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Trump v Mueller: Who gets who first?: The recent raid by Robert Mueller's agents of the lawyers who represent Donald Trump result in a serious turning point in the war between the two men, argues Dr. Robert Owens

Bravura brilliance versus simple human decency: Michael Moriarty was at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra recently and heard the debut of a new soloist -- and connects that experience with the ongoing madness in Syria

On the 330th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at economic/class, country/urban, and “ethnic” divisions in the conflict

The secret fascist Democrat war against democracy: Voting for greater evil is no way to punish lesser evil: The left has received plenty of press for its assault on free speech thanks to out of control campus protests but Dr. Lester Jackson argues Americans have missed the other battles the Democrats have invested in

Earth Day 2018 -- trying to define a conservative Green philosophy: Mark Wegierski looks at what conservative and Green ideas may have in common

An inherent need for caution and balance in foreign affairs: The West's military response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syria's regime prompts some injection of  historical by Dale Schlundt

Democrat’s latest: Jim Crow meet Juan Canto: There is a certain perverted historical consistency to the Democrat Party, says Michael R. Shannon, when it comes to their efforts to have illegal aliens vote in American elections

The Hamas gimmick that failed: Palestinians recently held a completely ineffectual protest designed to open Israel up to residents of Gaza, something that had to make Hamas unhappy, writes Yoni Ben Menachem
Kennedy, Kopechne and the Chappy cover-up: Mark Alexander discusses how to get the justice you can afford — and how Ted Kennedy buried manslaughter charges

David Hogg, Child media star: The media's latest leftist darling, David Hogg, reminds Michael R. Shannon a lot of an Obama-era media and political celebrity -- and not in a complimentary fashion

The beginning of my 77th year: Michael Moriarty turned the grand age of 77 last week and he's going to lay down a little bit of sermonizing about the world

On the 330th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at political, dynastic, and territorial allegiances during the English Civil War

Once again sing the chorus: Build the wall, Build the wall, Build the wall!: Dr. Robert Owens argues that US President Donald Trump needs to continue on the course he's set out -- and to finally get around to building that wall he promised

Drowning at the FDA: New legislation would allow the dying to try treatments that have not yet obtained final approval by the Food and Drug Administration and incredibly there are people opposed to it, reports Richard E. Ralston

Easter Island myths and realities: In response to a recent NYT column arguing otherwise, Dennis Avery says Easter Island’s demise was a human and Little Ice Age tragedy, not “ecological suicide”

Politicians must consider unintended consequences: Paul Driessen argues that mileage standards, such as CAFE, and tariffs help some – while penalizing countless others, often severely

Mr. President: Please be careful what you wish for: President Donald Trump recently spoke in favour of increased mental health screening in the wake of a school shooting. Dr. Lester Jackson says the president's own experiences should make him wary of that sort of thing

Turning 77: Michael Moriarty turns 77 later this week and he reflects on a world that was, is currently and what it could be if the good guys don't prevail over evil

On the 330th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the religious divisions in the conflict

Free market term limits breakthrough: Michael R. Shannon reports on a new effort that aims to leverage the power of the free market to help candidates beat established office holders

What Easter means to me: The Easter holiday means a lot to Dr. Robert Owens as he views it as his rebirth as a Christian after decades of a misspent youth

Fiction for the Milo crowd:  Steve Martinovich reviews Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice, a collection of short stories by three different authors that takes direct aim at the political and cultural left

Liberty v. tyranny of the marching Mall masses — contrasting Washington weekends: Mark Alexander says a recent vacation showed the stark contrast between our visits to the historic centers of Washington, Madison and Jefferson, and the hordes of anti-2A adolescents in DC

Are the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas mobilizing to take over the PLO?: Ehud Rosen explores whether two terrorist organizations are conspiring to take over a third in the lands controlled by the Palestinians

Climate chaos claims continue causing consternation: From the Oakland v. oil company lawsuit to ridiculous “research,” the onslaught never ends, says Paul Driessen

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