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The criteria for the Conservative Site of the Day is quite simple with sites being judged with simple criteria:

  • Content. It's said that standards are desperately needed on the World Wide Web. We agree, except that standard should be a decent I.Q. score. Does the website have an interesting collection of content that someone is willing to invest the time to look at, or is the site simply a collection of links? Java applets, animated GIFs and things that need proprietary plug-ins may make your website nifty, but without content it's like a typical Hollywood movie...all action, no plot.
  • Design. Is the information presented on the website in a clear and consistent manner, or does one have difficulty in rooting out information? Is the website appealing, or it is black text on Netscape grey?
  • It must expatiate a politically conservative point of view. ESR's CSotD will not judge, at least in most cases, whether it's the "proper" brand of conservatism, but we do want conservative websites.
  • Relevancy. No one wants to read material that is months out of date.

There is no formula for how a site will be chosen, but content does take precedence over a pretty design. The Internet is not television and ESR's CSotD does expect there to be more than shiny things to keep surfers entranced. Content is king!

On the question of ideology: ESR's CSotD will not enforce any particular conservative strain of thought. Websites of different non-racist conservative viewpoints will be featured.

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