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web posted December 12, 2005

Re: A nation of Liberal whiners and "enablers"

Federal Conservative leader Stephen Harper says all taxes are bad, but especially consumption taxes like the GST, so he wants to shave two percentage points off it. Unlike many Conservatives of a bygone day, Harper is not in the back pocket of the Bay Street boyos.

Bay Street loves Paul Martin's Liberals. Hell, in what's got to be some kind of "first", a Bay Street banker is even running for the NDP: Paul Summerville in the downtown Toronto riding of St. Paul's.

The rot has set in. Canadians will get the government they deserve. How can they not vote for a man who wants to cut the GST by 2%? Despite this pledge, Harper continues his slide in the polls. Shows you how sick a society we've become. We're a nation of Liberal Party enablers. A majority of us have bought into this totally wrongheaded notion that ALL TAX CUTS ARE BAD BECAUSE THEY WILL MEAN CUTS TO HEALTH CARE or any kind of Big Government spending program that makes us more dependent on the State...

Harvey Chartrand



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