…"

This is what we see unfolding in Florida. "Every law and institution" is being corrupted to insure he becomes the next president of the United States. The Democratic Party has become the National Socialist Party. In 1933, all power lay in the hands of the National Socialists and their leader, Adolph Hitler. It happened in the last century. It can happen in this one. Those who love the Constitution must now be prepared to rise up to defend it.

Alan Caruba is the founder of The National Anxiety Center; a clearinghouse for information about scare campaigns designed to influence public opinion and policy. The Center maintains an Internet site at

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