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Hillary Clinton popular vote count lead: Much ado about nothing!

By John W. Lillpop
web posted November 28, 2016

Haters and critics of President-Elect Donald J. Trump, including an altogether shameful number of mainstream media types who worked tirelessly to elect a corrupt Democrat simply because she is liberal and female, continue to live in a fantasy world of denial and delusional thinking, which ignores vital provisions of the US Constitution.

Specifically, mainstream media, in collusion with shell-shocked liberals who refuse to accept the righteous judgment of the American people, certified on November 8, continue to question the legitimacy of the Trump romp, despite the total repudiation of Barack Obama's attempted Fundamental Transformation of America and the disqualifying criminal history of Hillary Clinton.

Malcontent Democrats and their unseemly partners in the media, at a loss to logically explain the collapse of the progressive mindset, are now citing the fact that Donald Trump won the electoral college vote, but not the popular vote, as a basis for protesting Trump's ascension to the White House, whilst Hillary is sentenced to spend the next four years in the company of a psychopathic sexual predator and impeached perjurer, unless she escapes by being brought to justice herself and incarcerated in federal prison.

As in 2000, Democrats know (or should!) all too well that Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution establishes the Electoral College as the basis for awarding the keys to the Oval Office.

That is the law and has been so for well over 200 years. In sum, the popular vote is an interesting after dinner debate topic, but other than that, is mostly irrelevant.

Aside from the US Constitution which governs how elections are decided, Hillary Clinton and her uneducated minions are reminded that Democrats are notorious for soliciting and counting votes from among the dead, felons, illegal aliens, and other ineligible patrons of corruption who almost always vote Democrat!

These days, voter fraud and rigging are main stays of Democrat election strategy!

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party in America is in steep decline and is no longer able to attract new American citizens to the ranks of the party. Nonetheless, the Party is more than happy to accommodate parasitical illegal aliens who will vote Democrat for untold generations, provided that generous portions of food stamps, health care, housing, in-state tuition, and other perks continue to be available!

Indeed, illegal aliens, conversant, but not literate, in Spanish, and neither conversant, nor literate, in English, are a key constituency of the Democrat Party.

So, to saddened Democrats still in mourning over the sinking of the Hillary Clinton ship of corruption words to reflect on;  Donald Trump, now and forever! ESR

John W. Lillpop is a California-based writer. © 2016 John W. Lillpop 






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