Conservative doomsayers among our worst enemies

By Steve Farrell
web posted December 11, 2000

It had to happen. With an overtime election, a dose of fresh Democratic Party scandals, and yet another "kid's glove" response from the Republican Party - all the loonies, and even a few misguided luminaries begin talking about revolution.

A "conservative" newsletter forwarded to me reported a post election "900 percent surge in gun sales," with this conclusion: "Keep the powder dry!" Another "conservative" site features one emotionally charged piece after another pitting "them against us," along with doomsday predictions that its all over for the United States unless we stand down the Democrats now.

And yet, another "conservative" news and commentary site features a top of the page headline article which recklessly calls for the military overthrow of our government, followed by a Secret Service led purge of all Clintonites (he had a list!) should Gore end up winning the election. Unfortunately, the "author" forgot to put his own name at the top of the list. It would have been fitting.

These people are nuts! And those who subscribe to their diatribes, lacking in character and common sense. Their works insult true conservatism, and represent a threat to conservatism's continued legitimacy, and for that matter, for our right to bare arms, for who should trust these loonies with a weapon?

Shame on anyone who would support their activities.

Yet, you can sense a bit of desperation, not just among the loonies, and the loonie-wanna-be-news-sites, but among responsible conservatives who get sucked in by the cynicism, the desperation, and the fiery chatter.

One prominent Internet columnist went so far to call for a re-establishment of our government under the Articles of Confederation. But why? Are things that bad? And is the re-establishment of the anarchy of the Articles of Confederation a reasonable solution?

Just when will all this silliness end?

I'll be the first to admit this nation has trouble. And the Democratic Party is about as corrupt as it gets. But what about the complicit Republican Party? Will they save us? And I wonder how is it that cheap chatter about revolution in a society which offers so many legal avenues of address isn't the worst sort of corruption? There are more positive answers to our troubles then lazy, uninspired, self serving calls for revolution.

I really think some "conservatives" think that just because they have stumbled upon a fractional educational advantage over the next guy that they are somehow as good and wise as the Founders were, and worthy, therefore, to lead a holy charge to freedom.

They do a heck of a lot of talking about how the Founders revolted over a lot less government oppression then we have today, but precious little talking about the fact that the Founders fought a revolution not over the injustice of taxation, but that those taxes were imposed without representation. Nor do they care to understand how restrained, how patient the Founders were in addressing their political troubles, despite the iniquities.

What's our excuse? We have representation. Democratic governments, whether they be republics, or pure democracies, ultimately are a reflection of the people. Which can only mean this - the growing face of tyranny we face with our government is a reflection of our gross collective negligence.

And guess what, it is a reflection (at best) of the kind of government we would still have if we were stupid enough to revolt. Would the electorate, suddenly become something it is not because a few misguided "patriots" lifted the sword against his neighbors? The real result would be that a fractured United States would be further divided and weakened by competing foreign interests, and perhaps more easily dominated by an ever more pervasive United Nations.

The solution then, is not to revolt, nor to waste our breath talking or dreaming about it, but to do as Holy Scripture encourages, "cleanse the inner vessel first;" - and that can only be accomplished via a educational reformation which begins in the home, which then spreads to private schools and private enterprises, and which after a generation or so begins to produce the caliber political leaders who will be imbued with the kind of wisdom which will save our country from tyrants on the left, and anarchists on the right, and the kind of responsible citizenry which will keep it that way.

Let's stop kidding ourselves, blaming our legislatures, blaming the Supreme Court, and blaming the Democratic Party. Every problem we now face we brought upon our own heads. If we want change, let's stop complaining and start sacrificing for a better tomorrow by educating ourselves and our kids today.

Steve Farrell is a freelance writer, a graduate of the University of New York, and a constitutional law student at George Wythe College. His column appears every Tuesday and Thursday in Missed a column? Visit Steve's archive.

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