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Thank you, Mr. Nolte and Mr. Breitbart

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 30, 2009

I know it's John Nolte … but, of course, "Nick", whom I think about often, is the first Nolte that comes to my mind!

I worked with him in my Liberal days … but spoke to him last on the phone from Canada.

Oh, the memories!

After … hmmm … forty six years in the business as a professional – began acting at fourteen in a Jesuit High School, which makes fifty-four years in the performing arts altogether - hmmm, indeed  … and after almost five years of sobriety, thanks to AA … and a profound faith in the words, "Let go, let God" … the rewards are beginning to roll in … not the least of which is this very moving … moving for me, at any rate … article in Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood.

As the sometimes startlingly insightful John Nolte might have guessed, I arrived in the arts an obligatory Liberal … because … well … you had to … and still have to be a Liberal … if you want to have a career in any of the arts at all.

My political transformation from being a Liberal to a pro-life libertarian – small "l" – yes, John, if you'll allow me, it began with Janet Reno … and … well, the rest became a little bit of Canadian history.

Now, however, it's as if I have been suddenly transported to Hollywood, a place I never chose to live in – New York was my town … until, of course, the Janet Reno showdown when New York turned into Hollywood - but … Hollywood is now a corner of the world where the reality of simple common sense seems to have erupted … albeit in only the most courageous of entertainment publications.

As an update to my new readers, I feel centuries away from that young man I saw in the Breitbart/Nolte, deeply researched Law and Order clip. After heart failure three years ago … and I don't  know how Dick Cheney bounces back the way he does … I enjoy life at this slower pace more than I ever have. Such a tempo also improves my prose.

Now that Climategate is "surfacing", my two professions of acting and political "opining", as Bill O'Reilly might say, have been highlighted in the most penetrating article to combine both. The mail congratulating me on Big Hollywood's recognition had me tearing up repeatedly.

"All comes to he who waits" … and, having performed with Steve Macht as collegiate thespians in Waiting For Godot – my idol then was Paul Scofield and I was doing an outrageously shameless imitation of that late, great saint of acting – it has been, as they say, more than worth the wait.

I love my retirement … and only the best of scripts could possibly drag me away from it.

There's one screenplay in particular, though – based on what I consider an American classic – that I have passed a Letter of Intent to … and if any readers are interested in investing in good movies, drop me a line at the rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com and I'll pass the inquiry on to this film's producer.

As they say, in another great film, L.A. Confidential, and in the parlance of film noir, it must all stay "Hush-hush!"

This could be fun, you know, coming back to Hollywood as a kind of resurrected, poor man's Charleston Heston!

It was my great honor to work with him in one of his last appearances.

We shared jokes over what conservatives should send to the Clinton Justice Department.

We concluded that the best gift would be tons of toilet paper …with the note, "Could you use this to wipe yourself with … instead of the Constitution of the United States"??!! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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