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Mr. Vanderhoff goes to Washington

By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 11, 2006

Vladimir Putin, with his mini-atomic bombs, shaped diabolically for individual consumption – death in twenty-two days - has stood up to be counted. With the surgical apocalypse at his fingertips, the ultimate Communist psychotic, this Putin pour puissance, this whore for power, thinks he can put Mao Zedong on the "ash heap of Communist History".

His fat pal, Boris Yeltsin, warned us when he told America, "It won't be Clinton telling everyone where to work, where to live and how many children they'll have. It'll be us!!!!"

Yeltsin - Communism's least convincing actor - tried to come off as the Slavic Winston Churchill and ended up a graceless Wallace Beery,  actually drinking Shirley Temples (in my drinking days, I spilled more than Fat Boy consumed). No wonder the KGB forced him to retire – there's no surprise to the Devil's Religion, Progressivism, being impatient. How else can they make "progress?"

"Vladimir's Secret" weapon, unlike Victoria's, hasn't one ounce of the English-speaking love for individual freedom that Sir Winston Churchill did. Truth-tellers, such as Alexander Litvenenko, mustbe "eliminated," or is it "liquidated," or "disappeared" (no, the Right-wingers use that term, but considering the Bush Family's involvement in an obvious Skull and Bones Operation to feed the quintessential Daddies Oil and Warbucks Family, "disappeared" fits too.)

The Progressives in the Democratic Party either shot Kennedy or let him be assassinated and they got away with it, didn't they? Then Dr. King. Then Lady Di falls by the French modus operandi, a car accident. But, well, this!? Gee, Polonium 210, discovered by a female scientist?! How appropriate in the day and age of Progressive Female Supremacy, a la King Hillary Clinton and Popess Nancy Pelosi (see www.rainbow93.com/pelosi.html). Did Madame Marie Curie really know she would turn into I.G. Farben and find her name resting in eternity as the Polish Lucretia Borgia?

It was inevitable that the original alliance or pact between Stalin and Hitler be renewed. The Third Reich's eugenics with its Aryan Supremacy, rather like America's Third Way Progressivism and its Female supremacy, just had to marry Communism's design for a worldwide prison that could become the holding corral for "building materials". Humans that will serve the Necessities of Science and its dream of constructing the New, Improved Human Race, all along the lines of Sir Francis Galton's bible of Eugenics, hereditary genius!

So that's Marx and Galton married, in the founding homeland of the English-speaking peoples, no less - England! Leave it to the Brits to do the French Revolution one better. The Progressives, like Tony Blair, veil freedom under a Constitutional Monarchy while all along closing a Marxist fist with Galtonite/Eugenics intent around the freest people in the world.

Add Mohammed's minions and that psychotic invention of his called Allah and you have the requisite Gestapo, S.S., terrorist organizations to frighten the human race into the livestock corral. It is all going according to schedule, think eugenicists like James D. Watson, Nobel Prize-winning geneticist.

Well, if the Devil's going to take on the Catholic Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, he'd better be a Triune Assault Team himself, right? Ergo, Mohammed, Marx and Galton!! Out of those three psychotic minds came the greatest evil ever to plague the human race and, if you put them all together, they spell progressive!!

The Progressive Mists of Liberalism comprise the Zyklon B, or poison that has kept a humanicidal policy called legalized abortion going. They call it "moral ambivalence," and that is why I am not confident the English Law Enforcement Agencies, now in Moscow to hunt down the evidence of who assassinated Alexander Litvenenko in London, will be able to indict Putin.

The Progressive attitude is, "Litvenenko's death will all blow-over in a few months … be forgotten … we'll get the Progressive Fourth Estate of America on it, the CNNonized Stateside Press …"

Didn't ABC flop when Clinton told them niet, verboten to the film that exposed his acquiescence. That's my word for the Liberal cover-up policies with terrorists, acquiescence, for it actually means ‘to quiet things down' – quiet down the former President's breath-taking compassion for the likes of IRA Terrorist Gerry Adams, Palestinian Terrorist Yasser Arafat, and Islam's Security Service in Pakistan, and that nation's President.

He's an author now, that Pakistani President, doing a book tour. How Post-Modern of him. He was on Jon Stewart's Show not long ago. Humanist New York?! That's not appeasing terrorism, it's acquiescing to multi-cultural equality, right? And moral ambivalence!!

Progressivism's newest wunderkind, Senator Barack Obama, says he is just not an "either/or" kind of guy.


Do you want to see what both Clinton and Obama really want to be when they grow up?

Claude Rains in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington!

If you want to see where America is now, see that film … at least twice!!

Unfortunately, neither Obama nor Clinton have the humanity left to break down and tell the whole truth as Claude Rains' brilliant portrayal did. Why? Because when they say, "So help me God," they really mean "So help me Santa Claus."

America bought Bill Clinton's version of God before a Federal Grand Jury. The United States will pay a terrible price for that in the next six years, and with a Progressive, Female Supremacist like Nancy Pelosi running the House of Representatives, not since the American Civil War will the United States see such civil unrest. It will make the protesting Sixties look like a Woodstock Concert.

I am too old now to be Mr. Smith or the young Jimmy Stewart going to Washington as an earnest American who knows something is wrong and doesn't find out what is really wrong until he's actually in Congress. In 1994 I first announced that I would run for the Presidency of the United States on my last talk show, Life Without Fear on CNBC. That was twelve years ago and I am now more like Mr. Vanderhoff of another Frank Capra film, You Can't Take It With You. Yes, what I will be bringing to the White House in 2013, having been elected by a landslide in 2012, will be the Vanderhoff household. It's eccentric, but, by God, it's more profoundly American than apple pie, I tell you!

See that film and the other Capra classic, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Between those two and another, ritual glance at Capra and Jimmy Stewart's tour de force, It's a Wonderful Life, you will know exactly the kind of soul I will be bringing to the Oval Office.

The Progressive Pyramid of the New World Order that now runs things will inevitably "acquiesce" to the demands of the Bush/Clinton, Third Way, Pax Americana - that is if Vladimir Putin doesn't get too generous with his Vladimer's Secret, and tries to prove his pal, Boris Yeltsin right. By the time I am called back to the States to help put the prow of the Declaration of Independence back on what is now the barge of the United States, The Pyramid - even the one on the back of the American Dollar - will feel less welcome in the States than O. J. Simpson has felt in a courtroom.

The Progressives will run. Fly to Paris where it all began. They might even out race Alec Baldwin to the Ritz - that is if Mr. Baldwin can still afford the Ritz. Perhaps they will all show up on the English doorstep of Gwyneth Paltrow whose recent anti-Americanisms have made even Alec Baldwin look diplomatic. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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