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Biden's classified garage docudrama: As the ongoing story over classified documents found anywhere Joe Biden seemingly walked by during the past decades proves, Mark Alexander says that if it were not for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all

The elite’s obsession with achieving total financial control: Make no mistake: The push for central bank digital currencies to replace traditional fiat money has the ultimate goal of controlling the population and its wealth, writes Clint Siegner

Could Golden Ruble 3.0 knock out the U.S. dollar?: The US dollar remains the world's top currency dog but Jon Forrest Little says that isn't preventing other countries from working to change that -- such as Russia

The internal debate in the Iranian elite over the hijab protest: The ongoing hijab protests in Iran are being met with a monolithic response by the country's regime but Yoni Ben Menachem says there are dissenting voices in the government

Jump!: You might not be able to get into Buckingham Palace simply by asking, writes Dr. Robert Owens, but there is another kingdom that the price of entry is merely to take a leap of faith

Biden officials float $1 trillion platinum coin scheme to monetize debt: No bad idea ever dies, it only waits to resurface at the next crisis. Once again, reports Mike Gleason, an administration is pondering the minting of a trillion dollar coin to deal with a debt ceiling

The left is becoming increasingly similar to the Taliban: There might not be much of a comparison between the ideologies of the Taliban and the political left, writes Rachel Alexander, but a lot of the end results seem to be the same

Vital energy lessons for Virginia and America: Legislators shouldn’t Californicate Virginia or America on EVs and Green Energy, argues Paul Driessen

Second anniversary: The Capitol Police killing of Ashli Babbitt: Mark Alexander says it’s time for a reality fact-check on the whitewashing of an unjustifiable police shooting on January 6, 2020

More citizens and states look to depositories, not banks: The American economy continues to send mixed signals of where it's heading and Mike Gleason states that's prompting people to examine precious metals as an investment

Senior Palestinian official Hussein al-Sheikh lost his status as a possible successor to Mahmoud Abbas: Hussein al-Sheikh was essentially the successor to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas until a meeting in late December, showing yet again that the organization's leadership remains in chaos, reports Yoni Ben Menachem

Why RINOs are RINOs: In Arizona there were a lot of shenanigans surrounding the recent mid-term elections and not surprisingly in the state that John McCain represented for years, plenty of Republicans have sided with Democrats to refute claims of fraud. Rachel Alexander explains why

I’m blessed: Most committed Christians believe it is necessary for them to share their faith with others but many people don't want to appear as pushy when it comes to their faith. Dr. Robert Owens has an answer to their dilemma

About that 'lying dog-faced pony soldier': Mark Alexander says it’s a certainty that you will be shocked to learn there's a big liar in Washington, D.C.

Remembering when gun control was at least remotely rational: There was a time -- not that long ago -- when gun control advocates devoted most of their energies on attempting to ban handguns. That was probably the last time their position made even the slightest bit of sense, argues Selwyn Duke

Free enterprise: The obligated conservative’s perspective: In the battle between capitalists and those who want a more "equitable" settlement between people, says Mark Bard, lies a rather large gulf of philosophy

Over 333,472 Class 2 misdemeanors committed in Kari Lake’s election, but trial court judge shrugged them off: It's hard to tell what's more amazing": the number of irregularities in Arizona's mid-term elections or the fact that the justice system is actively ignoring them, reports Rachel Alexander

Do we have to accept transgenderism if it’s ‘inborn’?: He's already seeing signs that the media and "experts" are attempting to turn transgenderism into something that some people are born with and that opens the door to plenty of danger, writes Selwyn Duke

ESG’s perverse, narrow, fraudulent ethical principles: Paul Driessen argues that the failure of basic fiduciary duties to investors is just the tip of ESG fraud iceberg. Think it doesn't affect you? You have money invested for retirement?

Gold, silver, & platinum had a good year: Precious metals had a relatively good 2022, writes Mike Gleason, and current spending trends in Washington, D.C. will probably mean that having a portfolio that takes that into account will be a good idea

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