ESR spotlight on Global Warming/Environment issues

Recent articles about Global Warming/Environment issues that have run in Enter Stage Right

Financial Stability Board climate deceit: Paul Driessen argues that the Financial Stability Board and a Climate Cabal expand their power and wealth by targeting financial and insurance industries

The social cost of carbon regulations: Anti-fossil fuel "formula" Social Cost of Carbon relies on garbage models, ignores carbon benefits and hurts the poor, write Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek

Those “devastating” EPA reductions: Budget and personnel cuts reflect environmental progress and essential regulatory reforms, argues Paul Driessen

Science deniers in the wind industry: Dr. Helen Schwiesow Parker argues that there is an impact to people’s health due to wind turbines and that the industry and environmentalists are ignoring the truth…and the science

Future is cloudy with occasional Trump gusts at National Weather Service: The National Weather Service is trying every trick in the book to ignore Donald Trump's hiring freeze on civil servants -- including trying to have itself declared to be as important as the military and police, reports Michael R. Shannon

Diogenes searching for honest policies: Renewable energy is a defective solution in search of a problem, money and power, argues Paul Driessen

GIGO-based energy and climate policies: Paul Driessen argues that GIGO-based reasoning is like formulating public safety policies using models based on dinosaur DNA from amber

An American demand for repeal of EPA's brand of fake “energy efficiency”: Conor Coughlin argues that the ENERGY STAR program, owned by the Environmental Protection Agency, needs to be put to pasture

The hidden agendas of sustainability illusions: Paul Driessen argues that absurd, impractical sustainability precepts are actually a prescription for government control

Conservation – not  more control: Paul Driessen argues that collusive lawsuits have helped control more and more US lands. Congress must repeal and replace the Endangered Species Act

Safe and healthy (not pristine) air: Paul Driessen argues that federal air quality rules must be based on science – and not used to stifle energy and industry

Let’s stop with the carbon con already: Using the word "carbon" when it comes to CO2 is the height of disingenuousness, argues Selwyn Duke

Reality-based climate forecasting: Paul Driessen argues that continuing to focus on carbon dioxide as the driving force will just bring more bogus climate change predictions

Another good target for EPA reform: Europe gives the incoming Trump Administration excellent tutorials on how not to regulate pesticides, argues Paul Driessen

It’s climate regulations that threaten us: H. Sterling Burnett has some climate actions President Trump could take to Make America Great Again

Environmentalist insurance policies: Paul Driessen has some intellectual ammo for holiday party responses to claims that you need meteorite insurance

Inconvenient truths about the man-made global warming scam: Not many in the global warming orthodoxy are willing to admit it, writes Dr. Robert Owens, but the floor is dropping out of the consensus on whether its man-made

Sea level rise – or land subsidence?: Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek argue that alarmist claims about rising seas inundating coastal areas are blaming the wrong culprit

Conservatives must strongly support Trump on climate change: And on his EPA, Interior and other environmental nominations – and their policy decisions, says Tom Harris

The world needs more energy!: Poor countries have a right to use fossil fuels and will no longer let anyone stop them, says Ugandan Steven Lyazi

Rolling back environmental progress?: Having achieved major goals, Paul Driessen says the US should refocus EPA and other environmental agencies

Five stages of climate grief: President Donald Trump could help – and force climate alarmists to answer questions they’ve ignored, writes Paul Driessen

Pipeline anarchy: Trump win fuels more rampant theft and destruction by the political left and environmentalists – and North Dakota citizens pay the price, writes Paul Driessen

Now comes the hard, fun and vital part: Paul Driessen argues that "making America great again" requires deep-sixing punitive energy and environmental rules

Roundup the corrupt fear mongers: Paul Driessen says that deceit and collusion are driving campaigns to ban a vital, popular, safe, affordable herbicide

Billionaire crony corporatist schemes: Paul Driessen says government is financing "green" companies and pressure groups, who in turn are getting richer off taxpayers and consumers

The chemicals anxiety machine: Paul Driessen says candidates, the Civil Rights Commission and greens are using phony health threats to scare voters

Stormy climate deception: Paul Driessen says continued hype and deceit are driving the climate and energy agenda – clobbering poor families

Blood cell phones and Teslas: Paul Driessen argues that too many "green" policies bleed red, hurting the environment and killing people

Green pixie dust energy policies: Paul Driessen argues that Democrats fight climate change with renewable pixie dust, while rest of world burns fossil fuels

Powering countries, empowering people: Paul Driessen arges that affordable energy brings jobs, improved living standards and pursuit of happiness

Employment application: The New York Times is apparently looking for a climate change editor. William Briggs says, "That's me!"

The science deniers' greatest hits: Bill Frezza argues that science is a process, not a destination, and must not be immune to falsification by experiment

"Toxic chromium" fear-mongering: Paul Driessen says that detecting Cr-6 droplets in Olympic-sized swimming pool doesn't equal health or cancer risks

A UN and tribal takeover?: Attorney Lawrence Kogan believes that hidden provisions in congressional energy bills undermine America’s water and property rights

Confusion, muddle, obfuscation and racism: Paul Driessen writes that as Barack Obama, UN and EPA seek to dictate our lives and livelihoods, the real issue is green racism

Don't bee-lieve the latest bee-pocalypse scare: Now wild bee junk science and scare stories drive demands for anti-pesticide regulations, writes Paul Driessen

EPA's dangerous regulatory pollution: Paul Driessen says the EPA's deceptive practices, human experiments and unjustified regulations cost Americans dearly

Olympic-sized climate propaganda: It was wrong to interrupt Rio's delightful opening ceremonies with deceitful agitprop, writes Paul Driessen

America blighted by industrial wind: Mary Kay Barton argues that green gangsters are ripping Americans off while enriching the 0.1% and trashing the environment

Destructive forest fires are due to – WHAT?: Climate change is an all-purpose excuse for Big Green and federal misfeasance and malfeasance, argues Paul Driessen

Science or advocacy?: Students are learning energy and climate change advocacy, not climate science, in the classroom, reports David R. Legates

Keeping the poor impoverished: Paul Driessen charges that callous eco-imperialists use lies, scare stories to deny poor countries better living standards

Real climate denial: Megan Toombs argues that the potential Democratic VP nominee recently misrepresented the Cornwall Alliance on Senate floor

The Hillary treatment for climate fraudsters?: State Attorney General actions reveal double standard for scientists who promote alarmist climate claims, writes Paul Driessen

Fuel me or fool me: Paul Driessen states that America has centuries of fossil fuels available for use, but hydrocarbon deniers want to strangle our future

More job-killing rules from EPA: Paul Driessen argues that the social cost of methane regulations will further constrain energy production, for no benefit 

Bill Nye the Scientism Guy: Facts don't support his hypothesis, so he shouts louder, changes subjects and attacks his critics, Willie Soon and István Markó write of Bill Nye

SEC issues climate chaos "guidance": Paul Driessen asks what about risks from anti-energy policies imposed in the name of stopping climate change?

Ben Rhodes spins climate change: Paul Driessen argues that "climate refugee" claims reflect deliberate mendacity and belief that we and reporters are stupid

We don't need billion$ to prevent Zika: Controlling mosquitoes and preventing diseases requires smarter policies, not more billions, write Paul Driessen and Dr. Robert Novak

Real world energy and climate: Weather channel founder John Coleman argues that "The sky is falling" scare stories have no place in public interest science or policy

Inside climate propaganda: Paul Driessen says InsideClimate News excels at propagating environmentalist and Obama thinking and policies

Smelling blood in the political water: Having destroyed the US coal industry, Democrats and eco allies are now attacking all fossil fuels, writes Paul Driessen

RICO for government climate deniers?: Paul Driessen and Ron Arnold want to know how corrupt and fraudulent is the government "science" that denies natural climate change?

Deep-sixing another useful climate myth: David R. Legates argues that the vaunted "97% consensus" on dangerous man-made global warming is just more malarkey

Methane mendacity – and madness: Radical green and government agitators are slamming methane in latest bid to terminate fossil fuel use, writes Paul Driessen

The Big Green job-killing machine: Ron Arnold says that environmentalists wield the powerful Endangered Species Act to kill jobs and impoverish families

Prosecuting climate chaos skeptics with RICO: Al Gore, a Torquemada Whitehouse and Democrat AGs are threatening to silence and bankrupt skeptics, says Paul Driessen

What happened on Oahu didn't stay on Oahu: Scientific detective work stopped cholera – now it needs to separate myths, mites and neonics, writes Paul Driessen

Masters of disguise: 'Green' evangelicals disguise anti-life policies as pro-life, perpetuating suffering and death, write E. Calvin Beisner, Janice Shaw Crouse and Austin Ruse

Washington's despotic lawlessness: We've had a "try and stop me" president. Now we need one who will invalidate those actions, writes Paul Driessen

Banning fossil fuel benefits: Paul Driessen asks if their abysmal grasp of energy and economics make Hillary and Bernie unfit to govern?

Last-ditch assaults on affordable energy: Barack Obama and his allies are doubling down on biofuels and climate, and against carbon-based fuels, says Paul Driessen

Are wind turbines killing whales?: Environmentalists say navy sonar hurts whales, but Paul Driessen and Mark Duchamp argue they are ignoring impacts of offshore wind farms

Remember the Climate!: Barack Obama orders the Pentagon, generals and admirals to make climate change Job One, reports Paul Driessen

Profiteers of climate doom: Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, Willie Soon and David R. Legates have ten killer questions that expose how wrong and ideologically driven they are

Audubon goes over the edge: Robert W. Endlich argues that the society's misleading claims about a climate crisis in the Arctic must be corrected

Tax oil to subsidize wind?: Barack Obama wants to punish oil industry to advance climate agenda. So do Hillary, Bernie and Mike, says Paul Driessen

Trumping hydrocarbon fuels and consumers: Paul Driessen argues that too many presidential candidates -- including the so-called mavericks -- court corporate cash by promoting ethanol

Base policies on reality, not deceit: Paul Driessen says that Dr. Bob Carter understood that climate frequently changes, and we must prepare to adapt

A celebrity has her say: Internationally famed gorilla Koko recently had a message for humanity, writes Greg Strange, one that betrayed a striking knowledge of climate change issues

The heat is on!: Paul Driessen wants to know why Volkswagen should be investigated for emission deception, but not government agencies?

The man made global warming hoax: Part deux: The climate change conference in Paris over the past two weeks was really only about one thing, argues Dr. Robert Owens

Reprieve! Binding Paris treaty now voluntary mush: The Paris treaty is a weak one but Obama still wants to send US energy use and living standards backward, write Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek

A new strategy for tax cheats: You can guess what would happen if you used the same tactics that climate alarmists employ, writes Paul Driessen

Examining the "right-wing Green" critique of current-day America (Part One): Mark Wegierski begins his look at a little-known school of ideas

Terrorism and a cold winter refugee crisis: A brutal cold spell could kill refugees. Paris COP21 delegates need to discuss this climate issue, write Paul Driessen and Joe D'Aleo

Endangering our citrus industry: Paul Driessen says an Appeals court decision makes it harder to protect trees from devastating citrus disease

Green Tech – the climate crisis syndicate: Manufactured climate crisis fears and renewable energy schemes create a gold mine for the rich, says Paul Driessen

Government-style "fairness" for the 1%: Paul Driessen argues that Obama cronies get abundant favors – at the expense of working class Americans

Leading on Paris climate treaty?: Paul Driessen argues that we should lead from behind – instead of with brains in our behinds – on this new Treaty of Paris

EPA unleashes health-hammering ozone rules: It may be incompetence overseas, but in the USA President Obama intends to reduce jobs and living standards, argues Paul Driessen

Elizabeth and Sheldon Torquemada: Paul Driessen argues that Elizabeth Warren and Sheldon Whitehouse are pursuing an agenda of intolerance and retribution against critics of their ultra-liberal policies

A conversation … or a lecture?: Pope Francis and all of us could learn a lot from an actual conversation on energy and climate, argues Paul Driessen

Insanity on steroids!: Paul Driessen says economies are collapsing, the Middle East is imploding – and Obama and his pals obsess over … the climate! 

Obama's deceitful, unsustainable energy decrees: Wind and solar reap taxpayer loot, while hydrocarbon energy, industries and jobs get pummeled, reports Paul Driessen

Climate issues we do need to address: Paul Driessen says we need to fix the climate of fraud, corruption, and policies that kill jobs, hope and people

WOTUS: Woe to us: After contaminating the Animas River, the Environmental Protection Agency wants to regulate the water in your backyard, writes Marita Noon

America's big 'green' wrecking machines: Mary Kay Barton argues that politically connected industrial wind zealots are destroying rural America and electricity markets

Climate Crisis, Inc.: Paul Driessen says that $1.5 trillion and a book by Larry Bell explain how the profiteers of climate doom keep the money flowing

EPA's gross negligence at Gold King: Fear-mongering, pollution standards and negligence rules apparently don't apply when EPA is at fault, writes Paul Driessen

EPA's punitive, fraudulent Clean Power Plan: Paul Driessen argues that Congress, states and our next president must end EPA harm to human health and welfare

EPA deletes "navigable" from statute – states sue: Ron Arnold reports that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been flooded with lawsuits over a controversial water rule

An errant environmental encyclical: Pope Francis' prescriptions will perpetuate poverty, disease, premature death in Third World, says Paul Driessen

Obama and EPA imperil minority welfare: "Clean Power Plan" would bring imaginary benefits – and real health and welfare damage, write Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek

Driving policies through fraud and fear-mongering: A physician, Charles G. Battig, offers sanity-based perspectives on EPA's "Data Derangement Syndrome"

Ethanol and biodiesel: Guilty as charged: Bogus biofuel trading costs us millions – while the absurd biofuel program costs us billions, charges Paul Driessen

The green mirage – and con job: Musk, Schmidt, Simons and their billionaire buddies build empire based on climate and energy BS, say Paul Driessen and Tom Tamarkin

Why Buffett bet a billion on solar: Master investor Warren Buffett has been sinking money into solar technologies lately and Henry Hewitt explains why it was a good investment

Twin peaks – twin lies: Paul Driessen and Tom Tamarkin report that supposedly record-high temperature and carbon dioxide levels supposedly bring record chaos

Putin and Buffett's war on U.S. pipelines: Billionaires use secretive foundations to finance anti-pipeline protests – and get even richer, writes Paul Driessen

The real climate threat to our national security: Ron Arnold discusses national security, the Seattle oil rig, hypocrisy, and Greenpeace's dirty money

Barack "Climate Change" Obama: Why does Barack Obama keep banging the drum on the climate change issue? Alan Caruba believes that he has the answer

Harper's climate pledge is hot air: Canada has no way to ensure that developing nations keep their commitments, says Tom Harris

Curbing EPA abuses: Think the corruption in FIFA is bad? Paul Driessen says action is needed now to end EPA deception, fraud, collusion, tyranny and destruction

Wind energy myths spun by lobbyists and salesmen: Mary Kay Barton argues that industrial wind is a net loser: economically, environmentally, technologically and civilly

Bee facts changed – green agendas did not: Activists and White House appear ready to present new justifications for unjustified policies thanks to the Pollinator Task Force, writes Paul Driessen

How can so many world leaders be so wrong?: When it comes to the subject of climate change. writes Alan Caruba, world leaders tend to be wrong far more than they are correct

The Iceman Cometh?: Paul Driessen asks if a quiescent sun portends a new little ice age: a chilly era for humanity and agriculture?

Silencing skeptics, conservatives and free speech: Congressional Democrats and the Vatican recently joined White House and Leftist assaults on basic rights, writes Paul Driessen

The White House is lying about climate change and health: The Obama administration is making some big claims while linking weather and your health -- Alan Caruba argues they are out to lunch

The Whitehouse-White House inquisition: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse says reaction to intimidation is "overheated" – but he ignores Tides Foundation abuses, says Paul Driessen

Ecology – a long, difficult path ahead: Mark Wegierski quite pointedly looks at various possible convergences of ecology and traditionalism, on the 45th anniversary of the first Earth Day

The game-changing water revolution: Interview with Stanley Weiner: We may be not far from the day when water is expensive and in short supply. James Stafford interviews Stanley Weiner on how that problem could be fixed

Using the global warming hoax to destroy America: Barack Obama's recent pledge to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions will only destroy the United States, argues Alan Caruba

The Obama climate monarchy: Barack Obama is using the EPA, CEQ and other federal agencies to fundamentally transform America, argues Paul Driessen

Perverse climate "morality": Current climate policies mean energy deprivation, poverty, disease and death for billions, writes Paul Driessen

The tip of the climate spending iceberg: Paul Driessen explains how your tax and consumer dollars finance Climate Crisis, Inc. and hobble America

It's not "global warming." It's "springtime.: In the northern hemisphere Spring has arrived and Alan Caruba wants you to be on guard for any claims that the season and unnatural climate change are linked

Radical environmentalism's death campaigns: Its anti-DDT war is a lethal "death-rate solution" imposed on Third World countries, writes Paul Driessen

The EPA thinks you're stupid: Given some of the behavior and actions of the EPA in recent years, argues Alan Caruba, they must believe that you're a moron

Crony biofuel politics wag the dog: A governor and his son lobby for ethanol – and expect presidential candidates to endorse it, reports Paul Driessen

A world of oil: Is putting gas in your car a moral good? Alex Epstein's The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels argues so and Steve Martinovich reviews his efforts

Silencing skeptics – financing alarmists: Paul Driessen wonders if Congress and media will examine government, environmentalist and university alarmist funding?

Green slander: The green orthodoxy is losing the battle over man-made climate change and that means that the attack dogs have been unleashed, says Alan Caruba

Climatist jihad?: Climate Crisis extremists attack experts who challenge claims of imminent climate Armageddon, says Paul Driessen

The EPA's ozone nightmare: The Environmental Protection Agency is currently in a fight to gain more power to regulate ozone, something that fills Alan Caruba with dread

The climate con goes on: Paul Driessen reports on Climate Chaos, Inc. and media allies banning news and books on climate realism

Huge hoax holds humanity hostage: Dr. Robert Owens isn't going to skate around the issue: He believes that the climate change orthodoxy is nothing but a big fat lie

Divestment ethics and realities: Eliminating fossil fuels from investment portfolios hurts colleges, workers and poor families, argues Paul Driessen

Vilifying realist science – and scientists: Ultra-rich Green groups attack climate scientists who question "man-made climate chaos" claims, reports Paul Driessen

Divesting people of better living standards: Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek argue that "disinvestment" of fossil fuel holdings is misguided, irresponsible, lethal – and racist

I come to bury Renewable Fuel Standards: Paul Driessen will not praise ethanol mandates that kill jobs, raise food costs, and hurt poor families and wildlife

Methane deceptions: Paul Driessen says deception, agenda and folly drive latest Obama EPA anti-hydrocarbon rules. Are farmers next?

NASA keeps telling "warmest" lies: A new claim by NASA of record heat in 2014 is an outright lie, argues Alan Caruba, and shows the extent of its desperation on the topic of climate change

The EPA's methane madness: The EPA's focus on methane is misguided and nearly exclusively the result of poor science combined with dogma, writes Alan Caruba

Merchants of smear: Paul Driessen says that Barack Obama, Al Gore other climate alarmists refuse to debate, but love to vilify – and love their money

White House climate lunacy: A good reason why so much environmental extremism is coming from the White House likely has to do with one of Barack Obama's primary advisors, writes Alan Caruba

Big Business explains continuing gasps of discredited green movement: How does the environmental movement survive based on their poor track record? Rachel Alexander argues that their life's blood is courtesy of America's very rich

Google goes off the climate change deep end: Chairman Eric Schmidt should heed his own advice – and base energy policies on facts, say Paul Driessen and Chris Skates

Greenpeace again offends indigenous people: Radical global warming campaigners trespass on treasured Inca cultural sites and cause damage, reports Craig Rucker

The new Congress must save the USA from the EPA: Job number one for the Republicans in January is to begin rolling back the growing monster that is the Environmental Protection Agency, argues Alan Caruba

Still more politicized pseudo-science?: Paul Driessen reports that the neonics and honeybees saga takes interesting, potentially fraudulent turn

Tell Congress, "End wind energy tax giveaways now": Paul Driessen can think of no logical reason why "temporary" subsidies for wind power should be continue by Congress

Take your pick of lies about ozone, methane or mercury: The EPA continues to tell some whoppers about climate science and Alan Caruba says the agency hopes you won't bother investigating its claims

Taxpayer Alert: Big Wind is pressing Congress for yet another bailout: Mary Kay Barton has a warning for Americans: Big Wind is looking for more money and you shouldn't be surprised that it will come from your pocket

Being anti-energy is being anti-humanity: They may deny it but Alan Caruba says that the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has conclusively proven that it is anti-human in its recent report

EPA's next regulatory tsunami: Paul Driessen says the EPA is responsible for trillions of dollars in ozone compliance and economic stagnation costs, and for fabricated benefits

Jobs, prosperity and security via oil exports: Paul Driessen argues that ending the antiquated ban on oil exports will also spur US production and keep oil prices low

The lies phony climate experts tell: Alan Caruba warns you to maintain a healthy level of skepticism when listening to the so-called experts on the matter of climate change

RI flooding not WV's fault: Tom Harris & Bob Carter argue that the Whitehouse is misguided on sea level rise: seacoasts won't be flooded due to coal burning

The Obama war on pipelines: Paul Driessen accuses the Obama administration of expediting wind and solar – but blocking coal, oil, gas, pipelines, jobs and economic recovery

It's rarely about the environment anymore: Paul Driessen argues that the environmentalist movement is about slashing our energy use, free enterprise, job creation, living standards and freedoms

Obama misleads students about climate and energy: Climate change actually has little to do with energy choices, say Bob Carter and Tom Harris

RFK, Jr. wants me jailed … as a war criminal!: Paul Driessen wonders if perhaps he should serve time for eco-manslaughter and crimes against humanity?

Eco-justice EPA style: Privileged planet; plundered people, Part 2: Last week Debra Rae proposed a game where the EPA had to make life and death decisions by figuring out people's value to society. This week the game reaches its logical conclusion

Protect the poor – from climate change policies: The Cornwall Alliance works to ensure reliable, affordable energy for poor families worldwide, reports Paul Driessen

What really drives anti-fracking zealots?: They want to end fossil fuels and capitalism, control our lives and impose eco-utopia, argues Paul Driessen

Prepare for a deluge of climate change hype: Alan Caruba warns that the coming week is going to see a massive propaganda effort on behalf of the climate change orthodoxy

Eco-justice EPA style: Privileged planet; Plundered people, Part 1: Back when Debra Rae was younger a popular classroom game involved deciding who was worthy of being saved in an emergency. She imagines what would happen if the EPA were making the decisions

DiCaprio film magnifies the real climate change 'monster': Tom Harris and Bob Carter argues that the real problem are monstrous government programs that perpetuate poverty, disease and death 

EPA's phony "environmental justice" caper: The agency's real agenda: empire, control, and inverted justice for poor and minority families, argues Paul Driessen

An economist's bad climate advice: Many of those parroting the climate change orthodoxy have been taken in by so-called experts who have a stake in maintaining a fraud, says Alan Caruba

What I did on my summer vacation – another climatologist's perspective: We should celebrate fossil fuels as givers and savers of human life, not condemn them, writes David R. Legates after an insightful summer vacation

Trampling on Coal Country families: Barack Obama and the EPA are determined to destroy US coal, people's lives and welfare be damned, argues Paul Driessen

Taxpayers, beware – of Big Wind's latest deceitful ad campaign: Facing trouble abroad, Siemens ads seek to tap into US taxpayers and wind welfare system, reports Mary Kay Barton

Greens are the enemies of energy: New EPA standards are expected at the end of this year and Alan Caruba believes they will be informed by the hate of life-sustaining energy

The hidden "persuaders" of the environmentalist elite: Left-wing billionaires direct and control the environmentalist movement – and your lives, reports Ron Arnold

"Climate-smart" policies for Africa are stupid, and immoral: Paul Driessen argues that Obama-Kerry policies would perpetuate energy poverty, malnutrition, disease and death

The carbon tax scam: Contrary to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy's recent claim, says Alan Caruba, a new agency plan to regulate carbon isn't an "opportunity" for the United States

The ethanol boondoggle: Ethanol may create fuel that is more "carbon friendly" but Mark Alexander argues that the evidence shows it also imposes a tremendous environmental and human cost in other ways

Who's really waging the 'war on science'?: When it comes to attacking climate scientists, the alarmist Left has the market cornered, writes Paul Driessen

Killing marine life with ethanol: Ethanol damages your cars, small engines, food budget – and kills Gulf of Mexico animals, says Paul Driessen

A great plan to replace the EPA: A plan to replace the EPA by Dr. Jay Lehr, who also happens to be one of the scientists who called for its creation in the 1960s, has a fan in Alan Caruba

Greenpeace showcases its anti-human side: A Greenpeace activist confirms every negative story you've ever read about this activist group, writes Paul Driessen

Science recommends climate model re-start: A recent article in Science magazine admits that current climate models are hopelessly bloated and yet unable to account for several variables, reports Dennis T. Avery

Holding Greenpeace accountable: Poor countries should hold Big Green groups and directors liable for deaths, ravage they cause, argues Paul Driessen

The idiocy of "Environmental Justice": Millions being spent at a conference this fall is just once reason why the Environmental Protection Agency needs to be shut down, argues Alan Caruba

Breaking EPA's climate science secrecy barriers: Paul Driessen and Lawrence Kogan report on a FOIA request that seeks hidden data and analyses that agency claims back up its climate rulings

Obama continues his attack on U.S. energy: By delaying approval of the Keystone XL pipeline Barack Obama has proven himself as an opponent of sane energy policy, writes Alan Caruba

Executive fiats in the other Washington: Two western state governors intend to get low carbon fuel standards, by legislation or decree, reports Paul Driessen

Fixing our dictatorial EPA: Paul Driessen argues that the EPA, White House and activists must no longer deceive America and rule by executive fiat

EPA's next wave of job-killing CO2 regulations: David Rothbard and Craig Rucker report that EPA bureaucrats are about to be unleashed on American livelihoods, living standards and liberties

Hollywood's hydrocarbon hypocrisy: Anti-fracking fervor underscores dismissive attitudes toward working classes and poor families, says Paul Driessen

A world turning against biofuels: Once hailed as the future of energy people are finally beginning to realize the real cost of biofuels, writes Dennis T. Avery

Carbon dioxide won't cause famines: In fact, more atmospheric CO2 will actually spur crop growth – if we let it, argues Dennis T. Avery

Just assume we have a climate crisis: The Obama administration wants to impose job-killing policies on the assumption that we're causing a CO2-driven catastrophe, says Paul Driessen

The slow, sure death of "climate change" lies: Alan Caruba reports on a counter-group to the IPCC and their efforts to combat the lies of the climate change orthodoxy

Big Green Goliath wages anti-Keystone war: The mainstream media won't acknowledge that Big Green has much deeper pockets than Big Oil, argues Ron Arnold

The loony anti-Keystone campaign: It is the symbol of Big Green's diehard opposition to hydrocarbons and modern living standards, says Paul Driessen

What's the real 'climate change' agenda?: The racheting up of the climate change march from the White House in recent weeks obviously hides another agenda, says Mark Alexander

Vermont GMO labeling law will set back America's food supply: Mischa Popoff argues that a new law in Vermont requiring the labeling of food made with genetically-modified organisms are an attempt to protect the organic food industry

Manmade climate disruption – the hype and reality: Paul Driessen argues that the White House brings distractions, agendas, false realities, and policies that bring much harm but few benefits when it comes to climate change 

Science, free speech, and the courts: Dare to criticize a proponent of the global warming orthodoxy? Alan Caruba reports that's how at least one person responded to his critics

Should California dictate US energy policies?: Paul Driessen asks can the rest of America afford California's Alice in Wonderland energy policies? (Can California afford them?)

Try to ignore Earth Day: Earth Day comes this week and Alan Caruba says, despite relentless media and social pressure, try and think of other happy things

Tower of Pisa policies: Paul Driessen accuses the EPA of using lies to shore up policies built on shaky foundations of climate, peak oil and sustainability

The methane hoax cranks up: Environmentalists aren't content with simply demonizing carbon dioxide, writes Alan Caruba. Now they're aiming their guns at methane

Organic activists need GMOs now more than ever: You can't fight a war if you don't have an enemy and for the organics movement, say Patrick Moore and Mischa Popoff, that enemy are GMOs

Perils of commercial beekeeping: Honeybees pollinate crops but endure stress, parasites and disease. Solutions are coming, reports Paul Driessen

More fraudulent science from EPA: Finalized Tier 3 gasoline sulfur rules will bring bogus benefits at high health and welfare price, says Paul Driessen

US electricity system in regulatory and terrorist crosshairs: The EPA and other agencies pile on costs and delays, as saboteurs reveal acute vulnerabilities, write Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek

Relentless global warming "scientists" continue their scams: The science they purport to produce is under fire but Alan Caruba says global warming orthodoxists are continuing to fight their war any way they can

Calling the global warming charlatans "Nazis": A prominent critic of the climate change orthodoxy recently went nuclear and called his opponents "Nazis". Alan Caruba defends Dr. Roy W. Spencer's use of he word

Will the Supreme Court permit EPA climate fraud?: If it does, the impacts on our lives, livelihoods, liberties and living standards will be enormous, argues Paul Driessen

Greener than "green": Fracking is friendly to protected species and mosquito-devouring bats, says Deroy Murdock after visiting one such facility recently

Environmentalists target fracking: There's a war being fought in America and it has all to do with fracking for oil, reports Rachel Alexander

Obama's war on America: Killing coal to kill U.S. electrical power: Alan Caruba argues that Barack Obama's continuing attempts to essentially shut down the nation's coal industry is also an attempt to harm the economic interests of the United States

Carbon benefits exceed costs by up to 500:1: Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek  say that EPA "cost of carbon" analyses ignore huge benefits of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide

Fracking – Clean and green: Hatred of hydrocarbons should not excuse frackophobes from learning facts or speaking factually, writes Deroy Murdock

The ignorance and hypocrisy behind oil export bans: Paul Driessen urges help for consumers, security, environment by eliminating the prohibition on exporting US oil and gas

Build the Keystone pipeline, already!: KXL was AWOL from SOTU – along with real energy, job, economic and revenue solutions, writes Paul Driessen

The EPA's agenda: Undermine capitalism and America: If you still believe that the EPA is there simply to protect the environment from nefarious polluters, says Alan Caruba, you haven't been paying attention

America in lockdown: "Dedicated public servants" lock up lands and resources, lock down job and economic recovery, says Paul Driessen

Risking lives to promote climate change hype: Yet another global warming expedition gets trapped in icebound ideology, reports Paul Driessen

Crooked labs, agencies and prosecutors: EPA versions of Nifongs and Beales prosecute US hydrocarbons, jobs, living standards and health, argues Paul Driessen

'Little Ice Ages' caused suffering in Spain—as they always do: If the planet is warming, writes Dennis T. Avery, then we should be happy because colder temperatures always bring about widespread strife and suffering

A climate of fear, cash and correctitude: Trashing real science to protect grants, prestige, and desire to control energy, economy, lives, report Paul Driessen and Dennis Mitchell

Lies my president told me: Climate exaggeration and prevarication bring horrid policies and massive wealth redistribution, argues Paul Driessen

History falsifies climate alarmist sea level claims: Robert W. Endlich says that seas have been rising and falling for thousands of years – without help from the EPA or IPCC

Science and journalism take a vacation: Paul Driessen asks, Was the London Times snookered by Greenpeace activists – or willingly complicit?

Poland recognizes the real global warming agenda: Decades of oppression make Poles wary of being subjugated in name of "climate protection", says David Rothbard

Obama and U.S. economic suicide: Barack Obama is demanding that U.S. businesses use more renewable energy, something that Dennis T. Avery believes will further harm the already damaged U.S. economy

The environmental enemies of energy: America in economic chaos? Don't worry, says Alan Caruba, environmentalists are still waging their war against energy

Do the math – Count the cash: Al Gore, Bill McKibben and the color of money: A true religious experience, write Paul Driessen and Dennis Mitchell

Increasing clouds and thunderstorms for climate alarmists: Science-based analyses are gaining ground, despite bureaucratic tricks. It's about time, write Paul Driessen and Madhav Khandekar

Life in a climate cataclysm box: Like hermit crabs, climate alarmists scramble to find new ways to hide, when put in a box, write Dennis M. Mitchell and David R. Legates

Fallacious claims prop up ethanol: Paul Driessen has one question: How can members of Congress still support rising renewable fuel mandates?

Does global warming science matter?: Politicians are constantly raising science as the underpinning for their climate change campaigns but Dennis T. Avery wonders if they really care

The science fiction of IPCC climate models: Kesten C. Green, J. Scott Armstrong and Willie Soon argue that climate policies need scientific forecasts, not alarmist scenarios

The tax-exemption rip-off: Nick Nichols details how your tax dollars help radicals attack our energy, industries, jobs and living standards

Leftist hysteria over Monsanto: The left may be making the most noise about GMOs but Rachel Alexander says both sides need to be careful in the debate over Monsanto's products

Remembering the 1973 Arab oil embargo: Politicians, policy makers and journalists may remember the embargo, but ignore its lessons, says Paul Driessen

The latest Italian job: Italian farmers, facing insect infestation, pay dearly for Europe's anti-GM stance. So do consumers, writes Mischa Popoff

Arctic grabs gullible sailors: Environmentalists predicted that the Northwest Passage would be largely free of ice this year. Dennis T. Avery reports that sailors found otherwise

The biggest lie exposed: Alan Caruba argues that the biggest lie of the environmentalist movement -- the notion that human beings are responsible for climate change -- is being revealed as a falsehood

Real climate science the IPCC doesn't want you to see: Paul Driessen says The Heartland Institute has released their Climate Change Reconsidered report. Get it. Read it. Speak out

The New York State wind wars: Production tax credit lets Invenergy hide the facts and desecrate rural America, says Mary Kay Barton

To bee or not to bee: Paul Driessen says the ongoing reports in the media of honeybees rapidly disappearing are greatly exaggerated

The ethanol debate: The EPA appears to remain fully committed to its mandate of gasoline blended with ethanol, a policy that Alan Caruba argues costs the economy untold billions and distorts the global food supply

Stop denying climate science and ACT!: Collapsing science, economies and international cooperation require that we refuse to act, argues Paul Driessen

We paid for it. We have a right to see it: Publicly-funded scientists who keep their work secret should be censured and cut off from future funding, says Ron Arnold

Carbon dioxide: The "gas of life": Tiny amounts of this miracle molecule -- the target of such hatred by environmentalist and governments make life on Earth possible, says Paul Driessen

Putting bicycles ahead of people: Pressure groups and government officials are seizing property – with no accountability, reports Tom DeWeese

Not so bright lights: Environmentalists love to talk about renewable energy but Craig Rucker says there are a lot of facts that most people are unaware of that make it less than desirable -- particularly to end users

Global warming: It's happening again: Dennis T. Avery didn't think much of a recent hearing organized by Sen. Barbara Boxer or her chief witness

Ozone, Mo'Zone and NoZone: Killing our economy, jobs and welfare – for phony health and environmental reasons, writes Paul Driessen

Drowning in sea level nonsense: Politicians on the American east coast want to spend tens of billions to protect against sea level change, plans that Alan Caruba calls ridiculous

Libertarian environmentalism: Who knew it worked so well: For whatever reason most people don't think of libertarians as being environmentalists but Timothy Tarkelly argues that philosophy can offer some solutions without expanding government

Fracking brings employment and economic revival: But anti-energy activists promote falsehoods about this vital, safe job-creating technology, says Paul Driessen

Delaware's "future weather": We’re getting burned by phony science and authoritarian power grabs, report Paul Driessen and David R. Legates

Ten Billion and catastrophe?: Climate change is rapidly losing steam as a fear generator among the public so humanity's enemies are going back to an old campaign to scare us, writes Dennis T. Avery

Organic crops are tested for pathogens, right? Nope: We need to check organic crops for bacteria, to ensure they really are healthy – and safe to eat, argues Mischa Popoff

Hide your carbon!: Robert T. Smith argues that Barack Obama's recent declaration on the subject of carbon is based on very little actual science

A nasty organic hepatitis outbreak: Despite what apologist and promoters say, organic foods are not safer, and can be deadly, says Mischa Popoff

Obama's climate action masks hidden agenda: Barack Obama's Climate Action Plan won't do much to curb carbon emissions, writes Dr. Peter Morici, but it will do at least one thing

Climate alarmism's 10,000 commandments: EPA fiats threaten American lives, livelihoods, living standards and life spans, writes Paul Driessen

Obama's enormous climate lies: Another week and another attempt at outright deceit on the topic of climate and the role of carbon dioxide, says Alan Caruba

Greedy Africans are starving our cars: US politicians and bureaucrats have less compassion and common sense that average Londoner, says Paul Driessen

Precautionary double standards: Rich Kozlovich argues that wind turbines kill birds and harm people. Why doesn't the "precautionary principle" apply to them?

The continuing collapse of the global warming hoax: Slowly but surely, writes Alan Caruba, the reality about global warming is getting out -- aided by truth-seekers around the world

A climate debate: Both sides showed up!: Denis Avery attended the remarkable recently: A debate on climate change where both sides actually bothered to show up

Mindless "green" indoctrination of children: Fracking offers a case study of propaganda by environmentalists, teachers and fellow students, writes Paul Driessen

Prince Charles: Too "green" to be king?: As Prince Charles continues to push his environmentalist views many in England are wondering if the heir to the throne has crossed a line, writes Dennis T. Avery

Big Green helps Big Wind hide bird and bat butchery: Ron Arnold asks why do taxpayers have to subsidize this? Why do environmentalists give it a free pass?

The green enemies of humanity, science, and the truth: There's plenty of fabrication in the environmentalist movement but Alan Caruba believes that Friends of the Earth may top them all

A bee in their bonnet: Anti-pesticide activists falsely blame new pesticides for bee colony problems says Paul Driessen

A climate cycle delivered our cold spring: Cold where you are? Dennis T. Avery says there's a pretty good explanation for the cold spring much of North America is experiencing

Free market energy policies can end economic malaise: Non-comprehensive, none-of-the-below, Washington-dictated energy policies guarantee decline, argues Craig Rucker

Support drilling, fracking, Keystone … and exports: Paul Driessen argues that We don't need to restrict oil or gas exports. We need to open more lands to leasing and drilling

The EPA snake pit: To be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency means it's your job to try and destroy every aspect of the American economy, argues Alan Caruba

Earth Day's big lie: Today marks Earth Day and Alan Caruba argues that is nothing but a pagan holiday that celebrates environmentalist untruths

EPA's Tier 3 tyranny: High cost, no benefit rule making does nothing to forestall agency's quest for ecological utopia, says Paul Driessen

How rich Rockefellers battle the people's pipeline: Ron Arnold paints a picture of Rockefeller billions vs Canadian energy and sovereignty – and the impact on US jobs, security and families

Billionaire "forcing" climate change: Dennis T. Avery reports on a billionaire Wall Street hedge fund manager who is vowing to go to war against anyone who opposes his environmentalist agenda

Greedy green land grabbers: "Clean Development Mechanism" schemes drive out African villagers for "carbon offset" profits, says Ron Arnold

The dam is about to break: The reality about global warming may finally be admitted by its biggest orthodox proponents, reports Dennis T. Avery

Is warming the "civilization-killer"?: Dennis T. Avery argues that human history has repeatedly proved that warming temperatures don't bring down civilizations, colder ones do

Important questions for Obama nominees: Obama's Interior, Energy and EPA nominees raise serious questions that need to be addressed, writes Craig Rucker

Cut fingers, cancer, bats and birds: Government bureaucrats delay life-saving road projects, but let wind turbines butcher bats, say Paul Driessen and James H. Rust

A carbon tax would destroy America: Expect a strong campaign to enact a carbon tax in the United States, says Alan Caruba, and then expect a nationwide disaster

Climategate leaker: Civilization is being destroyed by lying "science" elitists: The anonymous hero who exposed the global warming emails tells the world why he did it – and releases a huge final trove of secret conversations, reports Ron Arnold

Geologist says Marcott's CO2 thesis failed: A recent study claiming the past decade has been warmer than most of the Holocene period doesn't pass the smell test, reports Dennis T. Avery

Hiding the slaughter: Big Wind hides evidence of turbine bird kills – and gets rewarded. Jim Wiegand explains how they do it

Eco-imperialism joins vulture environmentalism: Obama appointees seek to impose ideological control over our energy, economy and property, says Paul Driessen

Greenie lying bastards: Ron Arnold says Big Green's complaints about Donors Trust and climate skeptic money are hollow and pathetic

Our real man-made climate crisis: The crisis is due not to climate change, but to actions taken in the name of preventing change, argues Paul Driessen

New York's "Sustainability" Plan: aka "Agenda 21": Mary Kay Barton says there is an insidious plan to install the "New World" state-supported religion – Environmentalism

Britain narrowly escapes "green" blackout: Britain's environmentalist policies nearly plunged parts of the nation into darkness this winter and will create a catastrophe in the future, argues Dennis T. Avery

What the sex lives of California mice can tell you: Alan Caruba says a new study has blown the lid off the scientific world: If you feed titanic doses of a chemical to mice you will observe an effect that might not be translatable to humans!

Carbon tax hallucinations: Carbon taxes will do nothing for revenues or climate, but will hurt job and economic growth, says Paul Driessen

Obama's carbon dioxide lies: Alan Caruba argues getting the truth out about climate change and carbon dioxide is facing a huge barrier: Barack Obama

Canada's organic free-for-all: If Canadians believe that their organic food is more healthy -- or even Canadian -- they might be surprised, says Mischa Popoff

It's only natural: Robert T. Smith addresses a few big issues that environmentalists have been harping on in recent years and argues there is little to their doomsaying

Real sustainability versus activist sustainability: Activist sustainability concepts don't meet environmental, humanitarian or sustainability tests, says Paul Driessen

Desperately trying to derail Canadian oil sands: Radical activists launch more attacks on oil sands, Keystone pipeline, jobs and revenues, says Paul Driessen

The carbon trading money tree: If the carbon trading business seems too good to be true, maybe there's a good reason, says Kelvin Kemm

Who's afraid of fracking?: Federal and state environmental officials have given hydraulic fracturing a clean bill of health. Deroy Murdock wants to know why radical environmentalists continue to wage war on this game-changing technology?  

Trampling on people, environment, science and ethics: Environmental policies and practitioners often hurt people and values they supposedly protect, says Paul Driessen

Greens now betray the wild fish: Environmentalist opposition to genetically modified fish like salmon actually does a disservice to both fish and the environment, argues Dennis T. Avery

Government of, by and for activists: A university think tank's lawsuit raises serious questions about the old and new EPA, says Ron Arnold

The great global warming swindle: Over the years the global warming debate has morphed into a blatantly anti-human movement and Chris Clancy says Doha was merely a reflection of that

Obama's Walt Disney energy policies: Wishes upon stars won't make energy dreams come true – but will bring nightmares, argues Paul Driessen

End the wind PTC and business/government cronyism!: Mary Kay Barton says that New York State and US wind power is an expensive, ecologically harmful scam

The Doha wealth redistribution process moves on: Climate alarmists didn't get all they wanted – but they put us on a very slippery slope, write David Rothbard and Craig Rucker

Alice in Wonderland science: Our energy and environment deserve better – in South Africa and Qatar, argues Kelvin Kemm

Facing a triple threat: Doha, EPA and Congress: They are putting our energy, economy, jobs, living standards, health and welfare at grave risk, says Paul Driessen

More false BPA "science" by news release: Alan Caruba argues that a new study which purports to show that bisphenol A is dangerous to humans is a load of tripe

Michigan's insane 25x25 proposition: A postmortem: Kevon Martis explains why Michigan voters wisely rejected the crazy idea of 25% electricity from renewables by 2025

New study: Ethanol costs one million jobs: A new study argues that corn production converted into ethanol is costing one million jobs and it will only get worse for consumers, says Dennis T. Avery

Fractured fairy tales: Greens hate natural gas and fracking, but costly, parasitic wind energy can't live without it, argues Paul Driessen

No farm bill: Just food and tax inflation: Thanks to failure by the Obama administration, says Dennis T. Avery, Americans are facing higher prices across the board for food

Winners and losers energy policies: We can and must rejuvenate our economy by developing America's resource bounties, argues Paul Driessen

The great ethanol scam: Ethanol subsidies are robbing Americans at the gas pumps and people around the world of reasonably priced food, says Alan Caruba

EPA admits to death camp tactics: America's chief environmental agency recently admitted to testing on humans that could have ended their lives. Alan Caruba isn't very surprised by this

Climate Alarmism: Our sanity and wallets need a break: Billions of taxpayer dollars are disrupting our politics, science, energy policies and economy, argues Paul Driessen

Government of, by and for the EPA: Paul Driessen argues that the EPA advances anti-energy agenda, with little regard for Americans' health or welfare

Helping at-risk populations survive tornadoes: Better building preparation and public shelters will increase survival rates argue Matthew Biddle and David R. Legates

The courts and the EPA: Alan Caruba hopes for a Romney/Paul victory in November if only to begin the process of reigning in the Environmental Protection Agency

Where's the case for organic foods?: A new major study argues there are no health benefits to eating organic food and not surprisingly it was largely ignored, reports Dennis T. Avery

Tattoo this: "It's the Sun, stupid!": Willie Soon and William M. Briggs report that new Berkeley BEST project temperature records confirm: changes in solar radiation influence climate

GM's Volt powerless to resist market forces: GM has once again suspended production of the Volt and J.J. Jackson says it's time the automaker understand the reality of the car's lack of appeal

Germany's new "renewable" energy policy: Wind and solar power + soaring electricity prices = outsourced jobs + more coal burning. Meanwhile, eco activists demand "sustainable lifestyles" – for other people, writes Kelvin Kemm

Green energy? Buyer beware!: His Super Green Eco 10,000 emergency generator had no "fuel" when he needed it most, says Kevon Martis

Beat GSA!: The U.S. Navy's biofuel program vanquishes GSA in battle for wasteful spending supremacy, argues Paul Driessen

54.5 mpg and the law of unintended consequences: Rules that make cars less affordable – and less safe – are unethical and should be reconsidered, says Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Team Obama fines oil companies for not using fantasy fuel: Deroy Murdock argues there is no such thing as "cellulosic" ethanol, but EPA fines companies for not using it

Voting for wildlife extermination: Extending the wind energy production tax credit will drive eagles and other majestic birds to extinction, says Paul Driessen

What really triggers a resource crisis?: Dennis T. Avery tries to clear up some confusion about what actually causes a resource crisis and why they happened in the past

Obama's green "investments" drown in red ink: Deroy Murdock argues that sacrificing taxpayer dollars on the altar of green ideology is destroying the American economy

Western wildfires – horrific, devastating … and unnecessary: Paul Driessen has a question: New fire-fighting technology could help put them out. Why isn't it being used?

Participants revolt against the Derecho Project: Mark Alexander reports on a little environmentalist project that failed in quite a spectacular fashion

Caught in a green crossfire: Paul Driessen argues that President Barack Obama's war on fossil fuels is hurting American workers, families, hopes and dreams  

Keystone is a winning issue: Deroy Murduck says that Mitt Romney should tour pipeline route and meet with Democrat and union leaders who support it

EPA's new CAFÉ mileage standards kill: Deroy Murdock argues that they will prevent many families from buying cars – and leave more grieving for lost loved ones

After Rio – what next?: Kelvin Kemm says it's time to give all mankind a real chance to enjoy genuine development

Dodging another UN bullet: 'The Future We Want' offered sustained power and money grabs in name of sustainability, say Paul Driessen and Duggan Flanakin

"Sustainable justice" = redistribution of scarcity: It would appear that the old leftist slogan "No justice, no peace" is taking on a global tenor when it comes to resources, report Paul Driessen and Duggan Flanakin

Sustainable development: The latest UN scare: The UN's Rio+20 agenda would harm health, welfare and nature – and make poverty permanent, argue David Rothbard and Craig Rucker

Commonsense wisdom from African farmers: Kelvin Kemm says they know "sustainable development" really means sustained poverty and malnutrition

Faulty FDEP science drives unnecessary Florida mercury scare: Proposed rules would raise electricity costs, bring no environmental benefit, harm human health, argues Willie Soon

Only if the wind is blowing: Did you know that June 15 is Global Wind Day? You're probably are as excited about this as Alan Caruba

Canada leads the way on the pipeline no-brainer: Alan Caruba says Americans need to look towards Canada when it comes to common sense on energy and environmental policy...yes, Canada

Corn ethanol and a non-warming Earth: Dennis T. Avery says it's probably time that Washington, D.C. take a real good look at the existence of corn ethanol subsidies

Armed EPA agents visit Ashville, NC man: Criticize the EPA and you may find the police -- and armed EPA agents -- at your door asking questions, reports Alan Caruba

America's actual health and welfare crisis: EPA rules threaten our energy, economy, health, welfare, justice, and civil rights progress, argues Paul Driessen

Rare corporate courage and common sense: Wal-Mart stands up to activist intimidation, ensuring affordable, wholesome food for customers, reports Paul Driessen

My second-most-remarkable moment: Dennis T. Avery couldn't help but be impressed when he met Sebastian Lunning, a renowned German climate change skeptic

BigCityLib: The Heartland Institute has been under fire for comparing the global warming orthodoxy to the Unabomber and Dennis T. Avery responds to one critic

The wheels are coming off the wind energy gravy train: And subsidy-dependent wind energy supporters are running scared, reports Marita Noon

Using Earth's blessings to better mankind and planet: Rational thought underlies conservative Christian views on climate change and the environment, argues David R. Legates

Time to terminate Big Wind subsidies: – and protect environmental values, endangered species, jobs and human welfare, argues Paul Driessen

Locovore's Dilemma: A different view on buying locally: Dennis T. Avery doesn't have a problem with buying some of his food locally but he, and a new book, argue industrial agriculture is what keeps half the world alive

Forget homeland security, now it's about "environmental justice": The Department of Homeland Security was ostensibly created to coordinate efforts to protect the U.S. Alan Caruba reports that some mission creep has taken place

Why do liberals feel compelled to apologize for telling the truth?: Al Armendariz, an EPA chieftain, recently spoke about how the agency really prefers to practice and then had to apologize for it. J.J. Jackson wonders why

Bjorn Lomborg adopts high-yield farming: Dennis T. Avery reports that Bjorn Lomborg has become the latest environmentalist to realize the need for high-yield farming

The folly of E15 anti-hydrocarbon policies: Paul Driessen argues that the EPA's E-15 ethanol plan is bad for American pocketbooks, environment and energy policy

Is it oil speculators?: As gas prices rise, and are expected to continue to do so through the summer, Dennis T. Avery cautions people not to blame the usual suspects

Pesticide adventures at Triangle Lake: A battle is brewing in a small Oregon community about the use of pesticides used in controlling weeds, reports Dennis T. Avery

A teachable moment about chemophobia: Alan Caruba reports that recent findings are proving that public enemy chemicals aren't the dangers their critics are making them out to be

"PC" power is not "sustainable": Mary Kay Barton argues that President Barack Obama's "all-inclusive" energy policy is anything but sustainable

"Greenbacks" energy boondoggles versus real energy: Paul Driessen writes that government tax and subsidy schemes waste billions. We need real energy and jobs

The utter desperation of global warmists: With the global warming orthodoxy on the defensive from an increasingly disbelieving public there are some revealing their true colours, says Alan Caruba

It's the lies about beef that are the slime: Hearing a lot about potentially unsafe beef these days? Alan Caruba says it's just another scare campaign with no basis in scientific fact

UN Climate Panel and "extreme weather": Dennis T. Avery was hardly surprised when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admitted it had no evidence for its prior claims that the planet's weather was becoming more extreme

The EPA wrecking ball: Alan Caruba argues that the Environmental Protection Agency's war on coal is an outright evil that is robbing the United States of the ability to produce cheap and clean energy

Pesticide residue risks recalculated: It's long been taken as an article of faith that there are unsafe levels of pesticides on our food but Dennis T. Avery says a new study may have tossed notion in to the waste basket

Africa: The next megadrought: Things always seem to be bad in Africa but Dennis T. Avery believes that the continent is in for a far worse future

The greens think you're stupid: Alan Caruba argues that the environmentalist movement apparently relies on outright fabrications and the belief you're an idiot to promote their agenda

The Vikings: Victims and victors: We remember the Vikings as failures but Dennis T. Avery argues that mixed in with a few mistakes were some pretty solid decisions as well

EPA has lost its way on warming: Craig Rucker argues that the EPA's carbon dioxide rules endanger human health and welfare

Unknown volcanoes caused the Little Ice Age: Dennis T. Avery doesn't really buy a recently released study that argues mysterious volcanoes were responsible for the world's most recent major cold snap

Agenda-driven "science" at EPA: Newly proposed air pollution rules impose exorbitant costs for illusory health benefits, argue Willie Soon and Paul Driessen

Response of plant species to CO2 levels: The atmosphere is changing and Dennis T. Avery says we have nothing to fear about the continued survival of plants

Will seaweed be the biofuel solution?: There's plenty of it and Dennis T. Avery says that brown seaweed may be the solution to concerns about biofuel

Charles Manson energy: Paul Driessen says it's time to apply endangered species, wildlife and economic laws fairly and equitably

Shale gas: Boon for humanity or bane?: The mainstream media continues to buy whatever assertions academics opposed to shale gas are selling but Dennis T. Avery says others are responding to their knee-jerk negativity

How Columbus caused the Little Ice Age: According to at least one environmentalist Christopher Columbus was responsible for the Little Ice Age. Dennis T. Avery explains this bit of madness

Upset about Big Brother's ban on incandescent bulbs? Buy a heatball!: As of yesterday the U.S. began phasing out incandescent bulbs. Selwyn Duke says there may be a way around the government's action

Kyoto: Good riddance to a bad deal for Canadians: Canada made waves across the world for being the first signatory to the Kyoto Accord to withdraw from it. Gregory Thomas is not weeping over the decision

Scandal and insanity at Penn State, Durban and the IPCC: Paul Driessen argues that climate fraud proves insanity of extending Kyoto, renewable subsidies and economic mayhem

Durban due diligence: Kelvin Kemm says we must demand scientific rigour on climate change, or we will reap the consequences

Add herbicides to Africa's rescue plan: Dennis T. Avery argues that it's time African farmers had access to the same herbicides that Western farmers use -- if they are to feed a growing population





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