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Films we will never see

By Bruce Walker
web posted December 1, 2003

While CBS produced a mediocre and crude caricature of the greatest American president in the last century, indicating that the entertainment industry is desperate for material, there are a number of films which tell a thrilling and compelling story, but which we will never see. Here is a small sample of the best stories never told by the Leftist elites in the entertainment industry.

Woodrow Wilson

Wilson the Rat. No man in American history has caused so much unnecessary human misery as Woodrow Wilson. If America had stayed out of the Great War insured, two equally culpable coalitions would have eventually reached a genuine peace. America had a vital role to play in that ghastly conflict, but that role was as a mediator.

The Great War led directly to Bolshevism, Fascism, National Socialism and a more strident Japanese Imperialism. Because of Wilson, the word endured a second terrible war, several holocausts around the globe, and the invention of fission and fusion bombs. Even worse, our brief participation in the Great War cost our nation an enormous number of casualties.

Venona and McCarthy. Venona decrypts are only part of the mountains of independent, growing and mutually supporting evidence that Senator Joseph McCarthy was more accurate than any of his critics about the extent and seriousness of communist penetration of America. Leftists have yet to find a single true innocent slandered by McCarthy, which would make his persecution a great story of courage in the face of evil.

Moreover, we now we know how close to the precipice America had come under FDR: Vice President Henry Wallace almost became president. If he had, a significant part of the cabinet would have been filled by people who were not just sympathetic to communism, as Wallace was, but who were agents of the Soviet Union with code names, assignments and coordination.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr.

The True Story of the Death of Reverend King. This fictional account of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. would have shown that this deeply Christian man had served his usefulness to the Left. His continued leadership of the civil rights movement would have kept it from evolving into a giant hate group.

Read the words of Reverend King and see how out of step his would be with the vipers of black Leftism today. How often people who walked with Reverend King said that civil rights leaders are not acting as he would at all?

In a cauldron of nutty conspiracy theories, here is one conspiracy theory that made sense: secular Leftists saw much more value in the bloodied body of this black minister than in him continuing to remind us that Jesus loves us all.

The Hive. How many people do we see on the news who are married to someone making policies? How quickly does a catch phrase like "gravitas" travel through the roads of elitism to become suddenly important concepts? How narrow are the minds of the insulated Leftists who inhabit a surreal world in which people honestly believe that President Reagan did not carry forty-nine of fifty states in 1984 because "No one I know voted for him"?

What lunacy comes out of that mockery of intellectual activity which we generously call our "educational system"? How can putatively bright people "discover" in the 21st Century such profound insights as "men and women think differently"? What sort of news anchor can ignore a congressman who appears to have murdered his mistress - because it might cost Democrats a seat in Congress?

Gulag. Hollywood has never gotten around to taking a book called by many respected people the most important book of the 20th Century, The Gulag Archipelago, and made it into an epic or a series. One hundred million souls entered that Hell on Earth, and many died there. It is the biggest story of our age.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn won the Nobel Prize for Literature. He wrote some of the greatest fictional works in history. Hollywood has adapted many lesser novels into films, so why has it never then made a film based upon the chilling story of The First Circle? Solzhenitsyn recorded a thousand personal tales of intense and real drama, but except for a short film based upon A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, none of these many stories has ever made its way into film.

There will be no Spielberg movie about the greatest mass extermination in history, no Oliver Stone tales of Leftists shooting a black minister who had become inconvenient, no expose of the elitist Leftist bigotry in the institutions of society, no condemnation of a Leftist icon like Wilson, who life seems to look uglier every year. There are great stories that Hollywood will never make into films.

Bruce Walker is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right. He is also a frequent contributor to The Pragmatist and The Common Conservative.

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