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Leave it to China: The apparent lunacy of the North Korean regime leaves many people puzzled but Daniel M. Ryan argues that the Chinese probably know what they're doing when it comes to managing Kim Jong Un and his tyrannical kingdom

The twisted ideology guiding North Korea’s leadership: Jack Phillips explores the secretive and pariah nation of North Korea and explains what principles seems to govern the world's last remaining Stalinist tyranny

Cdn pol The 2007 Shane Doan controversy in Canada: Mark Wegierski recalls a rare Canadian victory over “political correctness” ten years ago

My Pilgrimage: Chapter Nine: The Battle of the Gods And Oriental Patience: This past weekend Michael Moriarty was preoccupied with marking Easter and the threat posed by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

My witness: Dr. Robert Owens wasn't always a Christian and remembers a time when his biggest concerns were parties, his guitar and living a less than noble life

Communications 101: Information, infowars, and what happens when the lines are down: We are surrounded by communication -- our friends, family, media and countless other sources -- but Charlotte Cerminaro wonders how much of it is all just words

Trump’s not so great deal with China: Despite the display of friendship, the Asian giant is still more rival than partner, says Dr. Peter Morici

Curtain falling on gender specific acting awards: Best actor and actress? Thomas M. Sipos predicts that gender specific acting awards will soon disappear from the lips of presenters standing at a podium

Trumping healthcare’s bad hand: Scot Faulkner has some history lessons and suggestions to improve US healthcare without breaking the bank

Supply crunch or oil glut: Investment banks can't agree: Too much oil or not enough? Tsvetana Paraskova says that the experts can't seem to agree on what's actually going on in the oil market now and in the near future

Scalia's legacy and Schumer's real SCOTUS strategy: The political contest for judicial control of the nation's future is a four-dimensional chess match, writes Mark Alexander

Climate change doesn’t affect NWS forecasts: Earlier this month the U.S. National Weather Service predicted a massive storm that was somewhat less in reality. Michael R. Shannon says changes need to be made

Real science must guide policy: Paul Driessen says that climate alarmists use faulty science and bald assertions to demand an end to fossil fuels

Time to get tough: Donald Trump's order to attack a Syrian airbase last week has Daniel M. Ryan positing some interesting questions of about truth and the road ahead

My pilgrimage: Chapter Eight: The Trump Cards: Although not all conservatives are in favour, Michael Moriarty hails Donald Trump's missile strike against Syria as a return to an America of strength

The Syrian attack: Robert Bidinotto is no fan of American intervention in foreign conflicts -- which is why he's only barely in support of Donald Trump's action against Syria last week

Cdn pol What should the legacy of World War I, and its great battles such as Vimy Ridge, be for Canadians?: Mark Wegierski meditates on the meaning of Vimy Ridge, 100 years later

Is anyone watching those who watch us?: The ongoing debate over Russian hackers, who really won the 2016 election and mass surveillance has Dr. Robert Owens asking a very important question

When will Russia run out of oil?: Much of Russia's recent economic -- and military -- might has been powered by oil. Victor Katona explores how long that can actually last

Why Democrats, Freedom Caucus could trigger our next financial crisis: Donald Trump has been doing fairly well with the economy but Dr. Peter Morici believes there are some potential ice bergs ahead that could cause major problems

Our America: Flawed and floundering but favored by Providence, Part 2: Debra Rae wraps up her two-part series arguing that history would suggest that America has had some divine favour on its side

Time to hedge state reserve funds with gold: Jp Cortez discusses budget stabilization funds and why he believes it's wholly irresponsible for states to be holding millions of dollars in a "savings account" over long periods of time

I.T., the “Swamp” and dangerous gadgets: Members of the High Church of Information Technology are keen to promise any improvement with the adoption of their systems but H. Scott Shore isn't quite convinced

Communism: The dead-end path: Communism seems to be once again on the rise and Joshua Philipp and John Nania explore its history in the 20th Century to explain why it is an ideology of death and disaster

Mass media malpractice — Betraying the First Amendment: Mark Alexander argues that print and other mainstream media outlets have become the archenemies of Liberty

Off to a bumbling start at Interior: If this is the kind of housecleaning and swamp draining we’re going to get, we’re in real trouble, writes Paul Driessen

Ship lists Trump’s way: Daniel M. Ryan takes a look at the other intelligence controversy that continues to swirl around the Trump administration: The president's contention that the Obama administration spied on his campaign

My Pilgrimage: Chapter Seven: Bette Davis, Elia Kazan and James Dean: Michael Moriarty says that he's had three great inspirations in his life and had the opportunity meet two of them over his long and storied career as an actor

Cdn pol Treason and patriotism in Canada and the current-day world (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at some examples from twentieth-century Polish and Soviet history

Harvard releases impressive, final, authoritative guide to spotting fake news: Harvard recently released a guide to "fake news" web sites and not surprisingly Rachel Alexander doesn't think much of it

I care more than you care -- See my ribbon!: When it comes to charitable efforts, says Dr. Robert Owens, expecting the government to do a capable job is placing one's faith in the wrong place

Losers gotta’ lose: In the spirit of a much beloved segment on ESPN's NFL football broadcasts, Robert T. Smith has ignominious awards to hand out to some of America's political class

Our America: Flawed, floundering: But favored by providence, Part 1: History would certainly seem to argue, says Debra Rae, that America has had some divine favour on its side

Democrats beware — ObamaCare survived: If our Republican conference conservatives pursue an "all or none" strategy, they should just give the keys to the Democrats now, writes Mark Alexander

The Chinese approach to radical Islam: Though not reported widely, writes Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah, China is also facing the issue of radicalized Muslims and are dealing with it in a uniquely Chinese -- and repressive -- way

The great ‘Christian terrorist’ unicorn hunt: Some are so desperate for a "Christian terrorist" that they will actually create one if necessary, writes Selwyn Duke

There is no such thing as peak oil demand: Dwayne Purvis explores the question of whether the world will be reaching a peak for oil demand and when it might actually occur

Trumping the State Department: Scot Faulkner argues that reining in the budget and activities of this bloated bureaucracy is essential

Pretend conservatives for not so clean energy: Paul Driessen reports that far-left ‘charitable’ foundations are giving millions to ‘conservative’ groups to drive their climate agenda

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