January 2008 - December 2008

January 2008

The Second Amendment a second class right?: Charles Bloomer is amazed by an amicus brief filed by the federal government which essentially argues the Second Amendment is important, but not that important
Get the feds out of our schools!: Education is a local issue, argues Alan Caruba, and there is no place for federal government involvement
You've heard of 'junk science.' Now consider 'junk law': Calgary lawyer Ezra Levant is facing a human rights complaint for daring to print the "Muhammad cartoons" in his now defunct magazine. Link Byfield says everyone needs to show their support
The hazards of "Living In America": Both Canadian liberals and conservatives love to intellectually "live in America" by imagining the "best" parts of the U.S. being imported in Canada. Daniel M. Ryan isn't a fan of that sort of thing
The God of American progressives: Part three: The progressive laws of progress: Every movement needs organizing principles and laws to govern itself and the progressive movement is no different, writes Michael Moriarty
As nasty as an afternoon tea party: The media is falling all over themselves describing the Democratic race as vitriolic. Michael M. Bates says even recent political history makes that contention laughable
What constituency to offend? The Hillary-Obama dilemma: Thanks to identity politics, the black and female constituencies of the Democratic Party are at war with each other. Bruce Walker says the GOP could be the ultimate winner
Pollaganda -- political polling as propaganda: The American presidential race is underway and that means we'll be inundated with polls. Mark Alexander urges you to trust none of them
Obama for "change"?  He's got my vote!: In case you've been living in a cave the past year, Barack Obama is the self-described candidate of change. J.J. Jackson wonders exactly what Obama would change
GOP riveted by McCain's momentum: Risen from the dead John McCain is back in the race for the GOP nod, says Carol Devine-Molin, and causing Republicans no end of worry
Fairy tales for single chicks: Bernard Chapin was recently asked to look at a book which purported to be a modern take on the "damsel in distress" fairy tale -- and didn't come away better for the experience
HRC: 'No woman is illegal': Following Hillary Clinton's recent declaration that "No woman is illegal", Carey Roberts has a guide for foreign women who are willing to do what it takes to enter the U.S.
Instant messaging: These days there's more to be offended by in the commercials that pay for television programming than the programming itself, writes Lisa Fabrizio
The cowboys may be winning: Ranchers have been under the gun for years by environmentalists seeking to end the cattle industry but Henry Lamb says cowboys don't give up that easily
1971 redux: Thomas Brewton argues that federal deficit spending isn't the cure to economic woes but rather the cause of those woes
Trying to kill the immigration card: At least one newspaper out there is telling its readers that voters are punishing anti-amnesty candidates. Selwyn Duke says the reality is otherwise
The Federal Reserve needs more than a new communications strategy: Ben Bernanke says the U.S. Federal Reserve needs to communicate better with the American public. Peter Morici says they need a better decision making process
Who's tired of pink?: David Usher responds to a recent rant by Erica Jong which blasted white males for any number of sins committed against the world and women
Two parties defined by their frontrunners: Regardless of who you support as the Republican candidate, argues Bruce Walker, you must admit that the Republican field is far more impressive than that of the Democrats
Clinton and Obama: Quiet on Iraq: The Democrats have mostly been noticeably quiet on Iraq recently and answers two of them gave at a recent debate has Mark Alexander shaking his head
The Bruce Montague case: Round one: The Canadian government's campaign to railroad a Dryden, Ontario gunsmith for asserting his right to self defence and own firearms continues unabated, writes Christopher di Armani
Balance of power:  The Second Amendment and self-defense: In a recent speech Charles Bloomer illustrated how firearms affect the balance of power when it comes to to defend your life, which is why it's important you defend your Second Amendment rights
Confessions of an intellectual who "failed in business": Daniel M. Ryan hasn't been around in a while, he was busy running a business which eventually failed. Here he explains why that happened
The God of American progressives: Part two: FDR's third act: Michael Moriarty continues his series on American progressives with a look at their deity, four-time president and big government enabler Franklin D. Roosevelt
Congress conjures up an energy deficit: Alan Caruba argues that Congress' recent hiking of fuel efficiency standards is an attempt to create something out of nothing
Bewitched: The recent events in New Hampshire has inspired Lisa Fabrizio to pen a tune, one that we believe may bring you to tears
Democrats for dead babies: There is a grim humour in watching Democrats boast who has the best record on voting in favour of abortion, says Michael Bates
Hillary Clinton's messiah complex: We're used to arrogant people running for president -- heck, it's practically a job requirement -- but Hillary Clinton's messiah complex transcends all, argues Carey Roberts
Why evangelicals need to stop Huckabee: James A. Bowden lays out his case why Mike Huckabee would be a catastrophe for the United States and the Christian conservative movement in general
Romney: A strong economy = marriage values?: Some of the GOP candidates are talking a good talk on issues related to marriage but David Usher says they'll only be successful if they truly embrace policies in support the institution
Hillary: "No woman is illegal": Gordon E. Finley has some problems with Hillary Clinton's recent assertion that no woman could be considered an illegal immigrant
You can be like God:  Bishop Robinson tells us what the Scriptures really mean: A recent speech by an openly gay Episcopalian bishop on homosexuality and Scripture got Alisa Craddock a little riled up
Animal owners treated like sex offenders: The U.S. government's "voluntary" program asking farmers to register their animals treats people no differently than sex offenders, argues Henry Lamb
Sustainable development: The root of all our problems: If you want to know what is at the root of so many political decisions which limit the political and economic rights of Americans, writes Tom DeWeese, look no further than the SD movement
Pushing a car off a cliff: America, thanks to government overspending, is about to run itself over a cliff and Frank Hyland wants to know who is willing to put their foot on the brake pedal
Conservative blackout: Is Fred Thompson's campaign dead? Lisa Fabrizio says if the media -- mainstream and conservative -- are any indication, it was dead before Iowa
Republican stalemate: Bruce Walker says there is only one candidate who is truly conservative and doesn't carry all of the baggage that other GOP candidates do
Election thrills and spills: The primaries have only just begun and they are already surprising Michael Moriarty with their winners and losers
ESR's Person of the Year for 2007: The votes have been counted and the result is in: Your Person of the Year for 2007 is...
Cut taxes to strengthen the economy: According to their federal leaders, Canadians shouldn't expect another tax cut in 2008. Adam Taylor and John Williamson think the Harper government is making a mistake
At war with Mexico: Another war America will have to fight? Alan Caruba says the cross border battle between Mexico and the United States has already begun
The madness of would-be King John: Everyone wants to be president so they can do anything. J.J. Jackson says John Edwards apparently believes he can do anything
Cops applaud presidential candidate: He's not capturing any delegates -- at least not so far -- but Jim Kouri reports that a lot of cops are enamored with the Ron Paul campaign
Bad omen from Iowa: David R. Usher believes that numbers that haven't been widely reported -- the number of Iowans who came out last week for Republicans and Democrats -- portends trouble for the GOP
Marriage for mollusks: Why does Bernard Chapin read self-improvement books? So you don't have to. With that in mind, his review of The New Rules of Marriage: What You Need to Know to Make Love Work makes total sense
The U.S. is in financial trouble: The U.S. is facing tens of trillions in unfunded liabilities and very few people aware or interested in doing something about it, writes Jack Ward
The right to defend yourself: Canadians don't seem aware of it but, like their American cousins, they too have the right to self defence using a firearm, writes Clive Edwards
Will the 2008 elections deliver more "non-solutions"?: Christopher Adamo isn't very confident that a new president -- whether Republican or Democrat -- would actually push for action in issues that concern Americans
A chance to merge money and mouth: Environmentalists are always talking about confiscating profits for their pet causes. Ken Marrero wonders why they never put up their own money when they have a chance
Democracy without liberty is just authority: Frank Salvato says perhaps its time for America to conclude that attempting to spread democracy alone in the Middle East is a mistake
Conspiracy theories and cover-up: Who was really responsible for Benazir Bhutto's murder? Carol Devine-Molin argues America needs to remain involved with Pakistan to avoid losing it to the fanatics
How did Hillary fall into the feminist fold?: Hillary Clinton keeps attempting to remake herself to appear more friendly but Carey Roberts says her past makes that impossible
What does the progressive left stand for?: America is suffering an identity crisis, argues Nancy Salvato, and it's entirely due to the progressive left and the effect it's having on the nation
The challenge of 2008 and beyond
Assassinating the democratic process
Liberalism will lose this "Cold War"
The God of American progressives: Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Honestly, is this the best we can do?
The Church of Huck: Growing government in the name of religion
The judiciary: Tyranny's active agent
A conservative Republican? An interview with Kieran Michael Lalor
It's a Wonderful Life revisited: Morgan Stanley just sold out to Potter
The meaning of New Year's resolutions
The Pakistan crisis
Winners of the coveted 2007 Award for Political Incorrectness
Can we afford President Bill Richardson?
May you freeze in the dark
The Ron Paul attraction
Immigration in Spain - A profile
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Letters to the editor

February 2008

Democrats demagogue poverty. Again: Alan Caruba says it's an election year so that can only mean one thing: The Democrats are talking about poverty
Running mates for John McCain: John McCain will be the Republican nominee and that means one thing, says Bruce Walker, he's going to need a running mate
The Cox Report: Bruce Walker left one person off of his list -- SEC chairman Christopher Cox. Lisa Fabrizio makes the conservative case for his inclusion on the GOP ticket
The transcendent question: Michael Moriarty believes it's the most important question Americans will have to answer this year: With unrest around the world and a broken government at home, who do you trust more, Barack Obama or John McCain?
The ecstasy of Barack: Barack Obama has whipped up a near religious fervor -- at least among Democrats and their friends in the media -- to the point the man has become a rock star among the youth, says Kathleen Parker
Ending the tyranny of oil: Could the United States become energy independent by switching from oil to an alcohol-basede economy? Robert Zubrin's Energy Victory: Winning the War on Terror by Breaking Free of Oil says yes and Steve Martinovich reviews his efforts
The race card may have been dealt, but who's playing it?: Hillary and Bill Clinton have been accused of playing the race card in their attacks on Barack Obama but Frank Salvato says that is a one-sided view of the issue
Barack Obama, Deval Patrick, and Hillary Clinton: Together they can: The recent tempest in a teapot over Barack Obama allegedly stealing lines from another politician papers over an important point about his sloganeering, says Kevin Gabriel
Obama bless America: J.J. Jackson doesn't understand those people who have professed their undying and unreasoning devotion to Barack Obama
Obama selling false hope and false dreams: Felicia Benamon wonders if Barack Obama is a little more concerned about solving the problems of the world instead of those at home
The religious exemption, and other delusions: When religion gets in bed with government, argues Alisa Craddock, the only thing that happens is belief is replaced by mandates
Escaping with an intact wallet: Daniel M Ryan recently took a decent sum of money, invested it in a penny stock, came away with a slightly larger pile and came away with some lessons you may not have learned yet
Where were the USDA inspectors?: Last week's tainted meat scandal was the result of a USDA more interested in promoting the National Animal Identification System then actually inspecting meat, argues Henry Lamb
Behind every great man: Nancy Reagan was in the news recently, writes Michael M. Bates, a good enough reason to remember how important she is to America
American Policy Center opposes SAVE Act: Tom DeWeese approves of much of the work that Numbers USA performs but he believes they are unintentionally supporting the creation of a national ID card
Primary economics: Peter Morici would like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to finally fess up and tell Americans exactly how they would shore up the shaky economy
My wife became legal and I became illegal: A recent series Carey Roberts wrote about how immigrant women could marry an American man and then land him in jail -- while she becomes a citizen -- earned him many responses
Can Obama be an ethical president?: Would Barack Obama be an ethical nightmare in the White House? Bruce Walker says no, provided something big happened
Our only hope: Like it or not, writes Michael Moriarty, Sen. John McCain is the last remaining bulwark between a repeat of the Clinton years or a new era of liberalism embodied by Barack Obama
McCain's looking better already: Conservatives are right to have problems with some aspects of Sen. John McCain's career but Michael M. Bates says that no matter what, he's more conservative than his Democratic opponents
Dear John - Part I: In what promises to be the first of several letters, Lisa Fabrizio pens an open letter to Sen. John McCain to remind him of a few items of interest
The high cost of overeating: Everyone seems to be getting fatter and The Fattening of America: How The Economy Makes Us Fat, If It Matters, and What To Do About It answers if we can do anything about it, writes Steven Martinovich
Forward to compromise!: Compromise isn't necessarily a bad thing, says Steven Martinovich, and In The Genius of America: How the Constitution Saved Our Country and Why It Can Again makes that case...mostly
The high price of blood: The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944 is the latest in Rick Atkinson's trilogy covering the Second World War and is a must read, says Steven Martinovich
The world through the mapmaker's eyes: Some liberal editorializing nearly derails it but Steven Martinovich still enjoyed the dazzling coffee table book Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations
Calm sun, cold Earth: It's getting colder, reports Alan Caruba, and the culprit isn't mankind but rather our old friend the sun...just like before
Jim Flaherty's budget test: Canada's government has already told its citizens not to expect too much next week when the federal budget comes down but John Williamson says it doesn't have to be that way
Going down the road again: It's a road well-traveled: comparing current economic conditions to those of the 1920s. That doesn't mean Daniel M. Ryan isn't going to do it or add something new to the canon
Paul Weyrich and James Dobson's disappointing endorsements: Mike Huckabee may call himself an evangelical, writes John Bender, but that doesn't mean that men like Paul Weyrich and James Dobson should be endorsing him
Racists vs. sexists: The battle lines have been drawn in the Democratic race -- you either support your candidate because you're a racist or you're a sexist, says J.J. Jackson
White men give Hillary a lesson in realpolitick: Democrats -- and Hillary Clinton -- have long ignored the white male vote in the belief they could do without. The strategy doesn't seem to be working in 2008, notes Carey Roberts
Conservatism is dead; Long live conservatism?: Selwyn Duke charges that conservatism is a dead movement because it's leaders have shifted the center and the grassroots are content with defensive victories
Arizona seeks controls on PPPs: At least one state is concerned about the ramifications of public/private partnerships, writes Henry Lamb, and is moving to control them
Humpty Dumpty environmental policies: While environmentalists play games with words, writes Paul Driessen, the world's poor get poorer or simply dead
Terror mastermind blown to smithereens; moral idiots bemoan the good news: Last week poetic justice occurred when a Hezbollah terrorist Imad Mughniyeh was killed in a car bomb. Amazingly, says Greg Strange, not everyone was happy
Report shows religious persecution on rise in China: Think China is loosening the grip this year because of the Summer Games? Robert Duncan says think again
McCain v McCain: It's now a virtual guarantee that John McCain will be the Republican nominee for president. Mark Alexander believes the Arizona senator needs to define himself quickly
Republicans had their chance – and blew it!: Conservatives don't have to wait for a potential McCain presidency to enact liberal policies, writes Henry Lamb. The last seven years have seen plenty of them
Some dream team: Michael Moriarty believes that John McCain will face a Clinton/Obama ticket, one that will expose all the divisions in the Democratic Party and spark a civil war within it
This is my hill: The barbarians have driven conservatives from height after height but J.J. Jackson says that the hill he has picked to fight for won't be given up so easily
The wrath of John: John McCain managed to win the Republican nomination without the support of conservatives. Selwyn Duke is waiting for the inevitable angry response by the senator
The choice: Sit out this election because John McCain will be the nominee? Alisa Craddock says that anyone suggesting that is doing the Republican Party a great disservice
Stepping back from the conservative abyss: The American conservative movement has taken a blow this campaign cycle but Frank Salvato believes they still can play a vital role in the process
America is running out of electricity: The United States is facing an energy crisis, argues Alan Caruba, and its because of environmentalists and the nation's politicians
Has the monetary tide turned?: The recent economic problems have got a lot of people scared but Daniel M. Ryan says people shouldn't be frightened
Charlie Wilson's war was really America's war: Michael Johns says Charlie Wilson's War tells of an important period in American history, one that was responsible for the first great defeat of the Soviet Union
Single young males: A defense: A recent City Journal essay criticizing single young males has earned a response from single young male Bernard Chapin
An economic stimulus for China: The Bush administration's much discussed stimulus package will provide an economic boost to an economy, argue Howard Richman, Raymond Richman, and Jesse Richman, just not America's economy
Investments by sovereign wealth funds in the United States: Thanks to its trade deficit the U.S. is seeing a tidal wave of money being invested in its companies, property and equities, writes Peter Morici
Trusting in government: Given how much local government screws up Michael M. Bates isn't cheered by the prospect of a federal government mandating universal health care
Earthjustice's clean water poll comes up short: A recent poll purporting to show rural support for an expansion of the Clean Water Act isn't all that it appears, writes Peyton Knight
Conservatives shrugged: The Republican Party appears to have abandoned conservatives, says Ken Marrero, and it will have to work pretty hard to earn their support again
Free-market health insurance is not the enemy: As an issue health insurance in the United States has gone to the back burner but when it comes back Richard E. Ralston would like a free market approach to receive a fair hearing
Report says feds not fully protecting government facilities from terror attacks: Seven and a half years after 9/11 most federal government facilities are still unsecured against terrorist attack or crime, says Jim Kouri
Does the New York Times hate meat?: The newspaper would likely deny it but Alan Caruba says a recent essay certainly argues that the Times doesn't like a thick, juicy steak
The futile dreams of progress: It's rare that Michael Moriarty finds a book as impressive as The American Soul but Jacob Needleman's effort is an inspiring one
Fascists and Bolsheviks as friends: Think that fascists and bolsheviks can't be friends? Bruce Walker says that world history would certainly prove that contention incorrect
Strings and monsters: Was Daniel M. Ryan too optimistic when he termed our current economic troubles as transitory last week? Perhaps but this week he discusses a phenomenon that's discussed in poor economic times
Far too many Americas: Nearly every presidential hopeful is representing some version of America, an approach to campaigning that J.J. Jackson says will destroy the nation
How the Republican Party committed national suicide: Why is John McCain leading the GOP nomination process heading into Super Tuesday? J.B. Williams argues its because the Republican Party made a titanic mistake heading into the primaries
The conservative candidacy that never came to be: Did Fred Thompson have to drop out of the GOP race because social conservatives didn't trust him? Alisa Craddock says they needed to be a little more trustworthy
Bill Clinton remembered: Former president Bill Clinton continues to stump on his wife's behalf but Lisa Fabrizio isn't convinced that it will last much longer
Duty. Honor. Country. Civic responsibility: Won't vote if your favourite candidate isn't the party's nominee? Frank Salvato doesn't have too many kind words for you
Barack Obama: Leader of a new Camelot or just a vacant lot?: Barack Obama the next John. F. Kennedy? Greg Strange didn't know Jack Kennedy but he knows that Obama is no Kennedy
The Clintons, race, and the 50-year-old calculation: Selwyn Duke isn't surprised that the Clintons continue to play the race card. It's worked for so long that regardless of whether it reflects reality, it's still a potent campaign tactic
Presidential leadership brand: Since we don't know the future, writes branding expert Norm Smallwood, Americans will forced to choose the next president simply by how he or she brands himself to the public
McCain, Clintons reveal political parties' ugly undersides: The win at all costs/prevent the other guy from winning approach that John McCain and Hillary Clinton are utilizing in their respective races says a lot about politics today, writes Christopher G. Adamo
Turning tar sands into natural gas with bacteria: Are we near the end of the fossil fuel ride? Dennis T. Avery says new scientific processes are rending those predictions obsolete
A not so private matter: Last week was the 20th anniversary of Canada's Supreme Court striking down the nation's anti-abortion laws and we heard the familiar refrain that abortion is a "private matter". Not when taxpayers are funding it, responds John Williamson
Up in smoke: Revisited: The war against smokers continues, writes Sean Turner, and the armies of Big Mother aren't stopping their assault on your liberites
Damn You, Sam I Am: Our bellies, our choice: You don't like green eggs and ham, not in a house or with a mouse? Too bad, says Daniel Clark, some people are determined to make you eat things you don't want to
Why not Romney?: Now that Fred Thompson has departed the race, says Bruce Walker, conservatives will have to look for someone new to support. Why not Mitt Romney?
The Desert Fox of pro-choice: Senator Barack Obama: Michael Moriarty can't help but admire Sen. Barack Obama but his stand on abortion is one that will consign him to political defeat
Who is Rush Limbaugh and why is he manipulating the GOP vote?: Rush Limbaugh recently hinted he might not vote in the general election if John McCain or Mike Huckabee are the nominee, something that Carol Devine-Molin isn't pleased to hear
I'm fat. You're fat. And your kids are, too: The war against fat is a war on you and your personal freedoms, argues Alan Caruba, so pick up a fork and enjoy your steak
Are you terrified of economic trouble?: Piled on the debt and are now worried about an economic slowdown? J.J. Jackson says let that be a lesson to you
Is the party over?: That we're experiencing an economic slowdown is probably not in question but Daniel M. Ryan doesn't believe it will get any worse
Of Rush and Reagan: The media is falling over itself proclaiming the death of the Reagan Coalition. Lisa Fabrizio responds that reports of that death are greatly exaggerated
Tiger Woods and PC: The recent controversy involving Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman and her use of the word "lynching" in connection with Tiger Woods is one that Bernard Chapin says he doesn't understand
PPPs are transforming  America: The only thing that keeps Henry Lamb awake at night more than untrammeled government is when that same government partners up with the private sector
California's financial problems: Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected to govern California in a fiscally responsible manner. Jack Ward says the current condition of the state shows how successful he hasn't been
Election year nonsense: The candidates of both political parties have provided quite a bit of silliness to date, writes Selwyn Duke
Poll numbers horrid but Dems stay the course: Support for the Democratic Congress has all but collapsed. So what's their solution to reversing this unpopularity? More of the same, reports Ken Marrero
Reported Bush lied 'study' not revealed as funded by George Soros: The Associated Press breathlessly reported recently that it has been proven that George W. Bush lied to get America into Iraq. Warner Todd Huston wants to know why who essentially paid for the study wasn't also reported
Happenings ten years ago: Last week marked a special anniversary for the Clintons, says Michael M. Bates, one which millions of Americans shared
While the cat's away, the terrorists will play: Everyone's attention is focused on America's economic troubles, says Nancy Salvato, and the nation's security is once again on the back burner
Be it resolved: Frank Hyland is dissatisfied with the state of televised debate these days because he believes it doesn't go far enough in promoting the contest of ideas
Nuclear security: US finding jobs for former Soviet weapons scientists: After the fall of the Soviet Union the United States decided to employ Russian scientists with weapons experience. Jim Kouri says the U.S. could be doing much more
Who's afraid of Hillary Clinton?
Lingua publica
Letters to the editor

March 2008

Obama is simply guilty: Despite the media's praise and Barack Obama's (somewhat) mea culpa concerning the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bruce Walker says the Democratic frontrunner remains guilty
The tragically answered prayers of Hillary Clinton: It may look bad for Hillary Clinton at the moment but Michael Moriarty is convinced she will somehow pull out a victory...but it will ultimately be a Pyrrhic victory
Understanding Arabs: Alan Caruba says peace cannot exist in the Middle East until many there modernize and realize there is a world outside of their narrow philosophic concerns
What's in a name?: March Madness has begun so it's safe now for Lisa Fabrizio to tell you her method of filling out those irksome brackets
The blades of the knives: Not surprisingly opponents of John McCain are attacking his war record. Daniel M. Ryan says that a little history is needed why the issue is important
Democrat turmoil reflects liberal dysfunction: The chaos surrounding the Democratic Party shouldn't be a surprise, writes Christopher Adamo, considering who makes up its various constituencies
Barack Obama, his minister, and the Wellstone funeral: Charles A. Morse argues that the speeches of Rev. Jeremiah Wright should serve to remind people what the political left really thinks about America
Shackling the individual by imposing racist pride: Ayn Rand once referred to racism as "barnyard socialism" but even more insidious, writes Nancy Salvato, is being defined and full of pride about your race
High culture warrior: Roger Scruton's Culture Counts: Faith and Feeling in a World Besieged is a rousing defense of Western culture and the fight to save it, reports John W. Nelson
Carbon tax is far from 'revenue neutral': The Liberal Party is now in support of a carbon tax on the grounds that it will reduce energy consumption. John Williamson responds that Canadians will only end up paying more for their energy
Nihilism, drugs and Canadian culture: A little bit of personal morality would go a long way, says Clive Edwards, in addressing the cultural problems that are rising in Canada
Obama connection to terrorists revealed by talk show host: Chances are you learned about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on this web site over a year ago. It turns out, writes Jim Kouri, that Barack Obama has other equally loathsome friends
Liberals' Wall Street pirouette: Was capitalism to blame for the near collapse of Bear Sterns as E.J. Dionne has argued? Thomas E Brewton says you should look for the villain elsewhere
Time for a Commission on the Status of Freedom: Freedom has been taking quite a beating in the United States, argues Henry Lamb, which means it may be time for a formal study of the problem
Anti-smokers wage war against private property In Pennsylvania: The Big Mother Brigade is on the move in Pennsylvania, reports J.J. Jackson, and their target is anyone who would allow smoking on the premises of their business
Advertising Age’s Jonah Bloom: Peddler of organized misandry: Tired of all the commercials portraying every man as a numbskull? At least one ad executive out there says you should shut up and like it, writes David R. Usher
Why illegal immigration is a threat to the United States and how local communities are fighting back: Tom DeWeese lays out his case as to why he's opposed to illegal immigration, the costs it imposes and what many local communities are doing to respond to the threat
Barack's trustafarians: Much of Barack Obama's support is coming from young people, says Bernard Chapin, a group which isn't exactly known for its critical thinking abilities
Humpty Dumpty and the big fix: The continuing special interest war that is consuming the Democratic Party is all part of a bigger game, asserts Michael Moriarty, one that will see Hillary Clinton win the presidency
"Why I Am No Longer a 'Brain-Dead Liberal'": Last week noted playwright David Mamet came out as a conservative and not surprisingly, writes Mark Alexander, out came the expected attacks from the left
The rise of the dark horse: Can a third party candidate actually win the American presidency? Douglas Schoen argues in the affirmative in Declaring Independence: The Beginning of the End of the Two-Party System and Steve Martinovich reviews his efforts
Why is everyone lying about energy?: Alan Caruba believes that everyone -- from the current president, whoever the future president will be, and Congress -- is lying about America's energy situation
Government and servicing: Daniel M. Ryan examines two views of government: the bourgeois one, according to which the taxpayer pays taxes in exchange for services, and the libertarian one, according to which taxes are simply confiscated
Sinisterism and radical Islam: Bruce Walker argues that radical Islam is an old enemy with a new look -- no different than the totalitarianism that grappled with the Free World during the 20th century
In Michigan and Florida the rules may not apply: J.J. Jackson isn't surprised some Democrats are trying to re-write their own rules to allow primaries in Michigan and Florida to be held again
Change requires going beyond the name on the ballot: "Change" has been the buzzword this election year but if you're looking for real change, argues Frank Salvato, you're not likely to get it from the three candidates still standing
Three candidates for global governance: When it comes to the issue of global governance, writes Henry Lamb, there isn't much difference between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain
Obama or Clinton? White men will decide: Everyone is concentrating on how women, African-Americans and Hispanics are voting in the Democratic race but Carey Roberts believes it's white males who are the real barometers
Why California turned from most homeschool friendly to most unfriendly: Howard Richman says California was a mecca for homeschoolers until Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill which barred discrimination against alternative sexual lifestyles
Saying no to the nanny state: Lisa Fabrizio believes the court decision which limited homeschooling in California is another example of liberals telling Christians how to live their lives
Defining the right of self-defense by gun: This week the U.S. Supreme Court will look at D.C. v. Heller which may determine whether you have the right to defend your life with a firearm, writes Thomas A. Bowden
Biofuels forcing world to ration food aid: The move to ethanol is having an unintended consequence: Less food to feed the global poor, report Dennis T. and Alex A. Avery
Leonard Pitts' column unfair to black fathers, ignores reasons for father absence: Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks say that a recent column attacking black men for high absentee rates as fathers was unfair and didn't tell the whole truth
The Southern Baptist march towards irrelevance: Christopher Adamo says a decision to accept the premise of global warming, among other questionable acts, is leading to the demise of the Southern Baptists
Hillary's silver bullets: Mark Alexander is convinced that Hillary Clinton will be named the Democratic nominee in Denver later this year because she will do anything to win
America's oldest song: With the possibility of a Clinton victory in Denver, Michael Moriarty believes that Americans are poised to once again hear a familiar tune courtesy of the political left
Scrambled eggs instead of a Denver omelette: Last week's results in Texas and Ohio has created a big mess for the Democrats, says Bruce Walker, and someone will end up with egg on their face
The science of female supremacy: An interview with Steve Moxon: Bernard Chapin chats with Steve Moxon, author of The Woman Racket: The New Science Explaining How the Sexes Relate at Work, at Play and in Society, about gender issues
A primer on oil prices: The price of oil is rising not because we're running out of the resources, argues Alan Caruba, but because of artificial constraints imposed by governments both foreign and domestic
The national bankruptcy game: Daniel M. Ryan uses some game theory and economics to explain why governments employ permanent budget deficits and overspending
Presidential insurgency-candidacies from 1992 to 2008: Mark Wegierski examines the recent history of insurgent candidates in American elections and wonders if Ron Paul can still have an impact on this election
The new Nazism: Alisa Craddock believes that Christianity is being persecuted by government and judiciary and it's all thanks to the drive to promote "diversity" and "tolerance"
A Hussein by any other name: Is using Barack Obama's middle name beyond the pale? Michael M. Bates says the politicizing of names on the campaign trail has a long history
Why most voters shouldn't vote: An informed voter is necessary for the success of democracy. Given the state of the electorate, says Selwyn Duke, perhaps more people should stay home this November
Preserving the Constitution: Last week Hillary Clinton announced that it was her mission to protect the United States and its constitution. J.J. Jackson isn't sure which constitution she's talking about
Hillary's scheme to revamp the traditional family: Hillary Clinton is promising "real change". Carey Roberts says that also includes turning feminism's guns -- backed by the power of the White House -- against the traditional family
Sermonizing on the campaign trail: Lisa Fabrizio could only raise an eyebrow at Barack Obama's recent insistence that the Sermon on the Mount okayed homosexuality over an "obscure passage in Romans"
Following the European example: By avoiding Congress in making deals and treaties with other country, Henry Lamb says, the United States is walking down a path made bloody by Europe
Why the dollar is so cheap, and euro and gold are so dear: Peter Morici argues that the Bush-Bernanke economic model is the reason why the U.S. dollar has declined relative to the euro
Project Lifeline: Collaboration or intimidation?: The Bush administration's recent announcements of extensions for those with subprime mortgages and a pause in foreclosures is interference in a necessary process, writes Alex Epstein
Salvaging the "stimulus" package: The recently passed "stimulus" package won't do much to shore up the American economy, says Christopher Adamo, but it would do more if the money stayed in the U.S.
For what purpose was the Fed created?: A recent pronouncement by U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke about priming the economy has prompted Thomas E. Brewton to investigate what the body was actually designed to do
Anti-war judge won't allow foster child to join Marines: Warner Todd Huston hopes California passes legislation which will curb the power of activist judges who are stopping foster children from joining the American military
William F. Buckley, Jr. -- R.I.P: Conservatism lost a titan last week with the passing of William F. Buckley, Jr., a man so influential that there is no one of his stature to replace him
William F. Buckley, Jr.: A cherished memory: William F. Buckley was beloved by conservatives around the world and it was no different Alisa Craddock. Buckley touched her life and helped her become the person she is today
Ruining our youth, our future: The frontline of the war for the future has always involved the youth, writes Alan Caruba, which is why environmentalists spend so much time proselytizing to the youth
What dogs hear: Listening to the recent Democratic debates reminded Mark Alexander of an old Gary Larson cartoon about what dogs hear when we speak to them: Blah, blah, blah
Obama's NAFTA hoax: Barack Obama made international headlines last week when he attacked the NAFTA deal. Jesse Richman, Howard Richman and Raymond Richman argue the Illinois senator should have shifted his sights to the east
The Harvard godfather: Senator Barack Obama: Barack Obama received the best education possible at Harvard but he is blinded by the belief his intelligence is a substitute for what's right, writes Michael Moriarty
National governing perpetuity: If Canada's Liberal Party really wants to regain power, says Daniel M. Ryan with tongue firmly in cheek, they might want to consider a merger with the Conservative Party, a party which arguably isn't representative of the conservatism of old
Anxious days indeed: An interview with Patricia Pearson: Feeling anxious? You aren't alone. Bernard Chapin interviews writer Patricia Pearson about her new book which looks at anxiety levels in North America
Not a dime's worth of difference: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will both tell you they offer competing visions of America's future. Michael M. Bates demonstrates that their past record makes a mockery of those claims
Hillary's revenge: Barack Obama has all but wrapped up the Democratic nomination and that means one thing: Hillary Clinton will exact her revenge, says Carol Devine-Molin
Rejecting denunciations: Louis Farrakhan's recent endorsement of Barack Obama prompted the Democratic candidates to discuss the issue last week. J.J. Jackson says they both missed the point
Obama bop-a-loo-mop a-lop-bam-boom: The intellectual vacuousness of the Obama campaign has prompted Greg Strange to compare it to the silly, nonsensical songs of the 1950s
The real Obama record: Barack Obama is virtually experience free when it comes to national politics but he does have a record of statements, writes J.B. Williams, and it isn't pretty
Choosing America's future: It used to be you could count on one prominent candidate to enunciate a platform which was conservative-friendly. Henry Lamb believes that no one speaks for us these days
Global cooling is a serious problem: Old enough to remember the global cooling scare of the 1970s? Bruce Walker believes that scientists were right the first time. Get ready for a cooler climate
Will Kyoto turn Europe into Cuba?: The future in Cuba after Fidel Castro remains in doubt but Dennis T. Avery believes that the Kyoto Protocol may leave Europe retracing the troubled communist nation's past
ABC fakes Muslim prejudice, unsurprisingly finds 'Islamophobia' in America: It's pretty easy to find discrimination when you go the effort to generate scenarios that create it, argues Warner Todd Huston
The auction-rate securities fiasco: Peter Morici charges that investment banks once again betrayed their clients thanks to the recent troubles involving auction-rate securities
How interest rate manipulation punishes us: Thomas E. Brewton says that the U.S. Federal Reserve is practicing Keynesian by lowering interest rates in an attempt to boost the economy and it won't work
"Net neutrality": Destroyer of internet freedom: Alex Epstein argues that attempts to impose so-called "net neutrality" are an attack on the property rights of ISPs and freedom itself
Vinegar in Freedom Award
Lingua Publica

April 2008

Earth Day is a holiday for liars: Tomorrow is Earth Day and like the modern environmentalist movement it is based on a foundation of lies, charges Alan Caruba
Conservation loses out to global warming panic: The mad rush to "act" on global warming has destroyed years of land conservation policy, reports Dennis T. Avery
Global warming tax hikes heading your way: Expect to pay a lot more for everything thanks to the enviro-cult spawned by shoddy science and a desire to control you, writes Paul Driessen
The danger of environmentalism: Environmentalism isn't about clean air and water, it's all about attacking the very basis of human civilization -- technology and progress, says Michael S. Berliner
A league of conservative democratic leaders: The recent re-election of Silvio Berlusconi further cements Bruce Walker's belief that conservative democratic leaders should start a new international group
Learning from the top down: Part on: Even if you're a zeitgeist kind of person it's hard to deny that our age hasn't been defined by men like Ted Turner and Bill Gates, writes Michael Moriarty
Barack Obama is a condescending, paternalistic, liberal elitist: Recent comments by Barack Obama about bitter Americans clinging to guns and religion simply underscores that the Democrats are the party of the so-called elites, says Charles Bloomer
"Let's play 'Great Depression'": Are we entering another Great Depression? Do we need another New Deal? Daniel M. Ryan explores those questions
A financial statement of band spending is not an audit: Adam Taylor argues that bringing financial accountability to native reserve band spending is a welcome move in the direction of knowing how public money is being spent
Enduring victory? An interview with Al Regnery: Bernard Chapin discusses with Alfred S. Regnery the conservative movement, keeping Republican leaders honest and his new book
Of falling trees and other deep philosophical questions: Alisa Craddock wasn't very impressed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's philosophical attempts to justify their stands on abortion
St. Francis should have tried bribes: An excellent hospital which serves the poor wanted to open a second site to generate more income in order to survive. Michael M. Bates says they didn't know how to play the game
Revolution takes time and planning...We've only just begun: Ron Paul won't be elected president this year, writes Tom DeWeese, but his candidacy should serve as a reminder to conservatives that the road to restoring the Republic is a long one
Change doesn't come by electing a president: If you believe that simply electing a different person as president brings meaningful change then you have no understanding of America's political system, says Frank Salvato
An America united like this will die: J.J. Jackson is as mad as heck over a new AARP campaign demanding that universal health care be instituted in the United States
Unfair and unbalanced: Conservatives may love Fox News but Selwyn Duke believes that the "fair and balanced" mantra carries with it an ability for moral relativism
Liberal hate speech may doom Dems' election hopes: The venom from the Democratic Party these days may actually destroy their changes of regaining the White House, argues Carey Roberts
How dare ABC News treat Obama as if he were a conservative!: Jim Kouri isn't too impressed by liberal claims that Barack Obama was treated unfairly by Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos during last week's debate in Philadelphia
McCain confirms GOP out of ideas but so are the Democrats: Peter Morici doesn't think much of John McCain's recently announced economic program but he doesn't have any praise for those offered by the two leading Democrats either
The new Constitution of Americas Union: Today in New Orleans North America will move another step closer in the crafting of a super state -- despite what it's leaders are telling you, says Henry Lamb
Global food fights: Across the planet and here at home consumers have noticed the rising cost of food. The blame? Thank the diversion of agricultural production to biofuels, says Alan Caruba
Testosterone and social policy: Does testosterone affect fiscal responsibility? A recent study arguing just that prompted Daniel M. Ryan to ponder some related issues
Sidewalk supervising the lawyer for everybody: Barack Obama is poised to win the Democratic nomination. So why is Michael Moriarty advising him to withdraw and run in 2012?
My, Obama, what big ear(marks) you have: Barack Obama has gone to war against earmarks on the campaign trail but it appears it's a case of doing what he says, not as he does, writes Michael M. Bates
Lies, damn lies, and Hillary Clinton: For someone with so much experience one has to wonder why Hillary Clinton keeps getting caught in lies -- such as last week's whopper about the woman who died in a hospital after giving birth, wonders J.J. Jackson
Perusing the political terrain: Who could have predicted Barack Obama and John McCain being the candidates Americans will have to choose between? Carol Devine-Molin says the coming months will be very interesting
An open letter to fellow conservatives: There are plenty of conservatives who say they will not vote for John McCain this November. J.B. Williams wishes to speak to them
Obama's empty formula for 2008: Christopher Adamo says America is being hollowed out from within and Barack Obama and his supporters offer little in the way of solutions
You say you'll change the Constitution: Calls to change America's Constitution are as old as the document itself and the latest arguments hold about as much water, judges Lisa Fabrizio
Symbiotic irony: America may be at war with al-Qaida but the actions of the terrorist group will affect the fortunes of both the Republicans and the Democrats, writes Carl Pearlston
Corruption in government: Corruption in America's government is so endemic that Henry Lamb doubts that it's even possible to fix the situation
Huge Dakota oil pool could change energy climate debate: Word of a gigantic pool of oil under the Great Plains will fundamentally alter the debate over climate change and America's energy policy, argues Dennis T. Avery
The people of Iran want to be free: Esmaeil Abnar believes that the way to end Iranian meddling in Iraq is to support pro-democracy groups in the theocratic regime
Swinging like monkeys from the branches of the liberty tree: Frank Salvato would love it if his fellow Americans would end the tyranny of political correctness
The sad spectacle of Dee Dee Myers: In a new book Dee Dee Myers argues that females make better politicians. Unfortunately for her, writes Carey Roberts, her own book undermines her arguments
Labor union perspective: A proposed free trade deal with Colombia will force Democrats to choose between internationalism and the union way, argues Thomas E. Brewton
If bad things happened to politicians: Bob Parks wonders if politicians would be so quick to enact politically correct legislation if the real world ever lapped up on their doorsteps
ANWR's Spotted Owl: Never doubt the creativity of the environmentalist movement. Mark Alexander says they have a new argument why drilling in ANWR should be verboten: polar bears
They need inferiors: Why do most liberals oppose drilling in ANWR and other ideas to help America prosper? Bruce Walker believes that the left needs to keep people down to succeed
Universal health insurance: Just don't get sick: Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are running on a platform that includes universal health care. Alan Caruba says no good can come of their schemes
It's over, it's over, it's over?: Is the current economic turmoil affecting world markets over? Daniel M. Ryan believes it is possible that we've seen the worst
The Clintons' phantom idea of progress: This week's column was inspired by Michael Moriarty's viewing of the Peter Sellers' The Pink Panther, ruminations on the Clintons and the future of the United States
Bob Barr's nomination would offer conservatives a choice: Bob Barr's intention to seek the Libertarian Party nomination will give conservatives someone they can cast a vote for, says John Bender
No uniform answer for the Democrats: Four years ago Democrats can't get enough of reminding Americans that John Kerry had served in Vietnam. Michael M. Bates wonders why they aren't bringing up the topic in 2008
Risks of misinterpreting Democrat turmoil: The Democrats may seem like chaos personified at the moment, writes Christopher Adamo, but don't count on that continuing for much longer
Comedy of horrors: Obama vs. Clinton: Watching the Democrats grapple over issues of race and experience is to watch the party descend into a circus, says Jim Kouri
What should our reaction be when others pray for our conversion?: Are you offended by the notion that someone somewhere is praying for your religious conversion? Selwyn Duke says you really need to relax
Ignorant or just old-fashioned stupid?: It's election season and that means one thing, says J.J. Jackson, it's time for liberals to attack the evil group of companies known as Big Oil
The worst moment in history to demand biofuels: Dennis T. Avery argues that with rising populations and food prices, advocates of biofuels couldn't have picked a worse time to promote their pet cause
Do female politicians represent an 'ethical and pure' force?: The claim has been made that increasing the number of female politicians will bring purity and ethics back into politics. Carey Roberts is still waiting for the current crop to show those qualities
There used to be a stadium: Last marked the beginning of the end for the baseball icon known as Yankee Stadium, something that makes Lisa Fabrizio very sad
Your child is not state property: Thomas A. Bowden says that the state has no right to "allow" parents to decide whether to home school their children or send them off to a "legal education"
Herbert Hoover McCain?: Last week Hillary Clinton compared John McCain to Herbert Hoover. Thomas E. Brewton says the comparison works only if you don't know anything about Hoover
Stars, stripes and scoundrels: Dems use flag as fig leaf: Given that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, perhaps it's not surprising that when in trouble Democrats grab the flag and use it for cover, argues Daniel Clark
The messianic couple: Bill and Hillary: Bill and Hillary Clinton apparently believe it is their mission to recapture the White House, a campaign that is assuming biblical dimensions, writes Michael Moriarty
More Democrat 'aid and comfort' to the enemy: Mark Alexander is hardly surprised by a new study which suggests anti-war comments have been a psychological boon to America's enemies
The Democrats' dilemma: The GOP has its problems, argues Henry Lamb, but what the Democrats are going through right now with a protracted battle is a treat. Unfortunately America is still without a good presidential candidate
Ultra-rich cash in on global warming hoax: Wherever there is a potential to make money, writes Alan Caruba, there is already money so it shouldn't be a surprise that the rich are reaping the benefits of the global warming scam
Green collar jobs to the rescue?: Don't worry, says Michael M. Bates, us normal folk will have a shot at making some money thanks to proposed federal job training schemes to take advantage of a "green economy"
The oceans have stopped warming!: Dennis T. Avery says there's a pretty big story -- literally and figuratively -- that the media has largely ignored: The world's oceans have stopped warming
Terror from the left: Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning proves a history of fascism is a history of the political left, writes Bernard Chapin
The board of life: The board game Monopoly can reach you a lot about personal finance, argues Daniel M. Ryan, both good and bad
When states regulate "free trade": While he didn't care much for the politics, Thomas M. Sipos does recommend the Jennifer Lopez starrer Bordertown, out now on DVD
"Middleclassness" bad, "richness" good: The Rev. Jeremiah Wright may hate rich white people but it doesn't mean he doesn't want to live like them -- judging at least by his generous severance package, says J.J. Jackson
Radical clergy and the Democratic Party: Barack Obama isn't the only Democrat with a troubling link to controversial religious leaders. Moshe Phillips reports that Hillary Clinton has long been connected with extremist Michael Lerner
Business as usual at Industry Canada: The more things change, the more they stay the same at Industry Canada. Adam Taylor reports that Canada's federal government is still handing out "loans" to businesses that are rarely being paid back
PC, free speech, and the mockery of virtue: Dare to criticize the homosexual agenda, writes Alisa Craddock, and you'll undoubtedly face a powerful assault
Funding freedom's demise: Henry Lamb argues that governments getting in bed with private organizations is partly responsible for the loss of freedoms that Americans are experiencing
Agenda 21 or Freedom 21: Connecting the dots to tyranny: If you're in Dallas this summer you have the opportunity of attending a conference devoted solely to freedom, says Tom DeWeese
Agents of division bring devastating change: J.B. Williams believes that America is being divided from within and that only spells danger for the Republic
Media doesn't get why Hollywood's dismal Iraq War pics are flopping: Another weekend, another movie taking a shot at American policy concerning Vietnam, another mediocre outcome. Warner Todd Huston says Hollywood just doesn't understand why Americans aren't interested in their point of view
Stop the presses! Hillary lied!: The media almost seems shocked by Hillary Clinton's lie about flying into Bosnia under sniper fire in 1996. Christopher Adamo says both she and her husband have a long history of it
The question McCain needs to answer: Randall Nunn wants John McCain to simply answer one question: If he is the next president of the United States, will he government as a real conservative?
Letters to the Editor
Lingua Publica

May 2008

McCain's best running mate: Recently Bruce Walker compiled a short list of people John McCain might consider as a running mate. This week he explores who he believes might be the best choice of all
A Hooters girl in every bed: J.J. Jackson has an electoral plan that will surely get him elected: A promise of an attractive man and woman for every American!
What a difference a Dem makes: Regardless of who takes the White House later this year, writes Henry Lamb, the U.S. will be pulled into internationalist organizations at the cost of sovereignty and liberty
Mexico is soon to be a bigger problem: Among the many problems that Mexico has, reports Alan Caruba, is that it is incredibly addicted to the revenue from oil exports
Meganomicism, Part Three: Scientifically veiled inhumanity: Michael Moriarty continues his exploration of meganomicism with a look at the role that science as religion is playing in the movement
The "church hypocrite": What's the problem?: A defense of "church hypocrites" -- those people who who fail to live up to their own religious beliefs? Daniel M. Ryan volunteers for the task
What to do when you don't like any of these candidates: Tom DeWeese would like an option on the ballot for those times when there is absolutely no one you would vote for: A vote for "None of the Above" which is actually binding
How to recapture the Republican advantage on trade: It used to be that the Republicans used to own the trade issue -- these days even the GOP are protectionist. Jesse Richman, Howard Richman, and Raymond Richman have a plan to recapture that advantage
Right track revitalization: Carol Devine-Molin takes issue with the contention that the Republican Party is in trouble. She believes that Barack Obama as the Democratic contender will solve many problems
GOP congressional disasters: The "McCain effect": John McCain is proving, writes Christopher Adamo, that as the Republican Party moves further away from the right its support falls
Obama makes his case?: Barack Obama has been receiving some praise for his approach to foreign policy but Thomas E. Brewton believes the senator is dangerously naive
China's lethal mix of earthquakes, corruption, and greed: The earthquake which struck China's Sichuan province and the government's response is proof that political repression only costs lives, argues Peter Navarro
Over 31,000 U.S. scientists deny man-made global warming: Followers of the climate change orthodoxy like to claim that they have science on their side. Dennis T. Avery says that scientists seem to be disagreeing
A nation in crisis: According to the media everything imaginable is in a state of crisis but Frank Salvato says the only one that counts is the state of America itself
Global war on terrorism: Reported obligations for the Department of Defense: Jim Kouri reports that the American war against terrorism is consuming a heck of a lot of money -- over $600 billion since 2001 and most of that going to fighting wars
Memo to Republicans: Take a cue and get a clue!: Mark Alexander has but one message for the Republicans: This November will be an utter catastrophe for the GOP and it's time to start rebuilding -- and that means going back to being the party of Ronald Reagan
The great man theory: What makes for a truly great political leader? Steve Martinovich says The Case for Greatness: Honorable Ambition and Its Critics attempts to answer that question...and with great success
Exploiting the untangle angle: Marxism has long argued that capitalism is exploitive of workers but Daniel M. Ryan says Marxists don't have a complete argument
Where Obama should start: Barack Obama likes to portray himself above the "politics of the usual". If that's the case, responds Michael M. Bates, Obama needs to talk to his fellow Democrats
Gunsmoke and The Rifleman: Television isn't what it used to be, writes Bruce Walker, which is why he and the missus prefer watching old westerns
Meganomicism, Part Two: The profit-making, non-profit monopoly of Planned Parenthood: Last week Michael Moriarty explained the basics of "meganomocism." This week he discusses how Planned Parenthood makes up one third of the unholy trinity of government, business and religion
The nightmare we call our schools: Twenty-five years after A Nation at Risk the only thing that has changed about American schools is that they are much more expensive, argues Alan Caruba
Will "right to marry" trump the state constitutions?: Last week's California Supreme Court decision to approve gay marriage was unconscionable, writes Alisa Craddock
The love that dare not speak his name: Every freedom imaginable is promoted in America except for religious freedoms, says Lisa Fabrizio
Cap McCain's hot air: Henry Lamb argues that Sen. John McCain's "cap and trade" system is a very bad idea for several reasons -- including a pesky issue called liberty
Ten years of gas tax dishonesty: Canada's federal government levied a special gas tax ten years ago to combat a growing deficit. Adam Taylor says it's well past the time to get rid of it
Economy sucks? We're going to Disney World!: The American economy is at the edge of a precipice -- not judging by how many Americans are determined to enjoy themselves, responds J.J. Jackson
Saving Arctic plant species from climate change: Dennis T. Avery argues that humanity needs saving from itself more than Norway needs to preserve seeds
Read a book, get charged with racial harassment: We here at Enter Stage Right are proud promoters of reading. Just don't do it at some place at university, writes Selwyn Duke
McCain lampoons the gender wage gap myth: Sen. John McCain and the political left got into a bit of a kerfuffle recently over the issue of the "wage gap". Carey Roberts said the Arizona pol was right
Toledo Free Press article gets university employee fired: Warner Todd Huston says Crystal Dixon learned a valuable lesson recently: Don't believe in God if you plan on working at a university
"Operation Chaos" fueled by realities of liberalism: Christopher G. Adamo wasn't too impressed by a recent Chris Matthews rant targeting Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" as undemocratic
Operation Chaos and Hillary's future: Why is Hillary Clinton refusing to concede defeat to Barack Obama? Bruce Walker says whatever her motivation he hopes she continues to fight
Government of the people or by the faction?: Frank Salvato has one message for Hillary Clinton: Don't listen to those who say you've lost the race
Everything you know is wrong: Think you know all about the early history of North American exploration and settlement? Steve Martinovich says A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World will likely prove you wrong
The iceberg dead ahead: - Where Does the Money Go?: Your Guided Tour to the Federal Budget Crisis shows that America must start making some serious decisions right now if the economy is to avoid floundering, writes Steve Martinovich
Living on the edge of destruction: Israel's 60th anniversary: The tiny state of Israel celebrates its 60th anniversary this summer, writes Alan Caruba, and it must continue to exist to prove the worth of our values
"Meganomicism": Part One: A new Judeo-Christianity necessitates a new word: What's "meganomicism"? Michael Moriarty explains that it's a grand form of economics that has been turned into a freedom-stealing and murderous religion
Memorable speech: An interview with David Yezzi: Bernard Chapin sits with poet and The New Criterion executive editor David Yezzi to discuss his new collection of poems
Eclipse of America? You may bet on it, but don’t count on it: Is the global titan entering a period of decline, to be eclipsed by other more agile competitors? Daniel M. Ryan says declinists have some arguments but not a airtight case
Iran's fanatical agenda: If the U.S. and Iran do come to a showdown, writes Carol Devine-Molin, it is because of the confrontational agenda the Persian nation is intent on following
Goodale's gaffe: John Williamson believes that it will be very easy for Canada's Conservative government to avoid a budget deficit. All they have to do is cut spending
It's either too hot or too cold: Environmentalists can't seem to make up their minds: Is the earth about to melt or freeze? Lisa Fabrizio responds with a poem
I just love Fox News: Michael M. Bates really only likes Fox News but he loves he angry liberals get when the news network receive praise
Fire Mary Peters: Defying the will of Congress, the Bush Administration -- led by Transportation Secretary Mary Peters -- is pushing ahead with plans to allow Mexican truck drivers access to American roads, reports Tom DeWeese
Hillary tilts at windmills: Under the best of circumstances Hillary Clinton is fact-challenged -- something in evidence when she discussed the issue of oil and OPEC last week, writes J.J. Jackson
The truth about gas prices: Hillary Clinton and John McCain may be pushing for a gas tax holiday, says John Bender, but the root of high gas prices -- at least in the United States -- are the actions of politicians
Sustainable development: Foe of freedom: If you hear the word "sustainable" in connection with a government project, writes Henry Lamb, be prepared to lose some of your freedom
Must we suffer global famine again?: Dennis T. Avery says with environmentalists writing farm and agriculture policy there can be only one outcome: mass deaths due to starvation
Forecasting hurricanes. Not!: This year, as every year, forecasters are making their predictions for the upcoming hurricane season. Alan Caruba says they're full of hot air
How government makes disasters more disastrous: The flood waters in New Orleans receded years ago but damage they -- and the government -- will continue on for years to come, says Thomas A. Bowden
New Jason satellite indicates 23-year global cooling: The Earth is about to enter a phase of protracted cooling. Dennis T. Avery says that should teach us about listening to the prophets of doom
Congress set to transform America to socialism: Henry Lamb charges that the Clean Water Restoration Act would essentially give America's federal government total power over the nation
There's a hole in the bucket!: J.J. Jackson argues that looking to government for a solution to your problems is like asking your wife how to mend a hole in a bucket
We are all Barack Obamas now!: Michael Moriarty says Barack Obama is learning what the rest of America will likely come to now in a few years: Getting in Hillary Clinton's way isn't very wise
Barack Obama's corner: The racist theology of Rev. Jeremiah Wright has put Barack Obama in an uncomfortable position: He either is seen as repudiating the "black church" or he accepts the pastor's assertions, says Lisa Fabrizio
Waiting for Jeremiah Wright to apologize to us: Bruce Walker believes that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright -- and the Democrats -- need to issue a big apology to America
Paradigm confusion and manufacturing conspiracies: Often what's thought to be a conspiracy -- particularly on Wall Street -- is really just the short-out of a paradigm, argues Daniel M. Ryan
The Supremes uphold election integrity: Last week's US Supreme Court decision allowing photo ID requirements to vote is a necessary defense of democracy, says Michael M. Bates
Coyle strikes again: Missile shield skeptic rattles on: If a Democrat takes the White House in November, writes Daniel Clark, an old foe of the missile defense system will return to the Pentagon
Illegal aliens: Hillary's flip-flops border on insanity: Hillary Clinton talks tough on immigration but last week's interview with Bill O'Reilly and her recent votes on the matter prove she's not, says Jim Kouri
The hard truth about a soft science: Why psychology does more harm than good: Psychology's long established antipathy to religion blinds it to concepts like morality and faith -- leading it to occasionally dark actions, says Selwyn Duke
Let's keep health care reform simple: Although its not the primary issue this campaign season, health care is being discussed. Richard E. Ralston argues that reform doesn't have to be earth shattering...just common sense
Liberal "social justice" portends new dark age: The left is attempting to tie their political agenda with religiosity, something that Christopher Adamo says is a worrisome trend designed to separate the religious from their votes
Why the increase in gas prices?: Jack Ward says the Democrats have no solutions to the scourge of rising fuel prices unless they support the ending of subsidies for ethanol
The new racism and the mind of Obama: Barack Obama says he wants to transcend race. Alisa Craddock says his words betray him
When will we admit the truth about Barack Obama?: Everyone on both sides of the political fence say they like Barack Obama on a personal level. Selwyn Duke says they're blind to what he really is
Barack Obama: It's more about his choices: The controversies surrounding Barack Obama haven't been constructed, they're the result of conscious decisions made by Obama himself, says Frank Salvato
Another unsavory obama associate, official blogger a communist?: One of those choices is his official blogger, reports Warner Todd Huston, who also happens to hold some very unsavory views
From the Soviet Union to Putin's Russia: Alan Caruba says the fall of the Soviet Union and recent Russian history should tell us why oil is so important
Expelled – in more than one way: Ben Stein's new documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed illustrates a broader trend in science -- the punishing of dissent -- argues Bruce Walker
Ben Stein assails the intelligentsia: Carol Devine-Molin says Ben Stein's documentary is nothing but an all-out attack on a liberal intelligentsia which has spent years attacking faith
Learning from the top down: Part two: Along with Ted Turner, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton in attempting to swing the American nation and the world to the left is none other than billionaire George Soros, says Michael Moriarty
Entrepreneurial gap: As similar as the United States and Canada are, says Daniel M. Ryan, one large divide between the two is the entrepreneurial spirit
White guilt?: Bernard Chapin believes an honest national debate on the issue of race -- such as one called for by Barack Obama -- is impossible thanks to the political left
Blame Clinton and the greens for gas prices: Americans are paying a lot for gas now simply because of a decision made by Bill Clinton over a decade ago and continuing efforts by environmentalists to block oil drilling, argues Henry Lamb
Conservatives voting for a socialist?: J.J. Jackson isn't convinced that an honest to goodness conservatives who are angry that John McCain is the GOP nominee could bring themselves to vote for Barack Obama
Hillary versus Obama: Whose lies will prevail?: Last week's primary results in Pennsylvania decided absolutely nothing except that lies will continue to be spoken, says Christopher Adamo
Another liberal profile in pettiness: The political left rarely misses a chance to be petty and a recent performance by Sen. Barbara Boxer was proof of that, writes Michael M. Bates
Now we know, marriage is cost-effective: Want to save untold billions in social welfare costs? It's easy, says Carey Roberts, all you have to do is restore the importance of the family
Global pressures outpace military funding: Jeff Lukens believes that the United States needs to be spending more money if Americans expect to remain dominant and head off future conflict
The natural inequality of individual freedom (Lessons from Jefferson): Thomas Jefferson had it right when he argued that it was right and fair to see unequal results in American society, argues J.B. Williams
U.S. agency carefully optimistic on Bakken deposit: Could there be billions of barrels of available oil waiting to be taken below the ground of North America? Dennis T. Avery says formations like Bakken needs to be exploited
The Pope said what?: Pope Benedict XVI came and went but his words, says Lisa Fabrizio, will continue to resonate in the United States
Promoting alternative energy for the right reasons: Nancy Salvato isn't impressed with Newt Gingrich for appearing in a climate change ad with Nancy Pelosi
The more things change: A review of The Return of History and the End of Dreams
Lingua Publica

June 2008

Venezuela goes to the dogs: Some Americans want to nationalize the oil industry. Alan Caruba says you only need to look at Venezuela and Hugo Chavez to see how well that works
Investing soon to be illegal: J.J. Jackson says not to blame speculators for high oil and gas prices -- all they're doing is investing their money
A market adjustment is coming: Oil prices are about to fall: Could oil prices fall to $80 a barrel? Dominick T. Armentano argues that current prices are unsustainable and the bubble will burst
A glimmer of hope: More and more politicians seem to be open to the idea of offshore drilling, says John Bender, and that means hope for the future
The oil no-brainer: Brian Wise argues that the solution to high gas prices is simple, though not fast: start drilling
How the wheels are really greased: Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power profiles some of the big power players in Washington, D.C. and left Steve Martinovich a little cynical
From the darkness and into the light: Is film noir an inherently conservative art form? Thomas Hibbs argues that in Arts of Darkness: American Noir and the Quest for Redemption and Steve Martinovich is convinced
The Dream Team II: President John McCain and Vice President William Colin Powell, Jr.: Last week Michael Moriarty argued that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were a natural -- if disastrous -- fit. This week he picks John McCain's running mate
All the evil is on the left: Bruce Walker makes the argument that it doesn't matter what strain of leftism one is discussing, the only difference between them is the severity of their policies
Clouds and storms: Not long ago Daniel M. Ryan predicted that there would be no recession and the American economy was just fine. This week he's readdressing the topic
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy: Fiction writer Joseph Randolph shares the first letters in a series of advisements for aspiring leftist politicians ready to subjugate culpable citizens for raw political advantage
Big bad Barack flinches: Barack Obama has a reputation as a faultless speaker. Michael M. Bates says the past few months have shown anything but that
Happy days are here again!: Everything bad under Republicans automatically becomes good under the Democrats so next February Lisa Fabrizio says you should expect some interesting reportage to take place
The "progressive" taxman cometh: American tax policy is already irrational but it will only become more so if Barack Obama wins in November, argues Henry Lamb
Going green = $4 per gallon: Tom DeWeese argues that it isn't coincidental that Americans are feeling less prosperous right around the same time that "going green" is the latest feel-good trend
FBI confidential: That China is the world's biggest source for counterfeit goods is well-known. Peter Navarro wonders if there is something more sinister behind that fact
Media unfairly stereotypes dads: It's bad enough that fathers get a raw deal from the courts but the problem is compounded, write Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks, by persecution from the media as well
Obama and the Social Security privatization lie: Barack Obama attacked John McCain for being open to partial privatization of Social Security. Ken Marrero responds that the Democrat is living in the past
Obama would be a Clinton third term: Forget all the talk about change, says Christopher Adamo, Barack Obama has proven that he would merely be a continuation of the Clinton era
A world afloat on an ocean of oil: Running out of oil? Alan Caruba says the world has plenty of oil -- and that includes the United States
Drill now for energy in America: An open letter to Congress: Roy Innis wants Congress to end its racist policies which have limited oil exploration in the United States, policies which harm minorities and the poor most of all
America's native criminal class: America's energy policies are are nothing short of criminal, writes Paul Driessen, and the perpetrators are the same ones shouting about oil companies
Hooray for gas pains: Angry about the price of gas? Good, says Michael M. Bates, perhaps finally the issue of energy is something you won't wait to address
The angry novelist: Steven Martinovich thinks Martin Amis is a supremely talented writer but The Second Plane: September 11: Terror and Boredom, a collection of essays and short stories, doesn't succeed
War and honour in the desert: Steven Pressfield's Killing Rommel: A Novel is the latest in the author's historical war novels and Steven Martinovich thinks its a winner
Another blow to leftism in Europe: Yet again an election -- this time by-elections in the United Kingdom -- has rewarded conservatives in Europe, reports Bruce Walker
The dream team: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, if he does make her his running mate, face an uncertain world and plenty of disadvantages that America used to enjoy, writes Michael Moriarty
Mercantilism, "realism" and reality: Does mercantilistic trade policy really lead to economic growth? Daniel M. Ryan argues that Canada actually makes a telling counterexample to that notion
Driving America into the ground: If America is a car, writes J.J. Jackson, then it's being treated like most people take care of their car
Time is on our side: Does it seem like all the political and cultural trends are against conservatives? Lisa Fabrizio advises you to relax, things will get better
Bush's war policy: The top campaign non-issue?: Elan Journo wants to know why no one is discussing the fact that several goals on the War on Terror have yet to be accomplished
Government medical care always becomes political medical care: Health care is likely to be an election issue in the United States this year and Richard E. Ralston would like you to keep a few things in mind
Will the greens sacrifice their own "sacred cows"?: Wired Magazine may carry the environmentalist banner, says Dennis T. Avery, but even they recently showed some common sense on the issue
The Countrywide six: Now that people of both political parties have been implicated in the Countrywide Financial scandal, writes John Bender, no one will face serious jail time
Democrat leadership is undemocratic: The selection, not election, of Barack Obama for the Democrats is emblematic of the trends America should be avoiding, says Henry Lamb
Change we can believe in: Barack Obama does represent change, writes Thomas E. Brewton, but the type of change he would bring were announced a very long time ago
The remarkable news in latest Battleground Poll: The United States is a conservative nation. Doubt that pronouncement? Bruce Walker argues that the latest Battleground Poll says exactly that
Why the Electoral College decides: Given that it is an election year perhaps its appropriate that Alan Caruba discusses how presidents really are elected in the United States
"The ole man's wisdom": Now that the race is set between Barack Obama and John McCain, Michael Moriarty has some advice for the Arizona senator
Bill Clinton, Vanity Fair, and old news: Bill Clinton a serial adulterer? That he has a flawed character? Brian Wise says the Vanity Fair piece on the former president wasn't necessary
The flawed and costly war: There is a "flawed and costly war" but Barack Obama is wrong about which one it is, writes J.J. Jackson
Restoration of conscription: Pro and con: The continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the straining of military resources keeps the draft question at the back of many people's minds, says Daniel M. Ryan
How many rights are Democrats willing to forfeit?: Selected not elected! Frank Salvato charges that the Democratic National Committee essentially chose their nominee and disenfranchised their entire party
Did the s-word doom Hillary's nomination bid?: Feminists are claiming that Hillary Clinton lost the nomination due to sexism. Carey Roberts says that she gave as good as she got
Modern history lessons: A recent getaway to St. Louis prompted Lisa Fabrizio to ruminate on the trend on looking at history with the moral filters of today
Nobody likes a turncoat: Carol Devine-Molin says that former White House spokesman Scott McClennan is exactly what Bob Dole dubbed him: a miserable creature
For sale: America's infrastructure: Governments across the United States are building roads and leasing them out to private investors. Henry Lamb says Americans are the ones who pay the price
AAUW education report minimizes boy crisis in our schools: A recent report argued that there is no crisis for boys in America's schools. Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks respond that the AAUW's own data suggests otherwise
Hostile government take-over bid: Thomas E. Brewton says the Warner-Lieberman bill to regulate carbon emissions betrays the basic assumption behind socialism: That government is more effective at running everything
An open letter to borrowers and lenders: Take responsibility for your decisions: Alex Epstein has a simple message for those caught in the mortgage crisis: You got yourself into this mess and it isn't everyone else's responsibility to get you out of it
Was the Iraq War worth it?: Barack Obama has referred to Iraq as the "flawed and costly war" but Jeff Lukens says the price paid to date was necessary
Paul C's history lesson for Barack O: Barack Obama has repeatedly shown he has a very loose grasp on history. Bruce Walker says his late father in law would have been a good teacher
The Greenpeace scam: The Heartland Institute was recently attacked by Greenpeace. That should be considered a badge of high honour, says Alan Caruba
Who needs a seat on the Security Council?: Canada's foreign policy establishment is in a tizzy because PM Stephen Harper is ambivalent about a Canadian bid for the UN Security Council. John Williamson says its an honour the country doesn't need
Why George W. Bush is easy to malign: Scott McClellan's Bush bashing memoir didn't surprise Daniel M. Ryan. He argues that there are several factors which make it easy to attack the administration
Loyalty to self over country: Frank Salvato says that Scott McClellan's disloyalty to the Bush administration with his "tell-all" memoir is merely a symptom of the times
Meganomicism, Part Four: Charitably veiled power and influence: Michael Moriarty concludes his latest series of editorials with a look at the chief proponents of Meganomicism -- Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and the people who hope to succeed them
Compassion con's end game: Steve Farrell has a message to leftists who dream of taking control of other people's lives: The end game for them is an unhappy one
The right of the People... shall not be infringed: The war on the Second Amendment continues, writes Mark Alexander, and Americans are obligated to fight for their right to bear arms
Echoes of 1968: Hillary Clinton recently got into a bit of trouble for bringing up Robert Kennedy's assassination when talking about Barack Obama. Michael M. Bates says the two men share a few characteristics
Back alley conservatism: Conservatives had waited a long time to see one of their own nominated to serve as the GOP candidate, and they'll likely have to wait for some time, writes Brian Wise
Bang the drum slowly: Some people will pay for anything. J.J. Jackson says that includes fallacies like manmade global warming which someone will insure will cost you a lot of money
AZ State Bar accused of serious ethical misconduct for obstructing illegal immigration enforcement: Some people will do anything to promote illegal immigration. Rachel Alexander says the Arizona State Bar will even investigate those responsible for enforcing the laws
Maxine: Read the Constitution!: Maxine Waters recent comments about nationalizing the American oil industry merely proved to Henry Lamb that every leftist thinks they can run it all
Investigate Big Congress, not Big Oil: The recent inquisition held by the Senate of oil company CEOs was morally wrong, writes Alex Epstein, especially considering Congress' role in rising gas prices
Jim Crow energy policies: Roy Innis argues that America's energy policies are not only choking the nation's economic growth, it's also contributing to keeping poor people that way
Gas too high? Burn coal!: Dennis T. Avery believes that using more coal would be viable component of a coherent American energy policy
Save the umpires: Major League Baseball is considering introducing instant replay to games. Lisa Fabrizio says the human element is essential to baseball and can't be removed
Lingua Publica
Letters to the Editor

July 2008

Editorial - "Where stands Nixon?"
The greens are going crazy: The environmentalist movement is becoming increasingly shrill. Why? Alan Caruba says it's because more and more people are telling them to stuff it
Our collapsing national identity: Michael Moriarty suspects that William Shakespeare would have had a lot to say about the current American political scene
"Where stands Nixon?": Why is Sen. John McCain ignoring the conservative base of the Republican Party? Steve Martinovich says that if Barry Goldwater were alive today, he could tell you
Why populist outrage is in the outs: Why aren't people more angry about the derivative and mortgage scandals rocking Wall Street? Daniel M. Ryan says there are a few reasons
The new Cold War: Super spy Gabriel Allon is back in Daniel Silva's Moscow Rules, an effort that Steve Martinovich finds mostly satisfying
The storm of simple: Life isn't getting any simpler and Steve Martinovich says Jeffrey Kluger's Simplexity: Why Simple Things Become Complex (and How Complex Things Can Be Made Simple) explains why
The land and the grape are one: Steve Martinovich is no fan of wine snobs so he was pleasantly surprised by Neal I. Rosenthal's Reflections of a Wine Merchant
Remembering Arthur C. Clarke and 2001: A Space Odyssey: While a brilliant speculative thinker, Clarke’s understanding of the role of religion in history was a bit thin, argues Mark Wegierski
The gaping ignorance of Democratic leaders: Barack Obama's continued placing of foot in mouth isn't an anomaly, says Bruce Walker, as Democratic leaders have consistently shown
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy: Fresh off the the success of his fictional serial in Enter Stage Right, Joseph Randolph launches his weekly letters of advice for leftist politicians hoping to keep the public under their thumb
When we have supped full of horrors: The pro-abortion side always talks about the horrors of "back alley abortions" but they never consider the horrors produced by legalized abortion, says Alisa Craddock
The Obama-philes: Barack's leftmedia sycophants: If the past week has shown anything, argues Mark Alexander, it's how in the tank the media is for Barack Obama
Obama's health care plan: The return of Kerrycare: Barack Obama's recently announced plans for health care is simply the return of John Kerry's horrible plan, writes Kevin Gabriel
Radical leftists are keeping gas prices high: John Bender charges that oil prices are as high as they are because liberal politicians in the United States are determined to stop drilling at all costs -- the one your paying
Have we gone insane?: A recent poll found the vast majority of Americans want bigger government. Michael M. Bates wonders if they've seen the one they have
Harvesting our rotten fruit: That big government is the result of years of seed planting, writes J.J. Jackson, and it's resulted in an impressive if putrid harvest
Parson Moyers' prevarication: Bill Moyers' recent PBS presentation on Cleveland's real estate foreclosure problem was a product, either of economic ignorance, or of deliberate distortion for political purposes, says Thomas E. Brewton
Mexico's version of La Cosa Nostra spreads like a virus: If the relatively introduction of the Russian mafia to America wasn't enough for you, Jim Kouri reports that a new organization from the south is also making inroads
Big O losing big mo?: A few months ago Barack Obama was the untouchable savior of America. Today? Lisa Fabrizio says the Democrat is looking very human to both sides of the political aisle
Smart Hillary bides her time: Given the increasing number of blunders that Barack Obama has commited, can Michael M. Bates be wrong in thinking that Hillary Clinton is waiting for the right moment to "save" the Democrats
Slandering Obama with out-of-context quotes: Barack Obama puts his foot in his mouth enough times without having to take his words and make them mean something they don't writes Glenn Sacks
The New Yorker's incredible gaffe: Carol Devine-Molin says the New Yorker may have wanted to lampoon alleged right-wing attacks on Barack Obama but actually managed something else
Barack Obama and the UN's drive for global governance: Barack Obama's Global Poverty Act is yet another excuse to give the United Nations more power over every aspect of your life, says Tom DeWeese
Who needs NATO?: Has NATO outlived its usefulness and intended purpose? Alan Caruba says the military alliance should be put to rest
Why the left can't get it right: Mark Alexander argues that the reason why the political left is always wrong stems from the fact that the basic political ideology is anti-American
Bush is a good man: It is common these days, among Republicans as much as among Democrats, to follow the public opinion polls and judge President Bush as a grand failure.  Is he?  Bruce Walker has a different opinion
The progressive cultural revolution: Last week Michael Moriarty briefly touched on the differences between classicism and romaticism. This week he more fully fleshes the topic out
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy, Part five: Joseph Randolph wraps up the fifth entry into his inaugural series of letters filled with advice for aspiring leftist politicians ready to subjugate culpable citizens for raw political advantage
So much for spending restraint: Canada's conservatives took office promising fiscal sanity. This summer alone has seen them promise billions in new spending, writes John Williamson
We'll get fooled again: Conrad Black was back in the news again and Daniel M. Ryan takes the opportunity to revisit the Canadian press baron and the business scandal that started it all: Enron
The "fruits" of diversity: Alisa Craddock doesn't have a problem with people holding different beliefs but when it manifests itself into disrespectful attacks on her faith it crosses a line into uncivility
China's "rug merchants" of the U.N.: Why did China recently veto a resolution condemning Zimbabwe for its rigged presidential election? Peter Navarro argues its quid pro quo
Civil rights organization fights elitists and racists: Who is standing up for minorities and the poor? John Bender says it's not the usual suspects -- it's always been the National Rifle Association
"Consensus" on man-made warming shattering: Another week, another prominent scientist blowing apart the "accepted" science of climate change, says Dennis T. Avery
Socialism is still a dirty word: Nationalize the oil industry? Henry Lamb says while $4 a gallon gasoline is bad, the alternative of a government-run oil industry is much worse
Obama, the national security neophyte: Barack Obama's pronouncements on issues of national security are examples that he's never learned from the past, argues Mark Alexander
Blessed be the name of Obama: Barack Obama's presidential bid is being described as divinely inspired. Alisa Craddock says his campaign is actually a little more down to earth
Obama's Supreme puzzlement: As with many issues, writes Michael M. Bates, Barack Obama's thoughts on the types of justices he wants on the U.S. Supreme Court show some very muddled thinking
Barack Obama and equal pay for women: Barack Obama pays his female staffers less than their male counterparts? Selwyn Duke is about to do the improbable: Defend the Illinois senator
Are these people stupid, nuts or both?: The issue of energy production has got Alan Caruba wondering if the people of California and New Jersey are deficient mentally somehow
My favorite feminist: Camille Paglia: He doesn't agree with everything Camille Paglia stands for but Michael Moriarty doesn't mind announcing his unabashed admiration for the Carnegie Mellon University educator
Everything old is new again: A Conservative History of the American Left shows that when it comes to political ideology, the American left isn't afraid to mine its own history repeatedly, reports W. James Antle III
Great ideas: unintended consequences: For decades American politicians have been enacting laws to protect American works. The end result? Henry Lamb says China is very appreciative of those efforts
The fallacy of gun registration: Last week Washington, D.C.'s police chief essentially admitted that gun registration was an utter failure. With that in mind Charles Bloomer has some questions for Cathy Lanier to answer
A dying ideal: If liberals really want a "Fairness Doctrine" instituted to regulate content in newspapers, radio and television, says Bruce Walker, then he has the ultimate version for them
The right to mobility: How the left is violating our fundamental liberty by refusing our right to drill for oil: Is drilling for oil a constitutional right? Timothy Birdnow says even the political left agrees that every person has the inherent right to be mobile
A gentleman and conservative warrior: The loss of Tony Snow is a huge blow for conservatives but the legacy he left behind won't be forgotten soon, says Rachel Alexander
"What could he have meant by that?": Sen. Phil Gramm got himself into a bit of trouble last week by declaring America a nation of whiners -- not a surprise given who he was targeting with his criticism, argues Daniel M. Ryan
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy, Part four : Fiction writer Joseph Randolph continues his series of letters with advice for aspiring leftist politicians ready to subjugate culpable citizens for raw political advantage with a fourth entry
Celebrating the Second of July: Earlier this month Bruce Walker's family marked a very important day in their history: The Second of July, the day his wife's family came to America
Off the tracks again: John McCain has a reputation for telling it like it is. J.J. Jackson says while the Arizona senator may tell you what he believes, he certainly doesn't expose the reality of a situation
With or without nukes, Iran is a mortal threat: Iran may be a few years away from being a nuclear power but that doesn't mean they don't pose an imminent threat to everyone around them, writes Elan Journo
Presidential election won't resolve gas prices or global warming: Given the similarity between Barack Obama and John McCain on the issues of climate change and gas prices, argues Dennis T. Avery, don't expect much to be solved after this November
It's official...James Baker has lost his mind: Frank Salvato doesn't think much of the recent proposal to essentially usurp American presidents of the ability to command the nation's military
Abuse shelter head turns to violence and abuse: You would think that the head of an abuse shelter for women would be the last person to abuse women. Carey Roberts says you'd be wrong
WALL-E, economic ignorance, and the war on modernity: It's bad enough that WALL-E is full of environmentalist propaganda, writes Gennady Stolyarov II, but it also preaches anti-capitalism to the kids as well
Dumbing down America's colleges: American college students are already falling behind those of other nations so what do America's colleges do? Dumb their students down even more, says Alan Caruba
The discreet elite: If the Democrats capture power in November, writes Michael Moriarty, expect a politician who believes themselves more refined than the average American
The pro-life plank and Republican resolve: Is the Republican Party moving towards removing the pro-life cause from its platform? Alisa Craddock argues that would be the end of the party and possibly the nation as well
Fool's gilt: Can the government really smooth out fluctuations in the oil market? Daniel M. Ryan says people are fooling themselves if they think that scheme can be effective
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy, Part three: Fiction writer Joseph Randolph continues his series of letters with advice for aspiring leftist politicians ready to subjugate culpable citizens for raw political advantage
Straight talk on truth: John McCain has worked hard to establish a reputation built on blunt honesty. Lisa Fabrizio says if he's as straightforward as he claims, she'd like to hear a few things from him
Typical leftist: Barack Obama claims to be running an honourable campaign but the sordid attacks launched against John McCain are obviously coordinated, says Carol Devine-Molin
Obama's Jimmy Carter disaster: Everything old is new again! Slater Bakhtavar says that Barack Obama is determined to bring back the worst of Jimmy Carter's foreign policy
Once again, it's about associations and judgment: That foreign policy, writes Frank Salvato, is largely the result of a truly horrible group of advisors which includes people like Madeleine Albright and Jamie Gorlick
The devil you know or the devil you know: This November Americans who value liberty will be presented with a no-win situation, argues J.J. Jackson
The Supreme Court versus women and children: Two recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions essentially make it open season on women and children, writes Bruce Walker
Responding to "None of the Above": A few months back Tom DeWeese proposed adding "None of the Above" to election ballets. He still thinks it's a fantastic idea
What makes America different?: Henry Lamb says a conference in Dallas, Texas which explore liberty -- something that all Americans were guaranteed by the Founding Fathers
Greens add food production to their hit list: Life is hard enough around the world already, writes Dennis T. Avery, and it appears that the environmentalist movement is determined to make it even more so
"The People" narrowly prevail, 5-4: Last week's decision in District of Columbia v. Heller was a step forward in restoring the original intent of the Second Amendment but dangers still lurk, argues Mark Alexander
Our de-evolving standards of decency: Once Heller was released it overshadowed Kennedy v. Louisiana, a decision that Alisa Craddock thought was reprehensible
Real independence means secure borders: Alan Caruba has a message for Americans celebrating Independence Day later this week: Real independence means your country can choose who comes in
Put the "independence" back in Independence Day: Celebrate Independence Day on Friday by being, says Michael S. Berliner, by being what the Founding Fathers intended for you
Scrutiny on the bounty: Bruce Walker doesn't have a problem with John McCain's proposed prize for a new electric motor -- just that the idea should be used more often
A simpler way: John McCain's support for entrepreneurship has been mocked by some but Daniel M. Ryan says the Arizona senator is on to something
The regressive academia of progressivism: Michael Moriarty believes that a Barack Obama victory later this year will usher in a nightmarish agenda
The coming fascist state: If Barack Obama is elected this November, says David Huntwork, prepare for a new fascism characterized by environmentalism to rule the country
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy, Part two: Fiction writer Joseph Randolph continues his series of letters with advice for aspiring leftist politicians ready to subjugate culpable citizens for raw political advantage
Alaska should just secede: While he doesn't want to see them go, J.J. Jackson argues that Alaska is getting a raw deal from the rest of the country and should just leave
Drill here! Drill now!: Drilling won't lower the price of oil? Henry Lamb says anyone who says that is an enemy of the free market
The war on boys: Where feminists and men's rights activists go wrong: That boys are being given a raw deal in America's schools isn't in doubt but Selwyn Duke argues that both feminists and men's rights advocates drop the ball on the issue
Biotech wheat to ease world food shortage: Even in drought, writes Dennis T. Avery, biotech wheat manages to outperform regular wheat. It's time to start spreading this technology
Radical environmentalism: The "imperfect storm": It's all about scaring you, says Christopher Adamo, and it's based on an utter lack of science
A pitch for the DH: Baseball purists will have a cow but Lisa Fabrizio says the American League has it right: Pitchers shouldn't be hitting the ball
The unsinkable Father Pfleger: Thought a good controversy would keep Father Michael Pfleger down? Michael M. Bates says the Catholic priest has a long history of courting just that
Political palooka: Obama gags on Gitmo question: When it comes to the issue of the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, argues Daniel Clark, Barack Obama still doesn't have a credible answer
Michelle Obama, First Lady wannabe: Is Michelle Obama more like Hillary Clinton or Theresa Heinz Kerry? Either way, says Carey Roberts, America can do better for a First Lady
Lingua Publica
Letters to the Editor

August 2008

China's porcelain facade: Did you watch the Beijing Olympics? Mark Alexander was in China during the games and got a different portrait of the communist giant
The vast left wing conspiracy: Hillary Clinton may have popularized the notion of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy but Alan Caruba the evidence exists there is actually one on the political left
Dictatorship we can believe in: An American president is supposed to lead but Michael M. Bates says Barack Obama has a lot of demands of the American people
Ideologues: Why do ideologues receive such little respect? Daniel M. Ryan has a pretty good explanation and it's because of a intellectual limitation that they have
Community and identity in late modernity: Part Four: Is current-day society ruled by a liberal oligarchy, asks Mark Wegierski – and are there similarities between conservative and social democratic critiques of the system
Red Islam rising: Could radical Islam and some of America's old enemies be priming themselves for an alliance? Michael Moriarty contemplates that troubling possibility
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – August 25, 2008: With the August silly season about to end Joseph Randolph has some final words of advice before the campaigning begins for earnest
Dead wrong: Thomas E. Brewton wasn't surprised at Joseph Biden's selection as Barack Obama's running mate. The two share similar and wrong positions in Iraq
All American otherness: The Democratic Party wants to promote "all-American" ideals at their national convention. The problem? Lisa Fabrizio says the party has a different notion of what that means then Americans do
I smell a Clinton coup brewing: Think Hillary Clinton is still capable of some sneaky deeds at the Democratic National Convention? J.B. Williams shares your suspicions
The Dysfunctional Congress: Recent events have shown just how broken Congress has become under the leadership of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, argues Jack Ward
Voting conscience, not color: Nancy Salvato has one piece of advice for Barack Obama and his fellow leftists before they talk about race: Take a look at your own history
The artificially inflated self-esteem of Barack Obama: What is Barack Obama's greatest flaw? Out of the laundry list Frank Salvato has chosen the ego that the presumptive Democratic nominee continually displays
DNC platform: Bad news for dads: Mike McCormick and Glenn Sacks aren't sure why any man from either side of the political spectrum would vote Democrat in 2008
All he wanted was a quarter: He only needed a quarter for the parking meter, writes J.J. Jackson, and had no idea what he unleashed by asking a stranger
 "Smart growth" is un-American: America's Founders were pretty specific in their desire not to tell Americans how to use their land. Henry Lamb says government's today have forgotten that
Prince Charles promotes world hunger: Prince Charles has once again slammed GM foods, write Dennis T. Avery and Alex A. Avery, a technology that save tens of millions of lives over the coming years
Batman duked by robbin' jokers: The exoneration of Christian Bale over assault charges proves that allegations aren't the same thing as evidence, says David R. Usher
Is the Fed still a Central Bank?: The U.S. Federal Reserve has a specific set of responsibilities it must carry out by law. Peter Morici says political and economic realities means the Fed is failing in its mission
California children still considered state property: Thomas A. Bowden argues that a court's decision that home schooling is "permitted" in California is a hollow victory for parents
I never said I wanted a perfect candidate: J.J. Jackson has been accused of wanting the impossible: the perfect conservative running for president. He responds that he actually just wants a conservative
The Iran scenarios: Think a war against Iran -- whether fought by the U.S. or someone else -- is an inevitability? Alan Caruba says history suggests several different answers
"Ronald Reagan luck": The Russian invasion of Georgia and the Olympics in Beijing are reminding Michael Moriarty of past world events
Confessions of a lad born in government-owned health care: Why is Daniel M. Ryan so opposed to government-run health care, as proposed by Barack Obama? His personal history with the Canadian version was his best educator
Community and identity in late modernity: Part Three: Mark Wegierski looks at questions of the particular vs. the universal, and at the morality of nations
What's so great about Dinesh D'Souza? An interview: Bernard Chapin chats with Dinesh D'Souza about his new book What's So Great About Christianity, a defense of faith and Christianity
On with the show, this is it!: Canada's opposition Liberals and their leader Stéphane Dion are playing the part of Wile E. Coyote while the conservatives and Prime Minister Stephen Harper are the Road Runner, argues John Williamson
Obama, floating like a butterfly; McCain, stinging like a bee: Alisa Craddock was impressed by John McCain's performance at the Saddleback Church this past weekend in his debate with Barack Obama
Political balkanization: Liberals are claiming that there are "two Americas" divided by ideology. Carol Devine-Molin there is no divide, simply a conservative nation
Some reflections on Bob Woodruff's China white wash: Peter Navarro argues that Bob Woodruff's recent ABC expose of China only perpetuated more dangerous myths about the Communist giant
Why John Edwards' affair matters: Although Democrats are using Clinton-era defences over the John Edwards scandal, Selwyn Duke says his affair illustrates the importance of one attribute
Hillary does Denver: It probably won't be things that Hillary Clinton would say when she speaks at the Democratic National Convention in a week's time but Lisa Fabrizio's effort isn't a stretch
Why have political conventions?: About the only thing left to do is the announcement of running mates and release of platforms not even the candidates are likely to have read. Jack Ward wonders why bother with conventions at all?
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy - August 11, 2008: This week Joseph Randolph tells his aspiring leftist politician that it all comes down to one thing: control -- and how easy it is to implement
Idle leases – or addled minds?: Congressional Democrats are accusing oil companies of sitting on leases and not searching for new oil. Newt Gingrich and Roy Innis argue they're wrong
Wanna-be president of the world: Barack Obama's words and deeds clearly show him to be a man more interested in showing the world how virtuous he is instead of representing the U.S., says Henry Lamb
Russian attack on Georgia: The tip of the iceberg: Russia's attack on Georgia is merely the latest in a provocative series of actions, writes Jim Kouri, including a massive military spending program largely unnoticed in the West
The case for Cantor: John McCain needs a running mate and Bruce Walker has the perfect person: Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia. He's everything that McCain isn't
How not to have electricity: There are two ways of generating electricity: the right way and the way the Democrats want to. Alan Caruba says prepare to be cold if the left gets its way
Thanks for the wake-up call, Carly!: McCain economic advisor Carly Fiorina's recent comments about abortion reveal his campaign isn't serious about ending the practice, argues Michael Moriarty
A life of service: Steve Martinovich was very impressed by Never Surrender: A Soldier's Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom, LTG (Ret.) William G. Boykin's memoirs of combat and faith
Community and identity in late modernity: Part Two: Mark Wegierski looks at the discourse of decadence, whether socialization determines people entirely, and "global civil society"
Beyond our control: A report with a set of proposed reforms to avoid future problems in the derivatives markets isn't based in reality, says Daniel M. Ryan
Liberals are soooo out of touch: Democrats fled Washington, D.C. last week to start their vacations -- ignoring the nation's problems at the same time, says Alisa Craddock
The power of one: With the death last week of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, writes Michael M. Bates, the world lost lost a man of faith who knew evil when he saw it
Comrade Lenin: Alive and well: Daniel Silva argues that Russia is attempting to sanitize its past and reclaim an empire it lost back in the early 1990s
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy - August 11, 2008: Listen not to your conscience, Joseph Randolph urges his aspiring leftist politician, only to want the voters would like you to do for them
How Clinton and Bush slowed economic growth: Want to raise the rate of savings? Raise taxes. Raymond Richman, Howard Richman, and Jesse Richman offer that and other economic prescriptions
The red light is on – will you defer?: J.J. Jackson believes the United States has become of a nation of people willing to defer to others rather than stand up for themselves
Birds of a feather: Barack Obama bills himself as the candidate of change but Lisa Fabrizio argues that he's a virtual clone of Jimmy Carter when it comes to the issue of energy
Obama: Messiah in his own eyes: Rush Limbaugh may call Barack Obama "The Messiah" but Henry Lamb says the presumptive Democratic nominee appears to actually believe he is one
Obama will lose: The media believes Barack Obama should already be moving into the White House. Jack Ward thinks this November will see him lose to John McCain
Wal-Mart's latest crime: Developing Latin America: The very existence of Wal-Mart drives the political left insane...even more so with their expansion into Central America, says Bill Shepherd
Moqtada al-Sadr's penchant for 'community organizing': Frank Salvato isn't convinced that Moqtada al-Sadr's recent announcement that his "army" is laying down its arms means he's found the path to peace
In the name of...: K.L. Marsala can't watch the Summer Olympics without thinking of the authoritarian regime that's hosting them
China's latest deadly counterfeits: It's bad enough that Chinese knock-offs are flimsy compared to the real thing. Worse, reports Peter Navarro, is that they can kill you as well
District of Columbia continues to violate civil rights: Thought the Heller case solved the issue of gun ownership in Washington, D.C.? Charles Bloomer reports that the district is still working very hard to deny Second Amendment rights
The oil in the Arctic may be LOST to the UN: One of the unforeseen consequences of the Law of the Sea Treaty could be that Arctic oil belongs to the United Nations, argued Alan Caruba
Jim Prentice, Canada's presumptive finance minister?: Jim Prentice has been not so subtly campaigning to be Canada's next finance minister. John Williamson would like him to stick to his current job
Goldwater in his own words: Whether you loved him or hated him, writes Steve Martinovich, Pure Goldwater shows Barry Goldwater as a true political force
The price of progress: The price of progress in our modern times apparently is the legally sanctioned death of millions of children in America, writes Michael Moriarty,
The implosion of the mainstream media: The media has been in the tank for Barack Obama for years and that fact, along with others, has effectively destroyed them, argues Bruce Walker
Community and identity in late modernity: Part One: Mark Wegierski begins his sociological-type look at current-day society
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy - August 4, 2008: What can the aspiring leftist politician who wants to keep you down learn this week? Academic Joseph Randolph answer the question with his latest letter
Slipping away: The price of oil going down? Daniel M. Ryan takes the opportunity to explore that and make some economic predictions
"People overload" - The new correlating phenomenon to the Internet's information overload: Just as the web has brought a torrent of information into your home so too has it expanded the number of people you can talk to -- and that's not always a good thing, says Rachel Alexander
Contemplating the inevitable showdown in the Middle East: Barack Obama's recent tour of the Middle East may have been held to promote his foreign policy credentials but Carol Devine-Molin says the reality shows otherwise
Hey, Barack, Hillary only suspended her campaign: Are Democrats keeping Hillary Clinton around as an insurance policy? If Barack Obama continues his catastrophic campaign she may be back, says Frank Salvato
Is Obama an alien abductee?: Barack Obama has been acting plenty strange during this election season, writes Michael M. Bates, and according to experts that may mean he was abducted by aliens
Specter of liberalism haunts Pittsburgh: The controversy over a new casino being built in Pittsburgh shows why liberalism rarely gets things right, says J.J. Jackson
Pelosi blocks gas price relief: Democrats may say they want lower gas prices but Henry Lamb says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's words speak louder than anyone else's
Blowing hot air up our shorts: The media is praising oil and gas man T. Boone Pickens' efforts to promote wind power. Paul Driessen he and his media fans are out to lunch
Boone Pickens' energy crusade: Prophet or con man?: Jay Hakes argues that T. Boone Pickens isn't off the mark with wind power but he says that shouldn't detract from efforts to push solar power and biofuel
Demonomic deja vu: Mark Alexander argues that Barack Obama's economic plans have been seen before -- and they failed back then as well
China releases biotech rice, bars biofuel to protect food supply: The recent decision by the Chinese government to provide biotech rice to its citizens is a giant step forward for the technology, writes Dennis T. Avery
The issue of dual citizenship in the US: Dual citizenship is a danger to the fabric of the United States, argues Nancy Salvato, because it means a person's loyalties are necessarily divided
Lingua Publica
Letters to the Editor

September 2008

The Battleground Poll and the vanishing moderate: Bruce Walker says the Battleground Poll has shown a consistent trend over the past decade: The political center is rapidly disappearing and more than half of Americans consider themselves conservative
Who are you calling stupid?: It would appear that unless you agree with Thomas Friedman on the issue of energy you are an idiot, writes Alan Caruba
John McCain: Veteran faith: Although he doesn't wear it like a sash, John McCain is a man of Christian faith, says Mark Alexander
The truth is not dishonorable: The Obama campaign claims John McCain is lying when he says the Democrat supported sex education for kindergartners. Michael M. Bates says the facts support McCain
The inhumane humanists: Why do the Democrats hate Sarah Palin with such ferociousness? Michael Moriarty believes its because she stands for everything they despise
Press-release lap dogs: The media is defending charges that it is looking for anything to discredit Sarah Palin but that rings hollow given the pass that Barack Obama has received, writes Tom DeWeese
Community and identity in late modernity: Part Seven: Mark Wegierski points to certain dilemmas of current-day Canadian multiculturalism
Remaindered: This week Daniel M. Ryan explores the old hidden consequence of the "blessings of destruction" economic fallacy with a special focus on what happens to the workers affected
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – September 22, 2008: One of the best ways of winning an election, Joseph Randolph tells his aspiring leftist politician, is to do whatever it takes to smear an opponent
Where's McCarthy when you need him?: Hollywood is one institution in a constellation which is being used to affect a takeover of America, argues Alisa Craddock
Political elections, cultural elections, and the votes that really matter: Selwyn Duke really doesn't like spending a lot of time writing about politics but there is a war going on and he has to stay involved
Palin phenomenon accelerates downfall of old media: Whatever else Sarah Palin manages to accomplish on the campaign trail, writes Christopher Adamo, it will be to put another nail in the coffin of the mainstream media
McCain or Obama? How about this referendum...: If you're truly tired of the mainstream media, says Frank Salvato, then you know what to do this November
Wanted: One "bad guy" for president: J.J. Jackson wants a president who won't be afraid to tell Congress to shove off when they overstep their bounds
Congressional corruption: Congress adjourns later this week and Henry Lamb says it would be better if a broom were taken to the personalities who occupy the House and Senate
Those who forget the past: Every election cycle sees liberals get foam at the mouth crazy at the mere mention of a conservative's name and nothing has changed in 2008, says Lisa Fabrizio
Speaker Pelosi would 'save the planet' with higher gas prices: Nancy Pelosi's "modified" stance on oil drilling only promises to do nothing to resolve the issue of tapping America's oil reserves, argues Dennis T. Avery
Voter fraud: More than 1,000 voter cards suspect: If you can't win honestly, cheat very hard. Jim Kouri reports that the left is using a very old trick to win in 2008
A spotless sun: The Earth is going to be a very cold place in the years to come, writes Alan Caruba, with longer and harsher winters and we can thank our friend the sun for that -- and not anthrogenic climate change as some will try and tell you
Hope and change in the land of Oz: Mark Alexander charges that the "hope and change" that Barack Obama promises is all merely a façade
McCain and the constellation of global conservatives: If John McCain wins the presidency this November, says Bruce Walker, he will join a group of conservatives that have taken power around the world
American progressive Christianity: The political left is attempting to sell you a Christianity that is comfortable with abortion. Michael Moriarty says it's worth the price
Community and identity in late modernity: Part Six: Mark Wegierski looks at the question of nations' evolution over time – and if modernity rather than premodernity is more prone to genocide
Change and vainglory: Real societal change isn't easy like young people tend to believe, writes Daniel M. Ryan, it's a messy and loud process
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – September 15, 2008: Joseph Randolph tells his aspiring leftist politician to stick to the cities if he wants to capture power
An unseen enemy of freedom: Have you heard of communitarianism? Regardless of the answer, says Henry Lamb, it's having an impact on your life
Why Obama is fading in the polls: Why is Barack Obama sliding in the polls? The more Americans learn about him, says Carol Devine-Molin, the less they like him
Obama hits new low: John Bender says a new commercial by Barack Obama criticizing John McCain's inability to use email is dirty politics at its worst
Lipstick on a Marxist does not work either: J.J. Jackson doesn't care what Barack Obama meant by his "lipstick on a pig" comment -- all he knows is that the Democrat is merely a warmed over Marxist
Obama's politics of new ideas: Barack Obama claims that he's bringing new ideas to the current campaign but Michael M. Bates says he's heard much of it before
Obamanomics 101 for useful idiots: Barack Obama has promised to raise taxes on the rich and corporations. J.B. Williams says the senator's economics are out to lunch
America's imperfect servant: Many in the GOP may not like John McCain but Lisa Fabrizio says her feelings for the senator changed earlier this month
Lehman Brothers is toxic at any price: Peter Morici isn't surprised that efforts to sell off Lehman Brothers collapsed this past weekend -- the company faces a critical shortage of trust
The World Bank now agrees: We need another Green Revolution: Dennis T. Avery and Alex A. Avery are happy that the World Bank has finally come around to the idea that the world's agricultural industry needs to be upgraded
The World Bank now agrees: We need another Green Revolution: Dennis T. Avery and Alex A. Avery are happy that the World Bank has finally come around to the idea that the world's agricultural industry needs to be upgraded
A Republican revival: The media may dislike her but Mark Alexander says the choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate may actually save the Republican Party
Palin and the power of real American women: Frank Salvato says that Sarah Palin represents what a real American is and that will resonate with voters
Could Reagan win today?: There was a lot of talk about Ronald Reagan at the RNC last week. But could he have actually won the presidency in 2008? Bruce Walker answers that question
Mario and Oprah: Michael Moriarty explains why the Democrats ditched Mario Cuomo and why Oprah Winfrey won't have Sarah Palin on her talk show
American papists: Why is American politics so hostile to the Catholic Church? Lisa Fabrizio says it's the result of some misconceptions
No nation left behind: An interview with Charles Murray: Bernard Chapin sits with Dr. Charles Murray and discusses academic testing, the value of a B.A. and education in general and whether reform is possible
Libertarianism's glass ceiling: Everybody loves libertarianism -- at least in principle -- but Daniel M. Ryan says some real world concerns prevent it from becoming a major political force
Democrat deceptions about oil: Alan Caruba argues that the Democrats haven't changed their tune on energy for three decades -- and are doing significant harm to the American economy
The social responsibility of coal: Paul Driessen says that coal has a role to play in making America energy independent, especially considering just how much of it is sitting below the ground
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – September 8, 2008: Now that August is over the political campaign can begin in earnest and Joseph Randolph returns with yet more advice for his aspiring leftist politician
Community and identity in late modernity: Part Five: Mark Wegierski suggests a dialogue among different definitions of community and identity today
Election assumptions and expectations: Jim Camp urges you not to make the mistake of making assumptions about either Barack Obama or John McCain
2008 races: Marriage-absence ignored: David R. Usher charges that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have addressed marriage-related issues and neither is likely to make positive change if elected
Biden selection is bad news for America's fathers: The selection of Joseph Biden as Barack Obama's running mate sends an anti-male message to voters, argue Mike McCormick and Glenn Sacks
What happened to freedom?: It used to be a person could do what they wished with their property. Henry Lamb says these days that same person is subject to rules crafted by international bodies
Stop the war on poor families: Environmentalist policies harm everybody, writes Niger Innis, but particularly the poor and minorities
Lingua publica

October 2008

Winning enough to fight again: Uninspired by John McCain? Think he's going to lose next month? Bruce Walker says your vote still counts more than you know -- read to find out why
San Francisco: The epicenter of stupid ideas: The latest idiocy to come out of San Francisco? Alan Caruba says voters there are considering whether to abandon all forms of conventional energy
1930s Europe in America: If America's election campaign and the undercurrent all seem familiar to you, you're not alone. Michael Moriarty argues all of this reminds him of pre-Second World War Europe
The apex fallacy: An interview with Dr. Helen Smith: Bernard Chapin talks with Dr. Helen Smith on the matters of feminist elites, misandry and why men don't complain about things
The once-great Democratic Party: Thomas Jefferson led the Democratic Party against Federalist forces because he believed special interests would eventually achieve power. Mark Alexander says today's Democrats have forgotten that
Corporate welfare?: Critics are describing the American government's bailouts as "corporate welfare" but Daniel Ryan has a better term for them
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – October 27, 2008: Joseph Randolph's leftist pen pal is increasing his lead over his electoral rival and that means a new strategy is called for
Of buggery, skullduggery, and left wing thuggery: The political left is increasingly using violence in an attempt to silence their critics, argues Alisa Craddock
What happens next?: Canadians have re-elected a Conservative government. Adam Taylor says the government's priority now -- with a slowing economy -- is to control federal spending
Italian food for thought: Lisa Fabrizio recently spent a few days living la dolce vita in Italy and has some advice for Americans traveling abroad: Turn off CNN and enjoy the food
Why I would vote McCain...If I were American: Philippe Manteau is a Frenchman living in America and with that in mind he has some advice for American voters next month
The terrorist attack of 2010: Selwyn Duke lays out one possible future that could come about all thanks in part to a vote that Barack Obama cast
Mock the vote: The cult of the vote is a powerful one, says David Heleniak, but given the choice that Americans have he doesn't think much of that right
Obama's misplaced Robin Hood complex: Barack Obama may believe he's a modern day American Robin Hood but J.J. Jackson says he's really playing the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham or Prince John
Birds of a feather Barack together: Why are Barack Obama's radical friends important? Because like-minded folks tend to stick together, writes Michael M. Bates
Active troops disagree with Powell: Retired general Colin Powell may have crossed over but J.B. Williams says the polls show one thing: The military is solidly behind John McCain
Free enterprise did not cause the market meltdown: The experts and politicians are telling you that the free market caused the market meltdown but Tom DeWeese says it's always government interference at the root
Barack Obama, moral authoritarian: It's fairly easy to see that Barack Obama considers himself more enlightened than the rest of us, says Jeff Perren
The real threat of censorship: Along with socialism, Barack Obama will bring censorship of divergent political opinion if he's elected, writes Bruce Walker
The leading man contest: Whether or not John McCain lost the third and final debate, argues Michael Moriarty, his tepid performance on the issue of the Supreme Court didn't help him
Let's go nuclear: Alan Caruba says it only makes sense for the United States to expand its use of nuclear power
And it had to happen in election season…: Is the worst of the global economic issues over? Daniel M. Ryan strides confidently in predicting that it is
Four freakin' words. We. Can't. Afford. It.: John Hawkins says the party is over and the bill has come due. It's time, he argues, for the U.S. to begin living with its means
Is Obama a socialist?: Barack Obama would likely recoil at the notion that he's a socialist but Henry Lamb says his platform speaks for itself
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – October 20, 2008: The news is good -- Joseph Randolph tells his protogé -- socialism is on the advance in the United States
How Warren Buffett can save the economy: Howard Richman, Raymond Richman, Jesse Richman, and Maya Inspektor argue that billionaire Warren Buffett has the solution to the American economy's woes
Media refuses to scrutinize Obama's background and socialist agenda: The media has been obsessive in attempting to investigate the backgrounds of John McCain and Sarah Palin but have completely ignored Barack Obama, charges Carol Devine-Molin
Barack Obama's campaign of the lie: If the mainstream media won't do it, we will. Selwyn Duke explores Barack Obama's past ties with a socialist political party back in the mid-90s
Another Great Depression?: The election of John McCain and Sarah Palin would bring about a Great Depression, writes Michael M. Bates, except it wouldn't be the economic kind and it would occur only on one side of the political aisle
Which candidate would make the better pirate?: Everyone has their own criteria when figuring out who to vote for. Edward Chupack? He wants to know who can swig rum with the best of them
It's Americanism vs. Socialism on November 4th: Barack Obama's encounter with Joe Wurzelbacher throws into a clear spotlight what the American presidential election is all about, says Frank Salvato
So do we want them to feel our pain or get down to work?: We all want our political leaders to empathize with our problems but Jean Johnson and Scott Bittle argue the next president has to get to work solving some big problems
Following Europe's lead on climate change: Environmentalist argue that America needs to follow Europe's lead on the issue of climate change. Paul Driessen wonders exactly which policies the U.S. is to pursue
Exploding the myths of "predatory lending": All of this talk about predatory lending is merely the Democrats attempting to distract Americans from who caused the economy's problems, says Christopher Adamo
Presidential character: If this election year is a referendum on character, argues Mark Alexander, then your choice for president should be very easy to make
A winning issue for McCain: There are any number of issues that John McCain can use to expose Barack Obama but Bruce Walker says there is one in particular that he could score big points with
The less righteous side of American history: As Failures of the Presidents: From the Whiskey Rebellion and War of 1812 to the Bay of Pigs and War in Iraq proves, nobody is perfect. Steve Martinovich says neither was the book but he still enjoyed it
The river of influence: A mountain of bad mortgages? Michael Moriarty says the American government has embarked down the path of socialism and increased control
Obama, ACORN and their starring role in the mortgage crisis: Frank Salvato charges that Barack Obama and ACORN are central to the problems that caused the American mortgage crisis and the resulting bailout
Sound economic planning is no 30-day exercise: Canada's Conservatives might have waited until near the end of their campaign to release their platform, says Adam Taylor, but they also have a three year track record to be judged by
Whoa…: At the beginning of last week Daniel M. Ryan thought that we were close to the end of the current market declines...then Thursday and Friday happened
States and utilities unite to rob energy consumers: Why are energy prices set to rise in some states? It has nothing to do with energy markets and everything to do with environmentalism, writes Alan Caruba
A race card up his sleeve: Barack Obama's rise to prominence has once again forced America to confront the issue of race -- and the political left has no problem using it either, says Alisa Craddock
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – October 13, 2008: You can't run an election campaign without having contact with the religious, Joseph Randolph tells his aspiring leftist politician
Saturday night slander: If the same things were said about Barack Obama that are being played for laughs about Sarah Palin, the outrage would register on a seismograph, says Nathan Tabor
Let the records speak for themselves: Barack Obama's record in the Senate -- especially compared to John McCain's -- is hardly awe inspiring, writes Nancy Salvato
Florida cop under fire for using Obama's middle name 'Hussein': Is a Florida sheriff in trouble for using Barack Obama's middle name? Jim Kouri says yes
Killing malarial mosquitoes now!: Nets are not the solution, argues Paul Driessen. To end the scourge of malaria in Africa we need to support the extensive use of DDT
Tropical wastelands to croplands with biotech: A new genetic engineering breakthrough is yet another rejoinder to the environmentalist movement, report Dennis T. Avery and Alex Avery
Cubs carry a devilish burden: Once again Michael M. Bates' Chicago Cubs have disappointed him -- and he knows who is to blame for their woes
The Dems did it!: Despite what you're being told, writes Henry Lamb, the blame for the bailout and the meltdown of the financial markets rests entirely with the Democrats
Palin gets it, but the bailout makes it worse: Howard Richman, Raymond Richman, and Jesse Richman argue that the federal bailout of the mortgage industry will do nothing to solve the issue
Defense of speculators and short-sellers: Amit Ghate argues that speculators and short-sellers are a beneficial aspect of the free market
The reach of the bailing bucket: Daniel M. Ryan's predictions of an ongoing bear market and recession for the United States appears -- unfortunately -- to be valid
The politics of the bailout: Michael M. Bates says the more learn about the people behind the bailout the more revolting the whole thing becomes
High court, low humour: Steve Martinovich really wanted to like Christopher Buckley's latest satirical novel, Supreme Courtship, but thinks it failed
Searching for Stacy: What happened to Stacy Peterson? Steve Martinovich says Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson doesn't answer that question, not for a lack of effort
Palin as "ready" as Truman was: Sarah Palin is suffering the same attacks as Harry Truman, writes Michael Moriarty, and history demonstrated how effective FDR's successor was
The ethanol election issue: If Barack Obama is elected, argues Alan Caruba, don't expect lower gas and food prices thanks to his support for ethanol
Green-collar jobs -- or con jobs?: Environmental-union-politico alliances use their clout to promote new energy, economic vision. Paul Driessen wonders will it create jobs, without impacting existing jobs, living standards and economic opportunities?
The Obama Youth: The brouhaha over a video showing a group of children singing about Barack Obama and the resulting Democratic reaction shows what the political left is all about, says Selwyn Duke
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – October 6, 2008: Get them while they're young! Joseph Randolph tells his aspiring politician to concentrate his efforts on young voters
Energy fraud!: Roy Innis says that Democrats are engineering another energy swindle that will cost consumers and taxpayers
T. Boone Pickens: New kind of prairie rustler: T. Boone Pickens is painting himself as a nice guy just trying to solve the energy issue. Tom DeWeese says the billionaire is nothing but a rustler
To the pain!: Why is J.J. Jackson discussing The Princess Bride in his column this week? There is a scene which illustrates perfectly what freedom loving Americans must do
Record South Pole ozone hole predicted: In the next few weeks a massive hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole is expected. If that happens, writes Dennis T. Avery, it will be further proof of solar caused climate change
The Bush legacy in Iraq: Whatever the American public may think of him, George W. Bush's ultimate legacy will be whatever happens in Iraq, write Thomas J. Craughwell and M. William Phelps
The Women: Hollywood's recent remake of the 1939 classic The Women proves how far the film industry has fallen, says Lisa Fabrizio
Why Americans can't get U.S. oil: Why aren't Americans drilling for oil on American land and sea? Because of other Americans, argues Alan Caruba
The tank isn't empty: Is the world running out of oil? Steve Martinovich found The Myth of the Oil Crisis: Overcoming the Challenges of Depletion, Geopolitics, and Global Warming to be an effective rejoinder
America and its energy future: Steve Martinovich thought A Declaration of Energy Independence: How Freedom from Foreign Oil Can Improve National Security, Our Economy, and the Environment was a liberal's dream when it comes to American energy policy
Fiscal discipline and Liberal DNA: Adam Taylor isn't terribly impressed by the economic plan released by the Liberal Party -- particularly when it comes to taxes
Community and identity in late modernity: Part Eight: Mark Wegierski criticizes the so-called "rainbow coalition" approach, but also rejects a "unimodal" view of community
The Sarah bashers: Those bashing Sarah Palin, particularly writers from the New York Times, reveal themselves as no more than clucking hens, writes Michael Moriarty
Who defines feminism?: Bruce Walker argues that Sarah Palin hews much closer to the original version of feminism than any of her critics
Morals and hazards: Pros and cons of the bailout: As with every intervention of this kind, Daniel M. Ryan says there's good and bad when it comes to the $700 billion bailout
Still a train wreck: Deal or not, argues Carol Devine-Molin, the bail out is nothing but a giant, big-government travesty
Ultimately, the piper must be paid: Bail out plan or not, says Henry Lamb, the U.S. must eventually deal with the fall out and what caused it
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – September 29, 2008: Joseph Randolph advises his aspiring leftist politician how to deal with the bailout and current financial skittishness
Does pro-life now mean pro-libertinism?: Is a decreasing abortion rate mean that Americans are more comfortable with unwed mothers? Selwyn Duke ponders the question
Barack Fauxbama: Barack Obama and Joe Biden want you to believe their a pair of tax hating and gun loving good ole boys. Dustin Hawkins says don't believe the hype
Explaining ourselves: Labels are just convenient ways of telling people where we stand on the issues, says Lisa Fabrizio, and "liberal" and "conservative" do mean certain things
Key to presidential win? White males: As with every election, writes Carey Roberts, the key to victory for either party will be to attract the white male vote
Patriotism, taxes and charity: Michael M. Bates does not think paying more in taxes is patriotic and he doesn't think much of Barack Obama or Joe Biden's record on the subject of charity
E-verify and the emerging surveillance state: Subjecting all Americans to an international databank: Tom DeWeese argues that a system designed to insure illegal aliens are being hired for jobs will end up forcing Americans to surrender more of their liberty
Lingua Publica
Letters to the Editor
Vinegar in Freedom Award

November 2008

Editorial - Same story, same result/Time to stop rewarding failure
Too much denial going on around here: Are you a conservative who just wants to give Barack Obama a chance? J.J. Jackson hasn't got anything nice to say about you
Our lost checks and balances: Bruce Walker thinks it's far too dangerous for one political party to control all the levers of the American government
Same story, same result: Health care spending in Canada continues to skyrocket and yet there has been no palpable improvement in service, argues Steven Martinovich
Darwin got it wrong and it's not what you're thinking: Evolution isn't the gradual process that Charles Darwin described and it would appear that global warming will have a role to play, says Alan Caruba
Progressive moral ambiguity I: A progressively disposable generation: Can two wrongs make a right? If popular culture is any indicator, writes Michael Moriarty, moral ambiguity is today's dominant trait
Systems and remoorings: Daniel M. Ryan takes another look at the U.S. economy and wonders if things are really as bad as common perception holds
The wrong diagnosis leads to the wrong solution: Charles Bloomer says anyone who believes conservatism lost in America a few weeks ago is absolutely wrong
Offensive conservatives: Lisa Fabrizio argues that conservatives need to take the offensive in the culture wars if they really want to preserve the things they hold dear
Slummin' with Barry: Barack Obama has had a long history when it comes to slums and Michael M. Bates says it continues right up to this very moment
Megatrends and megatraumas: Mark Wegierski offers a quick sketch of some of the major world-issues – technology; urbanization and migration; media; tribalism; and violence
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – November 24, 2008: Now that the election has been won Joseph Randolph has some advice on governing for his leftist pen pal
The future of freedom in America: John Edwards was right when he said there were "two Americas" and Henry Lamb says it's important the right group wins
Donkeys, RINOS, and pumas, oh my! – Can we please be conservative now?: Shawn D. Akers argues that the right-wing -- whatever actually remains of it these days -- needs to return to traditional political and cultural positions, no matter what the polls say
What is Mr. Kudlow smoking?: Will Barack Obama usher in an age of capitalism, deregulation and smaller government? Sam Wells would like to know where Larry Kudlow got these ideas
Al-Qaida already baiting Obama!: Barack Obama hasn't even assumed office yet and already al-Qaida is challenging his agenda and manhood, says J.B. Williams
Giving marriage back to the church: Frank Salvato believes that getting government out of the marriage business would likely solve a few societal issues
You can end the campaign now, Mr. Obama: Barack Obama isn't even president yet and Bruce Walker is getting tired of hearing the constant steam of news about what he thinks about this and that
The intrepid "ugly duckling": There's nothing better than an honest liberal and Michael Moriarty is grateful that Camille Paglia came to the defence of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin
Time to stop rewarding failure: The U.S. federal government isn't the only one handing out big money. Steve Martinovich says Canadian governments should resist the urge to give money to the auto industry
Turning boom into bust: Alan Caruba argues that a new "windfall profits" tax on the oil industry would devastate it and the city of Houston
The dilemma of hypermodernity and problems of left/right (Part Two): Is there a convergence between the true right and the better aspects of social democracy, asks Mark Wegierski
Double duty and implausible denial: Over a year has passed since the controversy over Dinesh D'Souza's The Enemy At Home and Daniel M. Ryan thinks it's time to revisit the book
Religious liberty and socialism: After a visit to his church which saw Barack Obama nearly canonized, Joseph Randolph argues that Christian move to a more left-embracing, secular ideology is a marriage doomed
Heads to roll at RNC: Who will lead party reform?: J.B. Williams believes that the Republican National Committee needs new blood to deal with the rise of neo-socialism in the White House
Happy days: Barack Obama will soon be president and the government is handing out money...that means only one thing: Time to break out into song, proclaims Lisa Fabrizio
WWBD: Barack Obama has pledged that among his first actions as president will be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, a move that would have enormous ramifications, says Alisa Craddock
Opportunity: It may have looked like the sky fell earlier this month with the victory of Barack Obama but Tom DeWeese believes not much was really lost
Welcome to Obamaburger.  May I take your money?: If the U.S. federal government under Barack Obama ran a hamburger joint, it probably wouldn't be too different from what J.J. Jackson has imagined
The French First Lady: Eye candy and air: The election of Barack Obama hasn't just inspired the American left. Selwyn Duke says Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has also apparently caught the big as well
A nation of Peter Pans: The infantilization of America has begun and with Big Daddy government handing out money, all citizens are children, writes Michael M. Bates
Labor's role in Detroit's disaster: Henry Lamb says that big labour has bloody hands in connection with the failing U.S. auto industry and he doesn't want to see them rewarded
Let them fail: Amit Ghate has some harsh words for businesses begging for bailout money from the U.S. federal government: You've failed and now it's time to go away
Slumping carbon "cap-and-trade" price worries greens: The price of carbon in Europe's emission trading program has fallen markedly over the past few months and is creating problems for environmentalists, writes Dennis T. Avery
Will Republicans have the courage to hit the reset button: Frank Salvato argues that the Republican Party needs to break with its recent past if it wants to regain power any time soon
Majority fools...: The election of Barack Obama was a crushing blow to conservatism but Mark Alexander says that all is not lost
If the center does not hold…: America has long served as the linchpin of the free world. Michael Moriarty wonders if Barack Obama will change that as well
How America has changed: Barack Obama is promising change but Alan Caruba says the U.S. began its change long before the president-elect was born
The blind leading the greedy: J.J. Jackson charges that the change Barack Obama has been promising is going to seem oddly familiar to Americans
Deficit dodging for dummies: If Canada's Conservatives need inspiration to cut spending then perhaps they should look to the Liberal Party, writes Adam Taylor
The dilemma of hypermodernity and problems of left/right (Part One): Mark Wegierski tries to grapple with the conceptual implications of the financial crisis, suggesting there are difficulties with conventional views of Left and Right
How America became the arsenal of freedom: Steve Martinovich thought American Rifle: A Biography was one of the best treatments of firearms history he's ever read
The apostles of clean fighting: Who put the rifle into the National Rifle Association?: Alexander Rose, author of American Rifle, explains the early history of the National Rifle Association and one of the things it originally stood for
Footprints of a crisis past: The current economic crisis is hardly the first of course, but also not unprecedented, writes Daniel M. Ryan
The newspaper belongs in the trash: As with the rest of the nation, Arizona's mainstream newspapers are dying a slow death thanks to their bias, reports Rachel Alexander
The revisioning of America by Barack Obama: What can we expect from President Barack Obama? Joseph Randolph says an aggressive leftist agenda...if that wasn't already obvious
Why the race was lost: Michael M. Bates says John McCain and the Republicans lost for a number of reasons, some their fault but mostly external
A Marxist tsunami cannot quench the flames of freedom: Angered by what happened last Tuesday? Henry Lamb says you have one option other than complaining to yourself: Getting involved with freedom-loving organizations
Social Security and the FairTax: Want to fix some big problems with the American economy? Harrison Rose argues his "FairTax" proposal would do wonders
Russian threats may test leadership of Obama: Jim Kouri says a resurgent Russia is likely to be one of the first tests that Barack Obama will face on assumption of the presidency
The maestro vs. the market: Alan Greenspan was once a devotee of Ayn Rand. Alex Epstein and Yaron Brook say his recent comments on the economic meltdown show how far he's moved away from promoting capitalism
The audacity of deception: If Barack Obama wins the election tomorrow night, writes Mark Alexander, it's because he's convinced Americans he's not a socialist
Why I'm voting for John McCain: Why is Michael Moriarty voting for Sen. John McCain? He says an Iraq war veteran said it better than anyone else has
What's waiting for him: Whoever wins the White House tomorrow evening will have a number of challenges awaiting him, says Daniel M. Ryan
The young will pay for a President Obama: A heavy bill will come due if Barack Obama is elected president and it's the youth who will pay the tab, says Michael M. Bates
Maybe you should not vote: The constitution guarantees the right to vote but J.J. Jackson believes that some people would be better off if they just stayed home
Afghanistan threatens to become another Vietnam: Is America repeating the mistakes that it made in Vietnam? Alan Caruba argues it may be time to withdraw from a land inhospitable to liberty
When liberation worked: Bruce Walker says the example of Grenada shows that wars of liberation can succeed -- and wonders what Barack Obama would have done in 1983
Graduating into war: Steve Martinovich found Bill Murphy Jr.'s In a Time of War: The Proud and Perilous Journey of West Point's Class of 2002 a great bit of storytelling
Why they talked, and what they want: Why did the soldiers of In a Time of War talk to Bill Murphy Jr.? Because they have a simple request for their fellow Americans
The family over all: An interview with Dr. Allan Carlson: Bernard Chapin talks with Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society president Dr. Allan Carlson about the American family and societal issues
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – November 3, 2008: During the last few days of a campaign a good leftist could come under assault for their policies. Joseph Randolph has advice for dealing with that eventuality
Alaska's glaciers are growing: Global warming? Dennis T. Avery says evidence shows that Alaska's glaciers are growing, not shrinking, with an increase in cosmic rays hitting the earth
What does that make me?: If Americans are supposed to vote along racial, cultural, religious, economic or gender lines, Lisa Fabrizio wonders who she's supposed to case a ballot for
U.S. now hiring – Voters need not apply: California's Proposition 8 isn't so much about gay marriage as it is about who gets to make decisions, says Christian Hartsock
Fleeting freedom: The indecent assault on broadcasters: Tomorrow the U.S. Supreme Court hears Federal Communications Commission v. Fox Television Stations and Don Watkins hopes the high court throws the case out
Stop the war on poor families: Niger Innis argues environmentalist anti-energy policies impose immoral burdens on our poorest citizens
The politics of health insurance: Richard E. Ralston wasn't very happy with either Barack Obama's or John McCain's proposals for health care
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December 2008

The Roaring Twenties and the Roaring Nineties: Alan Caruba believes that the Millennials, children born between 1980 and 2000, will be a lot like his parents and they'll suffer through some harsh economic times as well
A civil war in Christendom: Why does Barack Obama believe that Abraham Lincoln emancipated the slaves as a political weapon against the South? For the same reason that abortion exists today, writes Michael Moriarty
Champagne taste, limited means: 'Tis the season for champagne! Don't have a lot of money but you still want to celebrate the new year? Daniel M. Ryan provides some reviews of lesser priced examples in his own inimitable way
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – December 22, 2008: Why is Rod Blagojevich in such hot water? Joseph Randolph tells his leftist pen pal politician that the Illinois governor forget some truths
Giving education a failing grade: The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don't Teach the New Survival Skills Our Children Need--And What We Can Do About It argues that American education is failing and purports to have the cure, reports Steven Martinovich
Budget Grinch needed to stop alphabet soup of bailouts: It's not just American politicians shoveling out taxpayer dollars to business. Kevin Gaudet hopes that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper comes to his senses and stops propping up troubled Canadian firms
Paul M. Weyrich: Vicnaya Pamjat! Memory Eternal!: The passing of Paul M. Weyrich was the loss of a titan to the conservative movement. For Nicholas Sanchez it was the loss of a dear friend
Birds of a feather: The addition of Thomas Perrelli to Barack Obama's transition says a lot about the type of choices that the president-elect will be making, argues Lisa Fabrizio
Our bailout culture and the beauty of bankruptcy: Failure is indeed an option and Selwyn Duke says a little more failing and a little less bailing out would make for a healthier society
Economic bloodletting: Some proposed energy and environmental policies are akin to eighteenth century medicine, argues Paul Driessen
T'was the night before liberal Christmas 2008: Every year J.J. Jackson writes a new version of T'was the night before Christmas to reflect the past year and 2008 is no different
Roddy, we hardly knew ye: If you listen to Illinois politicians no one knew who Rod Blagojevich was before last month. Michael M. Bates says that the reality is that everyone is connected to each other
One reflection of America: If Barack Obama is a reflection of America, argues Mark Alexander, then the nation is a broken and victimized one
Illinois politics, Chicago corruption...I told you so: Frank Salvato told you a long time ago that electing a president born of Chicago politics was a very risky thing to do
The Republic: Dangling by a thread: There is a renewed effort to get rid of the Electoral College and Henry Lamb says it must be fought to preserve what's left of the American Republic
Will the Republicans go the way of the Whigs?: Could the Republican Party fracture due to its internal divisions? Samuel L. Blumenfeld wonders if the GOP could be replaced by another party, just as it replaced the Whigs in the mid-1800s
What's next for the Fed:  The People's National Bank?: Peter Morici believes that the U.S. Federal Reserve has several options left to it to deal with the growing economic crisis that is gripping the U.S.
Exercising my god-given right to water: Maude Barlow has declared water a "right" -- something Dennis T. Avery says will do nothing to actually get water to the people who need it
A very different generation: Why are 20-somethings such big fans of Barack Obama? Alan Caruba says it's because of the world they've grown up in
Draft Ditka: "Iron" Mike Ditka doesn't want to be a politician. That, says Bruce Walker, is the perfect reason the GOP should be courting him for the Illinois State Legislature
Deadbeats are deadbeats are deadbeats: Banks are under pressure to once again alter the terms of their loans to people having trouble paying their mortgages and J.J. Jackson's too happy about that
A subtle inhumanity: Michael Moriarty is in Italy with his adoptive parents is thinking about the danger that America's soul is facing from progressivism and abortion
Work, holidays, leisure, recreation, and the search for meaning in late modernity: Part Three: Mark Wegierski points to the curiously uneven dictates of the current-day "market"
Sore groupthink: There is a new type of groupthink in the United States -- the idea that if you don't hop on the bandwagon you're nothing but a sore loser -- and Daniel M. Ryan explains where it comes from
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – December 15, 2008: Joseph Randolph advises his leftist pen pal about the power of the idea of "community" and how to abuse it for political power
State of the unions: One of Lisa Fabrizio's good friends is a union man. That, she says, can ruin the mind of even the best kind of people
Bring back test patterns: Kids today will never know the simple pleasure of making it to the late night test pattern on TV. Michael M. Bates says he'd like a return to the sweet days when at a certain time there was nothing on
Here's your change!: Barack Obama came in promising change and Henry Lamb says it's change you're going to get -- and believers in American sovereignty won't enjoy it
Team Obamavich: Have some pity for poor Barack Obama. Last week several of his associates continued to make life difficult for him, writes Mark Alexander
Barack Obama: Neither oblivious nor deceptive: Frank Salvato says the scandal involving Gov. Rod Blagojevich is forcing Barack Obama to do something he hasn't had to before: Explain himself
Green cars for cheap gas?: Dennis T. Avery doesn't think much of the government's hope to force the auto industry to build "eco-cars" in exchange for billions in assistance
The cap and trade fraud: Cap and trade schemes, such as the one promoted by Barack Obama, won't do a thing to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, argues Jack Ward
The socialist and the stone: Some people, like a man Selwyn Duke used to know, aren't afraid to explain away their failures by blaming others or fate
A preacher for the gnostic religion of socialism: If "gnostic socialism" has a face, writes Thomas E. Brewton, then it must be Canadian activist Naomi Klein
How Obama and the Democrats will destroy the U.S. economy: Alan Caruba believes that an Obama presidency with its environmental bent will do significant harm to the American economy
Work, holidays, leisure, recreation, and the search for meaning in late modernity: Part Two: Mark Wegierski criticizes a society of consumption and "de-industrialization"
Progressive moral ambiguity III: The New World Order's rainbow lawyers: If you want to know who to thank for the cultural, political and moral morass America is in, thank George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, says Michael Moriarty
Baildown: Can too much money be a bad thing? Daniel M. Ryan wonders if an "over"-bailout can make things worse rather than better
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – December 8, 2008: Joseph Randolph advises his leftist politician pen pal on how to navigate the shoals of the financial crisis with some good old fashioned voter-friendly posturing
Celebrating a quiet victory of democracy: Francisco Franco isn't particularly well-loved today but Bruce Walker says the late General deserves praise
Fun and Game Boys at Guantanamo: Life is pretty good at Guantanamo Bay, says Michael M. Bates, probably why Raul Castro wants to visit it
Obama's new dog: Picking a dog for the First Family isn't so simple, particularly when its Democrats doing the choosing, writes J.J. Jackson
Fickle sun brought down ancient emperors: A stalagmite in China is proving that the sun has had tremendous tremendous influence over the earth's climate during recorded human history, reports Dennis T. Avery
Prometheus bound: Liberals once famously declared that they wanted the state out of the bedroom. Lisa Fabrizio says that didn't mean they didn't want it everywhere else
Stupid is as stupid does: Why did Barack Obama see such strong support from younger voters? Mark Alexander argues that a recent Intercollegiate Studies Institute report explains it all
Why the POTUS needs to be a natural-born citizen: Frank Salvato doesn't know whether Barack Obama was born in Kenya or Hawaii but says it's important to make sure a natural-born citizen is elected president
Obama wants a climate czar... but Al Gore has no consensus: Al Gore was riding high based on his global warming campaign but Tom DeWeese says the air is now gone from his sails
WMD attack likely, says new blue ribbon panel report: Jim Kouri says a congressional report will have some chilling news for Americans when the final version is released: A WMD attack is imminent
Is there not a single capitalist left in Washington DC?: J.B. Williams says the problems in the American economy -- ones caused by the political class -- could be solved with some old fashioned capitalist moves
Generous with other people's money: Thomas E. Brewton says Robert Rubin and politicians are very similar: They both think they can spend other people's money and face no responsibility for their actions
Be careful what you wish for: The Democrats believe they have a new consensus thanks to victories in states that traditionally go Republican. Bruce Walker has a warning for them
Progressive "moral ambiguity" II: The coming Obama nation: What do the coming Obama years promise? Michael Moriarty argues that a faith that is difficult to criticize is subtly anti-human as well
Work, holidays, leisure, recreation, and the search for meaning in late modernity: Part One: Mark Wegierski begins his look at creative labor and meaningful recreation
The hazards of do-gooding: Being a do-gooder is a good thing right? Daniel M. Ryan argues that there are perils attached to being one...a note of warning for governments
Rethinking the Middle East: Alan Caruba has been thinking a lot of the Middle East lately and realized that many of his conclusions were based on one assumption
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – December 1, 2008: Joseph Randolph advises his leftist pen pal this week on politically tolerating the Mother Earth movement but also understanding its euphoria as well
Dear Charlotte – You are bankrupt: J.J. Jackson has an apology for his daughter. Despite his best efforts she will grow up one day and assume the mantle of debt thanks to her government
Social engineering: national suicide: Every time liberals capture power they attempt some social engineering. And fail every time, says Henry Lamb
Race in the Third Millennium: The election of Barack Obama to president did nothing to solve America's racial problems, argues Selwyn Duke. The race industry will be alive and well for sometime, he says
Obama chooses a free trade ideologue for Treasury: Howard Richman and Raymond Richman say that for those concerned about American jobs and economy will be disappointed by Timothy L. Geithner as Treasury Secretary
The blood of patriots and tyrants: J.B. Williams believes that the election of Barack Obama and the policies he will likely champion bring America closer to the day when the inevitable occurs
Freedom from the FDA: Not that it will happen any time soon but Richard E. Ralston thinks Americans would be much better without the obstructionist FDA
A cornucopia of gratitude: We're entering that time of year, the time to give thanks for all that you have. Frank Salvato has a long list of people he thinks should receive gratitude for all they do
Emotion and logic: That emotions are important is something that few would argue but Dr. M. Sidney Wallace believes you can't run a society with it as likely will happen in the United States over the next few years
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