Al Gore's new "counter-culture"

By Ron Marr
web posted December 4, 2000

All men may be created equal, but equality ends at birth. We are not all handsome, or brilliant, or imbued with common sense. Some of us went to schools that taught reading, writing and arithmetic. Some of us went to schools that taught "peace studies" and "self esteem management." Some of us have ethical values and a moral foundation, an understanding of the obvious line between right and wrong. Some of us are raised with the belief that ethics and morals are relative, that they are antiquated concepts rather than a guidebook towards an enlightened society.

Some people visit the voting booth, read their ballot carefully, and make an educated decision. Others visit the voting booth, draw smiley faces on their ballot, and think themselves witty. Some people treat their ballot -- and thus their vote -- as a treasure. Others write cuss words on the ballot, blow their nose on it and treat it as a joke.

Most people expect their vote to count, and rightfully so. However those who purposely or negligently screw up their ballot are out of luck. If you don't take the right of franchise seriously enough to read the directions, you have nothing to whine about when your ballot is rejected.

In Florida, they tossed 180,000. In Ohio it was roughly 92,000. Washington State trashed about 30,000. California disposed of nearly 176,000. Another 102,000 ballots were either defaced or marked improperly in Georgia. According to the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate, up to 3,000,000 ballots were cast incorrectly -- or turned in bearing the aforementioned smiley faces -- in election 2000.

These are the votes Al Gore is referring to when he points his mascara-laden mug at the camera, bobs his head like a toy dog in the back window of a Buick, and says "All we have asked since election day is a complete count of all votes."

Right Al, that would be "all votes" with the exception of overseas military ballots, right? That would be "all votes," with the exception of Florida counties that voted Republican, right? That would be "all votes" with the exception of votes tossed out in states besides Florida, right?

This is the new liberal party line. They have checked the focus groups and determined the statement "all votes should be counted" resonates with the public. It's a scare tactic, the exact same approach Al Gore adopted when he told senior citizens a Bush election would cost them their Social Security benefits. Al basically told old folks that if he lost, they would die. He is now telling uneducated voters that, if he loses, liberty is dead.

This, from the most evil, wannabe dictator since Aaron Burr. When Al says "all votes must be counted," he is in fact saying "all votes must be counted until we are able to stuff the ballot boxes and illegally declare me the winner." He is probably the only man in America that asks for a recount upon hearing "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere." That "one if by land, two if by sea" thing makes him uncomfortable.

It is estimated that, on November 7th last, 1.5 million folks across the country marked their 'X" for state and local elections, but left the presidential spaces blank. These are some of the votes Al wants counted. In Florida, these are some of the votes he wants turned over to Democratic canvassing boards so they can "determine the intent" of the voter. What Vice President Pea-Brain doesn't want you to know is that if a voter left the presidential column blank, but filled out the rest of the ballot correctly, it was likely because none of the candidates met their criteria. Their intent was to ignore the presidential choice out of protest.

Nearly 100,000,000 people didn't bother to vote at all in this past election. I'll bet, if you asked him, Al Gore would also tell you these people "intended" to vote for him. He might have some basis for logic there, for if you're too lazy and ignorant to take the time to vote, you've already displayed personality traits common to your average liberal.

"Ignoring votes means ignoring democracy itself," said Al, apparently forgetting, as do most liberals, that we live in a Republic, a representative form of government based on the principles of democracy.

"If we ignore the votes of thousands in Florida this election, how can you, or any other American, have confidence your vote will not be ignored in future elections." said Al, hoping to drive terror into the hearts of those from whom he and his ilk have attempted to conceal the true workings of the American electoral process.

Since NO votes have been ignored, this seems a moot point. If you filled out your ballot correctly, your vote counted. However, if you're still uneasy, if Al's lies have shook you up as he intended, allow me to provide an answer to his question.

How can you have confidence your vote will not be ignored in future elections? Easy.

Just make sure Al Gore never moves into the White House.

Ron Marr is the publisher and founder of Trout Wrapper magazine. This is his first contribution to Enter Stage Right.

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