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No, conservatives don’t want to return to the 1950s: One of the favourite straw man arguments that liberals love to use is that conservatives want a return of the 1950s. Rachel Alexander says that's a distortion of what the right actually craves a return of

Responding to California’s travel boycott: Bruce Walker brings a hammer to respond to California's decision to boycott state agency travel to any state who have passed laws that don't meet with the approval of the Golden State

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Twenty-Two: The Patience Required By Emotional Arithmetic: Michael Moriarty has nothing but praise for the 2007 film Emotional Arithmetic thanks to a top notch cast and a powerful experience and message

Cdn pol Shades of quickly fading blue – the decline of the Tory tradition in Canada since the 1980s (Part Seven):  Mark Wegierski looks further at the thought of Gad Horowitz, and compares “British” to “WASP” identities

Exposing the ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCPBSNPR cartel: Some recent recorded revelations have shown what America's mainstream media is really all about, writes Dr. Robert Owens

After the defeat of ISIS in Mosul, Iran prepares for regional domination: The real victor in the defeat of Mosul was Iran and its plans for a zone of Shiite domination, not the Iraqi people, writes Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira

Illinois leftist Democrat petitions Congress with a rifle: Protective details for every member of Congress? Michael R. Shannon isn't exactly a fan of the notion that politicians should live in a protective cocoon denied many other people

Trump Jr.’s email:  Want to talk about treason? okay….: Selwyn Duke isn't particularly impressed by media and liberal claims that Donald Trump Jr.'s alleged contacts with Russia is treasonous considering the left's long history of similar behavior

The technical failure that could clear the oil glut in a matter of weeks: Oil prices remain low thanks to a continuing glut in supply but Cyril Widdershoven argues that some recent news from Middle Eastern oil producers could literally change that overnight

Al Gore, Al Jazeera and Al Qa'ida: Mark Alexander reacts to the news that Al Gore is suing Al Jazeera and seeking windfall profits from the Islamist media propagandist

Insanity and hypocrisy Down Under: Paul Driessen comments on Al Gore’s bombast and hypocrisy, an energy debacle “no one saw coming,” and lessons for USA

Hizbullah mouthpiece presents “Israel’s Options in the Face of the Resistance”: Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira presents an essay recently written by Hizbullah affiliated newspaper Al-Akhbar which discusses Israel's military options to deal with the terrorist group

A public spectacle: Did CNN really threaten to "dox" the man who was responsible for the altered video which showed Donald Trump body-slamming the news network? Daniel M. Ryan sure thinks so and he's beyond disgusted about it

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Twenty-One: The Easily Corruptible Disaster Of The United Nations’ New World Order!: The protests at the G20 conference seem to indicate that many in the world are opposed to political centralization and globalization, writes Michael Moriarty

Cdn pol Shades of quickly fading blue -- the decline of the Tory tradition in Canada since the 1980s (Part Six): Mark Wegierski looks at the thought of Gad Horowitz, a social democrat who criticizes multiculturalism and defends English-Canadian nationalism

Wrath of the Americans: Why did Americans choose Donald J. Trump as their president? Robert T. Smith argues that the average person on the street got pretty sick and tired of their supposed elites manipulating the system

Bite is a Christian allegory against fornication: A Canadian horror movie that deals with adultery from a Christian perspective? Whether the creators meant to or not, writes Thomas M. Sipos, that's what Bite turned into

Wimbledon tennis: Feminists preach equality while enjoying inequality: Selwyn Duke doesn't think much of feminist complaints that women are being treated as second-class players at Wimbledon when it comes to which matches are being scheduled at the various courts

The left’s factions increasingly turning their sights on each other: What happens when your movement is essentially composed of factions all competing for the same things? Rachel Alexander says the political left is increasingly at war with itself these days

Don't hold your breath for deeper OPEC cuts: It came as a bit of a surprise to oil analysts and traders recently to find out that OPEC was actually producing more oil than everything thought, reports Nick Cunningham

The crisis of integrity-deficient science: Paul Driessen argues that falsifying or ignoring data that don’t support conclusions or agendas is worse than junk science

Did illegals voting give Hillary the edge?: The evidence would strongly suggest, writes Dr. Robert Owens, that Hillary Clinton only won the popular vote last November thanks to the help of people who weren't citizens of the United States

Cdn pol Shades of quickly fading blue -- the decline of the Tory tradition in Canada from the 1980s to today (Part Five):  Mark Wegierski looks at different definitions of Canadian nationalism

Objectivity is needed in higher education: Dale Schlundt explores the question of how one can teach objectivity in the humanities when contextualizing material that may place it in a sensitive issue in contemporary society

John McEnroe is right: Serena Williams couldn’t beat eggs on men’s tour: Selwyn Duke says John McEnroe was right, Serena Williams wouldn't do very well on the men's tennis circuit -- something that Williams herself has previously said

The reconquest of Mexico: Robert T. Smith has the novel idea that Mexican leaders should preoccupy themselves with fixing the many ailments that Mexico has rather than worry about what's happening over their northern border

Siri plans to stop taking orders and start giving them: Although he's lived in the Apple ecosystem for more years than he cares to remember, Michael R. Shannon isn't looking forward to a car powered by that company's software

The genius of Trump’s tweets: Many people, including a good number of Republicans, wish that President Donald Trump would tweet a little less but Rachel Alexander argues that the direct communications approach has been working just fine so far

Nearly doomed by too little CO2: During the last ice age, too little atmospheric carbon dioxide almost eradicated mankind, says Dennis T. Avery

Is a big move in oil prices due?: Brian Noble examines both sides of the ongoing debate as to whether world oil prices are set to rise dramatically...or fall...or maintain their current confused state

US funding dubious science and unfounded fear: Eco-militants that defiled scientific integrity in government agencies defy corrections, writes Ron Arnold

Monumental, unsustainable environmental impacts: Paul Driessen argues that replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy would inflict major land, wildlife, resource damage

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