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William "Icarus" Clinton

By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 18, 2006

There are so many names I've given that Arkansas water moccasin, the one all dressed up in the Pillsbury Doughboy outfit, that chubby, post-it smile murmuring, "Give me your pain and I'll give you my bliss….just don't spill any of it on your dress…." Yes, he's the Devil's Tom Sawyer getting everyone else to paint his fence. He's Ahab to Hillary's Jezebel. The Nobel Prize Committee's favourite abortionist. Dr. Strangelove with a Dr. Kildare bedside manner… "This won't hurt. It's only a simple, medical procedure."


Well, the only label I can give him, and with great justification, the one encomium that brings some pity to my heart is "Icarus." Yes, the mythic wunderkind whose wings took him too close to the Sun, those "elevating dreams," so to speak, melted and he fell to earth and to death.

Clinton's eventual passing, "passing" as a euphemism, rather like "Icarus," like all "Big Goodbyes," will be a mere doorway to the Clinton name's place in history. That judgment, his final "Title" to Eternity, I'll leave to a history which will decidedly not be Post-Modern. With the fall of Bill and Hillary, the entire Progressive Pyramid, New World Order, Post-Modern, Virtual Suicide Machine will fall with them.

"Resist not evil," saith our Lord. "It destroys itself."

And, indeed, this time particularly, the Devil will take the big fall, the biggest in his entire history of "walking up and down the earth," or, in the cases of Clinton and Kissinger, taking the Concord.

Since Mr. Clinton built his dreams on Christianity's biggest, most hypocritical lie, Rev. W.O. Vaught's Progressive Creed that "because the word ‘abortion' does not appear in the Bible, God has nothing against abortion," with that, both of the Clinton's climbed on the United Nation's biggest lie, that we have a "population problem." Having put his Tom Sawyer face and style in front of the American Public, his hopes resting upon the Progressive Games successfully played, for decades, by Planned Parenthood, the A.C.L.U., and the Environmentalists, and now, with UNITY 08, Clinton's most honest initiative to put all of America under the rule of a one party state, selling bi-partisan tickets, such as the one we'll be offered by Unity in 2008, President Hillary Clinton and Vice-President Rudolph Giuliani, with this last batting of his "wings," the defiant angel of American History, our very own Lucifer, will face the fate of Icarus. Not the heat of the Sun will melt his wings. Those batting, serpent "elevators" will be enervated, drained, humiliated and "liquidated" from within. The Flying Pyramid of the New World Order will go blind, as the vaunted Third Eye of Enlightenment, Bill himself, will feel his God-like allies, Allah, Mao Zedong and Sir Francis Galton, creators of Terrorist Islam, Great Leap Forward China (talk about Progressive Progress), and Death-Loving Eugenics erupt in rage at the bottomless hypocrisy within both Bill and Hillary, that Emperor and Empress of the big Mega-Merger, the Mega-Monopoly of Power put together by the Clinton's and their ever-ready Daddies Oil and Warbuck's Family, the Bushes of Texas.

There's so much of the Confederate South to all this that, well, even the Progressives are calling much of their leadership "Dixiecrats:" William James Fulbright of Arkansas, Lyndon Baines Johnson of Texas, and now the Clintons and the Bushes of Arkansas and Texas. No wonder so much front-page death occurs in Texas. Two of America's most shining, rattlesnake families, the Lyndon Johnson's and the Hell Walks Bushes, have come to the highest of powers on earth, the Presidency of the United States.

Why should I, Michael Moriarty, become President?

Because I, like that Michael the Archangel of the Twentieth Century, Sir Winston Churchill, have, following the instructions of the Hippocratic Oath, "proclaimed the past," the history of the Progressive Disease, "diagnosed the present," the make-up of the Third Millennium's New World Order, and "foretold the future," the Fall of the Progressive Pyramid; I've come "to help," as the Michael of Daniel 12:1, who "standeth up for thy children," and I shall "do no harm." I have been and will, until World War III is over, be, as our Lord advised us to be, "cunning as a snake, but harmless as a dove."

Sam WaterstonLast week Sam Waterston, an old colleague of mine for over thirty years, announced the beginning of a new Third Party, Unity 08. Though advertised as an "internet" political party, its announcement came on television. That would be no surprise, since one of the Party's biggest supporters is a virtual television emperor, Dick Wolf, producer/creator/god of the Law & Order multi-series and spin-offs.

However, when Sam's welcoming speech was finished, I thought, My God, Icarus wrote that!!! Yeah, Bill Clinton penned that very Madison Avenue copy.

This will be Bill's last gasp and last grasp for complete power. His dream ticket, for a 2008 President and Vice-President, has been, since he was President himself and will be until he sees these two in the White House at last, and will be, until it's a fact, Hillary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani.

That's only possible with the magic of a Third Party that has the seemingly limitless power of Icarus' influence behind it.

It shall be done, as I always say, and, indeed, we will see President Hillary Clinton and Vice-President Rudolph Giuliani rule, not just America, but the entire World.

Behind them, of course, like the Kissinger-like act he's been pulling, with the United Nations playing the part of Richard Nixon, directing all major decisions, from behind a five-star hotel room-divider (the Wizard of Oz only had a tattered old curtain when our eccentric gang of heroes, Judy and the Strawman and the Cowardly Lion and Toto, the dog, pulled it back to find a doddering old prankster there), in the new party will be The Wizard of Unity, William "Icarus" Clinton, the "prankster" who's helped inspire the death, the abortion of one and a half million gestating, American infants per year.

Icarus isn't "doddering" yet, though his heart is reported to be not at its strongest. Well, mine isn't in the greatest of shapes either but, oh, well, let's find out what plans the real Wizard, Reality and possibly the Realists, have in store for both Icarus and this tired, old Detroit Lion and Tiger (my grandfather played third base for the Tigers…managed them, umpired the American League for decades, scouted, gave Detroit Harvey Kuenne (sp?) and Billy Hoeft), yes, me.

The 2012, Presidential election will be Moriarty vs. Holmes and Watson!!

Yup…the Catholic Church, an Irish version, versus the Progressively Protestant New World Order. Pro-life versus Pro-choice.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the Progressive 19th Century England's version of Good and Evil – though now, such distinctions, such "either/ors" as Good and Evil are heretical – the Hereditary Genius of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson versus the Catholic Benightedness of Moriarty!! No wonder Moriarty never died in the mystery series. The Catholic Church hadn't been destroyed yet, had it?

Moriarty, after surviving that fall from the bridge upon which he and Holmes were battling on, high-tailed it to Canada! The Moriarty Family then found their way to Chicago, where Joseph Moriarty, a Trolley Train Operator, raised six young boys on the poor, very Irish South Side of Chicago. Out of that brood of poor Americans came my grandfather, George Moriarty, who fought his way up through stick-ball on the streets, to sandlot ball in the parks, to a minor league team in Woodstock, to the New York Highlanders (our first version of the Yankees), thence to the Chicago Cubs, and finally traded to the Detroit Tigers where I was born.

My father, a Detroit Police Surgeon who retired on a Police Pension – he'd stitched up cops on the streets and then became one of that Police Department's in-house, family physicians – he, with my mother's permission (she could have had him arrested, abortion was illegal then) had two of my siblings aborted. Yeah…I learned about that at eight years of age. My sister, only three years older than I, had to tell me what the word "aborted" meant. When I realized that my own parents had murdered, yes murdered, two of my siblings and I was only eight years away from their gestating infancy and decades away from the age of my parents….well, you can imagine what goes on inside a boy's head, learning about his homicidal parents at that age.

Abortion will rise before the eyes of all Americans as certainly as slavery did in the 1850's. Abraham Lincoln, an abolitionist, lost to Stephen Douglas, a pro-slaver, in the Illinois Senatorial Debate; just as Ambassador Alan Keyes, pro-life, lost to Barack Obama, pro-choice, in the same exact, Illinois Senatorial contest of the Third Millennium. Two years later, Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States.

"Right makes might," said Lincoln to an audience in Brooklyn during his Presidential campaign.

Obviously, I'll be quoting our Greatest American a great deal.

"As I would not be a slave," he said, "I would not be a slave-master!"

As I would not be aborted, I would not be an abortionist.

Since when did Christ say there was an exception to the Golden Rule and that we can "do unto gestating infants what we would not want done unto our own gestating infancy?"

As the Clintons rode the evil of abortion into power, I can ride the power of good into the White House.

I always feel like saying to my friends in the Sixties, "There's something new ‘blowin' in the wind,' Mr. Bob Dylan, and its not the inevitability of American Communism. It's just sheer, simple goodness."

God made the Universe and said it was "good." He didn't say it was "great." If good is good enough for God, it's good enough for the American People and me. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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