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Clinton v the 'Unfit Candidate'?: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have a mantra: Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president. Mark Alexander doesn't think much of the Clinton record either

Hillary and her viper: Much like Cleopatra and the famous asp, writes Michael Moriarty, America and the world's leaders have decided to commit moral and spiritual suicide

The dilemma of hypermodernity (Part Two): Mark Wegierski reprises one of his earlier, most important essays, from the year 2000

Factom: arise, tortoise: Most creators of cryptocurrency dream at least a little of getting rich but Daniel M. Ryan reports that the group behind Factom seems to be motivated by several avenues of pursuit

History is The Story of Life: If you are one of those that believes history is boring, says Dr. Robert Owens, then you must also believe that life is boring because they are different words for the same thing

Clinton body count or left-wing conspiracy? Three with ties to DNC mysteriously die: Rachel Alexander doesn't want to come across as one of those weird conspiracy theorists but there seem to be a lot of bodies tied to the Clintons over the years

Restoring gold and silver as legal tender before the monetary crisis arrives: Jp Cortez and Stefan Gleason argue that the U.S. Constitution is very clear on the role of gold and silver in the American economy

Waiting on the government: When it comes to health care everyone is suffering because government agencies either provide abysmal service or take forever to act, writes Richard E. Ralston

Surprise natural gas drawdown signals higher prices ahead: Last week Nick Cunningham predicted that gas prices were likely heading higher -- this week he has another piece of evidence supporting that contention

Two issues mucking up the economy: Aaron R. Lema believes that when it comes to a society's economy people are either emotional or rational. He believes he has a better way that can unite everyone

Olympic-sized climate propaganda: It was wrong to interrupt Rio's delightful opening ceremonies with deceitful agitprop, writes Paul Driessen

Election fraud: Last week Donald Trump told supporters at a rally that he believed the presidential election was rigged. Michael Moriarty doesn't consider that to be an outlandish statement

The dilemma of hypermodernity (Part One): Mark Wegierski reprises one of his earlier, most important essays, from the year 2000

The ways of the feud: Building on last week's look into the sometimes chaotic world of alt-currency, Daniel M. Ryan explores an ongoing feud between supporters of two different alt-coins

Good intentions: The New Trail of Tears: How Washington Is Destroying American Indians may be one of the most depressing books you'll read in a long time, writes Steven Martinovich, which is why you should read it

Robot buses & Lord of the Rings: The testing of autonomous buses continues with another successful test but Michael R. Shannon isn't, and will probably never be, sold on them

Athlete with no womb or ovaries but internal testes will compete with women in Rio: The debate over sex and nature once again rears its head, this time at the Summer Olympics with a hermaphrodite athlete, and Selwyn Duke weighs in

Clinton's Khan: Who is trashing whom?: Hillary Clinton used the Khans' religious, ethnic, cultural and political status, in addition to their loss and grief, as fodder for a disgraceful political charade, writes Mark Alexander

How to end radical Islam: Scot Faulkner argues that Islam needs its own Council of Nicea, or its internal forces of darkness could control its destiny

States must help restore sound money in America: Jp Cortez and Stefan Gleason believes that America's states have an important role to play in combating the financial insanity promoted by the nation's federal government

Today's downturn sets markets up for a dramatic oil price spike: Enjoy the lower oil prices while you can, writes Nick Cunningham, because conditions are setting themselves up for a large spike in oil prices relatively soon

Ecological double standards: Paul Driessen wonders why can locals block fracking, but not support it … get wind turbines, but not block them?

From #NeverTrump to #NeverClinton: Mark Alexander has a simple question for his fellow conservatives who plan to stay home rather than avoiding voting for Donald Trump: What will your country look like if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency?

Hillary and "The Big Boys": Michael Moriarty argues that Hillary Clinton has always wanted to prove that she's more than she actually is...and she will fail doing so

Cdn pol Is it time for a new decentralism in Canada?: Mark Wegierski argues that Harper's failure in Ottawa may lead to decentralist alternatives

Split decision: Daniel M. Ryan made a prediction recently about the future of an alt-currency, one that he was proven wrong about only days later. He's man enough to admit his mistake and also relates it to the ongoing drama in the Republican Party

To Trump or not to Trump?: As a member of the William F. Buckley school of conservatism Rachel Alexander has no great love for Donald Trump but she will be voting for him in November

Trump is right: Unemployment is worse than official numbers say: Dr. Peter Morici agrees that the official unemployment numbers touted by the Obama administration are much worse in reality

The solutions to our broken institutions are in the Constitution: Thanks to Congress, unelected bureaucrats and the courts, argues Dr. Robert Owens, America has become a nation of diktat

Terror hidden in plain sight: Target: American children: Turkish President Recip Erodğen is blaming Fethullah Gülen, currently living in the U.S., as the cause behind a recent attempted coup. Debra Rae wonders if Americans should be concerned about the cleric as well

Will John Hinckley have voting rights restored by Virginia Governor McAuliffe?: Would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley could be a future voter for Hillary Clinton very soon, writes John W. Lillpop

Maine's unpretentious First Lady takes a real job: News was made recently when Ann LePage, the wife of Maine's governor, took a job waiting tables, writes Michael R. Shannon

Ethnic opposition to Iran's regime is on the rise: On top of whatever other issues Iran is facing, says Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall, it is also grappling with rapidly tensing ethnic problems as well

America blighted by industrial wind: Mary Kay Barton argues that green gangsters are ripping Americans off while enriching the 0.1% and trashing the environment

Americans would prosper better with a Republican president: The numbers don't lie, says Dr. Peter Morici. Taxes are higher, unemployment is higher, people are poorer and the economy is worse off after eight years of Barack Obama

Destructive forest fires are due to – WHAT?: Climate change is an all-purpose excuse for Big Green and federal misfeasance and malfeasance, argues Paul Driessen

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