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We can thank a flawed jury system for the Steinle verdict: Most of the commentary involving the Steinle verdict has involved sanctuary cities but Selwyn Duke argues that we perhaps need to also take a look at "sanctuary minds"

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Thirty-Eight: The English-Speaking People’s Unashamed Father Figures Part Two: Netflix series The Crown has left such an impression on Michael Moriarty that he's singing its praises for a second consecutive week -- and deservedly so

Examining the historical defence of Christendom as the conceptual template for the defence of “Westernesse” in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings (Part One): Mark Wegierski examines a traditionalist aspect of Tolkien

Random thoughts two: Dr. Robert Owens weighs on a few different topics -- from gun control to taxation -- in one of his rare stream of consciousness essays

Oh, give me a home where the good groceries roam: Michael R. Shannon could only roll his eyes at a recent Washington Post story that breathlessly reported on a so-called "grocery gap" in Washington, D.C.

Stocks hits new highs but tax cut critical to bull market: Dr. Peter Morici explains what the GOP tax cuts mean to you and the economy -- although as always he says predictions are worth what you paid for them

How aging hippies’ attacks on families created entitled younger generations: Plenty of people slagged Generation X as "slackers" but Rachel Alexander argues Millennials and youth in Generation Z may be the most entitled generations in recent history and explains why

To pay or not to pay? The interplay of incentives involved in pay for college athletes: Is it time to pay college athletes for their time and the money they bring into universities and colleges? Sebastian Anastasi employs economics, statistics, and anecdotes to explore the issue

Archenemies of liberty — Soros, Steyer, Bezos and Bloomberg: Billionaire socialists pose a far greater threat to the next election than Russian or Chinese hackers, argues Mark Alexander

UN agency to Congress: Drop dead: Paul Driessen argues that the International Agency for Research on Cancer takes US money, manipulates studies, colludes with activists – and snubs Congress

Would you bet your paycheck on a weather forecast?: UN climate forecasts are consistently high … consistently wrong … and are used to drive policy, write Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris

Democrats make up most of men accused of sexual assault: You probably noticed, writes Rachel Alexander, that the titanic majority of men accused of sexual assault and harassment are members in good standing of the political left

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Thirty-Eight: The English-Speaking People’s Unashamed Father Figures: Peter Morgan, writer of the popular television series The Crown, seems to have selective outrage when it comes to "charismatic" politicians, writes Michael Moriarty

Cdn pol Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the close of 2017 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the media and the academy

Any chance conservatives will finally fight back?: Michael R. Shannon argues that there is no room or time to compromise for conservatives who actually want to win the culture war in America

The good fight victorious: One of the most feared weapons of ancient times was the sword, writes Debra Rae, and Christians need to arm themselves with the spiritual version of that weapon

Breaking: Ex-cop making Roy Moore harassment claim is leftist, anti-Moore opponent: Selwyn Duke reports that one of the police officers to have made allegations concerning GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore has a bit of an axe to grind against the former judge

Robin Hood taxes: Plans, like those of Bernie Sanders, to expand "free" healthcare in America is a problem fraught exercise in robbing one group of people in order to help another group of people, says Nina Godbold

OPEC will extend the cut: Zainab Calcuttawala argues that regardless of the public tussling between member states, OPEC will in the end extend their production cut plan if they wish to continue their fight to end an oil glut

Trump’s failing revolution: Scot Faulkner argues that Donald Trump must appoint more good, loyal people – or swamp creatures will triumph

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Thirty-Seven: Julian Fellowes’ Divinely Shakespearean Comedy, Downton Abbey: Comparing someone to Shakespeare is fairly dangerous territory to tread but Michael Moriarty feels that strongly about Julian Fellowes and his creation Downton Abbey

Cdn pol Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the close of 2017 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues to note the lack of an infrastructure or “eco-system” for conservatives

A protection racket wrapped in a cover-up: Dr. Robert Owens has some real questions about the investigation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has conducted into Donald Trump's firing former FBI Director James Comey

The real scandal in the Alabama senate race: Judge Roy Moore has some real questions to answer but Selwyn Duke argues that his Democrat opponent, Doug Jones, has some positions that should raise some eyebrows with voters

What is wrong with Europe’s “Iran Policy?”: Giulio Maria Terzi argues that Europe governments need to seriously reexamine their apparent belief that doing business with Iran is a good idea

Avalanches of global warming alarmism: Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris say that UN climate cataclysm predictions have no basis in fact and should not be taken seriously

Back to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations? – Some basic truths: Before any serious negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians can begin, writes Amb. Alan Baker, the Palestinian leadership needs to accept some principles in order to signal good faith

Is universal basic income necessary because of automated labor?: If robots really are stealing all of our jobs, is there actually now a need to start implementing a universal basic income? Sebastian Anastasi explores that increasingly debated question

The relevance of the irrelevant: Irrelevant things are, as Justin Peterson points out, irrelevant. Human beings, however, aren't always rational and sometimes irrelevancy is relevant and brings up the research of Richard Thaler to show why

Virginia goes Don Quixote: The state of Virginia will defy Donald Trump, double down on renewables and CO2 reductions – and hurt poor families, writes Paul Driessen

Virginia election determined by angry swamp creatures: Democrat Ralph Northam may have won over Republican Ed Gillespie in the recent Virginia election but Michael R. Shannon doesn't expect a trend to start for future elections

My God, why have you forsaken me: The shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas shook the faith of many Christians but Robert T. Smith says people need to understand that life on Earth is filled with trials and tribulations

Atheism and the Texas church shooter: Can a line be drawn between atheism and crime? Selwyn Duke isn't arguing that atheists are criminals in waiting but he does believe that ideas have consequences

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Thirty-Six: The War between President Donald Trump and the American Leaders of the New World Order: The past of the Bush family, conspiracy theories and some of his own personal history inform the thoughts and writings of Michael Moriarty this week

Cdn pol Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the close of 2017 (Part One): A conservative infrastructure is definitely lacking, says Mark Wegierski

Hillary and the DNC front group: Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency had interference cleared away by the Democrat National Committee and was run at the expense of the party as a whole, writes Dr. Robert Owens

Demanding sex to join the actor's union: Thomas M. Sipos says that sexual harassment in Hollywood isn't just the domain of the high and powerful -- his experiences on sets showed plenty of people on the ground dipped their hands in the practice

Late night comedy has become hate speech: Remember the days when late night talk shows were funny? Rachel Alexander argues that all they are today is a hate-filled festival of progressive liberalism

Where is the GOP refund window?: Michael R. Shannon praises Bob Heghmann, a man who has launched a lawsuit in an attempt to force the Republican Party to live up to its promises

Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem: Challenges and opportunities: Amb. Dore Gold says that the history of the 20th Century shows that the state of Israel has taken seriously its role to protect Jerusalem -- not only for Jews, but for those of all faiths

Find the cure – ignore the symptoms: Historical breakthrough changes occur when innovators seek cures for societal problems, argue James E. Smith and Michelle Jamshidi

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