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Vault Seven: Panic of the week: The world was aflame last week with news that the CIA can hack everything from your phone to your television set. Daniel M. Ryan explains why he thinks its simultaneously not the end of the world and why it could help the Trump administration

My Pilgrimage: Chapter Four: Last week Michael Moriarty touched upon the fomenting of anti-Semitism through art -- this week he explores how it and the gutting of America was furthered by other means

Cdn pol The past, present, and future of Québec (Part Eleven): Mark Wegierski continues to look at different scenarios for the future

Trump protestors professional patsies: Spontaneous protests against Donald Trump? Dr. Robert Owens says most of the mainstream media is ignoring evidence that the protest/riots are being organized professionally

Bull market has more room to run: Some experts are saying that the "Trump boom" will soon come to an end but Dr. Peter Morici believes the stock market still has plenty of room to grow

The faking news fakers: 'Wiretaps? What wiretaps?': Mark Alexander explores the war that erupted last week over President Donald Trump's claim that his phones were tapped during the last presidential election

Will we all soon become LGBTs?: The early gay rights movement was about tolerance and an end to bigotry -- something that Greg Strange had no problem with, but he wonders if the movement will be done by its own destructive excesses

Ordering dinner with a side of sanctimony: Michael R. Shannon reacts to the news that a nationwide group of restaurants in the United States have waded into the immigration debate with "sanctuary restaurants"

Is a second OPEC cut on the cards?: Thanks to continuing high inventory levels, writes Tsvetana Paraskova, OPEC may be mulling yet another cut to production this year

Sound money is rising at the state level: Clint Siegner discusses new bills on eliminating capital gains taxes on money, i.e. precious metals, that were recently introduced in Idaho and Arizona

Those “devastating” EPA reductions: Budget and personnel cuts reflect environmental progress and essential regulatory reforms, argues Paul Driessen

Fast learner: Donald Trump delivered a heck of a speech last week, writes Daniel M. Ryan, but as usual the president's luck saw yet another "scandal" hit the media and take the attention away from what he said

My Pilgrimage: Chapter Three: Michael Moriarty is currently working on an opera that takes on several of the famous composers of the early 20th Century -- men whose corrosive influence on human affairs still haunts us today

Cdn pol The past, present, and future of Québec? (Part Ten): Mark Wegierski continues to look at different scenarios for the future

Federal judges rewrite the 2nd Amendment: The Founding Fathers of the United States were very clear on what they meant with the Second Amendment...federal judges have made a habit of ignoring them, writes Michael R. Shannon

Trumpism and American sovereignty: For the first time in a long time, says Dr. Robert Owens, Americans have a president who is willing to fight to protect American sovereignty when it comes to trade issues

Rebooting the new Trump presidency: Dr. Peter Morici argues that too many novices in the new Trump administration are competing for power...despite a woeful lack of knowledge of the primary issues facing the United

Is the GOP trying to undermine President Trump?: Dr. Lester Jackson believes that Senate Republicans aren't doing enough to confirm -- or openly working against -- Donald Trump's nominees to various positions

Trump's triumph is Demos' disaster: The shell-shocked expressions on Democrat faces during and after Donald Trump's first address to Congress last week was priceless, writes Mark Alexander

Yemen has become Iran’s testing ground for new weapons: The ongoing crisis in Yemen is giving Iran an opportunity to turn it into a testing ground for various weapons it is developing for the maritime and military arenas, reports Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall

Next oil rally? Futures say market is tightening: Are oil prices set to rise? Nick Cunningham doesn't believe a price spike will happen immediately but the stage is being set for prices to begin rising sooner rather than later

Science deniers in the wind industry: Dr. Helen Schwiesow Parker argues that there is an impact to people’s health due to wind turbines and that the industry and environmentalists are ignoring the truth…and the science

Future is cloudy with occasional Trump gusts at National Weather Service: The National Weather Service is trying every trick in the book to ignore Donald Trump's hiring freeze on civil servants -- including trying to have itself declared to be as important as the military and police, reports Michael R. Shannon

Diogenes searching for honest policies: Renewable energy is a defective solution in search of a problem, money and power, argues Paul Driessen

Media attack trump's terrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Another day and another media attack on a Trump administration official. This time the target is the president's terrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka whose being called an Islamophobe, writes Jim Kouri

New bottle, same old partisanship: It was a heck of a week for Donald Trump, American conservatism and one of the alt-right's darlings, reports Daniel M. Ryan

My Pilgrimage: Chapter Two: Opera has long held a fascination for Michael Moriarty and a few men in particular have made their mark -- some for far longer than others

Cdn pol The past, present, and future of Québec (Part Nine): Mark Wegierski looks at different scenarios for the future

Republicans coming up short on Obamacare repeal and replace: Obamacare may be a titanic failure but Dr. Peter Morici argues that Republicans in Congress have yet to respond with its replacement

Trump’s wall can be a memorial, too: Michael R. Shannon truly doesn't care who pays for Donald Trump's proposed wall on the US-Mexican border but reports that his wife came up with an innovative solution

Trump and the Deep State: While most dismiss the notion of a "deep state" working to undermine and block the Trump administration, Dr. Robert Owens finds some credibility in the notion

The Gulag Archipelago, part two: A pillar of the state: Channeling the late great Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Charlotte Cerminaro argues that the foundation of today's American society isn't the truth but rather the common and simple lie

Fired welfare reformer fights back against left-wing hit machine: Arizona welfare reformer Tim Jeffries was fired late last year and subject to incessant ideological attacks. Rachel Alexander says that he's responding to his enemies

On the record? Not liberal professors!: It would appear that the only thing that American professors fear more than Donald Trump is being recorded in class saying that they are afraid of Donald Trump, writes Dennis Prager

Idaho bill would end taxation of gold and silver: Late last week a bill was introduced in Idaho that would end the taxation of gold and silver, legislation that Jp Cortez hopes passes and is a model for other states

GIGO-based energy and climate policies: Paul Driessen argues that GIGO-based reasoning is like formulating public safety policies using models based on dinosaur DNA from amber

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