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My God, why have you forsaken me: The shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas shook the faith of many Christians but Robert T. Smith says people need to understand that life on Earth is filled with trials and tribulations

Atheism and the Texas church shooter: Can a line be drawn between atheism and crime? Selwyn Duke isn't arguing that atheists are criminals in waiting but he does believe that ideas have consequences

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Thirty-Six: The War between President Donald Trump and the American Leaders of the New World Order: The past of the Bush family, conspiracy theories and some of his own personal history inform the thoughts and writings of Michael Moriarty this week

Cdn pol Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the close of 2017 (Part One): A conservative infrastructure is definitely lacking, says Mark Wegierski

Hillary and the DNC front group: Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency had interference cleared away by the Democrat National Committee and was run at the expense of the party as a whole, writes Dr. Robert Owens

Demanding sex to join the actor's union: Thomas M. Sipos says that sexual harassment in Hollywood isn't just the domain of the high and powerful -- his experiences on sets showed plenty of people on the ground dipped their hands in the practice

Late night comedy has become hate speech: Remember the days when late night talk shows were funny? Rachel Alexander argues that all they are today is a hate-filled festival of progressive liberalism

Where is the GOP refund window?: Michael R. Shannon praises Bob Heghmann, a man who has launched a lawsuit in an attempt to force the Republican Party to live up to its promises

Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem: Challenges and opportunities: Amb. Dore Gold says that the history of the 20th Century shows that the state of Israel has taken seriously its role to protect Jerusalem -- not only for Jews, but for those of all faiths

Find the cure – ignore the symptoms: Historical breakthrough changes occur when innovators seek cures for societal problems, argue James E. Smith and Michelle Jamshidi

Check expiration date before relying on Trump promises: Michael R. Shannon argues that amongst the many things that Donald Trump has shown an aptitude since being elected -- and even during the campaign trail -- is not following through on promises

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Thirty-Five: The Perfect Title for “A Perfect World”: Clint Eastwood's latest directorial effort -- A Perfect World -- features perfect writing, casting and a young hero and absolutely must be seen, writes Michael Moriarty

Cdn pol Looking back at a 1977 game about Canadian civil conflict – exploring social alternatives through eclectic media: Mark Wegierski looks at Canadian Civil War (by Simulations Publications, Inc. – SPI), a game first published 40 years ago

Antifa terrorists in league with ISIS and al-Qaida: November 4 passed without any of the real misbehavior promised by Antifa but Dr. Robert Owens argues that the domestic terrorists have gotten ready to act if need be -- and with help by America's sworn enemies

Sexism is alive and well in North Dakota courts: Sexism seems the dominant story of the day and Rachel Alexander argues that you can find plenty of it in the North Dakota family court system -- except the victims aren't women

The Clinton fusion Russian collusion: Mark Alexander has a very simple message for Hillary Clinton and Democrats cheering on special counsel Robert Mueller: Be careful what you wish for...

Tax rates: A surprisingly important factor in labor supply: Peter Wolf argues that a near classic essay by economist Edward C. Prescott back in 2004 shows that tax cuts help stimulate labour supply -- something that supports Donald Trump's proposed tax cuts

The changing world energy economy: James E. Smith and Alex Hatch argue that ingenuity and efficiency are reducing links between economic growth and energy consumption

The historical significance of the Balfour Declaration: Amb. Dore Gold explores the Balfour Declaration, the statement issued by the British government expressing support for a Jewish homeland, which celebrated its centenary a few days ago

Election hacker and American spy-master revealed: The Russians hacked the 2014 presidential election? Dr. Robert Owens says recent revelations have shown that surveillance and election manipulation were the result of forces a little closer to home

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Thirty-Four: The Pens of History And World War III: Michael Moriarty argues that the United States can only act against North Korea one way when it comes to a military response in order to avoid the machinations of those behind the scenes

Alternative history: Mark Wegierski looks at the science fiction subgenre of uchronia or “counterfactual history” and its possible conservative/traditionalist aspects

Surviving the meat grinder of Vietnam: Doug Stanton's latest -- The Odyssey of Echo Company: The 1968 Tet Offensive and the Epic Battle to Survive the Vietnam War -- wasn't perfect but Steven Martinovich was impressed nonetheless

What "virtue-signaling" is really all about: Virtue-signalling seems to be everywhere these days and Robert Bidinotto explores what it means and why the rich and powerful love it so much

Virginia governor’s race is the establishment’s revenge: The GOP establishment has their preferred candidate for governor of Virginia but Michael R. Shannon says conservatives need to send a message to them that it's not business as usual

Communism — A centennial celebration of tyranny and terror: National Socialism and Democratic Socialism are much the same as Marxist Socialism — behind a façade, writes Mark Alexander

The 5 countries that could push oil prices up: Oil prices appear to have settled at the $50/barrel mark but Nick Cunningham believes there are five unstable countries that could quickly change that for the worse

Agitators, regulators and predators on the prowl: Paul Driessen says that lawyers and regulators are going for a knockout and jackpot on a farm chemical, a corporation – and science itself

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