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Tiger and the hypocrites

By John Bender
web posted December 14, 2009

The Tiger Woods mess is a sad situation for his family, especially for his kids.  It hardly warrants the media attention it's getting.  Compared to real news like the Climategate scandal or the congress' head long rush to impose socialized medicine on the country, or the pervert Obama put in as "Safe School" czar, Mr. Woods' sex life is meaningless to everyone outside his family.

Of course, nobody except the most unaware among us expects the dinosaur media to pass up a chance to divert the nation's attention from the radical leftward rush and financial mess this congress and administration have created.  We should expect better from the serious media.

Rush, Beck, and Levin have barely mentioned Mr. Woods' problem opting instead to pay attention to the hard news of the day, but others in the serious media have reveled in the sensationalism and joined the dying dinosaur media in pumping up the story.

Among those wallowing in the Woods story are two men who have a huge helping of chutzpah talking about Mr. Woods' escapades.  One of those is Bill "Loofah Man" O'Reilly, whose own sex scandal isn't so far behind us that nobody remembers it.  Someone should remind "Loofah Man" of that old saying about people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

The other man has no hint of anything approaching scandal, sexual or otherwise, in his record.  Indeed, Sean Hannity seems to live his talk when it comes to living a clean personal life.  Hannity's hypocrisy is in the different standards he holds different people to.

Hannity is milking the Woods story and pontificating about professional athletes being roll models whose character should be above reproach.  The trouble is Hannity doesn't hold liberal Republican politicians to that same standard.

To be fair, Hannity does hold Democrats to the same high standards he wants professional athletes to have.  During the Clinton years and during the Spitzer scandal, just to name two, he repeatedly railed about how important it is for politicians to have good character.

Yet, Hannity last year was in the tank for the anti-Bill of Rights, pro-abortion, liberal Republican, Rudy Giuliani, pushing for Republicans to nominate him to be their candidate for the presidency.  Hannity still shills for Giuliani, urging him to run for governor and the Senate whenever he gets Giuliani on his show, and defending him when anyone calls in with a criticism of the liberal hack. 

It doesn't bother Hannity that Giuliani has the character of a sewer rat.  (That may be an insult to sewer rats.) 

Tiger Woods looks like a choir boy when compared to the man Hannity wanted to be president.  After all, Mrs. Woods never had to go to court to keep Tiger from bringing his trollop into the family home.  Tiger never called a press conference to tell his wife and kids he was leaving them.

But the real kicker is Giuliani used taxpayers' money to provide a chauffer for his strumpet.  Giuliani had New York City cops drive his mistress and her friends (sometimes she just sent the cop to drive her friends) in a New York City owned car using New York City gas, tires, etc.  He even had New York City cops walk her dog. Those actions are criminal offences.

New York State Comptroller, Alan Hevesi, used a state owned car and state employees to chauffer his sick wife around.  Hevesi pleaded to a charge of defrauding the government. He was sentenced in Albany County Court to a $5,000 fine and barred permanently from holding elected office. As part of the plea deal, he was given no jail time, and received no probation. Prior to his conviction Hevesi paid the state more that $200,000 in restitution, but was charged with the crime any way.

Giuliani wasn't prosecuted only because the statute of limitations had run out before his crimes were discovered.  But, neither Giuliani's sleazy lifestyle, nor his criminal activity seems to matter to Hannity who hushes over the liberal hack and defends him if a caller dares to suggest that Giuliani isn't someone Republicans should support for public office.

As far as I know, Mr. Woods didn't defraud the taxpayers or commit any other criminal offence, except for breaking a traffic law.  Who he has sex with isn't going to cost anyone outside his family anything. 

Serious journalists and commentators should leave the Tiger Woods story to people like Jerry Springer, Keith Olbermann, Geraldo Rivera, and to the dinosaur media.  Commentators with their own sex scandals or who support scumbags who are much worse than Mr. Woods should not even mention the story. ESR

John Bender is a freelance writer living in Texas.  His column has appeared in print and in Internet publications.


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