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Sixteen years since “9/11”-- the “Fall of Rome” and the “Decline of the West”: Mark Wegierski offers a sharp analysis of the Western world in the aftermath the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks for the “9/12” crowd

The Trump Agenda: What we voted for: Americans need to remind the Republican controlled Congress that Donald Trump was elected president and that they need to start supporting the agenda that he ran on, writes Dr. Robert Owens

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Twenty-Eight: The New World Order Committee Versus “The Trumpets”: Michael Moriarty argues that Donald Trump alone seems interested in confronting the world's evils while those at home and around the world look the other way

The Antifa movement — Coming to a theater near you: What is "Antifa," and who is backing and benefiting from its actions? Mark Alexander explains all

Sacked by identity politics?: Another NFL season has just begun and once again football players are essentially protesting the national anthem by sitting or kneeling during it. Greg Strange doesn't have much time for these protests

Former prosecutor and Sheriff Arpaio attorney: Trump was perfectly in his right to pardon him: Rachel Alexander, who briefly represented Sheriff Joe Arpaio and has paid the price for it, argues that Donald Trump was right to pardon the former lawman

How EIA guestimates keep oil prices subdued: The Energy Information Administration regularly publishes estimated and actual production numbers and Nick Cunningham says those guesses are why oil prices continue to remain low

Hijacking the laws of occupation: There are currently more than 40 occupations of territory as a result of war and yet only Israel's has been politicized by the United Nations and the world, argues Amb. Alan Baker

Trump justice: 'Dreamer' wanted for murder nabbed by feds in NJ and extradited: Jim Kouri reports on a recent deportation of a criminal alien charged with murder in his native country -- something that serves as a backdrop for Donald Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program

The Hurricane Harvey hustle: Paul Driessen says that facts about Hurrican Harvey trump attempts to use it to advance manmade climate cataclysm agendas 

It’s overdue for the right to turn the left’s tactics around on them: Using the tactics taught by people like Saul Alinsky the political left has had some success in boxing in conservatives in the moral debate. Rachel Alexander argues that its time to take the gloves off and use those same weapons

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Twenty-Seven: The New World Order Confederacy’s World War III: With madmen both in the United States and around the world, says Michael Moriarty, it's a good thing that someone like Donald Trump is in the White House

Cdn pol Polish language knowledge and Polish-Canadian identity: Mark Wegierski asks, can there exist a Polish-Canadian identity with declining Polish language knowledge in Canada?

Why are unions against the right-to-work?: Dr. Robert Owens argues that if they considered the facts and the feelings of their fellow Americans, unions would likely come out in support of right-to-work legislation...well, in an ideal world

The monetization war and Enter Stage Right: Companies like YouTube and Google have been on a rampage shutting off advertising dollars to content they don't like. Steve Martinovich has decided to respond in kind

Revisiting wind turbine impacts: Paul Driessen says erroneous recent calculation highlights the need to assess renewable energy sustainability claims

Iran’s new defense minister is committed to Iran’s missile program and the export of the revolution: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Iran may have a new defence minister, writes Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall, but his support of revolution and the country's missile program is the same as his predecessor

Yet another renewable energy boondoggle: Paul Driessen asks if croplands, habitats, taxes, family budgets and safety are being sacrificed to enrich politically connected few?  

Discovery of Trumpophobia would help deplorables: Trump voters seem to get it from everyone these days so Michael R. Shannon says they should take a page from another group and start talking about "moderate Trump supporters"

The next oil price spike may cripple the industry: Andreas de Vries and Dr. Salman Ghouri believe that the price of oil is probably where it should be and any increase in prices will harm, particularly over the long term, the very nations that would like to see it go higher

“Draining the Swamp” isn’t a part–time job: US President Donald Trump needs to start holding Congress accountable, including backing opponents of sitting RINOs, if he wants to have any accomplishments to his name, says Michael R. Shannon

Do the original assumptions underlying the Iran Nuclear Agreement have any basis today?: It is impossible, argues Amb. Dore Gold, to believe that Iran has lived up to the expectations of the 2015 deal restricting Iran's nuclear program

Hate profiteering: The SPLC hate hustlers: Comparing the Southern Poverty Law Center to other race hustlers is unfair, says Mark Alexander, they make people like Jesse Jackson look like amateurs

Callous CALAS activists against the poor: Anti-mining groups “protect” local tribe against phony risks by trampling on Guatemalan workers, writes Paul Driessen

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