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Democrats hoist on their own transcript: Michael R Shannon argues that Nancy Pelosi's bid for Donald Trump's impeachment is based on a very spurious elementary school game of "Telephone"

Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Four – Fantasy in pop-culture; military SF; and space opera: Mark Wegierski looks at a broad variety of genres

Can anyone say amen?: Dr. Robert Owens maintains that knowing the word of God is the only way that the light of the truth will shine from you and onto others

More corruption with the State Bar of Arizona, this time protecting a sexual predator: Rachel Alexander reports that the State Bar of Arizona seems very eager to protect one of its members from multiple allegations of sexual assault

Bill de Blasio’s Great White Lie: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claims that there are too many white children in the city's elite schools -- Selwyn Duke says the numbers show that's not really the case

Impeachment: Two ways to go with coup d'etat 2.0: Do not underestimate the combined power of the Democrat Party and its Leftmedia impeachment machine, advises Mark Alexander

Should white Americans pay for their ancestors’ injustices?: The idea of paying reparations to African-Americans has been around since the end of the US Civil War and Julia Brousseau says the pro side has some decent arguments -- but not enough to make the idea a good one

Medicare for all: Yea or nay?: Most of the Democrat hopefuls for their party's nomination have promised some large scale expansion of health care for Americans and Rachel Shey takes a look at the ramifications

Time to purge the liberals – Brexit, a great opportunity for British conservatism: Boris Johnson is hardly a perfect conservative, argues Dr. Gregory Slysz, but a Brexit in October -- assuming it occurs -- would give him the opportunity to imbue the Tories with a new vitality and life

Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Three – Subgenres of fantasy: In the third part of his fourteen part series on the subject of science fiction and fantasy, Mark Wegierski looks at various fantasy subgenres

Finally the right prescription for runaway drug prices: Dr. Robert Owens proclaims US President Donald Trump's plan to lower drug prices to finally be the solution that Americans have been waiting for

Is Generation Z more conservative or less conservative than other generations?: There's evidence to answer the question either way but Rachel Alexander believes that Generation Z is trending strongly towards the left -- at least for now

Andrew Yang: The robots are coming – to take your jobs and destroy the economy: Entrepreneur and lawyer Andrew Yang has joined the Democrat race for that party's nomination and one of his economic planks is anti-robot. David Richman rises to the defense of our robotic pals

On the Trail of Tears with federal bureaucrats: Donald Trump's plans to move the USDA’s Economic Research Service to the wildlands of Missouri is certainly prompting a lot of anguished media coverage, says Michael R. Shannon

The real threat of the Demos' 'universal background checks': Mark Alexander believes that a national firearm registry will ultimately result in firearm confiscation under a future Socialist Democrat regime

Conservative culture options: Fight back or hope for Endangered Species listing: Michael R. Shannon reports on a recent debate between Sohrab Ahmari and David French in which the future of cultural conservatism was discussed

Is Egyptian President Sisi’s regime in danger?: If Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi thought he had squashed the Muslim Brotherhood, writes Yoni Ben Menachem, recent protests would appear to have proven otherwise

How to defeat Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth Warren has yet to announce her candidacy for the Democrat nomination and yet she already looks like person to beat and the GOP better have a plan, writes Rachel Alexander

Alcohol, guns, and prohibition: A homicide victim is far more likely to be murdered by an assailant using a knife, blunt object, or fists than by a rifle of any type, says Mark Alexander

Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Two – Utopia, dystopia, fantasy, and reality: Do these genres express a yearning for a better world, Mark Wegierski asks

Loose Him and let Him go: Humanity has made Christianity fairly complicated with rules and theories but Dr. Robert Owens says the only source you need is the one that Christians say is the definitive one

‘The Hunt’ is canceled, but the left still pursues conservatives: Hollywood may have belatedly realized that "The Hunt" was an awful idea but that doesn't mean the left has ceased its war on the right, says Michael R. Shannon

Electricity in the realm of the Lion King: Small Modular Reactors, especially Pebble Bed Modular Reactors, are Africa’s best future, argues Dr. Kelvin Kemm

Gun–grabbers shoot themselves in the foot: Journalists have been trying to prove that it's mind-numbingly simple to buy a firearm in the United States...and failing, reports Michael R. Shannon

More buckets of icy cold energy reality: Paul Driessen believes that Democrats, Green New Dealers and UN gabfest attendees need to get ‘woke’ on eco-energy

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