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The border policy debacle — Never let a serious crisis go to waste: Mark Alexander says Democrats will hold the line, seeing the crisis on the border as a political opening to loosen immigration policy and grow their voter constituency pipeline

Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2019 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at mass education and mass media in both countries

Anthony Bourdain #3: Michael Moriarty argues that the late chef and occasional political activist Anthony Bourdain had a reason for espousing policies that would destroy the United States

Who are we?: Dr. Robert Owens is unabashedly a Christian and has a simple motto: The Bible is God's word...He said it and Dr. Owens believes it

How AOC became even more embarrassing with her Green New Deal: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn't had a very good run since being elected to office last November and even members of her own party voted against her signature legislation, says Rachel Alexander

West Virginia joins growing sound money movement: The sound money movement is gaining steam all across the United States, reports Jp Cortez, with West Virginia joining the club and another six potential members very soon

Sidelined because she rejects radical green agendas?: Paul Driessen says Aurelia Skipwith, the Fish & Wildlife Service director nominee, has joined hundreds of others in confirmation limbo

No business is safe from the left’s ignorance & envy: Some just want to watch the world burn while others are more content with attempting to destroy opportunity for everyone in a community, writes Michael R. Shannon

Larry Cohen: Larry Cohen, who passed away recently and was best known for his B-movie horror and sci-fi films, worked with Michael Moriarty in several films. This week Michael pens a letter to his late friend

Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2019 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at multiculturalism and varied types of “affirmative-action”-type policies in Canada

A coup wrapped in a hoax inside a vendetta: One chapter may be ending with the campaign to get Donald Trump but never fear, says Dr. Robert Owens, the sequels are here

The Coup, Phase Two: Taking Trump down: Mark Alexander argues it’s time to investigate the Obama officials who concocted and spread the Russian conspiracy hoax

Facts, not myths back national popular vote’s surge in popularity: The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is being portrayed as an unconstitutional attempt to ignore the Electoral College. Rachel Alexander says it's nothing of the kind and Republicans better get up to speed

U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights: Some legal observations: Last week US President Donald Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and Amb. Alan Baker has some thoughts about what that means

Beto-Bernie — The 2020 version of Obama-Biden: Mark Alexander believes that a Beto-Bernie ticket would create a formidable socialist tag team to oppose Donald Trump in 2020

Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2019 (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at some of the differences in society, politics, and culture between conservatives of the United States and Canada

My campaign to raise the voting age got me shadowbanned on Twitter: Recently Jorn K. Baltzersen made some news by arguing that the voting age in countries should be increased rather than lowered and he reports that apparently got him shadowbanned on Twitter as a result

Captain Queeg McCain: The chattering class has been outraged by recent slights by Donald Trump directed towards the late John McCain but Robert T. Smith points out no one has asked those ones insulted by McCain how they feel

Cdn pol Examining the chances of the Right in Canada: Mark Wegierski expresses skepticism about the possibilities of the Right in Canada -- once a strong force and today a shell of its former self

Criminalizing free speech: Political correctness used to be about smug and sanctimonious lectures but its increasingly turning into a crime to say something that offends someone of the protected classes, writes Rachel Alexander

Mosque massacre could change everything for New Zealand: The massacre at two mosques in New Zealand was nothing short of tragic but Greg Strange says it must not be used as a pretext to avoid uncomfortable conversations and criticisms

A (Euro)vision for the future: Eurovision arrives in Tel Aviv, Israel in May 2019 and Eitan Fischberger believes that the pop music contest could play an important role in helping the Jewish state improve its image key demographics across the world

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