January 2010 - December 2010

January 2010

The bill comes due for socialism: Socialism may have been proven a failure by history but that doesn't mean Barack Obama isn't going to give it another try, writes Alan Caruba
Brown Steagall: Barack has made it clear he's going to war against America's biggest banks. Daniel M. Ryan obviously doesn't think much of this latest move
The New World Order's "Chicago Way": A year into his presidency and Barack Obama has essentially accomplished nothing. Michael Moriarty wonders if he'll consider a shift in tactics
Some thoughts on Herbert Marcuse vs. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World: Mark Wegierski hypothesizes what Frankfurt School thinker Marcuse could say about Aldous Huxley's dystopia
Repudiation of the unholy trinity: Henry Lamb believes last week's election of Scott Brown is essentially a rejection of the top three power brokers in Washington, D.C.
Praise for Scott Brown being reserved: J.J. Jackson understands why conservatives are happy at Scott Brown's victory but he would like to caution them against deifying him before he actually does anything
Prosecution of innocent man seals Martha Coakley's defeat: Carey Roberts is the opinion that Martha Coakley's failed attempt at a prosecuting child abuse case may have been one of the reasons for her defeat last week
We're all tea-partiers now: Alisa Craddock says that Scott Brown's victory sends a clear signal to Washington, D.C.: Americans are as mad as hell and aren't going take it any longer
The time is ripe for divide & conquer: Top Democrats are laying Martha Coakley's loss purely at her feet but Frank Salvato says the blame belongs somewhere else
Our President: Hubris Humphrey: Conventional wisdom says an increasingly unpopular president tends to shift to the center to regain popularity. Michael Di Domenico doesn't believe Barack Obama will employ that strategy
Half their brain tied behind their back: Dr. Robert Owens says we aren’t engaged in a debate we're in a war.  Slick talk may win debates but when it comes to wars actions speak louder than words and if our leaders won't talk the talk how can they possibly walk the walk?
Are some Americans more equal than others?: When it comes to asking for votes, argues Lisa Fabrizio, it would appear that some Americans are indeed more equal than others
The revolution is gathering strength: Tom DeWeese says the Scott Brown victory last week is the latest in a long series of defeats for the left in the United States
State of disunion: This Barack Obama delivers his first State of the Union address and Mark Alexander offers a reality check to what the American president is likely to claim as successes
What is more troubling than Pat Robertson's remarks?: Pat Robertson got into trouble for suggesting the Haiti earthquake was divine retribution, something that Selweyn Duke doesn't agree with but he wonders why other Christians reject the notion of divine wrath
Greenpeace opts for millions of blind kids: Dennis T. Avery reports that Greenpeace continues its war against genetically modified food that would prevent blindness in Third World children
The Federal Reserve is inflating another bubble: Stock market exuberance is symptomatic of a rapidly expanding money supply's corrosive effect, says Thomas E. Brewton
Climate change: Back to the future?: Hot, cold, hot cold...Mark Alexander says the ongoing debate over climate science continues to prove no one seems to know what is going on
Good old days: Daniel M. Ryan says Richard Duncan talks a bit like a libertarian in Corruption of Capitalism: A strategy to rebalance the global economy and restore sustainable growth but unfortunately not enough like one
Some notes on East Asian cosmology, society, and economy – Part Two: Mark Wegierski speculates about the future of China, Japan, and the world
The hollow men vs. The carny men: Michael Moriarty has long been a fan of Mark Steyn but a recent column over at National Review's web site was simply sublime
Distracted by stupidity: There is plenty of dumb in the world and much of it can be found in Washington, D.C., writes Alan Caruba
Epic pass/epic fail: On Tuesday the people of Massachusetts will choose Ted Kennedy's replacement and Michael Di Domenico is ready for anything from the Democrats
Not exactly Mother Teresa: Paul Driessen says that Greenpeace is good at calling others to task for their perceived ethical lapses but is actually guilty of committing its own
Audit nightmare: Kevin Gaudet spotlights the case of a British Columbia man all but ruined by the Canada Revenue Agency and wonders why the federal government hasn't done anything about it
Are the Amish really sub-human pagans?: If health care is an American right and the Amish can be exempted from a government-run version, J.J. Jackson wonders if that makes them less than human
Convert stimulus to tax cut: The U.S. federal government hasn't spent all of that stimulus money and that means Americans could still get a tax cut, writes E. Ralph Hostetter
The Catholic case for immigration reform: The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is under attack for looking for solutions to immigration issues and Lisa Fabrizio says they don't deserve the assault
Limiting congressional power: Henry Lamb says part of the mid-term elections this year should be about sending a message to Congress about the limits of their power
Wanted community organizers…No experience needed: Dr. Robert Owens asks if agents of change succeed in destroying the economy and neutering the Constitution what will protect the freedom and opportunity of America?
Jail time for French women who berate husbands: Only in France. Carey Roberts responds to a proposed French law which would ban French wives screaming at their husbands
The bank tax: Just another bit of demagoguery: Peter Morici argues that Barack Obama's notion of a bank tax to recover TARP money is all public relations
The lies about green jobs: Barack Obama's constant chatter about so-called green jobs is like everything else the man talks about, argues Alan Caruba, vague promises with no connection to reality
Yes, we can…stick our foot in it: This week Daniel M. Ryan takes a look at two issues gripping America and how Barack Obama's slogan leds him into trouble
Some notes on East Asian cosmology, society, and economy – Part One: In the first of a two-part series Mark Wegierski looks eastward
One explanation only: Michael Moriarty argues that there can only be one possible explanation for the agenda that the progressive left is imposing on the United States
Is Glenn Beck the great conservative hope?: Glenn Beck has become very popular on the right over the past few years and J.J. Jackson explains why
Not by fire but by ice: Forget climate change, the thing that's keeping Alan Caruba awake at night are magnetic changes in the Earth's core
The irrelevancy of the constitution: Is America's constitution irrelevant? Linda Prussen-Razzano says yes and explains why
Tinseltown nostalgia: The night and day difference of Hollywood used to be like and what it is today was illustrated recently by channels like Turner Classic Movies, says Lisa Fabrizio
Pop goes the culture: Americans are immersed in popular culture but Dr. Robert Owens wonders why they choose to accept the images that they do
Millions pray for global warming as cold spell grips the planet: Cold snaps all across the planet? People dying from the cold? According to the climate change orthodoxy that means nothing, says Carey Roberts
USDA misleads on farming's climate future: The USDA is trying to scare American farmers on the issue of climate change and Dennis T. Avery isn't having that
D.C. Three Stooge act booked for one more year: The three stooges currently running the United States will have their final act in 2010, believes Harold Witkov
I'm sick of….: Everyone has a mental list of people and things they are just plain sick of and some of Robert T. Smith's selections might be a surprise
Scott Brown for U.S. Senate: Charles A. Morse hopes very much that the people of Massachusetts make the right choice this year and elect Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate
 "…A little rebellion now and then is a good thing": Henry Lamb says all Americans will have the opportunity this November to engage in a little rebellion
Why free trade is failing America: Peter Morici doesn't mind free trade but the style of free trade it is currently engaging in is bankrupting the United States
California uber alles: Michael Di Domenico says that the state of California will hopefully learn a lesson straight from the Bible very soon
The Janus face of the progressive Democrats: If 2010 offers any promise, writes Frank Salvato, is that 2009 proved to Americans how two-faced the Democrats really are
The DMV's no smile zone: Michael R. Shannon's wife recently had to renew her driver's licence which necessitated a new picture and it got him to thinking about the process
Obama's make-believe life: That Barack Obama is the president of the United States is reality but Alan Caruba wonders if there's any "there there"
Leadership, deservedness and religion: A recent article on male philandering got Daniel M. Ryan to think about the issue of leadership
Christmas Eve forebodings of progressive transformations: While sitting for his annual Christmas picture a few weeks back Michael Moriarty had a hard time feeling happy and he explains why
ESR's Person of the Year for 2009: Who is the Person of the Year for 2009 as chosen by you? Steven Martinovich says it probably won't come as too big a surprise
Enter Stage Right's Best Books of 2009: Book guy Steven Martinovich rounds up his favourites for 2009 in what was a surprisingly decent year
Ten years in the life of a nation: The world has changed a lot over the past decade but Lisa Fabrizio says the more things change, the more they stay the same
What to do now that its been done: Dr. Robert Owens says this new year should be a busy one for you -- assuming you aren't a fan of what's going on
Resolved: Remove the Marxist majority: Henry Lamb has only one resolution for 2010...get rid of the left in Washington, D.C.
Resolutions for 2010: Honesty first: It's a new year and although Parliament won't resume sitting until March, Kevin Gaudet has some resolutions he'd like some Canadian politicians to make
Pyrotechnics and hot dogs: All it takes is a crisis -- real or otherwise -- to radically grow the size of government, writes Robert T. Smith
Same Chet, different day: Michael Di Domenico wishes there was a Chester A. Arthur around today to remember what the proper role of a president is
2010's top ten myths: You're going to be hearing a lot of things in 2010 and at least ten of them, says Alan Caruba, simply aren't true
Was the Christmas bomber a Frank Amendment terrorist?: Charles A. Morse wants to know if Barney Frank and an amendment he introduced to an immigration bill back in 1990 had anything to do with the Christmas bomber
2009 Award for Political Incorrectness: Calling out the liberal lies: Another year has passed and Carey Roberts has his choice for the most politically incorrect person of the past year
Journalists' new math and lap dancing: Michael R. Shannon has a problem with journalists who can't add and the ramifications of the Christmas bomber
Levi Johnston, do kiss and tell!: Krystle Nicole Russin doesn't think much of Levi Johnston's continuing attempts to leverage celebrity out of his connection to Sarah Palin and her family
Taxpayer robbery gate: Senator Barbara Boxer is compounding the Climategate scandal with cover-up and obstruction, argues Paul Driessen
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February 2010

What Congress may look like in three years: Could the GOP be in control of Congress in three short years? Bruce Walker says it's not out of the question
The multi-billion dollar global warming fraud: Alan Caruba argues that all the money spent on climate change has been fraudulently obtained and questions whether the industry is a criminal enterprise
Canadian Olympic ecstasy: Vancouver is hosting the Winter Olympics and the nearby Michael Moriarty is truly being inspired the the spectacle and its stories
Tea Party backlash unites CPAC 2010: Rachel Alexander was at CPAC 2010 and reports that a good time was had by nearly all
Half of the story: Steven Martinovich liked Complicit: How Greed and Collusion Made the Credit Crisis Unstoppable, he just wished it told the whole story of what caused the financial meltdown
Yes, we noticed: Last week the U.S. Federal Reserve hiked its discount rate and caused a minor storm. Daniel M. Ryan explores what the move means
How true is the truth?: Dr. Robert Owens says some universally held truths sound like the real deal but closer investigation reveals otherwise
Complacency: How do people lose their freedom and nation? All they have to do, says Robert T. Smith, is lie back and forget about things
Warfighting 101: Mark Alexander spent part of his week with soldiers which reminded him why continuing the war against terrorism is so important
Five unthinkable options: Part 2 of 5: J.J. Jackson continues his five part series on options Americans must consider if they have any hope of fixing their country
Another failing biofuel "miracle": Jatropha trees were once heralded as the next big thing in Not so much, says Dennis T. Avery
Utah to challenge federal land ownership: Henry Lamb reports that at least one state has had enough of the federal government owning so much of its land
The summer game: Now that the NFL season is finally over Lisa Fabrizio has something to look forward to: The start of America's real past time, baseball
"Choose Electrolux" plate available soon: If pro-choicers are allowed to have a personalized licence plate Michael R. Shannon wants to why they're so opposed to the pro-life crowd enjoying the same thing
Our federal government's basic purpose: America's founders had one goal for their federal government and Frank Salvato says today's politicians seem to have forgotten that
Health care reform: What's next?: There may be a lull at the moment over the question of health care in the United States but Richard E. Ralston says the fight is hardly over
Corruption at Federal Reserve Bank ignored by news media: An ostensibly well-meaning program to bring illegal aliens into the mainstream financial system is also helping gangs and other criminals with laundering their money, says Jim Kouri
The ayatollahs are asking for it: Alan Caruba believes that Iran's leadership, given some of their announcements last week, truly wants Israel to attack the country
Return of the sledgehammer: Daniel M. Ryan returns to the subject of having banks carry a 100 per cent reserve requirement but this time derivatives are the focus of his thoughts
A third party time bomb: Michael Moriarty's musings last week about a Glenn Beck third party candidacy earned him some fire but he stands by his words
Five unthinkable options (Part 1 of 5): J.J. Jackson launches the first of a five part series in which he lays out some rather uncomfortable options for Americans if they want to fix their country
Why J.D. Hayworth will beat McCain for U.S. Senate: Could John McCain really be knocked off by J.D. Hayworth? Rachel Alexander thinks so
John Murtha, RIP: Statesman or political thug?: John Murtha may have died last week but Jim Kouri isn't in a forgiving mood concerning the late congressman's views on Iraq and the U.S. military
Purveyors of hate: Henry Lamb says the political left -- which loves to talk tolerance -- is the home of hate and spite when it comes to conservatives
GST hike like another Tiger Woods girlfriend: Bad idea: Do Canadians really want a hike in the Goods and Services Tax? Kevin Gaudet says it's bad idea
Obama's invisible homeless and hungry: The media isn't reporting it but since Barack Obama became president the number of homeless and hungry Americans has been steadily rising, says Alan Caruba
How dumb does he think we are?: Does President Obama really believe if he talks deficit reduction while proposing the biggest budget with the biggest deficit in history anyone is going to fall for it?  Dr. Robert Owens says the question comes to mind, how dumb does he think we are?
The weather outside is frightful: Michael R. Shannon has been snowed in but that doesn't mean he didn't get a chance to enjoy a little warm weather before Snowmageddon hit
Science vs alarmism: 4th international conference on climate change: Tom DeWeese says if you're looking for something interesting to do in May will be near Chicago that you're invited to skeptic's climate change conference
Green jobs stupidity: Thomas E. Brewton doesn't think much of Barack Obama's desire to create "green jobs" -- particularly in the light that no one else has been able to make it actually work
IPCC science scandals aren't new: The climate gate emails are hardly the first evidence of the UN lying about climate change, writes Dennis T. Avery
Was George W. Bush a great president?: A little over after a year that George W. Bush left office Charles A. Morse has passed judgment on Bush 43
Is Obama stuck in the Bush trap?: Is Barack Obama caught in an economic trap that George W. Bush left behind? Daniel M. Ryan answers the question
The Reagan model for restoration: We've said it before and Mark Alexander will say it again: If the Republican Party wants to regain its health it needs to follow the example of Ronald Reagan
The Beck is beckoning … for what really?: Glenn Beck is rapidly building a base thanks to his increasing popularity. Michael Moriarty thinks he knows why the Fox News host is doing so
I prefer local to global: Everyone seems to be talking about thinking globally and acting locally but Alan Caruba says he only has eyes for his own neighbourhood
Mr. President: It's the trade deficit stupid!: If Barack Obama really wants the American economy to grow by at least four per cent annually he must address the nation's trade imbalance, argues Peter Morici
$3.8 trillion? Shame on you, Mr. President: When Barack Obama announced his proposed budget last week Carey Roberts had trouble even visualizing the numbers
Where the jobs are: If Barack Obama wants to end reliance on foreign oil and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs all he has to do is ask Henry Lamb what to do
An American charity slump?: Is Barack Obama's drive to expand the welfare state threatening to undermine the traditional generosity of Americans to charities? Nathan Tabor believes so
How many PACs do we need to take our country back?: J.B. Williams has no great love for Political Action Committes regardless of who or what they're supporting
When borrowing ideas from Democrats, first consider the source: A recent example concerning funding of ambulances in Prince William County, VA proved to Michael R. Shannon that you have to be careful in repurposing liberal ideas
Did he really say what he said?: Dr. Robert Owens still can't square what he heard during Barack Obama's State of the Union speech and the current debate gripping the climate change issue
The gender silent majority: In his budget proposal last week Barack Obama once again took aim at American men, writes Dr. Gordon E. Finley
Disclosing the real risks of climate change: Paul Driessen can only laugh at a new SEC regulation demanding companies to disclose climate change risks in operations
In remembrance of the great global-warming snow job: Karen Norling takes aim at all thing related to climate change and it doesn't look good for the orthodoxy
Corruption, collusion, or legal thievery: Forget donations, the best way to fund an environmental organization in the United States these days appears to be launching lawsuits against the federal government, writes Henry Lamb
The great green land grab: Alan Caruba says that if you want to see a place where government land policies ostensibly designed to protect the environment have gone wrong, visit New Jersey
Let me introduce you to the sledgehammer: As bank reform is the hot topic of the day, Daniel M. Ryan decides to explore some of the more radical proposals floating around
Living up to the Declaration of Independence: Americans may have made significant progress in seeing all citizens enjoy the promise of the dream offered by the Declaration of Independence, there remains one group still unrepresented, writes Michael Moriarty
Angry voters track RINOs and incumbents: Henry Lamb believes there is a wave of anger that will make its strength known during the November elections
A nation in decline: Land of the free? Tom DeWeese says a new survey shows that the United States continues to decline in measures of economic freedom
State of the Union: Obama v. Constitution: Barack Obama's first State of the Union address was an educational effort, writes Mark Alexander, as Americans got another opportunity to learn what the president thinks is important
Will this be on the final?: Michael Di Domenico felt like he was back in school while listening to Barack Obama's State of the Union address...thanks largely to feeling like he was being lectured to
Prosperity floweth not from bills and Washington: The more people like Arlen Specter speak, says J.J. Jackson, the more they show that they don't know very much
Beyond Brown the second round: Dr. Robert Owens says that the message from Massachusetts may have been heard in Washington, D.C. but apparently it wasn't understood
The Super Bowl kerfuffle: This Super Bowl Sunday you'll see an ad which feminists are going ape over. J. Matt Barber has some advice for them that they should be very familiar with
A chill hits wind power: There's plenty of wind blowing these days but Dennis T. Avery says not to expect it to actually power much of anything
Climate greenshirts: The rise of eco-fascism: The political left talks a good talk about tolerance but when it comes to environmentalism, writes Carey Roberts, they're anything but
The Tea Party movement, the GOP & making it work: The Tea Party movement and GOP are both fighting for the same hearts and minds. Frank Salvato has some advice for the political party
Three big lies behind government-run health care: Government-run health care isn't dead yet which is why Jason Sagall wants to remind you of three big whoppers Washington, D.C. wants to sell you when it comes to the debate over the issue
Not just in Germany: Both Germany -- old and new -- and California seem to have declared war on people who would dare to home school their children, says Thomas E. Brewton
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March 2010

Republicans go to war over Iraq: Up until recently the Republican Party was largely united over Iraq but W. James Antle III says that consensus may be breaking down
Talk of impeachment: Impeach Barack Obama? Alan Caruba says a recent editorial made some pretty strong arguments for such a radical move
Gold: Now a nascent bubble: Is gold in danger of becoming a bubble that will lure the unwary investor in? Daniel M. Ryan says the signs are certainly pointing that way
Red China: While Barack Obama is a huge danger to the United States, Michael Moriarty believes humanity's greatest threat lies with communist China
Hanks, Hollywood, and history: Tom Hanks' recent comments essentially declaring America's war against terrorism to be racist in nature shows how out of touch he is, writes Bruce Walker
Obama sends "stimulus" funds to  phantom congressional districts: The Obama administration has been bragging about how much money has been spent creating jobs across America. The problem? Tom DeWeese says some of the places and jobs don't actually exist
Stockwell's day of reckoning: Kevin Gaudet says that Stockwell Day has a big job ahead of him in taming Canada's deficit and restoring some sanity to spending
Return of the swamp thing: Nancy Pelosi pledged to get rid of corruption in Washington, D.C. but Dr. Robert Owens says she and the Democrats have done anything but
The goal is control: Henry Lamb says it's time that Americans kick out politicians who believe that the U.S. constitution is irrelevant to their desire for total control
Government take-over of America: Joseph Randolph wishes that more people would take control over their own lives so that Washington, D.C. doesn't feel tempted to
Aborting health care reform: Barack Obama continues his drive for health care reform but Lisa Fabrizio believes the issue of abortion may yet kill his efforts
Pulling the plug on our constitution: Democracy will soon be dead if the Democrats are allowed to pass Obama's health care reforms with the House not voting on the Senate version, argues Mark Alexander
The cry baby culture: There was a time when Americans didn't covet what their neighbour had, instead they were simply happy for what they did have, says Bob Hicks
Amnesty is back: It's that time again...John Bender says amnesty for illegal immigrants is back and Americans need once again to send a clear message to Washington, D.C.
What the Fed's mission ought to be: Thomas E. Brewton believes that the U.S. Federal Reserve should be severely limited in what it is allowed to do
Climate warming created farming: Dennis T. Avery argues that a recent study suggesting ancient climate change wasn't responsible for farming doesn't make sense
We want a "FairTax" now!: Alan Caruba is familiar with the FairTax concept and as the title of his essay would indicate, he's all in favour of it. Never heard of it? Read on
Eliminating the terror that is April 15: Eliminate the federal income tax? With some caveats Steve Martinovich thought Ken Hoagland's The FairTax Solution: Financial Justice for all Americans was on the right path
"If I were dictator of the United States": Daniel M. Ryan has a kind offer for his American cousins: If they let him be dictator of the United States he'll accomplish a few big goals
The inevitable fall of the progressive empire: It doesn't look good these days for American liberty but Michael Moriarty says the armies of freedom still have some powerful weapons they can employ
Five unthinkable options (Part 5 of 5): This week J.J. Jackson concludes his series on how to solve the American government debt crisis by going constitutional on the matter
Greece's tragedy and naked swaps: Greek President George Papandreou is blaming financial instruments for his nation's problems when he should be looking internally, writes Peter Morici
American exceptionalism and a can do attitude: Dr. Robert Owens says our current political landscape could get depressing but he still believes in American exceptionalism and a can do attitude
The gales of November: Barack Obama may be determined to ram through socialized health care but Lisa Fabrizio believes his drive may be repaid in kind later this year
Attorney General's duplicity overlooked by media cheerleaders: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has an interesting past when it comes to the work he's done in fighting the war against terrorism and defending detainees, reports Jim Kouri
The radical left's latest attack on Glenn Beck: The radical left is after Glenn Beck again, says John Bender, and this time a radical minister is leading the charge
Obama's ideology threatens America: Alan Caruba argues that Barack Obama's ideology is nothing short of a takeover of the most American of ideals
When debating a liberal, start with first principles: Mark Alexander says there are only two things you need to remember when debating a liberal
Obamacare: Shortcut to socialism: If Americans are truly afraid of socialism, says Henry Lamb, then they should be absolutely terrified of Barack Obama's drive for health care
On slavery and slave masters, and health care reform: Some people used to say some very ignorant things about African-Americans and slavery, says Alisa Craddock, some things she's hearing today about another issue
Profits over people: Joseph Randolph argues that Barack Obama shouldn't be blaming the insurance companies for creating the health care mess...he should be looking a little closer to home
We simply can't afford another entitlement program: Barack Obama may want another gigantic entitlement program but Frank Salvato makes it pretty clear that Americans can't afford it
Barack Obama: An also-ran: One reader compared Rush Limbaugh to Joseph Goebbels so Thomas E. Brewton will return the favor and also ignore Godwin's Law and compare Barack Obama to another famous German
The rise of the Tea Party: The media may be ignoring the story of the Tea Party movement but David M. Huntwork says it has plans to continue making a lot of noise
So a liberal blogger walks out of a bar…: Critics of James O'Keefe's undercover study of ACORN are still at it and Christian Hartsock is finding out how persistent they really are
Blowing wind up your skirt: It's a pretty sweet scam, says Alan Caruba. The American government gives the wind energy money to promote their cause and you end up paying higher energy bills
Martyrdom: Falling on one's sword is a time-honoured ritual for those who face the end but don't wish the ignominy of defeat. Joseph Randolph says it means something different in Washington, D.C.
We all want the same thing?!: Barack Obama's recent health care summit illustrated to Michael Moriarty that there are two opposing forces in the world and one of them isn't looking out for your interests
Reconciliation: the Dems' "Nuclear Option": It wasn't long ago that Democrats were wailing about the threat to democracy of majority votes in the Senate. These days? Not so much, says Henry Lamb
Second Amendment -- Still 'the palladium of liberties': Last week the U.S. Supreme Court heard the latest test case involving the Second Amendment and Mark Alexander has some thoughts on the matter
Not quite a bull's-eye: Daniel M. Ryan says Panderer to Power: The Untold Story of How Alan Greenspan Enriched Wall Street and Left a Legacy of Recession makes some good points but it's not quite successful
Five unthinkable options (Part 4 of 5): Last week J.J. Jackson paid off America's national debt by cutting all non-mandatory spending. This week he goes hardcore and it starts to get very ugly
How quick the message fades: Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning had one simple request for his peers: Fund programs out of existing funds. Frank Salvato says what happened next tells you everything you need to know about Washington, D.C.
Economy sheds more jobs: Obama's policies not enough: Peter Morici argues that American unemployment continues to rise and nothing that Barack Obama has done has managed to mitigate or reverse that trend
Virginia decommissions the "arts": Virginia's politicians have axed a commission that exists to promotes the arts and Michael R. Shannon isn't exactly disappointed by the move
Leave it to beaver?: People continue to attack Leave it to Beaver as an unrealistic depiction of American family life at any time in the nation's history but Ben-Peter Terpstra still has praise for the venerable TV show
Were the Founding Fathers media socialists?: FCC Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd has essentially argued that the government needs to socialize the media, something that needs to be fought, says Don Watkins
Why this when we want that?: Barack Obama and his cronies are determined to give you health care whether you want it or not, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Losing jobs with green technology: Call it an unintended consequence: Green energy actually destroys jobs in other energy related sectors, reports Dennis T. Avery
Applying Alinsky: Why Obamacare makes no sense: Why is Barack Obama so eager to ram through more socialized health care? Alan Caruba says it's all part of the plan
Truth, modern wealth, and power in our world: Information truly is the most valuable currency in the world which explains why evil always perverts it to its own uses, writes Bruce Walker
The divine inertia of democracy: Last week's presidential meeting on health care got Michael Moriarty thinking about American democracy and its enemies
Greece and the Euro: A trial separation?: Greece's current budget and economic woes have Daniel M. Ryan wondering if the nation could be the first nation to get rid of the Euro
Budget cliff driving: Hit the brakes!: Canada is facing a record budget deficit and all the government can promise is to slow down the rate of spending increases. Kevin Gaudet isn't impressed
Five unthinkable options (Part 3 of 5): J.J. Jackson continues his five part series on fixing America's financial house this week by focusing on radical spending cuts
The perils of progress: Lisa Fabrizio believes conservatives should have one overarching principle when it comes to crafting an agenda
Harry Reid: Smoke, mirrors and misandry: Paul Elam didn't think much of Harry Reid's assertion last week that men who lose their jobs tend to start beating their wives and children
The party of hell no!: Democrats want to brand the GOP as the Party of No. Dr. Robert Owens has absolutely no problem with that and thinks the Republicans should embrace it
Taking the pill: America's president and Congress want Americans to accept universal health care without question. Joseph Randolph hopes his countrymen think twice
The 2010 Mexican roundup: Michael R. Shannon's local police chief is a man who apparently believes illegal immigrants aren't a big problem
Counting the votes before they are in: American conservatives are anticipating big gains in 2012 but Nancy Salvato says electoral expectations should be tempered by a greater reality
Who's the boss?: Henry Lamb says it's a simple question and when it comes to a state's land it needs to be answered: Does the federal government have authority over the states, or vice versa?
Fidelity, fidelity, fidelity: The Catholic Church and the US Government have a similar problem, but Alisa Craddock says the solution is the same for both
Destroying America from inside the classroom: Think your children are learning facts and figures in the classroom? Tom DeWeese says it's just as likely they're learning some pretty horrible things
Some tough medicine for getting back to good: The United States is in a bad way and Frank Salvato says it will take some bitter medicine to put things right again
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April 2010

Revolutionary fantasy: The political left wants to portray the Tea Party movement has some dangerous wannabe-terrorists. Daniel M. Ryan says the U.S. is hardly ready for a revolutionary movement even if they were
A sign for the next Tea Party: With all that is going on today Dr. Robert Owens has a suggestion for a sign for someone attending a Tea Party protest
Big nature and tiny us: The eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland ought to prove to the world that humans can't do very much to change climate, writes Bruce Walker
The inevitable fate of the Marx-Mammon double-team: It's not a choice between communism and the Devil, argues Michael Moriarty, as the two are one and the same. The real choice is between liberty and Marx and the Devil
Cap-and-trade treason: The Senate is about to begin debate on a bill which will institute cap and trade for emissions and Alan Caruba says it's nothing but an attack on the U.S.
All about Hollywood: One of Lisa Fabrizio's favourite movies is All About Eve, a movie she argues would have been made differently in today's Hollywood
Derivatives!: Derivatives have a bad name today and are one of the causes of proposed increased regulation of the financial sector but Dr. Peter Morici says they're invaluable to investors
Dictatorial politicians: A nearby community elected a new and young mayor and he's a conservative. The reaction, says Joseph Randolph, tells him everything he needs to know about the old school
The real definition of sedition that liberals don't want you to know: Joe Klein says that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are coming close to being seditious. J.J. Jackson says Klein is out to lunch
Men lead the conservative surge to retake Congress: Carey Roberts believes that male voters will likely take the first step to block Barack Obama's agenda this November if Democrats do face big losses in Congress
Losing the organic debate: Dennis T. Avery recently participated in a debate over organic food in New York and he never had a chance
Philip Dru Obama: Barack Obama is increasingly reminding Henry Lamb of a character from a famous American political novel
The rise of the taxers: Kevin Gaudet is hearing an increasing chorus of Canadians -- including those who could once be counted as allies -- calling for a hike in taxes and he doesn't like it
U.S. Navy honors and memorializes corrupt congressman: Jim Murtha called U.S. Marines "murderers" and was one of the most corrupt politicians of the past two decades so it's obvious why Jim Kouri wasn't pleased this past Friday
A health care parable: Jason Sagall's little story of a event isn't so hypothetical once you consider that goverment-mandated health care works how he's described
Fiduciary responsibility and judgment vs. caveat emptor: Thomas E. Brewton argues that the SEC's charges against Goldman Sachs spotlights how much the banking industry has changed in the past century
The Battleground Poll and hiding elites: Bruce Walker says the April edition of the Battleground Poll has predictable results but contained in the numbers are some very interesting possibilities
The power to tax ... and revolt: Government may have been given the power to tax its constituents but that doesn't mean that those same constituents don't have power as well, says Mark Alexander
The President's only friend left...: The Cold War is over? Michael Moriarty says that the battle between freedom and tyranny is alive and well and being fought within the borders of the United States
Navel-gazing can pay: Want to be methodical about things? Daniel M. Ryan says Think Twice: Harnessing The Power Of Counter-Intuition might be right up your alley
Denying reality brings us closer to nuclear midnight: Barack Obama may talk a good talk about nuclear threats but Frank Salvato argues that his actions speak far louder
The EPA monster: The EPA is a federal entity with 18,000 employees and a huge budget. Alan Caruba says that both things need to change
Break-out sessions: Joseph Randolph couldn't help but laugh and be a little sad when Barack Obama employed his "break-out session" bit when discussing nuclear weapons on the world stage
What I fear I am not afraid to speak of: There is a lot to fear in modern day America but that doesn't mean that you should also be afraid to confront them, says J.J. Jackson
We must know who we are to decide what we will be: Is America a democracy or a republic? Dr. Robert Owens says the question isn't semantics but will decide the fate of the nation
The view from the left: The leaders of the political left may act like they represent what they view as their traditional constituencies but all they really feel is contempt, argues Lisa Fabrizio
What's really behind the Tea Parties?: The left wants everyone to believe that the Tea Party movement is a creation of big business and the GOP. Henry Lamb says it's anything but
Left-wing McCarthyism: Hate illegal immigration? Don't like Barack Obama? Thoughts like these obviously means you're a terrorist in waiting. Tom DeWeese explains why
Obama is a liar: Barack Obama has claimed that he's cut taxes for a majority of the American people. John Bender says the numbers prove him to be lying
Trade deficit, China's currency require U.S. action now: China will not act on revaluing its currency -- leading to massive trade deficits for the U.S. -- so it's time that Barack Obama act on his own, says Peter Morici
Illegal immigration becomes Arizona state crime: Faced with a federal government that refuses to do anything Jim Kouri reports that the state of Arizona may act on its own when it comes to illegal immigration
Join the majority…: Nearly half of Americans pay no net income taxes, something that Daniel M. Ryan says prompts a number of questions
The most dysfunctional place on Earth: Like it or not, the Middle East merely has the trappings of being advanced societies, argues Alan Caruba
Those politically incorrect words: As Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying, words mean things. Lately Michael Moriarty has been preoccupied by words that seem have become unacceptable to the left
Making it up as they go along: As you can imagine J.J. Jackson gets a lot of email and much of it comes from some very creative liberals
Upside down politics: Politics today seems to have turned everything that was commonly accepted on its head, argues Joseph Randolph
Since some don't worry about the constitution we should: Americans live in a world where an elected federal politician can proclaim that he doesn't care about the country's constitution. Dr. Robert Owens you should be concerned
The states must rise again: The only way to combat Obama's socialist agenda: If Americans want to defeat Barack Obama's agenda than they have to remember that the 50 states can play a role, says Selwyn Duke
Welcome to the House of Tofu: Bet you didn't know that Obamacare mandates many restaurants have to post calorie counts in menus. Michael R. Shannon has some fun with the new rule
Obama's private army?: If you didn't go through the health care bill with a fine-toothed comb you wouldn't know that it also mandates a new security force, reports Henry Lamb
Seniors get screwed by Obamacare: Free health care? John Bender says that America's seniors will find out in coming years just how free Barack Obama's health care reforms really are
What about private health emergencies?: The FDA's response to last year's swine flu "epidemic" illustrate why the agency is failing Americans by controlling pharmaceuticals, argues Thomas A. Bowden
China's offer on yuan peg wholly inadequate: Peter Morici says a proposed plan to let the Chinese yuan to appreciate 3 per cent this year is utterly useless
Demonizing the Tea Party the Chicago Way: The success of a movement is directly proportional the quality of opposition it attracts and that means the Tea Party movement is doing quite well, writes Frank Salvato
Why are U.S. trees growing faster?: Environmentalists say American trees are growing faster due to climate change but Dennis T. Avery believes they're wrong
News fast: There are some days that Nancy Salvato is tempted to give up watching the news in order to save her sanity but she knows that isn't an answer
Nothing is better than something: Dr. M. Sidney Wallace argues that government doesn't have to solve all of your problems
Tea Parties and the Republican Party: The Tea Party movement seems intent on attacking the Republican Party as much as the Democrats and Bruce Walker says that's a mistake
Bullying out: A few months ago an Irish high school immigrant to the United States hanged herself after enduring months of gang rape and bullying and Daniel M. Ryan is as outraged as anyone
Obama's Napoleonic bunker: The longer that Barack Obama sits in the White House the more he reminds Michael Moriarty of Napoleon Bonaparte -- complete with a continuation of the French dictators world changing ways
Bill Clinton's massive war chest: Think Bill Clinton is in retirement doing whatever it is that former presidents do? Tom A. DeWeese reports that he's still busy pushing forward a globalist agenda
Destroying America with the EPA's carbon lies: An EPA official says that new auto regulations are necessary because of global warming. Alan Caruba says Lisa Jackson doesn't know what she's talking about
Insuring future wealth: Steven Martinovich says that although Pamela Yellen undermined herself somewhat with how she presented her financial health program, Bank on Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Growing and Protecting Your Financial Future is still an interesting read
We can learn what we don't know: Progressives always want to be judged by their intentions never by the outcomes of their actions.  It's time to rip the mask from these defilers of constitutionally limited government and expose them for the charlatans and hucksters they are, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Fear itself: Lisa Fabrizio says the Democrats have good reason to be afraid of the Tea Party movement...except instead of tar and feathers they should fear another tool of revenge
The attack on sanctifying grace: Another day and another attack on the Catholic Church. Alisa Craddock once again picks up her pen to mount a defence
Just being unfair: Back in 2008 Joseph Biden ducked a question about whether his political philosophy was socialist in nature. Last week he all but admitted it was, writes Joseph Randolph
Once again: What is socialism?: In case Joseph Biden -- and Barack Obama for that matter -- need a refresher, Thomas E. Brewton has a quick less on what socialism really is
A skunk by any other name…: Forget Joseph Biden and Barack Obama, argues Henry Lamb, the entire Democratic Party is a nest of socialists
Our warrior class: Forget all that talk about a soft America, says Alan Caruba, as it still turns out rough and ready men and women willing to lay it all on the line for their country
Energy Secretary admits we don't understand climate change: It's a pretty big admission to make, says Dennis T. Avery. Stephen Chu recently announced that he doesn't know how climate change works...but he's still going to spend big money on the matter
The dandelion's revenge: It may be sunny and beautiful outside but Michael R. Shannon says that comes at the price of a lot of people's allergies exploding
Jobs report confirms better policies needed: The latest government report shows that jobs continue to be added to the economy but Peter Morici says all is not well in the employment market
The rise of the CMO -- but where M = Mobility: The world is business continues to change thanks to globalization and Emily Nagle Green says a new corporation position is needed because of that
Superpower China: Like it or not, writes Alan Caruba, the future belongs to China and it's best to prepared for that reality
Welcome to Canada, indeed: Last week Ann Coulter provoked a storm of controversy while delivering some speeches in Canada. Daniel Ryan wasn't surprised that Canadian conservatives didn't come to her defence
Could President Obama become America's Robespierre?: Comparing a politician to Maximilien Robespierre isn't something anyone should undertake lightly but Michael Moriarty certainly has good cause to
Vive la difference: The passing of Barack Obama's health care agenda may have been a short-term victory for the left but Lisa Fabrizio thinks this November will send another message
Stupak and his sheep: Bart Stupak told anyone who would listen he wouldn't sell out over the issue of abortion and then promptly did so. Bruce Walker wasn't that surprised
A petition for redress by the citizens of the United States: J.J. Jackson has a clear message for the federal government: Let us live free under a limited and just government
Stop the train: Is it too late to save American from it's trip down the road of socialism? John Locke probably would have said so but Joseph Randolph believes there is hope yet
The constitutional crisis started long ago: Barack Obama's health care reforms haven't caused a new constitutional crisis, writes Frank Salvato. It's merely the latest in a long stream of them
Marxist is as Marxist does: Supporters of the health care reform says it's as American as apple pie but Henry Lamb charges it's nothing but another plank of the Marxist platform
Blind Dog Democrats: More than a few Democrats talked tough on health care and then voted for Barack Obama's agenda. For them Robert T. Smith has coined a new term
Reflections on a national disaster: Some are predicting that the U.S. Supreme Court or a GOP return to power will roll-back health care reform. Alan Caruba isn't one of them
The arrogance of power: Americans have had to deal with the powerful attempting to run roughshod over them and have responded in the past. Dr. Robert Owens hopes they do so again
Food production in a warming world: The experts say that food production will diminish due to climate change. Dennis T. Avery says history proves them wrong
Bringing light, health and prosperity to Africa: Everyone talks a good game about helping Africa but Roy Innis and Niger Innis say America's government is doing what it can to handcuff the continent
If once is good twice is better: Thought a national health care scheme was enough for Barack Obama? Henry Lamb reports that America's president now has his sights set on government mandated auto insurance
Taking the pill
Profits are for people: Richard R. Ralston says if you want to improve health care the last thing you want to do is divorce their delivery from profits
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May 2010

The nebbish nominee: Bruce Walker believes that Elena Kagan seems to be a nice person but he's also reasonably sure that she's made up her mind about a lot of issues already
Komrade Kagan: Elena Kagan is nothing but an out-and-out socialist, writes Mark Alexander, and her nomination must be fought by the Republican Party
We have to talk about Elena Kagan: Finding out information about Elena Kagan and her interesting past isn't particularly difficult, writes Frank Salvato, and what turns up is why she shouldn't be confirmed
The question that won't go away: If anyone had expected the controversy over Arizona's illegal immigrant law to go away anytime soon, their numbers certainly didn't include Daniel M. Ryan
Too big to criticize: Michael Moriarty has noticed that when it comes to the White House, there are some things it feels are too sacred to be criticized
Thinking about Mexicans: Like most Americans Alan Caruba has no problem with immigrants no matter where they come from. He just doesn't like people coming into the country illegally and then having the temerity to demand they be treated like citizens
It's tough being enlightened: Michael R. Shannon wouldn't mind that Arizona law being imported into Virginia, as unlikely as that would come to pass
Light bulbs were just a warning sign: The fact that Congress mandated what kind of light bulbs you can use should tell how exactly how far America's government is willing to go to intervene in your life, says J.J. Jackson
He wasn't just whistling Dixie!: Henry Lamb asks Barack Obama made it clear before, during and after the 2008 election that he was a socialist so why be surprised?
Why gold prices are soaring: Why are gold prices once again on the rise? Peter Morici says the answer is pretty simple: Easy money policies out of Europe and the United States
A few questions for climate alarmists: The climate change orthodoxists aren't very good at answering questions but that isn't stopping Paul Driessen from posing some very interesting ones to them
Speaking of sports: Some recent news stories from the world of sports reminds Lisa Fabrizio how the 1960s has pervaded all aspects of life
Government funded front groups: Dr. Robert Owens wants to know where are those who believe in limited government?  Why do they allow Progressives to create government funded interest groups?
Hope in defeat: Utah Republican Senator Bob Bennett's recent defeat tells Joseph Randolph that there is still some hope left for the GOP and the conservative movement
If only it were a mistake…: The Greeks passed an austerity package designed to prevent default on their loans but that didn't stop the markets from going mad, says Daniel M. Ryan
Why are we still asking why?: The media just can't understand why Faisal Shahzad and Nidal Malik Hasan did the things they are accused of. Alan Caruba says it's because they can't face reality
More than just government: The math is simple: More government equals less liberty. That's why the left is always wrong to argue government is the solution, writes Bruce Walker
Progressive hysteria: The latest attempt to launch a terrorist attack in the United States forces Michael Moriarty to remind us why these things will continue to happen
A government of fallible men to rule fallible men: Even the Founders, a grouping singular in the history of men concerning the brilliance of their intellects and the purity of their motives knew they couldn't trust themselves to form or maintain a government of fallible men to rule over fallible men, writes Dr. Robert Owens
AFSCME: No questions for they will just tell you lies: J.J. Jackson has hardly surprised that a union has already started spreading lies about a Republican seeking to replace John Murtha
What's a government to do?: America's government was formed for a simple reason, argues Henry Lamb, one that it has forgotten over the centuries
Derivatives and betting the ponies: Peter Morici may be a respected economist but that doesn't mean he doesn't know what an old-fashioned con job looks like
Only too helpful: The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may well be used by Barack Obama to finally put the stake in the heart of offshore drilling despite what experts say, argues Joseph Randolph
Up close and personal: Security at airports is getting ever more intrusive but Michael R. Shannon is looking forward to some of the new technology
Lessons from the Gulf blowout: Paul Driessen says we can all learn some lessons from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill but not the ones that oil drilling opponents would have you internalize
Species safe even if world warms: Biologists are predicting massive extinctions thanks to climate change but Dennis T. Avery says the evidence doesn't support their contention
(Desperately) Looking for Arctic warming: Paul Driessen and Willie Soon argue that global warming alarmists have chosen the wrong part of the climate cycle to head north
Randall O'Toole misses the fine print: Tom DeWeese believes that a prominent anti-Smart Growth crusader isn't quite aware of the big picture when it comes to the role of the United Nations in all of this
Secretary Napolitano lost credibility, say critics: Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano says the U.S.-Mexico border is secure and illegal aliens aren't a problem. Jim Kouri says stuff like that has made her a laughingstock
Is the USA too big to fail?: People seem to believe that the U.S. and its economy are eternal. Alan Caruba says everything is suggesting otherwise
Obama's demoralized left: Barack Obama and the Democrats may have scored a few wins lately but Bruce Walker argues that the signs show their fortunes may about to ebb very soon
The new bad seed: There is a seed which is responsible for America's decline, writes Michael Moriarty, and until it is pulled from the ground no amount of work can save the nation
When good people are called bad names: Arizona's push to criminalize being an illegal alien on a state level has provoked much more outrage than many expected. Daniel M. Ryan explores the issue
Pro-criminal axis vs rule of law: John Bender says it's time for all law-abiding Americans to support Arizona's move to do what the federal government should have been doing for decades
Answering the tough questions: Arizona is making waves with immigration law and an upstart senatorial campaign. Rachel Alexander says it's no surprise that J.D. Hayworth recently addressed that issue with a book
Does equality mean we are all the same?: America's constitution promised equality under the law but Dr. Robert Owens says some people seem confused as to what that actually means
The UN's hopeless war against Afghan opium: Howard Richman, Raymond Richman and Jesse Richman argue that the U.N.'s war against Afghan opium has actually contributed to its resurgence
Return to Hollywood: Last week Lisa Fabrizio took a shot at Hollywood and took some returning fire from its defenders. She responds with some compare and contrast
Tax and spend again: At a conference last week Barack Obama made it all but clear that in the future he expects to raise taxes and spend more money, argues Joseph Randolph
Winning the battle for freedom: If you want to defend your right to private property, says Henry Lamb, you'd do well to follow the lead of Houston County, Minnesota
GDP gains 3.2% in first quarter, false spring for the middle class: America's GDP may have rose 3.2% in the first quarter but that will be of little comfort to the country's middle class that's still struggling, says Dr. Peter Morici
Liberals fear the militia and that is good: Given the history of the U.S. those working for an overreaching government have every reason to fear a militia, writes J.J. Jackson
Army preps for Tea Party 'terrorists': With a Democrat in the White House you shouldn't be surprised to know that the U.S. military is quietly preparing possible responses to Tea Party protestors, reports Mark Alexander
Powerful forces now calling for a constitutional convention: Conservatives might think that a constitutional convention might be the perfect venue to solve some real problems but Tom DeWeese argues that they should be careful what they wish for
Obama: Support Iran's pro-democracy movement: Iran may not be in the news at the moment but that doesn't mean Barack Obama should be ignoring efforts for democracy there, writes Slater Bakhtavar
First, he was a community organizer: Barack Obama has argued that as a community organizer he changed things. Frank Salvato says the record proves otherwise
Cause for alarm?
America as The New World Order's Vietnam
The always on world: A review of Anywhere: How Global Connectivity is Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business
Why Arizona should "racially profile"
The blame game
Mexico's Calderon scolds Arizona while mooching from U.S. taxpayers, say critics
End MP foxes guarding expense chicken coop
Prepare for a bit of cooling predicts geologist
Déjà vu all over again
Global governance is here!
The Gnomes Of Gnowhere
It simply cannot return to the status quo
Lessons from Greece for the United States
The left's war on free speech
Up the river without a brain
What is sovereignty and who has it
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June 2010

BP and the unmitigated disaster: Alan Caruba says it's not fair to blame the rest of the oil industry -- which has a sparkling safety records -- for BP's irresponsible behavior
Education nudging: The Obama administration announced new requirements from colleges and universities which sound good but Daniel M. Ryan says they don't go far enough
The loyal opposition: Being a member of the loyal opposition doesn't mean parroting an abusive government's plans or seeking modifications, writes Steve Farrell, it means fighting them with every ounce of your strength
The ghosts of Mao: Mao Tse Tung may be long dead and buried but that doesn't mean that his legacy doesn't still resonate and set the agenda for us all, says Michael Moriarty
What remains creative in the heritage of Marx's thought – Part One: Just in time for the G8/G20 summits, Mark Wegierski calmly begins his review of Marx’s ideas
The rest of the story: Steven Martinovich found a lot to recommend Larry Schweikart's Seven Events that Made America America: And Proved that the Founding Fathers Were Right All Along
Pension reform must start with MPs' plan: Canada's finance minister wants to reform the nation's pension system. Kevin Gaudet says he needs to look in his own backyard first
The world's game, but not mine: In love with "The Beautiful Game"? Love the World Cup? Lisa Fabrizio doesn't hate soccer but she admits to having no desire to watch it either
The most dangerous president in history: Barack Obama's response to the Gulf oil spill, and other actions, illustrates to Henry Lamb why he's such a danger to the American Republic
President Obama in water over his head: Peter Morici says if Barack Obama wants to make a positive contribution to the ongoing Gulf of Mexico oil spill, he'd do better to simply stop talking
Dealing with the oil spill the liberal way: J.J. Jackson is surprised that Barack Obama didn't simply declare the oil spill to be gone
Capitalizing on the latest crisis: Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., Niger Innis and Reverend Samuel Rodriquez say that the Obama administration is simply using the oil spill to advance their environmentalist agenda
The unlimited blessings of limited government: The Framers believed Natural Law not only conferred rights it also established limits to the scope of government and man-made law, writes Dr. Robert Owen
Making good science decisions: Those decisions, argues Dennis T. Avery, rely on facts and avoid irrational fears that have no science to support them
You can fight city hall!: Henry Lamb says that when it comes to the sustainable development agenda, the residents of Houston County, Minnesota are proving that you can fight back
Obama nominee defended Saudi terrorist: Yet another Obama administration nominee has some pretty interesting links to anti-American elements, reports Jim Kouri
The year of the conservative woman: Bruce Walker believes this year will see Republican women make big gains against their liberal opponents
The relentless effort to control the news: We knew it wouldn't take long for this to happen: Henry Lamb reports that Democrats are once again exploring the idea of how to impose control over the media
Speaking of freedom: Walker Morrow has a warning for Canadians: The greatest threat to their free speech comes from legislation that was ostensibly designed to protect Canadians from discrimination
BP, socialism and inaction: There have been cries to nationalize the assets of BP in response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, something but Daniel M. Ryan would still put his trust into BP's managers than the Obama administration
The New World Order axis: Is Barack Obama another Bill Clinton? Michael Moriarty says the two men were going through similar travails at this time in their presidencies...will the solution be the same?
A rare phenomena!: Steve Farrell is pleased that one political movement has realized that the Republican establishment can't be trusted to provide principled opposition to the liberal agenda
Awaiting armageddon: The war against Israel -- both philosophically and militarily -- continues without pause and Alan Caruba wonders how long until everything comes to a head
Kicking buttocks: Barack Obama's bit of coarseness during an interview last week has Joseph Randolph thinking about language and action
The bottleneck is always at the top: We're in the midst of a transaction wherein we're expected to trade in our freedom for cradle-to-grave security and individual liberty for bureaucratic regimentation, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Hang together: J.J. Jackson is warning conservatives and Republicans that they need to stick together if they want to make any real gains this November
The right to choose – for farmers in Haiti: Monsanto attempted to help the people of Haiti after the January 12 earthquake and was rebuffed by anti-corporate activists, reports Paul Driessen
April trade increases, taxes recovery and jobs creation: America's trade balance continues to increase and Peter Morici says the Obama administration continues to do nothing about China's predatory trade practices
Andrea Mitchell: The other liberal media bigot: You probably heard about the Helen Thomas scandal last week but Carey Roberts says she wasn't the only reporter to have some questionable opinions
Constitutional health care: What is constitutionally approved health care? Richard E. Ralston says the answer to that question is fairly obvious...if you read the constitution
Rewarding failure, the Democrat Party way: The Obama administration and Democrats may be blasting BP for the oil spill but Nathan Tabor has a feeling that something fishy might be underway
Attorney General lacks WMD response plans: Jim Kouri reports that Eric Holder doesn't seem particularly concerned about the threat of WMDs. How can he know this? Because Holder doesn't even have a plan to respond to any such attack
The big "oil addiction" lie: Environmentalists are using the BP spill to once again tell us we're addicted to oil. Once again Alan Caruba rises to tell the truth
Is the party over?: Could someone be elected to high office without the backing of a political party behind them? Bruce Walker would like to think so
Deprecating in Europe: Comments that Joe Biden recently made in Brussels should have alerted Americans to the fact that their current leaders don't quite believe in freedom, argues Joseph Randolph
Deserting the indomitable: Barack Obama's apparent abandonment of Israel speaks is reminiscent of his selling out of the West to her enemies, argues Michael Moriarty
I got some transparency for you right here: Barack Obama promised the most transparent administration in American history but Dr. Robert Owens isn't all that impressed
Reagan days: Last week's essay had some people accusing Lisa Fabrizio of promoting RINOs over actual conservatism. She argues we live in difficult times today
Reasonable precaution versus activism: The environmental movement has managed to inflict us with a radical interpretation of "Precautionary Principle", argues Robert T. Smith
Is sustainable development global governance?: Henry Lamb argues that sustainable development policies are another tool for bringing global governance to your community
The chasm between Apollo and the Gulf: Former astronaut H. Harrison Schmitt says comparing the BP spill to Apollo 13 doesn't work
Redeeming reform: Richard E. Ralston would like to live long enough to see the day when "reform" doesn't mean increased government intervention in our lives
How to prevent a "dust bowl" Africa: Dennis T. Avery argues that the United States needs to live up to a promise made to Africa to promote the use of fertilizers
Wrong again: Senator Charles Schumer is either an economic ignoramus, or he is just performing the usual Democrat/Socialist Party obeisance to the welfare state and labor union extortion, writes Thomas E. Brewton
Obama: Mexican border dog and pony show redux: Jim Kouri isn't all that impressed by a Barack Obama plan to dispatch a few National Guardsmen to "patrol" the U.S.-Mexico border
Obama's war(s): Dr. Robert Owens writes today we face endless wars for elusive peace when we can't secure our own borders.  We're committed to war in Iraq and Afghanistan; we've been rattling sabers in Iran's direction for years and there's one more war just for good measure
Pay attention to sunspot forecasts: The experts talk about climate change by Dennis T. Avery says we should all be paying more attention to the sun and it's changes
Obama's house of cards: The media may tell you that Barack Obama is popular and walks on water but Alan Caruba says the American people have apparently wised up to the president
A tale of three states: The northeast United States may be liberal in character but Lisa Fabrizio says things aren't all bad in at least three states
In memoriam: American patriots: Today is Memorial Day in the United States and Mark Alexander wants you to remember the sacrifices made for you
It should be our honor to honor: It is men like the late Sgt. Eddie Jeffers who remind Frank Salvato what it means to be an American
The progressive lebensraum: Michael Moriarty argues that the same kind of moral justifications used in justifying slavery and Nazism are being used to prop up abortion
Liberalism and untrustworthiness: It's hardly new to compile a list of complaints about liberalism but Daniel M. Ryan firmly believes in preaching to the choir
A new Bill of Rights: Bruce Walker believes Americans need a new Bill of Rights, one that will fulfill the promise of the original passed back in 1791
Beware the Democrat in conservative clothing: J.J. Jackson says believe not the Democrat who runs as a conservative as they will always betray you
Befuddled by reality: Barack Obama's response to the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico proved to Joseph Randolph that the president's idea of command is to simply issue commands
Red emperors exploit red ink: The tale of two civilizations: America slides into the decay of collectivism. In contrast, says Dr. Robert Owens, China turns away from the tools of re-distribution and embraces capitalism without naming it.
Who needs the Euro anyway?: The debt crisis hammering Europe illustrates why the Euro was a bad idea to begin with and what is complicating matters now, argues Peter Morici
Israel prepares for yet another war: If Americans don't know it yet, Israelis appear to. There's going to be another war in the Middle East soon, writes Alan Caruba, and Israel is quietly preparing itself
Ken Cuccinelli v. 810 academics: Paul Driessen argues that academic freedom is not a license to commit fraud
Obama's New World Order: Henry Lamb charges that Barack Obama is yet another president looking to drain off the wealth of the United States in order to share it with the world
The missing key: Dr. M. Sidney Wallace watched some PBS recently and he was reminded why America is in the state that it is today when it comes to the issue of race
Why didn't the FBI arrest James O'Keefe for sex trafficking?: Christian Hartsock has never been a fan of Media Matters -- for obvious reasons -- but their "coverage" of some recent news stories leaves much to be desired
Attorney General Holder and his non-transparency: Jim Kouri reports that when it comes to openness and transparency, current U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder doesn't make the grade
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July 2010

Conservative and Republican victory: Republican victories in 2010 and 2012 do not necessarily mean conservative victories so Bruce Walker says they need to get involved
Americanus speaks to Arizona's immigration crisis and to all of us: Steve Farrell believes that America's most famous kite flyer likely would have had something insightful and humorous to say about illegal immigration
My, that was quick: Recent legislation that forced Ford to withdraw a bond issue is another example of what Daniel M. Ryan says is ostensibly unintended consequences
Guardian angel of the Tea Parties: Michael Moriarty reports that Big Hollywood head Andrew Breitbart had himself a little trouble recently
Obama, the nation killer: Alan Caruba charges that virtually every policy that Barack Obama has championed has had the effect of damaging the United States
Privatize Purolator Courier: Kevin Gaudet says it's time for Canada Post to sell off its stake in Purolator Courier and let the company join the ranks of UPS and FedEx
How to party in November: The Tea Party movement has hit the big time and Lisa Fabrizio says some of its leaders are becoming a bit too ambitious
Hello, I'm a racist, pleased to meet you: Instead of cowering in fear when a liberal calls them a racist, Selwyn Duke urges conservatives to take that label -- among others -- on proudly
Race bait reality check: Mark Alexander argues that recent history proves that the political left is the last group in the world to be casually slinging accusations of racism
President Obama's record, blame game is Democrats' misfortune: Peter Morici says the Democrats will likely pay a heavy price for helping Barack Obama move his agenda forward with little to show for it
Incumbents: Meet Horatio Bunce: Henry Lamb believes that the spirit of Horatio Bunce will inform voters this November and oppose Barack Obama's agenda
Freedom from tyranny is our goal: The Land of the Free is held captive, locked in a two party system where both parties are merely two heads on the same bird of prey, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Classrooms should be teacher-centered: High school teacher Michael Zwaagstra argues that the current "student-centred" approach in our schools is the wrong way to go when it comes to transmitting knowledge
Redistribution of income: Liberals are in love with the notion of redistributing income and Ben Cerruti has some thoughts on this tool of class warfare
Yes, Mr. Obama, words do matter: Barack Obama once famously declared that words matter so Frank Salvato knows something is up now that the president keeps using the phrase "freedom of worship" over "freedom of religion"
Mrs. Madoff exonerates Michael Mann: Paul Driessen says yet another investigation makes Tom Sawyer proud – and promotes alarmist climate legislation
Obama's illegal alien financial bonanza: Everyone's talking about the increased power that the U.S. Federal Reserve will have under Barack Obama's new regulations but Jim Kouri is wondering why no one is talking about "Directo a Mexico"
Shrimp farming has grown up: Groups like Greenpeace attacked the American shrimp industry relentlessly over the past few decades but Dennis T. Avery says the industry has proven them wrong
Keys to a real revolution: Bruce Walker believes that the next three election cycles may finally spark a conservative revolution in the United States
The scaled tariff would resuscitate the U.S. economy: Raymond Richman, Howard Richman and Jesse Richman argue that a tariff based on currency manipulation and trade deficits would help the American economy
When bad science makes bad laws: There is a pattern to how shoddy science works, Alan Caruba reports, and we're seeing it once again with bisphenol A
Petain or The Red Fuhrer?: Michael Moriarty argues that if Barack Obama does win a second term in 2012, it will mark his move to something far more dangerous for the American people
The perils of nation-building: Building on last week's essay about counter-insurgency operations, this week Daniel M. Ryan ties that into the problems associated with nation building
Watchmen on the walls: History is often the chosen discipline of those who seek order in a world they find confusing, writes Dr. Robert Owens, a system or frame upon which to place the events of time avoiding the yawning maw of random oblivion
$8 gas – if you can find it: Henry Lamb says the Obama administration isn't letting the Gulf of Mexico crisis go to waste as he charges ahead with his war against oil
Reversing course and restoring liberty: Last week Mark Alexander explored Barack Obama's anti-capitalist agenda. This week he explains how Americans can fight back
The view from Crackerland: Eric Holder has said that Americans are afraid to talk about race. Robert T. Smith is determined to prove him wrong
Canada's new, culture-driven abuse of women and girls: Aruna Papp argues that so-called "honour-killings" in Canada by immigrant families may be proving that the nation's multicultural policies are promoting the wrong values
Norway's welcomed news and wake-up call: Van D. Hipp, Jr. says the arrest of three men in Norway allegedly planning a terrorist attack should send a message to the people of that nation
Immigration, reconsidered: Everyone's attention is being focused on illegal immigration these days but Selwyn Duke wonders if the problem isn't just a bit bigger
Destroying biodiversity: The greatest threat to species is not modern technology -- but environmentalists, argues Paul Driessen
When justice serves an ideology instead of a nation: Frank Salvato argues that the Office of the US Attorney General is too important to be politicized
Mexico's brutality towards illegal aliens ignored by Obama, US media: Felipe Calderon may talk a good game about Arizona's anti-illegal immigrant efforts but Jim Kouri says the Mexican president should clean up his own backyard
In with the new: Outspokenness lost one American general his job but Daniel M. Ryan would argue that depending on their task, outspokenness can actually be a boon
Welcome to Peru, North America!: The power blackout that struck while Queen Elizabeth II was visiting Toronto last week got Michael Moriarty to thinking about the similarities between Barack Obama and some unsavory people
How to spot Democrats in the news: How do you know it's a Democrat is under indictment? It's easy, says Bruce Walker, news stories won't state their party affiliation
Suicide politician: Why is Barack Obama putting his party's supremacy at risk with his radicalist agenda? Robert T. Smith says you have to understand the kind of man he is
Obama plays the race card: Alan Caruba says that Barack Obama is playing with fire by stirring the pot of racial enmity in the U.S.
The hand writing is on the wall: If history doesn't help us in the world today it's useless, argues Dr. Robert Owens.  We might as well study tea leaves if we can't learn from the past to live in the present and shape the future
Boring Barry: Last week Bruce Walker argued that Barack Obama could be in trouble if people started disliking him. This week? The real danger is that people just get bored of him
Liberals ask, "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?": Liberal reaction to McDonald v. Chicago prompted J.J. Jackson to remember a line from the classic college comedy Animal House
Selective enforcement: Henry Lamb says another tool in the arsenal of the Obama administration is merely deciding which laws they'll enforce and which they won't
Holder's Justice Department has a racism issue: Frank Salvato charges that the U.S. Department of Justice has no problem with racism...just as long as it's directed towards white voters
Breaking the back of free enterprise: Barack Obama may appear irresponsible with his massive spending programs and resulting deficit but it's because he has a plan, says Mark Alexander
Trade deficit threatens double dip and depression: America's massive trade deficit may harm an already precarious economic situation, warns Peter Morici
The nation killer: Cap-and-Trade Act: Call it whatever you want, says Alan Caruba, cap and trade will severely impact the American economy thanks to higher energy prices
Wear out the welcome: Louis Farrakhan's latest anti-Semitic remarks have Daniel M. Ryan wondering if the Nation of Islam leader has an agenda he's not sharing with everyone
What remains creative in the heritage of Marx's thought -- Part Three: Mark Wegierski argues that the Old Left was largely socially conservative
Leader of the pack: It wasn't perfect but Steven Martinovich still found Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One to be a rather enjoyable portrait of America's most prominent pundit
What goes around comes around: As history has often proved, writes Steve Farrell, you have to be careful of what you wish for -- especially if you're on the political left
When folks stop liking Barry: Barack Obama is still getting a pass from a lot of people because he's likable. Bruce Walker wonders how much longer that's going to last
The progressive Goliath: Barack Obama seems unstoppable now, writes Michael Moriarty, and it's reminding him a little of history and a little of theology
The occasion of July 4th: Joseph Randolph celebrated Independence Day by urging you to fight for real democracy
The state versus the individual: The state is nothing more than individuals bound together by the social contract which they have all either directly or indirectly agreed to.  The state is not an individual.  The state is not a separate entity with inherent rights of its own, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Is Barack Obama the ultimate sleeper agent?: All this talk of Russian agents spying ont the U.S. has Alan Caruba wondering about a certain American president
Canada middle of PIGS pack – Deficit tough talk should start at home: At the G8 and G20 summits Stephen Harper talked tough on the subject of government deficits. Kevin Gaudet would like a little more consistency from the man
The cause of, and cure for economic woes: People want to keep blaming the Republicans for the current economic mess. Henry Lamb says they deserve some blame, but only a part of it
Senator Lindsey Graham's dangerous blend of stupidity and arrogance: J.J. Jackson was preparing to take this past weekend off but then then Sen. Lindsey Graham went off and said something quite stupid
Obama's deliberate Katrina: Paul Driessen wonders if the Obama administration's response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was less inept and more calculated
A double dip or off the cliff?: Everybody seems to be talking up the American economy today but Peter Morici wonders if the worst is yet to come
War of words: The more things change, the more they stay the same when it comes to the press. Lisa Fabrizio reports that the media is still giving the political left an easy ride
The 17th Amendment revisited: Elena Kagan stated recently that it wasn't up to judges whether a law was "senseless" but that hasn't stopped them from ignoring Congress nonetheless, says Thomas E. Brewton
The president is not due 'his due': People are talking as if Elena Kagan is already sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court but Frank Salvato argues no nominee should simply be rubber stamped
Kill whitey and other leftist fantasies: Carey Roberts argues some recent news events pretty much tell you everything you need to know about the political left
Confined livestock better for the planet: Critics argue that modern farming techniques are harming the planet but Dennis T. Avery says that's absolutely false
New immigration enforcement chief opposes immigration enforcement: Who is the new head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Office of State and Local Coordination? Why a former police chief in favor of illegal immigration, reports Jim Kouri
Rank pull: A minor scandal broke out last week when the White House was found to have altered a report to make it appear it supported an oil drilling ban. Daniel M. Ryan wasn't surprised
The occasion of July 4th: It's America's Independence Day and Joseph Randolph has a few thoughts
What remains creative in the heritage of Marx's thought – Part Two: Mark Wegierski applies Marxist class analysis to the Sixties and East-Central Europe
Rescuing our kids (& country) from Karl Marx: Steve Farrell says Karl Marx certainly knew it and if Americans are to save their kids from Marxist ideology they should as well: Education is the key
Paglia v. Rand: A comment left on one of Michael Moriarty's essays has prompted him to contrast and compare Camille Paglia and Ayn Rand's positions on abortion
Nikki's faith: Nikki Haley is an attractive, intelligent Christian woman who decided to run for the governorship of South Carolina. Bruce Walker says that's why the left hates her
Barack Obama: A bill of indictment: Alan Caruba shouts "J'accuse!" at Barack Obama with an indictment he'd like to see filed one day
Indecision points: George W. Bush plans the release of a book chronicling some of the big decisions he made while president. Robert T. Smith says it's an unwelcome exercise
The march toward tyranny: Democrats like to hear the word "regime" used to describe the Obama administration but there is a reason why an increasing number of Americans are using it, writes Joseph Randolph
Equality is never equal: Political and social philosophy cannot change human nature, and no matter how people wish for another reality all we have is the real one.  It's time people admit that once government acts to equalize the lives of all it must act unequally towards some, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Another test for President Obama looms: J.J. Jackson says that Barack Obama will face another challenge -- this time from Hugo Chavez -- and he's not confident the president will do the right thing
The "Tea Party" movement: There is a lot of confusion about the Tea Party movement so Mark Alexander takes it upon himself to explain what it is...and what it isn't
How do you spell incompetence?: The word that Henry Lamb is thinking of is five letters in length and very familiar to Americans these days
Is salted popcorn about to become a federal offense?: The U.S. federal government may have found its next food boogeyman and it's the thing that can be found on every dinner table in the nation, says Tom DeWeese
A few questions for President Obama: Paul Driessen has questions all related around a single theme: How exactly does the president plan to create his new green jobs economy?
Housing slumps despite Obama's stimulus spending: The latest housing sales numbers are yet more proof that stimulus spending doesn't work, argues Thomas E. Brewton
The government boot on your doctor's neck: Richard E. Ralston reports that ObamaCare is finally being seen for what it is: Keeping doctors under the control of the state
Hanna Rosin: This is what a feminist looks like: Feminism has tried to present a kinder (and prettier) face in recent years but they keep being undone by people like Hanna Rosin, says Carey Roberts
Lingua publica

August 2010

A coming landslide: Bruce Walker recently cautioned us from being over confident but this week he predicts that the right may swamp the left this November
Mexico, bloody Mexico: Alan Caruba charges that Barack Obama seems more interested in protecting Mexicans then he does the people he actually represents
The American miracle: Michael Moriarty argues that America must correct a decades old sin if it wants God to stand with her once again
The dirty game: Steve Martinovich rather enjoyed Oil: Money, Politics, and Power in the 21st Century, the telling of the oil industry's recent history
Hollywood's spell: Thomas M. Sipos parodies Hollywood and political correctness in Hollywood Witches and Steve Martinovich found it to be a humorous effort
Deflation and President Obama's legacy: Dr. Peter Morici is convinced that America will soon enter a deflationary period and potentially a period of economic decline
Why Americans are angry about the Ground Zero mosque: Linda Prussen-Razzano argues that opposing the Ground Zero mosque isn't anti-Islam, but rather ensuring that America's enemies don't have one more thing to cheer
Obama and the socialist bourgeoisie: Barack Obama and his coterie increasingly remind Mark Alexander of a trip he took to the Soviet Union back in 1987
The NRA, poop creek and a missing paddle: J.J. Jackson reports that the National Rifle Association is in trouble with its members for considering supporting none other than Henry Reid
Whose responsibility is it?: Dr. Robert Owens says today our ever-expanding government invents new responsibilities and then force feeds them to a powerless public. On a daily basis we hear of our responsibility to the poor, the uneducated, or the uninsured
By all means, Ms. Pelosi, let's examine the funding sources: Nancy Pelosi has questioned who's funding campaigns opposed to a Muslim cultural center near Ground Zero so Frank Salvato turns the table and asks the question himself
End environmental experiments on Africans!: Fiona Kobusingye accuses western environmentalists of using Africa to test their pet theories
"Extreme weather"? Not yet!: The only extreme weather change that Dennis T. Avery is worried about on a global scale are the Earth's periodic mini ice ages
Global currency coming: Henry Lamb says the International Monetary Fund would love nothing more than to replace the U.S. dollar with a new global currency
A pass should be earned: Michael Zwaagstra argues that studies showing that students should be moved along regardless of whether they actually passed a grade are ludicrous
President Coburn: The list of honest-to-God conservatives who could be elected in 2012 is a fairly short one so Bruce Walker has a suggestion that deserves serious consideration
The old liberal three step: When it comes to defending their cherished notions, writes J.J. Jackson, liberals will usually fall back to three arguments
Obama is the USA's Jim Jones: Alan Caruba argues that Barack Obama is a lot like cult leader Jim Jones: He's got a fruit punch for everyone to drink that will only kill them all
Obama's "birds of a feather" lesson: Who's the boss?!: Considering that he's been compared to Lincoln, perhaps it's not surprising that Barack Obama has a bit of a complex. Michael Moriarty explains
More than preaching to the choir: Steve Farrell has nothing but ringing praise for Tom Pauken's Bringing America Home: How America Lost Her Way and How We Can Find Our Way Back
The problem with free trade: Dr. Joseph L. Martos found Free Trade Doesn't Work: What Should Replace It and Why to be a persuasive argument why free trade is damaging to America
Raising tobacco taxes not the answer to deficits: Illegal activity concerning cigarettes is once again rising in Canada and not surprisingly some are pushing for even higher tobacco taxes. Kevin Gaudet explains why that is a bad idea
Between Barack and a hard place: If Michelle is like Marie Antoinette to whom shall we compare Barack?  The thought that he's Louis XVI is unthinkable.  George III is too easy, says Dr. Robert Owens
Fixing the economy: If Barack Obama really wants to fix the American economy, argues Dr. Peter Morici, perhaps he should look back to the recent George W. Bush recent
What's broken: Lisa Fabrizio is cursed that even during the dog days of summer she's addicted to watching the news. It's prompted her to ask a big question
Lack of intellectualism is losing the marriage debate: Selwyn Duke says Judge Vaughn Walker made some big mistakes in overturning Proposition 8 in California but he also has some fire for conservatives as well
Senator Dodd bows to global governance: Henry Lamb writes that Sen. Chris Dodd's Livable Communities Act is so blatantly unconstitutional that it must be rejected by Congress
Taxes, dust, and oysters: Feds busy but wrong: Dennis T. Avery chronicles three Obama environmental initiatives which promise to do nothing -- except increase tax revenue or government control
Should Hillary Clinton be involved in the Iranian nuclear weapons problem?: Jim Kouri wonders if having Hillary Clinton on point for the Iran nuclear weapons issue is so wise considering the role her husband played in helping the theocratic regime obtain the technology in the first place
Crisis! New York style vs the real thing: Our obsession with pesticide "risks" has very different consequences for America and Africa, writes Paul Driessen
The autumn of the left: Conservatives are in distress because socialism is running rampant in Washington, D.C. but Bruce Walker says they have good reason to be optimistic
The fundamental transformation of Newsweek and America: Mark Alexander looks at the huge fall that Newsweek has taken, largely the fault of its former editor Jon Meacham
Nice mercantilism: The political left persists in believing that corporations are taking over the world so Daniel M. Ryan has decided to recast the debate in his own inimitable way
Common sense and the debate on minimum citizenship requirements at the Constitutional Convention: Is it a surprise that the Founding Fathers had clear ideas of who should be a citizen of their new Republic? Steve Farrell explores history to resolve a pressing question today
The soul of a great thief: Michael Moriarty believes that Barack Obama has become nothing more than the Bernie Madoff of freedom and liberty
The enemy within: Rachel Alexander has high praise for Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer's The Post -American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America
There's nothing gay about being gay: Alan Caruba doesn't want to discuss gay marriage but at least one community in the U.S. won't let him leave the topic alone
Created equal: Ethics probes of Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel and David Peterson, among others, truly prove that we are all created equal, says Lisa Fabrizio
Gold rises after announcement from China: After a little bit of a lull the price of gold jumped last week. Cesar Zambrano reports that the answer is one we're increasingly hearing these days: China
Too many rights on the left: Dr. Robert Owens argues there are three fundamental and unalienable rights, life, liberty, and property. These are the rights meant to stand as the guardians and facilitators of American society
The wolves are at the door!: Henry Lamb charges that direct democracy will be the death of what the Founding Fathers intended for America: A federal republic
Has PM Harper abandoned elected Senate?: Among the promises that Stephen Harper long made to Canadians was an elected Senate. Kevin Gaudet wonders what happened to that pledge
Dumb policies just keep coming: Paul Driessen argues that E15 ethanol mandates would bring huge benefits – for the few, at the expense of the many
Probably not the "hottest year": Dennis T. Avery isn't too worried about James Hansen's recent claim that the Arctic is hotter than ever
ICE chiefs slammed with "no confidence" vote by agents: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is becoming increasingly politicized and its agents believe the department's effectiveness is being compromised, reports Jim Kouri
Does America have a ruling class?: A recent American Spectator argues that America has a ruling class. Daniel M. Ryan explores the issue and comes up with a different conclusion
The revolutionary Republican platform: Bruce Walker believes that the Republican Party needs something big if they're going to return America to her roots
Why was America so asleep?: How did America let people like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama happen? Michael Moriarty argues that it was pretty easy
The people versus the government: People are increasingly angry at their government, writes Alan Caruba, and it would appear that a lot of their dissatisfaction has to do with Barack Obama
A paean to the printed page: E-book readers like Amazon's Kindle are gaining popularity but for Lisa Fabrizio the humble pleasure of a printed book can't be matched
The fix is in: Dr. Robert Owens says the bursting of the housing bubble caused the economy to almost come to a halt.  Listening to his Rahm Emmanuel to "Never let a good crisis go to waste," President Obama set about fixing everything that was broken, or was that breaking everything he thought needed fixing?
Keynes is still dead: Mark Milke argues that Canada's recent bout of Keynesian spending proved yet again that government "priming of the pump" simply doesn't work
Climate proposals threaten pursuit of happiness and justice: New study documents harmful effects of "cap-and-trade" and "endangerment" schemes, reports Paul Driessen
Taxes do not create jobs: Barack Obama and his Democratic kin will unveil massive tax hikes in just a few short months and Mark Alexander says the American economy will never be the same
Extend for all the Bush tax cuts: Dr. Peter Morici argues not only preserve the Bush tax cuts -- which he argues did wonders for the American economy -- they need to be expanded to all Americans
Obama complies with Agenda 21 and expands federal power: Not surprisingly Barack Obama would rather hand off American sovereignty to a body like the U.N. than let it remain in the hands of Americans, reports Henry Lamb
The United States, 2010: A rogue government: Frank Salvato argues that last week's ruling blocking parts of Arizona's SB1070 shows the federal government is completely out of control
Is America's west doomed to drought?: Dennis T. Avery wonders if warming in the American west -- among other places -- is cyclical in nature
I'm still not Jerry Kramer: It's that most special time of the year for people like Michael Shannon. Football teams are reporting to training camp and that means fantasy football is right around the corner
Lingua publica

September 2010

Analyzing extremism: O'Donnell vs. Coons: Selwyn Duke says that Christine O'Donnell has been attacked as an extremist but a casual investigation shows her opponent Chris Coons actually fits the bill
The issues vs. the mainstream media: Frank Salvato argues the "controversy" swirling around Christine O'Donnell proves that the media is less interested in a candidate's positions then destroying a conservative
Haunting divinities I: Michael Moriarty prays tribute to four giants of the arts who he says despite whatever failings they may have had, stand in a rarified air with geniuses only like themselves
Wisdom for the age: Steven Martinovich hugely enjoyed Bruce Walker's Poor Lenin's Almanac: Perverse Leftist Proverbs for Modern Life as a funny and insightful critique of progressive thought
Republican state legislatures and conservative initiative: Pundits and the media are focusing much of their attention on Congress but Bruce Walker says there could be big GOP gains in state legislative races this November
Your insane U.S. Energy Department: Alan Caruba charges the Obama edition of the U.S. Department of Energy believes it has the right to dictate to Americans what kind of household appliances they can use
Whose money is it anyway?: Barack Obama's comments about tax cuts and who "deserves" them has Mark Alexander thinking about a popular television show
Fifty years ago, Kennedy and Nixon changed our politics forever: Tired of the facile and sophomoric televised debates every campaign season? Michael M. Bates says you can blame what happened 50 years ago yesterday for that
Only two things are sure in life: High school student Dashiell Mace argues that it's logical to replace the current income tax system with the flat tax system that Milton Friedman proposed back in 1962
The truth will set you politically free: J.J. Jackson freely admits that he loves annoying liberals with his essays but this week he decides to tweak the noses of conservatives who don't like acknowledging the facts
Cafeteria constitutionalists: As a devout Catholic who has to deal with "cafeteria Catholics", Lisa Fabrizio is very familiar with those who profess to be constitutionalists...but only the bits they actually like
Why would a capitalist hate capitalism?: As a lifelong student of history and political science, of course in the higher educational system of 20th century America, Dr. Robert Owens was required to read multiple volumes of Marx and Freud every semester
Look out for a lame duck: Knowing they might lose control of Congress in November, Democrats are lining up bills to advance a radicalist agenda, reports Henry Lamb
How bad is Lisa?: Bruce Walker argues that Alaska's Lisa Murkowski needs to recognize reality: Republicans have spoken and they don't want her seeking re-election to the Senate
Death is cheapened in VA: A case in Virginia involving a woman on death row proves to Michael Shannon that some will do anything in order to prevent justice from being carried out
Why are Americans surprised?: Jim Kouri argues that Americans shouldn't be surprised that he's handcuffing American forces in Afghanistan and making attaining victory far more difficult
UN Millennium Goals flunk reality check: Surprised that the UN's Millennium Development Goals have turned into a failure? Dennis T. Avery isn't
The GOP: Locked, loaded & aiming for its own foot...again: Once again the Republican Party is attacking its own conservative base by taking shots at the Tea Party movement, argues Frank Salvato
Bill Clinton helps the Republicans run against Bush: At a recent speech in Minnesota Bill Clinton "unfavorably" compared the current GOP to George W. Bush. For that favour Selwyn Duke thanks him
Barack Obama: GOP Man of the Year: Michael M. Bates argues that the best hope for the Republican Party is none other than Barack Hussein Obama
No science, fake science, and the deliberate destruction of the nation: Alan Caruba charges that only scientists who have sold their souls would argue that CO2 is causing the Earth to warm up
Nooks and crannies of the Ivy League: As a graduate of the Ivy League Michael Moriarty is well-placed to offer some insights into the mind-set of its members
Tax me more: Liberals love to complain that people aren't paying enough taxes. Bruce Walker is of the opinion that government should give them a chance to put their money where their mouths are
Ready for their close-ups: For Lisa Fabrizio watching the news with the audio off is like watching a silent movie whose story she already knows...she doesn't need dialogue to know what's happening
Dream from our forefathers: By forsaking the dream of our forefathers we have embraced the nightmare of their oppressors forging again the very chains our revolutionary ancestors shattered, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Tea Party victories no surprise, major political parties clueless on economy: Dr. Peter Morici argues that voters are increasingly discontented because both political parties have forgotten one thing: It's the economy, stupid
Take two tranquilizers and call after November: Michael R. Shannon believes that the Republican Party needs to listen to the Tea Party movement or discover an uncomfortable truth
Dueling demonstrations: Henry Lamb reports that a large demonstration in support of a socialist agenda will take place early next month in Washington, D.C.
No sailing chart: Dr. M. Sidney Wallace says that government is a little like sailing a boat: You'd better know what you're doing if you take it out on the water
Biotech: To survive the mega-droughts: Dennis T. Avery says that mega-droughts that have claimed tens of millions of lives are a fact of life and bio-engineered crops are needed as a safeguard
What is the 'middle class'?: As usual there has been a lot of talk about the middle class lately. Ben Cerutti has a problem with the concept when it's used vaguely
The key to success: Jim Kouri argues that evangelical Christians have been dropping the ball lately when it comes to promoting a socially conservative agenda
The left keeps losing everywhere: If the GOP makes big gains in November it's because it's part of a trend going back a few years, argues Bruce Walker
On American patriotism: Why do Americans stand up against Barack Obama's agenda? Mark Alexander says the reason goes back a few centuries
America deserves George Soros: After nine years with Enter Stage Right, famed actor Michael Moriarty has decided to call it quits...kind of...with one final missive for the United States
More infrastructure, payroll tax holidays and mortgage aid won't end jobs drought: Barack Obama is considering new programs which add tens of billions in spending in an effort to create jobs and Peter Morici says they'll all fail
Thugocracy: Dr. Robert Owens says thugs use intimidation.  A liberal application of "Do this or I'll do that," as a means of forcing innocent people, the thugs see as sheep to be fleeced, into doing what they want
Turning off the (incandescent) lights of liberty: America is losing jobs and sacrificing in other ways because of mistaken beliefs about climate change, writes Alan Caruba
The names have been changed to protect the guilty: Barack Obama is desperately avoiding the use of the word "stimulus" and Michael M. Bates says government is a master at renaming unpopular things
 "We will dominate you": The huge brouhaha about Qu'ran burning masked a wider issue about the issues involving Islam in a democratic society, writes Alisa Craddock
September 11, 2001: Nine years on: This past Saturday marked the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and Frank Salvato wonders if Americans have learned anything
History of 9-11 terrorism revised by progressives: Nine years after the events of 9/11 and Jim Kouri says members of the political left are still trying to rewrite the history of that day
"3 Billion and Counting": Paul Driessen says a new film challenges DDT myths and lies that have caused millions of needless deaths
The cost of banning DDT: Dennis T. Avery says that malaria has claimed three billion lives in history and the banning of DDT contributed significantly to that
Elephant community suffers another drive by: Meghan McCain is making the rounds promoting a new book and Michael Shannon is not -- as you would expect -- not impressed
Feels like a depression to me: Alan Caruba was born during the Great Depression and he says America's current economic woes remind him of those days
The brushfires of freedom: Mark Alexander argues that reports of the American economy and the GOP's deaths have been greatly exaggerated
Jobs deficit lays bare failure of Obamanomics: Last week's rise in the American unemployment rate is proof that Barack Obama's economic prescriptions aren't working, argues Dr. Peter Morici
The file clerks of racism: The civil rights movement once had honour, argues Bruce Walker, but today charges of racism ring hollow to most Americans
Working the levers of power: Steven Martinovich thought Joseph Gibson's Persuading Congress could have been more in-depth but he still found it to be a worthwhile effort
The event is in the hand of God: The American Republic began under the hand of God and Steve Farrell writes that a return to God is necessary if America is to be that beacon to the world
Where are the apologies?: Two years ago America's newspapers were filled with endorsements of Barack Obama. Michael M. Bates wants to know when they'll apologize
It's easy being critical: Dr. Robert Owens says there are things that would protect and enhance America's freedom and independence
Tea Party movement tames the NRA: News that the NRA was considering supporting Sen. Henry Reid got conservatives angry and J.J. Jackson says they got their message across
The islands of lost boys: The famous song from South Pacific entitled "Bali Hai" reminds Lisa Fabrizio a lot of people on the political left -- that a fairy land exists where reality can't intrude
How did John McCain beat JD Hayworth?: Rachel Alexander says one of the most disliked, liberal Republicans in the Senate used money from conservatives who can't stand him to win reelection against the far more conservative candidate
Letting leftists limit language: Bruce Walker argues that the battle for our language is just as important as any ideological struggle
Restoring honor: Why did Dr. Robert Owens attended Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally on August 28? He reports that he went there to see one person
The envious feminist: Why do feminists so vehemently attack which they disagree with? Selwyn Duke believes it's because they're secretly envious others have that they don't
Higher yields: The only farming answer: Dennis T. Avery says the only way to feed the world in coming decades is to spread the magic of high yield farming
Sheriff takes "Sanctuary City" policy to the extreme: Jim Kouri takes San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey to task for a truly ludicrous approach to the issue of illegal aliens
Lingua publica

October 2010

Obama's failure agenda: Barack Obama rode into the White House with promises of progress and change. Alan Caruba says he's delivered failure since...remember that on November 2
Third party conservatives: Fixers or spoilers?: Conservatives in many states are once again faced with a dilemma: Do they vote for Republicans or third party conservative candidates? Mark Alexander has some advice
And while the bright shiny thing sparkled...: Recent news that IBM offered to save America's federal government $900 billion in fraudulent health care claims but was turned down speaks much, writes Frank Salvato
America's last chance: Amendment 62: Colorado is a state of beauty and fine Americans but it also gave the country legalized abortions. Michael Moriarty says they can fix that
When did Jack Conway stop beating his wife?: Since Jack Conway believes it's fair to make unsubstantiated and ludicrous charges against Ron Paul in their Kentucky Senate race, J.J. Jackson feels he can return the favour
California: The gateway drug state: Paul A. Ibbetson argues that Proposition 19 proves that California's push for medical marijuana was always about making the drug more acceptable
From apathy to action: Lisa Fabrizio says that the policies of the left are designed to lull people into an apathy but reality is a powerful antidote
Wanted a kamikaze Congress for a banzai counterattack: It appears that the GOP will take control of at least one house of Congress and Dr. Robert Owens wants Republicans in there willing to fight
If you're not reading this article, please don't vote: The way things are going today, writes Selwyn Duke, it would be a lot better for America if most people didn't bother to vote
QE2 won't make big waves as G20 flops: Dr. Peter Morici expects G20 finance ministers to pursue another round of quantitative easing next month. He also expects to be another failure
Are newspapers this hard up?: Michael R. Shannon had quite the shock last week when a bastion of Wall Street attempted to steal money from him
The future of health care: Everyone seems to have a plan to reduce health care costs, some more promising then others, though Stephen Moughon isn't particularly confident anything will get done
Karl Marx: A great economist with a poor focus: Karl Marx famously came out in favour of free trade but Evelina Sweitzer argues you have to know why he did so
Keep the tea Kool-Aid-free: Five stupid conservative tactics that serve the  media's narrative: Christian Hartsock says it's bad enough that the media is demonizing the Tea Party movement by why do conservatives have to help them?
City farming—pigs in the sky?: Farming in skyscrapers? Dennis T. Avery says thankfully it's another dumb idea courtesy of an environmentalist that will never see the light of day
Wind power mirages: Paster Jay Dennis asks a simple question: Would generating more electricity from wind really help poor families or the environment?
The U.N. at 65: Yesterday was the 65th birthday of the United Nations and Henry Lamb says it's time for the old boy to be retired
Border Patrol hindered by political correctness: Government report: The U.S. Border Patrol is forced to follow all sorts of environmental and land management laws and that`s limiting their ability to do their job, reports Jim Kouri
The death of government: Americans live in a paradoxical world where there is at once too much government and also that it's a dying entity, writes Bruce Walker
Why we are liberal or conservative: Why we are liberal or conservative usually comes about because of the answer to a very simple question, argues Robert S. Sargent, Jr.
Blessed tolerance: The virtue of a republic in decline: Tolerance is the virtue most praised today but Steve Farrell says that Plato had some thoughts on the matter and not surprisingly most won't care to hear them
Haunting divinities IV: The sheriff's silver bullet: The legendary Gary Cooper and his masterpiece High Noon remind Michael Moriarty of the type of people we need today
Is Obama just a moron?: George W. Bush was derided for years as a moron but Alan Caruba says the word is probably better suited for the current occupant of the White House
Libertarianism's folly, Part Two: When Selwyn Duke attacked libertarianism last week we expected some letters. He takes the time this week to respond to a couple
Prosecutor in Washington State goes on vendetta against gun club: The Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club in Bermerton, WA has a peerless safety record and is widely respected. Exactly why it's being attacked by a counter prosecutor, writes Rachel Alexander
Westboro Baptist Church and the ten-mile proposition: Paul A. Ibbetson hates the Westboro Baptist Church as much as any decent human being can but he says a proposal by Mitch Albom to force them 10 miles away from their targets won't work
Costs are costs are costs Mr. Sestak: Politicians like Joe Sestak reveal their ignorance of how businesses work when they call for higher taxes on them, says J.J. Jackson
Unemployment: Barack Obama's recession grinds on and on: Ron Cooke argues the numbers clearly say one thing: This recession and the tens of millions under- and unemployed belong to Barack Obama
Soviets and subsidies: An honest opinion on a costly issue: Trevor Shaw says the US is rapidly becoming like the former Soviet Union: A nation of subsidies designed to prop up parts of the economy the government deems necessary
I'll see your Hiroshima and raise you a Nagasaki: Dr. Robert Owens says now is the time for everyone who believes in limited government to come to the aid of their nation.  Those now awake must wakeup their families, their friends and their neighbors
Campaign donations, 'shady sources' and the lies of the left: Frank Salvato says the Democratic National Committee ad attacking the US Chamber of Commerce was laughable considering the Democratic Party's recent history
"A Republic, ma'am, if you can keep it": Henry Lamb believes there is only one way to save America's levels of government and it takes you to do it
Lessons learned from Swedish temperature records: "Official" temperature records from around the world show large increases in temperature over the past century, one reason why Dennis T. Avery places little faith in them
Ripping health care out of your own hands: If Americans believe in self-government then the notion of the government telling them that health care is now in their hands must be an insulting one, writes Jason Sagall
Another 18th century infestation courtesy of the EPA: Michael R. Shannon says you can thank the Environmental Protection Agency for the return and rapid spread of bedbugs in the US
Polls show conservatism is a sleeping giant: Could American conservatism -- or at least the Republican Party -- make huge gains in November and future election cycles? Bruce Walker says polling over the years has consistently suggested that the conditions exist just for such a thing
Cloward, Piven & Obamacare: Understanding why Barack Obama made health care such a priority is important once you understand the left's ultimate goal, argues Frank Salvato
Boo! Who are these phantom Republicans?: J.J. Jackson says there seems to be a number of Republicans running in the November elections but who can't actually be found campaigning
Independence for the Constitution State?: Could the GOP wrestle away Chris Dodd's old seat next month? Lisa Fabrizio says it's very possible for Linda McMahon to defeat Dick Blumenthal
Haunting divinities III: Michael Moriarty continues his series exploring how art, culture and politics sometimes are inextricably woven together
National law of the harvest: As Galatians reminds us what you sow you shall reap and Steve Farrell believes that all nations will inevitably pay for their sins
Libertarianism's folly: When the "live and let live" mentality becomes vice: There was a time when Selwyn Duke might have considered himself a libertarian but he argues that issues of morality make that impossible
Why the GPS is Magellan and not Columbus: It may be politically incorrect these days bit Michael R. Shannon is going to celebrate Columbus Day today for the many positive achievements of the man
Avoiding the EI tax-hike hammer: Federal finance minister Jim Flaherty says Canadians should be happy a looming EI tax hike wasn't bigger. Kevin Gaudet can only shake his head
Poverty pimps: According to at least one pastor, reports Mark Alexander, poverty in America is largely the blame of "Poverty Pimps" -- leaders who prefer a hand out to a hand up
Echoes of 1930s Germany?: Barack Obama is not Hitler and America isn't Weimer-era Germany but Alan Caruba can't help but think of 1930s Germany these days
The unconventional convention: Dr. Robert Owens has returned from the recent Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention and says it was a heck of a thing
Birds of a feather flock together: The recent leftist march at the Lincoln Memorial shows that it is a certain brand of American who is seeking to transform America, argues Henry Lamb
Death before truth: Political correctness in America: The Los Angeles Times is being blamed for the suicide of a teacher whose poor evaluations were published. Paul A. Ibbetson says the paper is not to blame
Unemployment compensation extensions: For better or for worse?: Debate still rages whether this past summer's extension of unemployment benefits in the U.S. was worthwhile. Benjamin Che takes another look at the issue
The corn commotion: Even in these difficult economic times spending on ethanol continues to rise. Isaac Kim says the policy makes no sense on economic or environmental grounds
High fashion versus the private car: It's becoming increasingly fashionable to deride and abandon the use of cars. David Seymour says only the trendy and wealthy could afford to do so
Environmental injustice en Español: Rev. San Rodriguez argues that liberal Latino pressure groups' campaign will drive up energy prices, kill jobs and hurt families
Why tolerate deadly food bacteria?: Instead of demanding more government regulations, writes Dennis T. Avery, why not demand proven technology that keeps food safer and fresher?
The new and improved GOP?: It's natural to be leery of another set of GOP promises but Mark Alexander holds out some hope that their Pledge to America can become reality
Remembering Joe Sobran: Joseph Sobran passed away last week and left behind a very mixed legacy. W. James Antle III analyzes the man and the controversies that surrounded him
Young men think old men are fools: Steve Farrell argues that progressives today are ready to throw out all that created America because they're in love with the new and progressive
Haunting divinities II: Michael Moriarty continues his series looking at some of the art and artists that have impacted him with the 1955 film Picnic
November song: Lisa Fabrizio looks to musical inspiration from the 1930s to explain why the Democrats will likely take a bath at the polls next month
The EPA's long war on chemicals: Alan Caruba charges that the EPA has fought a war against chemicals regardless of whether the science supports it or not
Climate terrorism: Don't believe in the climate change orthodoxy? David Seymour says at least one ostensibly mainstream group believes children should be murdered in front of their friends
Liberal Republican primary losers better not spoil the elections: Rachel Alexander has a warning for the liberal Republicans who were defeated by conservatives in primaries: If they undermine their own party, it will not be forgotten
Dems opt to punt on fourth down and a country mile: Football season is fully underway so that means that J.J. Jackson is going to use an analogy to explain why the Democrats could lose ground this November
What did you do to save the country?: The November elections are likely the most important that the United States has faced in generations, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Gloria Allred should be disbarred: Gloria Allred has found yet another patsy in her eternal quest for fame, writes Nancy Morgan, and for what she did she should be disbarred
Constructing the buzzword 'extreme': Alinsky rules 11 & 13: You're probably hearing the word "extreme" a lot these days -- particularly in connection with conservatives -- so Frank Salvato takes a look at the word and the agenda that's being described
Gold at $1300 an ounce!: Why has gold passed $1300 an ounce? Dr. Peter Morici says you can lay the blame entirely with the Obama administration
Socialism, here we come! Or do we?: If during your last visit to the doctor saw you being weighed whether you liked it or not, writes Karen Norling, chances are the federal government had something to do with it
AP monetary incentives?: Paying AP students to pass their exams? It may sound ludicrous but Martin Van Swol says a program in Texas is paying dividends
Ludwig von Mises' timeless insight on interventionism: In this era of extraordinary government intervention in the economy, Evan Chow believes that Ludwig von Mises still has much to say on the subject
Feds say global governance at "critical juncture": Still believe that "global governance" is the province of the black helicopter crowd? Henry Lamb says a recent US-EU report would suggest otherwise
Scare campaigns to the contrary, Canada won't run out of water: Canadians are being told that they're in danger of running out of water or using too much. Ben Eisen says the country doesn't need to worry
Greens shackle national security – and renewable energy: Now environmentalists say we need the minerals that they've been locking up for decades, writes Paul Driessen
Black crosses and black deaths: Attacks on coal-mining and use would trample on hopes, progress, living standards and lives, say Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. and Niger Innis
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November 2010

Keeping the lame duck from waddling: The Democrats are on the run and Bruce Walker says it's up to the GOP and the American people to ensure it stays that way
If Republicans are serious about budget cutting...: If the Republicans about to assume control of the House of Representatives are serious about change, Mark Alexander has a simple agenda for them
A Bush "post-mortem" – Part Two: As Dubya releases his book Decision Points, Mark Wegierski re-states the conservative case against George W. Bush
Babel's bee hive: Humanity as insects? Michael Moriarty says the modus operandi of some people would indicate that's about all they think of humanity
Denying Americans their own energy: Alan Caruba says that America's energy policy is nothing short of suicidal and clearly designed to hamstring the country
Deo gratias: Has religion begun a comeback in American politics amongst the grassroots? Lisa Fabrizio says some evidence points that way
Platform for the 21st century: If the GOP needs an agenda for the coming century, Henry Lamb says Beverly Eakman has very graciously put one together for them
Thanks for nothing: Dr. Robert Owens says we must redouble our efforts to turn back the tide.  We must limit the government before the government limits us
Cut the red tape: The biggest boon to the American economy would probably be rolling back the red tape that businesses have to labour under, argues Stephen Moughon
Where was that made? Wait, don't tell me…: High school student Audrey Ward understands what most ostensibly experienced politicians don't: It's time to fight the huge American trade deficit
Stop obsessing about Japan and deflation: Thomas E. Brewton says that US Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has to stop viewing the American economy through the lens of Keynesian economics
Epic economic fail: Don't try this at home kids: Zachariah Lund assails one essayist who seems to believe that corporations are responsible for every evil in the world
Rubber glove lobby wins big with new TSA pat down procedures: J.J. Jackson isn't a particularly self-concious individual but he understands why some people might not want to be groped or viewed naked through a machine
Profile Muslims or pat down the masses?: The government has apparently chosen to consider every person an equal opportunity suspect when it comes to terrorism and Selwyn Duke doesn't think that's right
Ireland's banking crisis and the Euro myth: Irish banks are the latest to hit a very rough patch but Peter Morici says that the EU is wrong -- with it's current setup -- to print money to bail them out
End the ethanol subsidies: Paul Driessen argues that Congressional inaction would save taxpayers $6 billion, and bring other benefits too
Muddy rivers: Don't blame farmers: Environmentalists love to blame farmers for soil erosion into rivers but Dennis T. Avery says they aren't at fault
Ten things Republicans could do to prove they are serious: If the Republicans are truly serious about bringing real change to Capitol Hill then J.J. Jackson has a list of things he'd like them to focus on
Time to leave No Child Left Behind, behind: Steve Farrell says it's time to strike while iron is hot and get the federal government out of education
The Federal Reserve's magic money: Alan Caruba says big changes are needed in how the U.S. Federal Reserve attempts to aid the American economy
America's Haunting Divinities V: Besides being a masterpiece, Michael Moriarty argues that On the Waterfront speaks much to today's American political scene
A Bush "post-mortem" – Part One: As Dubya releases his book Decision Points, Mark Wegierski re-articulates the conservative case against George W. Bush
Same place, same problems: Graham Fuller's A World Without Islam wonders what a geopolitical world without Islam looks like. Steven Martinovich isn't particularly satisfied with the effort
Federal 'Tea Party' missing in action: How to find it: Kevin Gaudet warns Canadian politicians that an anti-establishment Tea Party-like movement in Canada isn't out of the question
A Grander Old Party: Lisa Fabrizio argues that the internal battles of the Republican Party must come to an end if it is to be successful in combating the Democrats
Time to tackle right to work: With the huge gains at all levels of government earlier this month Bruce Walker believes Republicans need to address "Right to Work" laws in several states
Repeal Obamacare – and then the 17th Amendment: Henry Lamb has a long list for the GOP as well but he'd first like to see Obamacare ended -- then if they have time to tackle the 17th Amendment
A principle for Peter in the 21st Century: What happens if you have a bond sale and nobody comes? I guess you buy the bonds yourself, says Dr. Robert Owens
Oklahoma: When Sharia comes sweeping down the plains: Some are attempting to bring Sharia law to Oklahoma and Paul A. Ibbetson and plenty of other Oklahomans have some pretty big concerns about that
Tea Party, don't let your opposition define you: Frank Salvato warns the Tea Party movement that are plenty of people on both the left and right who would like to see the movement die
The Republican establishment vs The American People: John Bender has a word of warning for the GOP: Listen to the people or face the consequences
Real crimes against humanity: Paul Driessen says environmentalists are talking about "crimes against humanity" over a lack of action on climate change...a charge he completely rejects
Big green bus has flat tires: Dennis T. Avery says the once unstoppable environmentalist movement seems to have hit a few road bumps recently
A liberal-progressive abstraction: Caring for the little guy: Liberals love "urban renewal" because it allows them to transform entire cities in one shot -- regardless of the cost to the average person, argues Thomas E. Brewton
Greenwashing America: There's big money in "green products" particularly in what you have to pay, writes Alan Caruba. The problem? It seems most of the time you're paying for unproven claims or products no different from the competition
The state legislative tsunami: The big news last week was the huge shift in the House of Representatives but Bruce Walker says the other story were the GOP gains in state legislative elections
First test for the GOP could be Lisa Murkowski: If Lisa Murkowski ends up winning in Alaska, says J.J. Jackson, the GOP better not welcome her with open arms
Tea Parties' next challenge: The Tea Party movement scored some big successes last week but Henry Lamb says they have another challenge that they have to take on
Portraits and Landscapes: Atheism's point man: If American atheism has a popular leader today, writes Michael Moriarty, it is a certain host of an HBO talk show
The next missions...if the Tea Party will accept them: Frank Salvato also has something he'd like the Tea Party movement to address after last week's victories
The cause of liberty: The Tea Party cannot afford to take even one day off after last week's historic shift in the House of Representatives, argues Mark Alexander
New Congress to–do list: Republicans are going to spend the next two years attacking Barack Obama and Michael R. Shannon wants them to do it the right way
My name's America and I'm a debt-a-holic: If we don’t sober up and take the cure ourselves one day soon our friendly debt dealers are all going to get together and pull an intervention on us, and that will not be pretty, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Stewart and Colbert: Laughing with the left until it hurts: Paul A. Ibbetson doesn't mind political humour when it comes from the left but the key ingredient needs to be humour
To trade or not to trade: Is the cure for America's trade ills more trade? Stephen Moughon says increasing trade won't be easy but the numbers prove it's worth it
America: Home of the debtors?: Run a trade deficit long enough and any country will eventually collapse under debt's weight. Micah Rimmer says it's time to break the trade deficit cycle
The benevolence of the free market: Those of the left love to portray capitalism as if it were a Hobbesian struggle for supremacy but Dakotah Chmiel argues that it is a very benevolent force
QE2 and G20 hypocrisy: The G20 isn't particularly pleased about America's second round of quantitative easing but Peter Morici isn't having any of it
The business cycle: Krugman vs. Austrian economic theory: Paul Krugman's continued championing of Keynesian economic theory is a denial of reality, says Thomas E. Brewton
Biodiversity: Losing which species?: The public is losing interest in climate change as an issue so it's time to bring back the cute, cuddly animals, reports Dennis T. Avery
Some 'splainin' to do: Lisa Fabrizio says the Republicans can be successful tomorrow night if they listen to the American people and fully explain what they intend to do
Greedy leftists decry American dream: In Pennsylvania J.J. Jackson says one organization is urging voters to reject "greed", a character flaw he argues they know well
Rights endowed by whom?: Barack Obama has been making reference to the Declaration of Independence in several speeches recently and what he leaves out says much, writes Mark Alexander
The Democrats' final recourse: Massive vote fraud: Selwyn Duke believes that if the Democrats can't win tomorrow night's election fairly, they'll just try and steal it
Which special interest groups are pouring the most money into elections?: It probably won't come as a huge surprise but Rachel Alexander confirms that the biggest spending special interest groups are on the left
Sophistication or substance?: The agenda the left promotes is billed as "sophisticated" but Michael Moriarty believes that it is a mile wide and an inch deep
This isn't a recession: Dr. Robert Owens argues that America's current economic woes aren't a simple recession. The evidence would indicate that it is anything but
Goodbye global warming, hello biodiversity: Get ready for the latest enviro-scam that new laws and your money will cater to, warns Alan Caruba
Vote for freedom, or government control: America isn't change from day to night simply if the Republicans take control of Congress but Henry Lamb says there is still a very good reason to vote
This election cycle is about...revolution: Frank Salvato calls tomorrow night's mid-term elections the most important in America since 1864
The death of Camelot: Barack Obama probably imagines himself as a modern-day JFK, something that Bruce Walker says he should try to avoid
Is democracy the voice of God?: Bringing about change in society isn't simple a matter of winning at the ballot box, argues Steve Farrell, there are also higher considerations involved
Time to pull NPR from Armed Forces Radio airwaves: The recent firing of Juan Williams over comments that NPR felt were inappropriate and its continuing slant to the left should have it stripped from AFRN, says Van D. Hipp, Jr.
National Public Radio and the skinny fat man: Paul A. Ibbetson doesn't care what agenda National Public Radio long as they don't do it with taxpayer money
Edward Prescott: A prophet regarding Social Security: Benjamin Che says that Edward C. Prescott has some good ideas concerning Social Security and the role that taxes play need more attention
Is it organic? Or just socialism?: The organic foods movement portrays itself as a healthy, natural way to eat but Mischa Popoff says the reality is that urban activists have hijacked the reality
Why the "Invisible Hand" takes away our "Free Lunch": If you want to know why the free markets have such a difficult time these days, writes Nathan Huynh, just read some Milton Freidman and all will be explained
Waiting on the corporations: Why aren't corporations spending money now? Stephen Moughon says there are a confluence of factors causing $1.6 trillion to sit on the sidelines
Energy claims and realities: James Tonkowich wants to know what will happen to jobs, living standards and families under restrictive energy policies?
Stacy Bannerman's domestic violence hoax: A recent news stories claiming that men returning from deployment were much more likely to abuse their wives or partners has Carey Roberts crying foul
Call me former Senator Barbara Boxer: Martha Montelongo desperately hopes that California Senator Barbara Boxer is out of a job come November 3
Labor unions and their impact on America's economy - Kendra Tetrick
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December 2010

Asclepius shrugged: America's health care industry is being treated like the heroes of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and it can't last forever, argues Bruce Walker
You want power?: Michael Moriarty says that for those seeking power -- real power -- there's really only one place to look
Busybodies, nags and control freaks: Government control over aspect of a human's life may be a hallmark of totalitarian governments but Alan Caruba says you can find the same thing in the United States these days
Are "black hats" genetically defective?: Henry Lamb argues in America there are two kinds of people: The ones who want to leave you alone and everyone else who wants to dictate how you live your life
Toxic culture: The Deepwater Horizon catastrophe may have happened only a few months ago but Drowning in Oil: BP & the Reckless Pursuit of Profit shows its roots were planted years ago, says Steve Martinovich
Here comes the judge: Last week's court decision that struck a blow against Obamacare was a huge victory for those who believe in commonsense constitutional interpretation, says Dr. Robert Owens
A great week for liberty: For fans of freedom, writes Mark Alexander, last week had some notable days in which Americans could celebrate the past and the present
A liberal carol - (A ghostly story in two parts): As she is wont to do, Lisa Fabrizio adapts an classic story to tell tale of the current occupant of the White House
A liberal carol - (A ghostly story in two parts) - Part II: Lisa Fabrizio wraps up her Christmas/American political story just in time for Christmas
Cheer up –The world is a wonderful place: Doom and gloom -- that's all you hear these days but David Seymour says things aren't all that bad
Citizen, class warrior, Florida school board gunman…and good humanist: A gunmen aiming to kill members of a Florida school board listed his religion as "humanist" and Selwyn Duke believes that says a lot
Those damn rich people: Throughout the debate over the Bush-era tax cuts the wealthy -- however you wish to define the term -- were attacked by the left. Frank Salvato rises to their defense
Dems: OK to be 'bi' as long as it's not 'partisan': Democrats are peeved at Barack Obama for allowing the Bush-era tax cuts to live on...proof they have no interest in working with the GOP, writes Michael R. Shannon
India and the next Green Revolution: Dennis T. Avery argues that another Green Revolution is necessary if India is to continue to feed its growing population
Hype versus reality on Indian climate change: Long-term perspectives support natural, cyclical variation -- not manmade disasters -- when it comes to climate change, write Willie Soon and Selvaraj Kandasamy
Move over, Baghdad Bob: Remember Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf? Alan Caruba says the current White House press secretary reminds him a lot of Iraq's old Minister of Information
A born again Bush booster and the stealth stimulus: Barack Obama may have relented in his war against the Bush tax cuts but Dr. Robert Owens argues what everyone was really discussing is how much of the money we earn they can afford to let us keep
Chanukah in Poland: Bruce Walker finds much inspiration in the continuing efforts of Poland to make its few remaining Jews feel welcome -- particularly during the month of December
President Mack the Knife: If the extreme political left has a theme song, writes Michael Moriarty, it has to be Bertolt Brecht's "Mack The Knife"
Hands off the First Amendment!: Henry Lamb charges that several prominent Obama appointees and advisors clearly want to attack free speech and control the information that you receive
Will Senate GOP sell out U.S. national security?: David T. Pyne has a word of warning for the Senate GOP: Don't allow Barack Obama to gut the nation's nuclear defenses
The President's CEO Summit and Latin American campaign tactics: Dr. Peter Morici doesn't expect much good to come from Barack Obama's plan to meet with American CEOs to discuss the floundering economy
The first rule of holes: Plenty of people are happy that legislation regulating the volume level of commercials has been passed but Michael R. Shannon is most definitely not one of them
To be clear, it's not the government's money: Frank Salvato says America's Founding Fathers understood it intuitively: the production of a people belongs to them, not government
LGBT: Kansas, you're not in Kansas anymore: A tribunal that makes you prove you're innocent if you're accused of anti-gay discrimination? Paul A. Ibbetson says the war against freedom and traditional values continues unabated
Real brain-based learning: Michael Zwaagstra says there is at least one academic out there who is standing against the trendy theories of how to educate children
Yippee, we're all abusers now!: The rate of domestic violence has been falling for decades so how to maintain the issue? Why radically expand the definition of "violence," writes Carey Roberts
Do you believe in magic … climate numbers?: Paul Driessen asks should temperatures pulled out of a hat be the basis for energy and economic policies?
Memo to America: Don't do carbon trading!: The United States must learn from Europe's mistakes – not repeat them, writes European politician Roger Helmer
Hot air from the unsustainable wind-energy industry: Advocates and wind energy purveyors are begging government for money with the threat that the industry will die without subsidies. Good enough reason not to give them any, argues J.J. Jackson
The price of failure in the Korean War: The failure of decisively defeating North Korea and its allies have prompted today's crisis on the Korea peninsula, writes Bruce Walker
Korea: The no-win war that keeps giving: Steve Farrell argues that the United States worked very hard to lose the first Korean War, and at a very heavy price
The silent treatment: Silence may be golden but Michael Moriarty says not speaking on a matter says as much as being very open about your thoughts
Who got stimulated?: This week Mark Alexander isn't talking about the TSA, but rather who has really won since Barack Obama launched his "economic fixes" to combat the last recession
The EPA versus the USA: Come the new year the EPA will effectively assume greater control over the United States and nothing good will come of it, writes Alan Caruba
Author attacks economic dependency: Joseph Quesnel has nothing but praise for Calvin Helin's The Economic Dependency Trap: Breaking Free to Self-Reliance, an argument against government-created dependency
The brain gap: Steven Martinovich wanted to like The Watchman's Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction but felt it was an effort undone by its own author
Don't throw the baby out with the bath water: A people willing to share their thoughts have long been the bane of tyrants.  Those who seek to order the lives of others and to micromanage the fate of nations cannot abide the idea that the government that governs least governs best, says Dr. Robert Owens
Taxes and punishment: Why attacking achievement hurts everyone: Paul A. Ibbetson argues that allowing the Bush era tax cuts to expire will make all Americans poorer -- not just America's "wealthy"
The GOP has my support on Bush era tax rates: J.J. Jackson may have some problems with the GOP these days but when it comes to the issue of Bush era tax cuts, he supports them completely
The Bush tax cuts and deficit reduction nonsense: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the Bush tax cuts need to stay -- but that spending cuts and some unpleasant reforms are necessary as well
Happy Holydays: Christmas is coming in a few short weeks and Lisa Fabrizio wants to remind you what December 25 really stands for
Progressives crave control: When it comes to the progressive movement -- be they Republican or Democrat -- it's all about how much they can control society, says Henry Lamb
Ratchet Effect – How the old maximum becomes the new minimum: A temporary measure designed to help Washington, D.C. federal workers get to work is about to expire and Michael R. Shannon says the fireworks are about to begin
The case for reform by stand-alone legislation: Although it would never happen, Frank Salvato would love to see a world where a piece of legislation only spends money on what it is ostensibly designed to address
A new dark age for Germany?: Edgar L. Gaerner says Germany's offshore wind power projects are paving the way to frequent blackouts
False prophecies beget faulty policies: Although it seems obvious, Willie Soon and Madhav Khandekar argue that computer models cannot forecast 2030 Indian summer monsoons
The climate Mafia gather in Cancun: Once again assorted the dons and foot soldiers of the climate change orthodoxy meet and consider our global future, reports Alan Caruba
A Bush "post-mortem" – Part Three: With the release of Dubya's new book Decision Points, Mark Wegierski voices again the conservative case against George W. Bush
Bombs don't kill people, terrorists do: The same logic that the political left brings to the debate over gun control is the same heard during the one concerning terrorism, says Bruce Walker
Nothing but grit: In about a month Hollywood's remake of True Grit opens in theatres and Lisa Fabrizio says it's an exercise that needn't have been performed
Progressive America's version of communism: State capitalism: Last week marked the anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a date that Michael Moriarty pins a great deal of importance to
You can touch my junk, but nothing else: John Tyner's confrontation with a TSA employee propelled the slang "junk" into the mainstream, something that Selwyn Duke can only sigh about
Political correctness and your body: Why TSA security measures won't fly: Paul A. Ibbetson argues that the current TSA security policies aren't reducing the threat of terrorism and rob everyone of their dignity
The emperor's last laugh: The brouhaha over the TSA groping checks prompted Harold Witkov to write a "fictional" story about its creation
What is a sustainable community?: Simply put, a sustainable community is all about control of almost every aspect of your life, writes Henry Lamb
Trade deficit taxes growth, keeps unemployment high: America's economy posted some growth in the third quarter but Dr. Peter Morici argues that rising imports are a drag on any recovery
I've seen the future, and the private car is alive and well: David Seymour says unlike public transit, the private car could make for a highly cost-efficient transportation system that earns drivers money
Lomborg's wrong solution to a partly real problem: Paul Driessen and Robert Carter argue that the best Plan B is to prepare for and adapt to all future climate changes
Climate change no longer scary in Europe: It's not the climate, but the tide of opinion that's changing in Europe and around the globe, says Dr. Hans Labohm
A new world order guide: If you want to limit people's freedoms, writes Ben Cerruti, utilizing the global warming campaign isn't the worst idea you can have
Food banks and poverty – two different issues: It's commonly held that increasing use of food banks equals a rising poverty rate but Rick August cautions against reaching that conclusion
Why are schools of education such an oxymoron?: Eliminate the "F" on report cards and ban zeros for cheaters? It might sound like a joke but one principal in Virginia thought it a good idea, reports Michael R. Shannon
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