January 2012 - December 2012

January 2012

Destroying America by denying access to energy: The Obama administration's announcement last week that it was denying a permit for Canada's XL Keystone pipeline was the latest example of a nation committing suicide, says Alan Caruba
Chapter Thirty Two of The Haunted Heaven: The Americordia: The capsizing of the Costa Concordia and its less than inspirational captain reminded Michael Moriarty a lot of the U.S. and its leadership
Resisting "soft-totalitarianism" in Canada? (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the third main pillar, the mass-education system and its attitudes towards Christianity and its followers
An open letter to the Occupiers from Generation X: As a card carrying member of Generation X, Rachel Alexander has a few thoughts she would like to share with those who ally themselves with the Occupy movement
The beginning of the end: Steve Martinovich finds Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis to be a very sobering look at at the economic trouble the world finds itself in
Election deceptions: Have no doubt about it, writes Lisa Fabrizio, the mainstream media and the Democrats are very worried about a Mitt Romney nomination
How dumb do they think we are?: Dr. Robert Owens is plenty tired of being treated like an idiot by his political representatives when they make the most contemptible of decisions and claims
If Republicans want to win, they must rebrand "capitalism": Barely half of Americans have positive thoughts about capitalism and Selwyn Duke believes that Republicans have to promote economic freedom with other words
The problem with rich Republicans: Mark Alexander has no problem with celebrating wealth but he does believe that certain ethical and moral requirements come with it
Is Paula Deen to blame for your diabetes?: Paula Deen's recent admission that she is a Type-2 diabetic doesn't mean you should be blaming your gut on her, says John W. Lillpop
Boeing gets last laugh?: Remember when Barack Obama led the charge to prevent Boeing from transferring work from a union plant to a non-unionized plant? J.J. Jackson wants to know why what recently happened at the Kansas City plant is being ignored
Conservatives get stupid, again: It's been a while since a major media publication has all but declared that conservatives are stupid so Michael R. Shannon was gratified that the Washington Post brought back that old charge
It's time to launch a new era in Africa: Instead of more foreign aid, we need self-initiative and energy and economic development, argues Cyril Boynes, Jr.
Charles Manson energy: Paul Driessen says it's time to apply endangered species, wildlife and economic laws fairly and equitably
Shale gas: Boon for humanity or bane?: The mainstream media continues to buy whatever assertions academics opposed to shale gas are selling but Dennis T. Avery says others are responding to their knee-jerk negativity
The left's heart of darkness: The recent controversy surrounding Alan Colmes and his comments about Rick Santorum and a dead child show how depraved the left has become, says Bruce Walker
Weakening the U.S. military: Barack Obama's desire to reduce the size of the American military couldn't come at a worse time, argues Alan Caruba
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty One: Looking Down From The Ivory Tower: Harold Bloom: As an artist Michael Moriarty is aware that all great art rests on philosophy. That's why he's disappointed in some of the work of critic Harold Bloom
Resisting "soft-totalitarianism" in Canada?  (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the second pillar of the system, the juridical environment and its attitudes towards Christianity and its followers
Cut loose at fifty: Chapter Twelve – Trouble brewing: It's the end of Chris Clancy's first year teaching at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and it's time for the students to show him what they've learned
The Bain of our existence? Hardly!: J.J. Jackson has no love for Mitt Romney but he argues that the attacks on him over the activities of Bain Capital from both the left and right are completely unwarranted
More egregious: Bane of Bain, or "Fast and Furious"?: John W. Lillpop has nothing but contempt for Newt Gingrich for stirring up the flames about Bain Capital and Mitt Romney's work there when the former Speaker of the House could have been running on other issues
The myth of bad Republican candidates: Everywhere you turn you hear the media -- and many Republicans -- disparage the GOP presidential wannabes. Selwyn Duke isn't one of them
Professional politician; inept President: As a politician no one can claim that Barack Obama isn't a polished professional. As a president? Henry Lamb says another story altogether
The best GOP candidate: Looking for an endorsement? Mark Alexander argues that choosing the best of the current crop of GOP presidential candidates isn't that easy
Can freedom survive or is the fix in?: Dr. Robert Owens wonders if the GOP is once again being steered towards a candidate that the party doesn't really want and would do a disservice to the principles of freedom
Romney's opportunity in South Carolina: Mitt Romney has a challenge in South Carolina but Dr. Peter Morici says it's also a big opportunity to put Barack Obama on the defensive
The stagnant left: Conservatives have long been portrayed as the stick in the mud of society but Bruce Walker argues the label better reflects the political left
Republicans attempt to change a light bulb: The GOP talked a big game about getting rid of the gradual ban on incandescent bulbs and failed completely, says Michael R. Shannon
Raiding of the Treasury to bribe the irresponsible: Frank Salvato reports that Barack Obama could be tempted to some shenanigans and take on more federal debt in an effort to capture votes this year
2012: The year to save American medicine: If Americans really hate what Barack Obama and the Democrats did to their health care system, writes Richard E. Ralston, they will have a chance to remedy that later this year
Barack Machiavelli: Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince is thought by many to be a tongue-in-cheek guide to wielding power but Alan Caruba says the president took the book to heart
Resisting "soft-totalitarianism" in Canada?  (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the first pillar of the Canadian system, the media environment and its attitudes towards Christianity and its followers
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty: Kinder gentler appeasement: Mitt Romney has apparently become the front-runner in the GOP race but Michael Moriarty thinks he's a breath of stale air
Transforming Romney from contender to champ: Mitt Romney may have won in Iowa but Dr. Peter Morici says he has a long way to go before he can even imagine being president
Gridlock: Lisa Fabrizio argues that any GOP nominee for president has an incredibly difficult road -- whether it's from an uninformed populace to institutions actively working against them
2012: What will it be?: So what does 2012 hold? Will it be boom or will it be doom? Will it be morning in America or will it be mourning in America? Dr. Robert Owens ponders these and other questions
Cut loose at fifty: Chapter Eleven – Telling an English joke in Chinese: Chris Clancy is asked to deliver a speech on UK property taxation -- something that he knows little about -- as a Chinese conference and he decides to include some humour
Ron Paul's support among military? 4.4% at best: J.J. Jackson isn't buying from Ron Paul's supporters that he's seeing very strong support from America's military...if determined by money at least
What the Iowa caucuses determined: Last week's results in Iowa confused a lot of people but Rachel Alexander thinks she knows what went on in the caucuses
Republicans are discouraging voter turnout: Michael R. Shannon can only wonder at a political party that is facing a critical election and is attempting to suppress it's own voters
Promises, promises: The reality of campaign speak: Frank Salvato applauds any candidate who promises something that they really believe in but he believes Americans should be asking hard questions of them
Democrats have selective memory: When tracing the origins of economic problems today, writes Henry Lamb, the perpetrators and the public don't have a very long memory
Gratitude for what?: Even a committed patriot like Mark Alexander sometimes feels like giving up the battle but the recent passing of an American hero reminded him of why he fights
Obama's 21st Century strategy plays Russian roulette with defense: Jim Kouri doesn't think too much of the planned military cutbacks that were announced by the Obama administration last week
How not to go crazy in 2012: A new year brings new possibilities and Alan Caruba says 2012 may bring the realization to people that virtually every issue that Barack Obama has tackled has gone south on him
Newt and the judges: Newt Gingrich raised some hackles recently when he advocated that Congress take action against judges who acted counter to the Constitution. Bruce Walker thinks its a fine idea
Resisting "soft-totalitarianism" in Canada? (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the ethical challenges for sincerely-believing Christians of living in accord with their faith in current-day Canada
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Devil and Karl Marx: In the music of Rachmaninoff -- and his various interpreters -- Michael Moriarty finds much commentary on the past and future of the world
Upset about Big Brother's ban on incandescent bulbs? Buy a heatball!: As of yesterday the U.S. began phasing out incandescent bulbs. Selwyn Duke says there may be a way around the government's action
Showboating evangelical elites split with congregations on issues: Rachel Alexander takes issue with the growing number of evangelical leaders who are coming out with liberal policy positions and ignoring the beliefs of their congregations
Saving the middle class: America is being hollowed out from within and Dr. Peter Morici says an agenda has to be put into place to protect the middle class from destruction
The defining moment in the future of the USA: One day this November will mark what Henry Lamb believes will speak loudly what Americans really believe their country should be
Owens' law of oscillating pyramids: Dr. Robert Owens has come up with a theory of bureaucracy that explains why the more things change, the more they regrettably stay the same
So, what actually came of the 'shellacking' of 2010?: There was much optimism going into 2011 that the election results of 2010 would change things. Frank Salvato says a quick survey showed that the status quo continues to reign
Obama targeting police nationwide to divert from Fast and Furious: Rachel Alexander reports that Obama's Department of Justice is taking on police departments across the U.S. in an apparent effort to divert attention away from its own scandals
Democrats regulating the dead: Michael R. Shannon spotlights two cases of Democrat behavior that should produce incredulous looks and anger
How Columbus caused the Little Ice Age: According to at least one environmentalist Christopher Columbus was responsible for the Little Ice Age. Dennis T. Avery explains this bit of madness
Imaginary benefits, extensive harm: Craig Rucker argues that EPA mercury rules for electricity generating units are based on false science and economics
Who is responsible for your health care?: Richard E. Ralston says the answer to the question that headlines his essay should be a pretty obvious one
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February 2012

The Federal Reserve rip-off: Alan Caruba hasn't been much of a fan of Ron Paul and his candidacy for the presidency but when it comes to the U.S. Federal Reserve, he's is complete agreement
Traditionalist social philosophy – a sketch of an idea (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the crucial concept of "the Vital Center" in his continuing series
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty Seven: The Miracle of Human Courage: A recent viewing of The Spirit of St. Louis starring Jimmy Stewart got Michael Moriarty to thinking of the current American political scene
The man who would be king: Dr. Robert Owens argues that the U.S. is looking a lot like the Rome of Augustus -- democratic in name only
Newspapers defend their crony capitalism: Outdated monopoly on public notices: In Rachel Alexander's neck of the woods -- Arizona -- newspapers are fighting hard to ensure that there are few challenges to their monopoly on public notices
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Fourteen – A journey within a journey: A request by a Chinese colleague to edit a proposal paper launches Chris Clancy on an intellectual journey that opens his eyes to Austrian economics
Sex: An inalienable right?: There was once a time when sex was special and celebrated. Today? Lisa Fabrizio says it's turned into nothing more than a bodily function
Obama's budget blather: Mark Alexander found Barack Obama's proposed budget last week to be jaw-dropping in what it will create and portends for America
Are conservatives with Ginsburg or the Founders on the Constitution?: Conservatives didn't think much of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recent comments on the U.S. Constitution but Selwyn Duke says they shouldn't be too loud about their outrage
Stating historical facts is not discrimination: J.J. Jackson doesn't think much of a lawsuit in Massachusetts by atheists attempting to remove the words "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance
Health care, privacy and connectivity: Concerned about electronic health records and potential privacy breaches? David Houle argues that he's willing to accept the trade-offs
When did honesty become optional?: Remember the days when politicians and the media considered it their duty to at least try and be honest? Frank Salvato says those days are long gone
Unknown volcanoes caused the Little Ice Age: Dennis T. Avery doesn't really buy a recently released study that argues mysterious volcanoes were responsible for the world's most recent major cold snap
Samuel L. Jackson drops the act: Admits he only voted for Obama because of race: Are you an American who only voted for McCain or Obama because of their race? Selwyn Duke says you probably understand exactly where Samuel L. Jackson is coming from
America's green enemies: Alan Caruba asks, who needs external enemies when Americans are actively working against their nation's best economic interests?
If Fox fails us: There may be a day when Fox News is no longer friendly to conservatives but Bruce Walker says the right shouldn't fear that moment
Traditionalist social philosophy – a sketch of an idea (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at culture and virtue
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty Six: "Yes!" to a second Catholic president: Michael Moriarty says it's time for Americans to put another Catholic in the White House -- even if the Republican establishment doesn't take Rick Santorum seriously
The sun is setting…tell everyone you know: Dr. Robert Owens says if Americans are truly concerned about the direction their nation is heading that now is the time to do something about it
The high cost of liberalism – 10 million jobs: J.J. Jackson says that the United States has paid a very dear price for the privilege of having Barack Obama in the White House
Occupiers or Tea Partiers?: Both Occupy and the Tea Party movement may be protesting against an established order but Henry Lamb argues only one believes in the American way
Another reason why going negative is a bad thing: Frank Salvato has a word of warning for Republicans who think they can compete with Barack Obama when it comes to negative campaigning
FBI terrorist alert: Beware of those who 'Reference the Constitution or Bible': Own copies of the Bible and Constitution? Mark Alexander says the FBI considers you a possible terrorist threat
The real America: The Battleground Poll once again underlines what Bruce Walker has long argued -- America is a far more conservative nation then most think
How to win the marriage debate: The flaw in the Ninth Circuit's (and most everyone else's) reasoning: Selwyn Duke believes that the key to the fight over marriage has less to do with the courts and more to do with language -- he who controls the debate usually wins the war
That jobs thing sure didn't last long: Obama rejects Keystone XL jobs, promotes more wind and solar subsidies. Paul Driessen asks, what to do now?
The "one percent" we should really fear: The "one percent" is the enemy of Americans but Richard E. Ralston says it's not the same group that the Occupy movement keeps railing about
New optimism: Retail sales, housing and manufacturing may indicate stronger growth, more jobs: Dr. Peter Morici says the American economy may have finally turned a corner with signs that a recovery is actually afoot
Why Democrats fear ultrasound and photo ID: J.J. Jackson argues that Virginia Democrats have good reason to fear a possible requirement of a mother viewing an ultrasound before getting an abortion
The Looney Tunes version of the GOP campaigns: Alan Caruba has become seriously unimpressed with both the GOP candidates and those voting in the primaries
Romney gets it, many Republicans don't: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Republicans who argue Mitt Romney isn't conservative enough don't get the current political reality
Traditionalist social philosophy – a sketch of an idea (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues his look at traditionalist philosophy
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty Four: Vaclav Havel splitting hairs on God's existence: A recent article revealing that the late Vaclav Havel wasn't completely sold on atheism is a pretty big revelation for a number of reasons, writes Michael Moriarty
The legacy of busing: Bruce Walker argues that the court decision to enforce desegregation in schools only created a new kind of segregation and gutted neighbourhoods
If we don't win we lose: Dr. Robert Owens says that Americans who want freedom to win had better stand up and start fighting back
Reagan's enduring, and silly, 11th Commandment: J.J. Jackson loved Ronald Reagan but the famous "11th Commandment" often mistakenly attributed to him needs to disappear
How about letting us make our own choices: The recent endorsement of Mitt Romney by Donald Trump got Frank Salvato to thinking about the value of celebrity and media endorsements
Defeating Obama's socialist propaganda: Mark Alexander argues that Barack Obama's constant talk of "fairness" needs to be combatted as vigorously as the man himself
Genocide watch: Nooredin Abedian believes that a mass killing is poised to take place in Iraq and once again the world seems disinterested in preventing a genocide
Rep. Herger is wrong about Agenda 21: Henry Lamb says that one California politician needs to learn more about Agenda 21 before issuing public letters for it
Occupying the lunatic fringe: The Occupy movement likely would have counted Jesus Christ as a member? Michael R. Shannon has some difficulty with that statement
Agenda-driven "science" at EPA: Newly proposed air pollution rules impose exorbitant costs for illusory health benefits, argue Willie Soon and Paul Driessen
Response of plant species to CO2 levels: The atmosphere is changing and Dennis T. Avery says we have nothing to fear about the continued survival of plants
Gingrich vs. leftism: Newt Gingrich is under heavy assault from all sides these days but Bruce Walker feels he's the best man for the job
I guess I will be the one to say it.  Newt, you are a liar!: J.J. Jackson, on the other hand, isn't very impressed with a claim that Gingrich is making that he helped balance the federal budget back in the 1990s
Traditionalist social philosophy – a sketch of an idea (Part One): Mark Wegierski offers his thoughts on a synthesis of traditionalist philosophy
The new elite: According to new research, a new American economic elite is taking shape and talk of "fairness" is foolishness without talk of freedom, argues Alan Caruba
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty Three: The Progressive Zombie Rest Home: Michael Moriarty believes that there is only one real viable candidate left in the GOP race and that he's the only one can turn back the progressive tide
In praise of a do-nothing Congress: The past session of Congress passed the fewest bills in seven decades and plenty are upset by that. Selwyn Duke fails to see what the problem is
State of dysfunction: Fairness, the economy and hypocrisy: Dr. Peter Morici wasn't particularly impressed by the themes that Barack Obama hammered on during his State of the Union address last week
Obama's State of Disunion: Barack Obama's State of the Union address was notable for what he did and did not say, says Mark Alexander
Cut loose at Fifty: Chapter Thirteen – Claim jumping in China!: Learning how to speak English is of major importance in China and students go through all sorts of programs and classes in hopes of doing so, says Chris Clancy
Obamination: Lisa Fabrizio was appalled at Barack Obama's statement last week celebrating the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision
Contesting leftists in Democratic primaries: Conservatives shouldn't simply allow the Democratic Party to fall to the extreme left, writes Bruce Walker
Now is the time!: Dr. Robert Owens argues that now is the time for the gloves to come off and fight the progressive agenda for what it really is
The target is Obama!: Henry Lamb reminds Republicans that the bitter infighting and accusations between the front-runners is ignoring the fact that Barack Obama is the real target
The Hollywood connection between Democrats and SOPA: The media didn't tell you but the recently tabled Stop Online Piracy Act that got the internet in a tizzy was pushed hardest by traditional Democratic allies, reports Rachel Alexander
There's a difference between vetting and smearing: The GOP candidates can only beat Barack Obama in November by taking a different approach from their current intra-smear campaign, writes Frank Salvato
A grope a day keeps Osama away: Michael R. Shannon says Sen. Rand Paul discovered last week what many Americans have known for years: Airport security has become a dignity stripping experience
Will seaweed be the biofuel solution?: There's plenty of it and Dennis T. Avery says that brown seaweed may be the solution to concerns about biofuel
Lingua Publica

March 2012

Obamacare versus the U.S. Constitution: This week the U.S. Constitution is put on a kind of trial as the U.S. Supreme Court decides the fate of an important aspect of Obamacare
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Two: America As The New Soviet Poland: A Barack Obama victory in 2012 will mean that Stephen Harper and Canada will assume a far more important role in the world, argues Michael Moriarty
Thoughts out of season – the future of traditionalism (Part Four): Mark Wegierski lays out the stark choices before us
Should the GOP hope for a brokered convention?: There are some hoping for no clear winner going into the GOP convention and Rachel Alexander explores the possibility
Who will elect the next president?: Mark Alexander warns Republicans they have to better with women at the polls if they want victory in November
The silent sorority: Lisa Fabrizio is sick and tired of women who haven't stopped complaining since the 1960s and attempted to force their sisters over to the political left
We know the problem … What's the answer?: Dr. Robert Owens receives his share of e-mail lauding his work but answers readers concerns he's not providing solutions. He gives his best shot this week
Outing the progressives and liberal Democrats on the Ryan budget: That the left has reacted so vehemently against Paul Ryan's proposed budget says much about them, writes Frank Salvato
You will never get right answers asking wrong questions: J.J. Jackson likes some aspects of Paul Ryan's budget but he says the congressman made some assumptions which doomed it from the start
Agenda 21 treaty on the horizon: Moves toward formalizing Agenda 21 into international law continue to move forward, reports Henry Lamb
Investors should avoid oil and alternatives – an interview with Dr. Marc Faber: With oil prices once again moving up many believe they should be investing in the commodity. In an interview with James Stafford, Dr. Marc Faber suggests otherwise
Preacher goes wild in Virginia Beach: Michael R. Shannon responds to Pat Robertson's declaration that marijuana should be legalized and one Virginia assemblyman working towards just that
Supreme Court must rule against insurance mandate: Today is expected to be a big day in the fate of Obamacare as the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on one aspect of it. Jason Sagall has some thoughts on what he hopes for
Hunting for scapegoats won't lower pump prices: Paul Driessen argues that exporting gasoline and diesel fuel creates jobs and prosperity
Pesticide residue risks recalculated: It's long been taken as an article of faith that there are unsafe levels of pesticides on our food but Dennis T. Avery says a new study may have tossed notion in to the waste basket
Why Obama will lose in November: Conservatives are pessimistic but Alan Caruba believes signs are pointing to a loss by Barack Obama this coming November
Did Gloria Allred falsely report a crime?: Bruce Walker argues that Gloria Allred should be charged for demanding that Rush Limbaugh be charged for his comment about Sandra Fluke
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty One: Forget What I Wrote Last Week!: Rick Santorum had Michael Moriarty's support until it turned out the former senator believes government has a place launching morality campaigns
Thoughts out of season – the future of traditionalism (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at various genres of resistance to late modernity
Praetorian progressives and their imperial dreams: Adventures like has happened in Afghanistan illustrates neatly why some people shouldn't be making foreign policy, argues Dr. Robert Owens
The ugly truth about Mr. Santorum's liberal streak: It's taken as gospel that Rick Santorum is as conservative as you can get but J.J. Jackson says the former senator isn't that conservative
Illinois: Can Santorum beat Romney in the Mid-West: Rick Santorum has run strong in conservative southern states but Dr. Peter Morici says he has to prove he can win in the Mid-West as well
Out of the fire, into the pot: Dr. Jack Kerwick says that Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa has an uncomfortable message for the United States
Who's right about Agenda 21?: Wild claims about Agenda 21 are being made by both sides of the debate. Henry Lamb says you should simply read it for yourself and make your own mind up
Republicans join Democrats supporting colossal tax increase: Some once good conservatives -- such as Lamar Alexander -- are supporting a massive tax hike under the guise of fairness, reports Mark Alexander
Bill Maher's idiocy: OK to trash women -- if they are Republicans, that is!: John W. Lillpop says Bill Maher's defense about the language he uses when he attacks conservative women is twisted and reprehensible
Africa: The next megadrought: Things always seem to be bad in Africa but Dennis T. Avery believes that the continent is in for a far worse future
Stand up for Rush – and all of us: Bruce Walker argues that the controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh and the campaign against him is a referendum on conservatives as a whole
The greens think you're stupid: Alan Caruba argues that the environmentalist movement apparently relies on outright fabrications and the belief you're an idiot to promote their agenda
Thoughts out of season – the future of traditionalism (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues his look at the 1980s – an unhappy time for conservatives in Canada
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty: Rick Santorum and The Dead Man's Club: Michael Moriarty is utterly dismayed by the news that Ohio Catholics would rather throw their support to Mitt Romney over Rick Santorum
Mitt Romney/Ron Paul for 2012?: Not only is a Romney/Paul ticket this year not an impossibility but Thomas M. Sipos argues that such a pairing has some clear strengths
Real rebels and the counter revolution: Plenty of people described themselves or are described as rebels. Dr. Robert Owens argues that compared to the real thing, they're pretty bland
The high price of excellence: Steven Martinovich rarely loves a book but that's what happened with American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History
Who's afraid of an Article V Amendments convention?: There's been some noise recently about amending the American constitution to make raising the federal debt level more difficult. Rachel Alexander reports on the opposition to that proposal
Will 2012 be a Republican year?: Some are already predicting a Barack Obama re-election but Bruce Walker says the numbers show that Republicans could make big gains across the board
The politics of self-destruction: Mark Alexander says that the Republican Party is doing a marvellous job of dividing and conquering...itself
One percent fraud rate sounds good.  450,000 criminals ripping us off sounds worse: A one per cent rate of fraud in government programs sounds good until you consider the staggering size of the programs and recipients, writes J.J. Jackson
A war on the truth: Rush Limbaugh got himself into some hot water for calling a woman a slut but Frank Salvato -- and some feminists -- don't think he was wrong
Tea Party deserves credit for shutting down Obamanomics: John W. Lillpop believes that had the Tea Party driven gains of 2010 never happened, the American economy would be in a far worse position today
The Vikings: Victims and victors: We remember the Vikings as failures but Dennis T. Avery argues that mixed in with a few mistakes were some pretty solid decisions as well
Ohio is the real test for Romney: Dr. Peter Morici believes that Ohio might be the ultimate proving ground for Mitt Romney given the state's demographics heavily favour Rick Santorum
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty Nine: Andrew Breitbart's Glory: Until a disagreement with editorial staff Michael Moriarty contributed to Andrew Breitbart's publications but he still considered the man a giant in American conservatism
Breitbart: A true son of liberty: Frank Salvato mourns the passing of Andrew Breitbart, a man he considered to be one of the few honest media figures out there
Thoughts out of season – the future of traditionalism (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks back to the 1980s – a highly frustrating time for Canadian conservatives
Devolving social conservatism to the states: Every issue in America seems to have been federalized and Bruce Walker wonders if perhaps it's time for conservatives to try and force issues back down to the state level
Religion and the 2012 elections: Religion is once again playing a role in a presidential election and Alan Caruba says that's no surprise
Paging Dr. Future: Steven Martinovich had some problems with The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America but he found a lot to praise as well
Does anyone deserve to lose their rights?: Do churches opposed to being forced to offer contraceptive coverage to their employees actually deserve the slap in the face? Lisa Fabrizio takes on the question
None dare call it...: There is a word to describe what is going on in America today but everyone seems unwilling to use it. Dr. Robert Owens wonders if now perhaps is the time
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Fifteen – All I wanted was a driver's licence: Think the DMV is bad? Chris Clancy decides he wants a licence and begins the process of obtaining one in China. Weeks later? Read on and find out
Are these all I have to choose from?: Dale Schlundt explains why you don't see the potentially right people running for the Oval Office
Liberals are setting women up for failure: J.J. Jackson says a new Department of Labor initiative to try and get women into environmental job will only end up with a lot of unemployed women
Is Rick Santorum really the most conservative presidential candidate?: It's an article of faith amongst Republicans and media alike that Rick Santorum is the most conservative in the GOP race but Rachel Alexander argues his record proves otherwise
Does the Nolan Chart help or hinder the cause of liberty?: Sam Wells wonders if the Nolan Chart, and quizzes associated with it, that libertarians have been using for years is actually doing more harm than good to the movement
EPA has lost its way on warming: Craig Rucker argues that the EPA's carbon dioxide rules endanger human health and welfare
Lower than pond scum: Using algae instead of oil for energy? Alan Caruba says that Barack Obama knows as much about energy as he knows about truthfulness
Traditionalist social philosophy – a sketch of an idea (Part Five): Mark Wegierski looks at the apocalyptic-dystopic potentialities of left-liberalism
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty Eight: "Exploit until aborted!": As a Catholic Michael Moriarty is predisposed to supporting Rick Santorum because he's the only one who can implement the religious and cultural agenda that can save America
Just say no to health insurance: When talk of health care reform flares up the debate immediately goes to the familiar ground of a government-administered system. Rachel Alexander wants to know why no one discusses risk pools
The forbidden word: Impeach: If Barack Obama and his allies are really determined to take America away further from her roots, Dr. Robert Owens wants to know why the ultimate weapon isn't on the table
The model for presidential character -- George Washington: Last week President's Day was celebrated and it reminded Mark Alexander about the gulf between past and present presidential candidates
Santorum is absolutely correct on at least one point: Dissatisfied with the Republican debates and what they're actually achieving? Frank Salvato says you aren't alone -- he's tired of the political freak shows as well
What do you do when you need a hero but there is not one around?: J.J. Jackson says anyone expecting a white knight amongst the 2012 presidential hopefuls is going to be very disappointed
When conservatives wax liberal: Is sex a qualification?: Are there issues -- such as abortion -- that only women are qualified to discuss? Selwyn Duke would respectfully disagree with that assertion
Republicans: Still searching for a fight they can win: Whenever Michael R. Shannon hears the word "compromise" he's pretty sure he's also hearing that some Republicans are essentially giving up the fight for their principles
Raw milk: Buying danger: Of late advocates have been touting the advantages of raw milk -- unpasteurized milk -- but Dennis T. Avery says they're selling lies
Lingua Publica

April 2012

The generic ballot bomb: Bruce Walker believes that there is an indicator out there which points to a trend that Americans are increasingly rejecting a liberal political view
Blamer-in-Chief: Barack Obama may not be much of a president but when it comes to laying the blame for his failures he's peerless, says Alan Caruba
An introduction to the thought of George Parkin Grant (Part Three): Mark Wegierski continues his look at the ideas of Gad Horowitz, an old-fashioned socialist, and how they overlap with those of Grant
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Six: Ghosts of The Russian Tea Room: Like the conversations of old heard at one of Michael Moriarty's old New York haunts, the intellectual left speaks their own language which informs their agenda
Our Kobayashi Maru: Romney vs. Obama: Not satisfied with Mitt Romney as the eventual GOP nominee? J.J. Jackson says you have other options
A winning strategy for Romney: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Mitt Romney needs to convince voters with a realistic plan to create jobs
Past presidential punditry: What happened if liberal pundits had trained their sights on past presidential giants? Lisa Fabrizio conjures up what she thinks would happen
Liberty is null and void: Unless we rebuild the reality of a balanced federal system we will soon find ourselves locked in the embrace of an all-powerful central government, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Progressives using Jesse Jackson shakedown tactics to outsmart ALEC: Rachel Alexander reports that the left is taking on the American Legislative Exchange Council with some tactics that would make Jesse Jackson proud
The audacity of ignorance: Hilda Solis is the perfect example of how, says Henry Lamb, the Obama Administration parades its ignorance as strength
The dirty needle that is government dependency: Even Franklin D. Roosevelt under stood that government aid programs tended to create permanent addicts, says Robert Rohlfing
Bottom line: He didn't do his job: By any criteria -- whether the promises he made or the actual job he's done -- Frank Salvato argues that Barack Obama should not be re-elected
Pesticide adventures at Triangle Lake: A battle is brewing in a small Oregon community about the use of pesticides used in controlling weeds, reports Dennis T. Avery
Race, Republicans and Democrats: It's an election year so be ready for the battering ram of racism to be deployed against Republicans. Bruce Walker history doesn't support the charge
An introduction to the thought of George Parkin Grant (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at the ideas of Gad Horowitz, an old-fashioned socialist, and how they overlap with those of Grant
A teachable moment about chemophobia: Alan Caruba reports that recent findings are proving that public enemy chemicals aren't the dangers their critics are making them out to be
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Five: The Devil's "Learning Moment": This week Michael Moriarty connects the dots between Barack Obama and his philosophical soulmate in Russa: Vladimir Putin
The heart of the problem is in the heart: Dr. Robert Owens writes that we the present day guardians of America must stand before the tsunami of anti-education that leads our nation away from virtue and into unrighteousness
Myths about taxes and the rich die slowly: It seems the truth about taxes and the rich never gets out so once more J.J. Jackson wades into murky waters to present some facts
Economic outlook: Economies slows in first quarter, weaker jobs growth likely: Dr. Peter Morici expects that the American economy's growth will continue to be hobbled by a number of factors that aren't going away
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Seventeen – "Pick a Leaf, Any Leaf": Fresh off his recent vacation to Thailand and meeting someone special Chris Clancy returns to China...but not alone
Who owns the West?: Judging by the amount -- which is always growing -- of land that the U.S. Federal Government owns, writes Henry Lamb, it's clear what at least one side of the debate thinks
America elected an ignoramous: There are no two ways about it, writes Alan Caruba: Barack Obama is an idiot even if the press isn't willing to admit it
Mike Wallace in the hot seat: The recent passage of Mike Wallace prompted fawning from his fellow reporters but Michael R. Shannon was considerably less impressed with the man
Judicial review v judicial activism: Michael Alexander says contrary to what Barack Obama believes, there is a big difference between judicial review of legislation and judicial activism
"PC" power is not "sustainable": Mary Kay Barton argues that President Barack Obama's "all-inclusive" energy policy is anything but sustainable
"Greenbacks" energy boondoggles versus real energy: Paul Driessen writes that government tax and subsidy schemes waste billions. We need real energy and jobs
How (and why) Obama has impeded recovery: When he was elected many compared Barack Obama to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Alan Caruba argues that the similarities between the two Democratic presidents extends to horrible mismanagement of America's economy and the prolonging of a recession
An introduction to the thought of George Parkin Grant (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the complex Canadian critic of technology and America and his possible appeal to social democrats
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Four: Homeschooling George Soros - The Devil's Third Strike: Last week Michael Moriarty attempted to educate Bill Maher and now he'll next try his luck with billionaire George Soros
The rich are getting poorer under Obama: It's one thing to want to have the poor get richer, but does Barack Obama really want the rich to become poorer? That's exactly what's happening, says Rachel Alexander
Plain speaking: Is the Constitution to difficult for the average American to understand? If you listen to the experts -- self-styled or otherwise -- it's that and simultaneously not complex enough, writes Lisa Fabrizio
Supreme contempt: Dr. Robert Owens calls it for what it is: Barack Obama's recent comments on the U.S. Supreme Court deliberations on Obamacare were nothing more than an attempt to intimidate it
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Sixteen – A Boat Ride With "Charlie Allnut": Chris Clancy takes a break from his teaching duties in China with a holiday in Thailand and the unexpected happens
Arizona to ban "annoying" behavior on the Internet: New legislation in Arizona threatens to ban what could be considered merely annoying behavior like foul language on the Internet, argues Rachel Alexander
Why the President should be fired: Henry Lamb argues his case as to why he believes Barack Obama should lose the election this coming November
President Obama is no "constitutional scholar": J.J. Jackson doesn't find many "constitutional scholars" on the political left as a whole, let alone Barack Obama
Why progressive Obama believes he's correct: Barack Obama's recent remarks concerning judicial activism and the U.S. Supreme Court deliberations on Obamacare illustrate much about his world view, writes Frank Salvato
Unemployment falls as more Americans quit looking for work than jobs are added: Last week's jobs report showed a declining unemployment rate but Dr. Peter Morici cautions people that the reality of unemployment is still grim
The utter desperation of global warmists: With the global warming orthodoxy on the defensive from an increasingly disbelieving public there are some revealing their true colours, says Alan Caruba
Darwin vs. free markets: Barack Obama says he wants to protect Americans from the dog-eat-dog free market. Dennis T. Avery has some thoughts on the matter
It's the lies about beef that are the slime: Hearing a lot about potentially unsafe beef these days? Alan Caruba says it's just another scare campaign with no basis in scientific fact
Thoughts out of season – the future of traditionalism (Part Five): Mark Wegierski looks at the apocalyptic-dystopic potentialities of current-day liberalism
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Three: Homeschooling Bill Maher: Bill Maher seems to have taken on the role of primary antagonist of religion in the U.S. but Michael Moriarty wonders if perhaps the comedian is unknowingly playing another role
American hero: Steven Martinovich was impressed by Paula Broadwell's All In: The Education of General David Petraeus and the man and the career that it chronicles
Obama, Doublespeak, and why he will lose reelection: Rachel Alexander argues that Barack Obama's words and deeds clearly indicate he isn't living in the same reality as his fellow Americans
Liberals always get caught by the semantic games they play: As Rush Limbaugh was fond of saying, words means things. That's why, says J.J. Jackson, liberals always get caught up with their own
This is no way to elect a president: Henry Lamb wouldn't mind at all if Americans returned to the past in the way their presidents were elected
A meditation on the "Progressive" Narrative: The left has reacted in shock over the often skeptical questioning the U.S. Supreme Court had during the Obamacare hearing and Robert Bidinotto explains why
Be afraid you liberals, be very afraid...: Chris Clancy argues that if Democrats are expecting Black America to throw their support behind Barack Obama once again that they might get a surprise in November
UN Climate Panel and "extreme weather": Dennis T. Avery was hardly surprised when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admitted it had no evidence for its prior claims that the planet's weather was becoming more extreme
The EPA wrecking ball: Alan Caruba argues that the Environmental Protection Agency's war on coal is an outright evil that is robbing the United States of the ability to produce cheap and clean energy
Soon in your neighborhood, $8 a gallon gas!: If Barack Obama is re-elected in November, argues Dr. Peter Morici, Americans can look forward to some mighty pricey gasoline
Lingua Publica

May 2012

The world as a giant playpen: The problem with being shielded from reality, writes Alan Caruba, is eventually the truth comes out and people get an unpleasant surprise
The library and modern society in the 1980s – and beyond: Responses to mass media, mass society, and technology (Part Two): Mark Wegierski sounds a warning – technology might undermine "the Library"
Chapter Fifty One of The Haunted Heaven: “Disrespecting” American Communists - or - The Marxist Mafia: A line from Barack Obama's favourite movie explains much of how the progressive left operates these days, notes Michael Moriarty
The no growth zero sum pie: Each of us must decide what is most important. Each of us must either prepare for the coming contraction or hit the wall like a crash dummy, argues Dr. Robert Owens
The "punk rockers" of the pre-capitalist era: The rise of e-books over printed copies proves once again that "creative destruction" improves the lot of all, writes Chris Clancy
Presidential qualifications: Unclogging the politics from government: Frank Salvato didn't think much of Joe Biden's recent comments on what are appropriate qualifications to be president
U.S. recession could to follow Greek exit from euro: Any move by Greece to dump the euro would hurt the United States but Dr. Peter Morici says the move would pay long-term dividends for all involved
When will we, America's debt slaves, demand liberty be given a chance?: J.J. Jackson has a simple question: When will those responsible for America's debt allow those who wanted no part of it to be free of their obligation?
More disgusting: Obama's "I am not a big spender" or Richard Nixon's, "I am not a crook" crock?: Barack Obama's recent claim not to be a spender was a real jaw-dropper, says John W. Lillpop
Rare corporate courage and common sense: Wal-Mart stands up to activist intimidation, ensuring affordable, wholesome food for customers, reports Paul Driessen
My second-most-remarkable moment: Dennis T. Avery couldn't help but be impressed when he met Sebastian Lunning, a renowned German climate change skeptic
Obama's ad a brilliant political pivot: Love it or hate it, Dr. Peter Morici thought Barack Obama's recent ad discussing Mitt Romney and Bain Capital was brilliant
Can we avoid "Taxmageddon" in 2013?: Alan Caruba believes that unless Barack Obama is defeated in November that a financial catastrophe will slam the United States
The library and modern society in the 1980s – and beyond: Responses to mass media, mass society, and technology (Part One): Mark Wegierski presents his 2012 "Foreword" to an essay originally from 1985
Chapter Fifty of The Haunted Heaven: Communism’s Dance of The Seven Veils: The subject of Michael Moriarty's first symphony is none other than Béla Bartók, a man he understands quite well
What's mine is mine what's yours is negotiable: If the progressives win one more election they will cement in their transformation of America from a land based on equal opportunity to one based on equal outcome, says Dr. Robert Owens
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Nineteen – A powerful instinct: A rough few weeks in the classroom are made easier for Chris Clancy thanks to a woman gradually turning his life into something worth living
No profile in courage: Barack Obama has painted his stand in favour of gay marriage as noble and principled stand. Lisa Fabrizio is somewhat skeptical of that
The hottest Republican congressional primary race in the country: Rachel Alexander has a word of advice for election junkies: Make sure to keep an eye on Arizona's battle between David Schweikert and Ben Quayle
The eclipse of American banking: Dr. Peter Morici believes that overregulating U.S. banks will likely severely harm an industry that's already on its heels
Dems want to give new meaning to the phrase "if it moves, tax it": Chuck Schumer wants to tax the heck out of anyone attempting to move assets outside of the U.S. J.J. Jackson believes the senator doesn't understand why someone would want to do that sort of thing
The left's one-percent problem: Frank Salvato can't help but smile when he hears prominent Democrats portray themselves as humble blue collar folk just like you and me
BigCityLib: The Heartland Institute has been under fire for comparing the global warming orthodoxy to the Unabomber and Dennis T. Avery responds to one critic
The wheels are coming off the wind energy gravy train: And subsidy-dependent wind energy supporters are running scared, reports Marita Noon
Using Earth's blessings to better mankind and planet: Rational thought underlies conservative Christian views on climate change and the environment, argues David R. Legates
Saving Europe: Bruce Walker argues that the only way to save Europe may be for it to abandon its love of large and embrace the small
Chapter Forty Nine of The Haunted Heaven: Poem For The Red Farm: ESR doesn't publish much poetry so Michael Moriarty's effort for Barack Obama and his cronies is probably worth reading
The professor and the philosopher (Part Two): Mark Wegierski concludes his pithy essay in defence of George Parkin Grant
Why I am never asked to give a commencement speech: Alan Caruba has never been asked to give a commencement address but he has a fairly good idea what he'd tell the latest crop of graduates
Bull in a china shop: Steven Martinovich is an unabashed fan of Richard Zacks and with Island of Vice: Theodore Roosevelt's Doomed Quest to Clean Up Sin-Loving New York the author has another winner
America lost in a bubble: No matter how this mad dash to nowhere is spun, writes Dr. Robert Owens, one thing is certain: All bubbles burst
The dominoes of Cloward-Piven: Europe is proving that the calculated and horrific strategy of Cloward-Piven Strategy does work...which is why it's coming to America soon, says Frank Salvato
The euro must go: Dr. Peter Morici has some bad news for Europe: Their greatest achievement -- the euro -- is also killing the entire continent
Mormon doctrine leads to socialism?: Conservatives seem comfortable with Mitt Romney's faith so leave it to the political left to start arguing -- incredibly -- that Mormonism leads to socialism, says Rachel Alexander
If the old media were still relevant: Mitt Romney bullied a gay student in the past? J.J. Jackson decides to use the standards of the media and turn the tables on Barack Obama
Why the health Nazis are on the march: Why is the political left so eager to regulate what kind of food you eat? Selwyn Duke has a very simple explanation for their campaigns
A whiter shade of pale: Elizabeth Warren's recent play for Native American ancestry -- all 1/32th of it -- says a lot about the America of today, says Bruce Walker
Asking the government for permission to live: Yet another court case proves that government regulated health care means you have to ask permission to live your life these days, writes Richard E. Ralston
Time to terminate Big Wind subsidies: – and protect environmental values, endangered species, jobs and human welfare, argues Paul Driessen
How Romney can supercharge conservatives: Are Republicans doomed to another boring candidate? Bruce Walker argues that Mitt Romney may pleasantly surprise them
Is Fast and Furious the next Watergate?: The media may be largely ignoring it but Alan Caruba says that there is plenty of evidence to suggest Fast and Furious is one of the greatest scandals in U.S. history
The professor and the philosopher (Part One): Mark Wegierski's essay arose out of a piece defending George Parkin Grant that the Toronto Globe and Mail had refused to publish
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Eight: Vladimir Putin Flies To ObaMao’s Rescue: Michael Moriarty agues that tyrannies around the world have one hope for November 6: The re-election of Barack Obama
When will enough be enough?: Dr. Robert Owens has one question: When will citizens rise in their righteous anger and demand not a New Deal, not a Great Society, a New Frontier or a Fundamentally Transformed America but instead their original deal?
Get dollar-pollution out of the race: November 6 marks another presidential election and Henry Lamb would like to see the United States return to its traditional way of choosing a president
Square deal for America: It may not be hip to be square but Lisa Fabrizio thinks the country could use a dose of substance over style -- particularly at the top
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Eighteen – Groucho hits Wuhan!: Chris Clancy settles in with his new Thai girlfriend and as you would expect there is a period of adjustment -- including a very regrettable attempt at hair dye
The luddite-statist attacks on Amazon: There's few bigger in the book industry then Amazon and that's drawn a lot of critics. Gen LaGreca argues many of them are merely haters of success
Obama's end zone dance: As with many -- on all sides of the political debate -- Michael R. Shannon isn't very impressed with Barack Obama's campaign commercial trumpeting the killing of Osama bin Laden
Hokumhontas Warren's Stupid Horse moment: Selwyn Duke derived great mirth from Elizabeth Warren's recent gaffe while she discussed her 1/32nd Indian heritage
Return of the summer socialists and sunshine terrorists!: May 1 proved that Occupy Wall Street hasn't gone away -- if anything they're gearing up for another round of protests, reports J.J. Jackson
It would be unwise for Obama to run on foreign policy: Barack Obama can't exactly run on his domestic record so it seems he's increasingly bringing up his foreign policy "achievements". Frank Salvato says that might not be a good idea either
The Battle of Athens (Tennessee): A case study in grassroots restoration of the rule of law: The battle for freedom never ends and in that spirit Mark Alexander tells the story of a group of ex-GIs who came back to America and liberated their home town
Locovore's Dilemma: A different view on buying locally: Dennis T. Avery doesn't have a problem with buying some of his food locally but he, and a new book, argue industrial agriculture is what keeps half the world alive
Forget homeland security, now it's about "environmental justice": The Department of Homeland Security was ostensibly created to coordinate efforts to protect the U.S. Alan Caruba reports that some mission creep has taken place
An introduction to the thought of George Parkin Grant (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at how Grant criticizes both capitalism and socialism from a traditionalist perspective
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Forty Seven: The Spring Reveries of 2012: Spring is in the air and Michael Moriarty reflects on where life has taken him and where the United States may yet still go
Saving Europe from collapse: If Europe is to avoid economic catastrophe, argues Dr. Peter Morici, then they have to abandon some of their so-called fixes
With CISPA, Congress turns internet websites into police: Rachel Alexander says that the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is nothing more than the government forcing web sites like this to spy for them
If I wanted to make America prosperous again: The expansion and growth of America was based upon a foundation of hard work and innovation born of adversity, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Agenda 21's role in America's financial breakdown: The sustainable development movement has much to pay for and among them is the harm its done to the American economy, says Henry Lamb
Why do liberals feel compelled to apologize for telling the truth?: Al Armendariz, an EPA chieftain, recently spoke about how the agency really prefers to practice and then had to apologize for it. J.J. Jackson wonders why
Bjorn Lomborg adopts high-yield farming: Dennis T. Avery reports that Bjorn Lomborg has become the latest environmentalist to realize the need for high-yield farming
Petty politics v the price of defending liberty: An e-mail that Mark Alexander received last week was a true illustration of what it takes to maintain liberty
The 'fairness' of the US Supreme Court: With the possibility of the U.S. Supreme Court striking down aspects of Obamacare, the left is crying about "fairness". Frank Salvato has some thoughts on the matter
The bait and switch that the left would like for you to follow: Robert Rohlfing believes that one reason the left has been successful in pursuing its agenda is the simple fact that they promise one thing while working for another goal
The folly of E15 anti-hydrocarbon policies: Paul Driessen argues that the EPA's E-15 ethanol plan is bad for American pocketbooks, environment and energy policy
Is it oil speculators?: As gas prices rise, and are expected to continue to do so through the summer, Dennis T. Avery cautions people not to blame the usual suspects
Lingua Publica

June 2012

America's fearful future: What is old is new again! Alan Caruba says the United States and the world is facing issues that that they are aren't unfamiliar with
The library and modern society in the 1980s – and beyond: Responses to mass media, mass society, and technology (Part Six): Have library institutions truly defended intellectual freedom, asks Mark Wegierski
Chapter Fifty-Five of The Haunted Heaven: Paul Scofield and Simone Weil: Michael Moriarty continues to discuss two of the artists who had the most profound effect on him both artistically and spiritually
Why liberals are like zombies: Alan Caruba says R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.'s The Death of Liberalism speaks much about the state of the political left today
My way, your way or the not-so-Third Way: Bill Bradley perhaps wanted to write a book that moved past partisan politics but Steven Martinovich says he failed with We Can All Do Better
Why the House must impeach President Obama: Dr. Robert Owens says that patriotic Americans can't simply wait out the clock on the Obama administration...they have to act now
The most immediate threats to global energy security: Jen Alic interviews a pair of global security and intelligence experts on where we should be worried when it comes to energy supplies
Romney's VP must be "shovel-ready": John W. Lillpop hopes that Mitt Romney doesn't make the same mistake that the Democrats did when choosing a top candidate
Hell to the Redskins: It's not just the Minnesota Vikings that recently became recipients of public largess. Michael R. Shannon reports that over in Virginia they're paying for the privilege of a football team as well
"Sustainable justice" = redistribution of scarcity: It would appear that the old leftist slogan "No justice, no peace" is taking on a global tenor when it comes to resources, report Paul Driessen and Duggan Flanakin
The redistribution of your health: It was bad enough when America's politicians decided that taxes should be used to redistribute wealth...but now they're doing the same thing with your health, says Richard E. Ralston
Sustainable development: The latest UN scare: The UN's Rio+20 agenda would harm health, welfare and nature – and make poverty permanent, argue David Rothbard and Craig Rucker
Deliberately destroying America: Alan Caruba believes that people are finally waking up to the reality that Barack Obama has been systematically destroying the United States
Who's afraid of the big bad left: The political left still scares plenty of people when it comes to fighting a knock-down battle with them but Bruce Walker says they shouldn't be afraid
The library and modern society in the 1980s – and beyond: Responses to mass media, mass society, and technology (Part Five): Mark Wegierski sees a society similar to Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" possibly taking shape today
Chapter Fifty-Four of The Haunted Heaven: Pauline Kael, My Blessing In Disguise: Film critic Pauline Kael very nearly destroyed Michael Moriarty's career before it even started but he still has some affection for the late writer
Are Democrats listening?: The Democrats seem to have gone completely tone deaf when it comes to strategy and Lisa Fabrizio for one hopes it remains that way
Not worth a Continental: The current race to a worthless American dollar is hardly the first time in the nation's history that Washington, D.C. was determined to destroy its own currency, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Twenty – "No Reading Please": Chris Clancy and companion Thiti continue their lives together in China and both have adventures with the Chinese education system
Obama is not for anyone but himself: If you want to know how Barack Obama really operates, says J.J. Jackson, just look at how he dealt with a family of billionaires who donated to his campaign
The un-American sin of property taxes: Selwyn Duke was disappointed by North Dakotans last week who had a chance to eliminate property taxes and failed to do so
Why the euro is doomed: Dr. Peter Morici says the longer that the EU holds onto the hopeless dream that the euro is a viable currency, the worse off it will be for the entire continent
It's about freedom, stupid!: The math of freedom is fairly easy, says Frank Salvato, and the U.S. is tangibly less free today thanks to government spending
Commonsense wisdom from African farmers: Kelvin Kemm says they know "sustainable development" really means sustained poverty and malnutrition
Faulty FDEP science drives unnecessary Florida mercury scare: Proposed rules would raise electricity costs, bring no environmental benefit, harm human health, argues Willie Soon
Only if the wind is blowing: Did you know that June 15 is Global Wind Day? You're probably are as excited about this as Alan Caruba
The library and modern society in the 1980s – and beyond: Responses to mass media, mass society, and technology (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the pitfalls of technologization, politicization, and popularization
Chapter Fifty-Three of The Haunted Heaven: The Savagely Impeccable Taste and Prophetic Revelations of Igor Stravinsky: A recent meditation on Pablo Picasso led to what Michael Moriarty thinks is the next logical artistic giant: Igor Stravinsky
Ray Bradbury: A writer's writer: Ray Bradbury was a consummate writer, says Thomas M. Sipos, and that shined through both his work and how he treated people
The conservative legacy of Ray Bradbury: Bruce Walker argues that Ray Bradbury and his work were a beautiful example -- and defense -- of conservatism
Hunker in the bunker and wait for the rain: Dr. Robert Owens has a fairly simple and very stark message: We stand at the edge of the abyss. We know not what will be only that it will not be what it has been
Will Romney choose a moderate or safe running mate for VP?: Rachel Alexander takes a look at the early likely candidates to join Mitt Romney on the 2012 GOP ticket
Some of what Wisconsin means: You've probably read a lot of commentary about the Wisconsin recall election in the past few days but Frank Salvato has different angles to explore
Spending money like its water: Barack Obama continues to talk like a fiscal conservative and J.J. Jackson says the Department of Labor continues to prove him wrong
The immorality of liberals: Selwyn Duke isn't saying that all liberals are immoral but he is of the opinion that there are a fair number of that political species who deserve the tag
Canada leads the way on the pipeline no-brainer: Alan Caruba says Americans need to look towards Canada when it comes to common sense on energy and environmental policy...yes, Canada
Corn ethanol and a non-warming Earth: Dennis T. Avery says it's probably time that Washington, D.C. take a real good look at the existence of corn ethanol subsidies
American sins: Is it possible to wish for the days of Bill Clinton? Lisa Fabrizio believes that compared to Barack Obama, Clinton was a relative breath of fresh air
Obama's Black Friday: Last Friday saw Barack Obama take some very serious blows to his re-election prospects, argues Alan Caruba
The library and modern society in the 1980s – and beyond: Responses to mass media, mass society, and technology (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at some defenders of the traditional library
Chapter Fifty-Two of The Haunted Heaven: Sergei and Olga: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to Russian giant Sergei Rachmaninoff and one of his country women capable of bringing his genuis to the highest levels
What the Jan Kurski gaffe really means: Barack Obama's recent comments about "Polish death camps" during World War II says much about the president, writes Bruce Walker
Let's learn from the past and stop spending the future: Evading the problems will not make them go away. We have got to face up to the hard choices that need to be made, says Dr. Robert Owens
The myth of True Communism: There are still defenders of communism out there and Thomas M. Sipos deals with one who claims true communism really does work...we've just never seen it
Cowboy George: That other George W.: Karen Hathaway Pittman reacts to last week's insults delivered by Barack Obama during the unveiling of George W. Bush's official White House portrait
Culture of hypercriticism: The style of attacks on Mitt Romney by his opponents was once reserved for mere celebrities once, argues Rachel Alexander
Spain's bank could torpedo euro: Dr. Peter Morici believes that Spain could pull the trigger and destroy the euro single-handedly by dumping the European currency
Romney on the verge of perceived greatness: Greatness is very much situational, J.J. Jackson's essay points out, and Mitt Romney's could be very much short-lived
Democrats undermining defense for over 200 years: A new book shows that Democrats have had a long history of subverting America's defence, says Michael R. Shannon
Is this Barack Obama's brain on drugs?: Recent comments by Barack Obama has Selwyn Duke wondering if the president's time in the "Choom Gang" has left a permanent mark on his brain
Narcissism and tyranny -- The consequence of executive egocentrism: That Barack Obama is an out-of-control narcissist is so beyond doubt that we're surprised Mark Alexander is even exploring the subject
Armed EPA agents visit Ashville, NC man: Criticize the EPA and you may find the police -- and armed EPA agents -- at your door asking questions, reports Alan Caruba
America's actual health and welfare crisis: EPA rules threaten our energy, economy, health, welfare, justice, and civil rights progress, argues Paul Driessen
Lingua Publica

July 2012

An activist conservative Supreme Court: Liberals are fond of saying that the courts need to interpret the U.S. Constitution with an eye to getting results and Bruce Walker is proposing to give them just that
Computers and society from the 1980s to today (Part One): Mark Wegierski argues that the computer and electronics revolution could lead to a totalitarian society
At war with Iran: The continuing rebellion in Syria underlines the fact that Iran remains the most dangerous nation in the Middle East, says Alan Caruba
Chapter Fifty-Nine of The Haunted Heaven: While The Bodies Fall: There is much evil in the world and it's because the Devil always has the upper hand in the affairs of men, writes Michael Moriarty
TARP banks caught falsifying interest rates in LIBOR rate-setting scandal: Rachel Alexander reports that the same banks that received American taxpayer dollars to survive have also been screwing over their benefactors through interest rates
Guilt and innocence: Who are the sexual abusers of our children?: Lisa Fabrizio says some of the outrage over the Penn State-Sandusky scandal comes from the same people who have helped create a society of sexualized children
What's a patriot to do?: Given the choice between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, writes Dr. Robert Owens, American patriots really only have one thing they can do
You only thought you were: Joseph Randolph returns after a lengthy absence to tackle Barack Obama's obvious hatred of individualism and American exceptionalism
A cudgel by another name: Chris Clancy says Mitt Romney has got to take off the gloves and start swinging at Barack Obama like he means it...particularly when he's given an easy target
Socialism v free enterprise: Translating ObamaSpeak: Barack Obama's comments last week about who really is responsible for your economic success has stuck in the craw of Mark Alexander
Is Obama really focused on jobs, jobs, jobs? What about "Jobs Council"?: Remember when Barack Obama promised a job for every American? John W. Lillpop suspects that the American president forgot his promise as well
Tax the rich or we'll kill this dog: Last week's threat by U.S. Sen. Patty Murray to raise taxes for everyone reminded Frank Salvato of an old but famous magazine cover
The legislative remedy to Obamacare: Principles or politics?: Since the U.S. Supreme Court failed to kill off Obamacare, argues Richard E. Ralston, that means it is up to the legislature to do so
Can debates swing the election?: Could Mitt Romney make up some of the gap between he and Barack Obama with a debate? Bruce Walker believes he could
Comparing the texts and "realworld" contexts of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings and Frank Herbert's Dune (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the influences of the two works on pop-culture
Chapter Fifty-Eight of The Haunted Heaven: The Worldwide Politburo's "Spin": Michael Moriarty ponders the links between Russia's Vladimir Putin and the future of Barack Obama
Rich liberal hypocrites!: Liberals are having a field day attacking Mitt Romney as a typical rich guy but Alan Caruba says most of his critics are, in fact, pretty damned rich themselves
Rupert Murdoch vs Mitt Romney: It would appear that Rupert Murdoch has no great love for Mitt Romney and Rachel Alexander explores why and whether that's necessarily a bad thing
A world filled with strangers keeps getting stranger: Day by day the bean counting pencil pushers who make up the nameless faceless bureaucracy grind out rule after rule and regulation after regulation, says Dr. Robert Owens
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Twenty Two – Picture this...: Chris Clancy's education in economic freedom with help from a book that one of his students provides
Penn State scandal: Reforming university athletics: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the sex-abuse scandal at Penn State proves that it's time to reform how college athletics works
Fighting voter fraud: Bruce Walker says voter fraud by the political left isn't the problem it used to be but that doesn't mean that anyone should relax
Obama ineligible for presidency, liberals argue: Last week J.J. Jackson argued that liberals must approve of slavery since they agreed the U.S. Supreme Court was the final arbiter of all. This week? He decides to tweak them a little more
The real reason John Roberts upheld Obamacare?: Selwyn Duke has a theory or two as to why Chief Justice John Roberts upheld the legality of Obamacare
Retreat is not an option!: Have you given up since the U.S. Supreme Court okayed Obamacare? Mark Alexander says true American patriots need to keep fighting
Participants revolt against the Derecho Project: Mark Alexander reports on a little environmentalist project that failed in quite a spectacular fashion
Caught in a green crossfire: Paul Driessen argues that President Barack Obama's war on fossil fuels is hurting American workers, families, hopes and dreams  
The naked left: In news we hope informs the election results this coming November, Bruce Walker argues that all signs point to a complete lack of trust in the political left these days
Executive tyranny: Barack Obama's use of executive orders has moved past merely bordering on tyranny, says Alan Caruba
Comparing the texts and "realworld" contexts of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings and Frank Herbert's Dune (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at some possible origins of the two creative visions
Chapter Fifty-Seven of The Haunted Heaven: World War III Is Inevitable: The issue of abortion is the seed which will spark another American Civil War and ultimately a battle that will span the globe, says Michael Moriarty
The States – Our last best hope: Lisa Fabrizio hopes that the recent SCOTUS decision on Obamacare prompts more people to begin thinking locally
How Chicago plays ball: With President Obama and the Chi-Town hustlers large-and-in-charge, Windy City proverbs may help many believe what kind of change we've stepped in, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Twenty One – It's in the post: The year 2008 was a momentous one for both Chris Clancy and the nation of China. Earthquakes and the Olympics rocked the country while he dealt with his own issues
Jobs growth painfully slow, unemployed to remain too high for years: Dr. Peter Morici argues that unless radical solutions are implemented, job recovery and the American economy will continue to be moribund
How we lost our constitutional republic: Harold Witkov imagines a conversation between SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts and the Lord Himself about the future of the United States
Liberals should be calling for slavery to be reinstituted: If liberals have such faith in the U.S. Supreme Court, asks J.J. Jackson, then why aren't they living up to an older decision that has yet to be overturned?
Refresh my memory: Is Justice Kennedy the wobbly one?: On June 27, conservatives were readying their armada in preparation for an Obamacare decision that would propel them to victory in November. Since then? Michael R. Shannon says they've already declared defeat
Arrest Eric Holder: Though it won't happen, and he explains why, Selwyn Duke believes that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder should be arrested after the House's recent contempt vote
California's fiscal insanity spreads: Like a virus, reports John W. Lillpop, fiscal insanity is spreading across California one city and a time
The imperial executive: Barack Obama has worked hard to transform America and he's been doing it largely outside of democratic processes, charges Mark Alexander
Keystone is a winning issue: Deroy Murduck says that Mitt Romney should tour pipeline route and meet with Democrat and union leaders who support it
The liar's tax: Is Obamacare a tax? The Obama administration said no but the U.S. Supreme Court to decide otherwise in justifying its existence, writes Alan Caruba
Why the Congress must reign in the Supreme Court: Dr. Robert Owens says last week's decision on Obamacare by the U.S. Supreme Court is proof that it's time the un-elected body is subject to change
Chief Justice John Roberts: Trojan Horse?: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts was instrumental in expanding the reach of the federal government and Rachel Alexander explores possible reasons why
Don't blame SCOTUS, it was the Obama 'bait and switch': Frank Salvato says the U.S. Supreme Court's controversial last week shouldn't be blamed on the justices but rather Barack Obama and the congressional Democrats
Comparing the texts and "realworld" contexts of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings and Frank Herbert's Dune (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at two of the greatest imaginative works of the Twentieth Century
Chapter Fifty-Six of The Haunted Heaven: North America as late 1930s Europe: Michael Moriarty isn't the only one who believes that the North American continent is poised to suffer the same fate that Europe did after fascism came to power in Germany
American civics: Robert T. Smith argues it would be pointless to have civics taught in schools given that it's pretty clear few today even understand the proper relationship between government and the people
All Massachusetts people look alike to me: Michael R. Shannon couldn't help but chuckle at the news that Sen. John Kerry would play the role of the Republican in the Democratic practice presidential debates
Is the personhood movement really pro-life?: Rachel Alexander believes that the "personhood" movement is doing more harm than good to the anti-abortion movement...perhaps deliberately
EPA's new CAFÉ mileage standards kill: Deroy Murdock argues that they will prevent many families from buying cars – and leave more grieving for lost loved ones
After Rio – what next?: Kelvin Kemm says it's time to give all mankind a real chance to enjoy genuine development
Dodging another UN bullet: 'The Future We Want' offered sustained power and money grabs in name of sustainability, say Paul Driessen and Duggan Flanakin
Opportunity in America: Robert T. Smith reacts to the recent hiring of Bob Beckel to a Fox News television commentary program and the conservative members' inability to respond to some of his controversial statements
Lingua Publica

August 2012

Why, as a conservative, I don't hold out much hope for Romney/Ryan: J.J. Jackson believes that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan simply do not have the right answers to fix what's wrong with the United States
An Ecstatic Loneliness: Chapter Two: Michael Moriarty looks back at a long journey to happiness that involved music, a home and three women who mean the world to him
Fukuyama, twenty-three years after: Some still unanswered philosophical questions (Part One): Mark Wegierski questions whether Fukuyama has seriously looked at dystopias such as Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"
Arming the government against Americans: The Obama administration has made it fairly clear they don't want Americans owning firearms...but they sure don't mind arming the government, says Alan Caruba
Clichés: For when truth is relative: Steven Martinovich greatly enjoyed Jonah Goldberg's The Tyranny of Clichés: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas, though didn't find it a perfect effort
On politics, policies, leads and elections: Chris Clancy believes that Paul Ryan poses a titanic danger to the Democrats -- but particularly to the bumbling Joe Biden
A Romney-Ryan revolution?: Mark Alexander argues that the Romney-Ryan ticket could bring about the same kind of conservative revolution that Ronald Reagan did back in 1980
The god particle? I don't think so: Dr. Robert Owens doesn't think much of scientist's claims that they've pretty much figured out how the universe works
The sideshow at the DOJ: Going where no affirmative-action policy has gone before, the DOJ is now aggressively seeking to hire lawyers who are dwarves, who have intellectual disabilities or who have psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, reports Selwyn Duke
"Hit the road, Barack": Chris Clancy gives a synopsis of Niall Ferguson's Newsweek article that essentially eviscerated Barack Obama's record over the past four years
Even worse than California: Americans are long accustomed the California being the economic basket case of North America but Mischa Popoff says a Canadian province may be challenging for that title
Imagine…: John W. Lillpop dreams of a world where an American president stands for and is proud of the ideals that built the country
Green energy? Buyer beware!: His Super Green Eco 10,000 emergency generator had no "fuel" when he needed it most, says Kevon Martis
Destroying our military from within: Alan Caruba charges Barack Obama will systematically destroying American military capacity -- for reasons only known to the president
Our SimCity government: Governments treat us like Sim-citizens: with fewer rights for us and no accountability for them, argue Paul Driessen and David Legates
The youth vote?: Amongst Barack Obama's strongest supporters in 2008 were young people. Alan Caruba says the president should be worried this time around
An Ecstatic Loneliness: Chapter One: Michael Moriarty opens his latest effort with the censorship battle with Janet Reno which eventually sent him off to artistic and political exile in Canada
Computers and society from the 1980s to today (Part Four): What kind of values will there be in a hyper-technological society, Mark Wegierski asks
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Twenty Four – Some names on a rock: After seven long years of educating Chinese students in the intricacies of accounting Chris Clancy's journey in China finally comes to an abrupt end
If it isn't right it's wrong: The Culture War has been waged aggressively by its proponents: those who wanted an end to America's traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and those who wished to profit politically by the end of the America we had known and loved, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Is there a Democratic Party death wish?: Alan Caruba thinks the Democratic Party wants to lose the election given who it has invited to give a speech to its convention
What I want Obama to release: Mark Alexander says if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can make demands of Mitt Romney than turnabout is fair play
Trade deficit stifles growth: Dr. Peter Morici says the U.S. federal government needs to make serious changes in its trade policies if the nation's economy is to improve
Is global trade about to collapse? Where are oil prices headed?: James Stafford sits with economic commentator Mike "Mish" Shedlock and discusses the world's economic prospects and some pretty shocking assertions are made
Beat GSA!: The U.S. Navy's biofuel program vanquishes GSA in battle for wasteful spending supremacy, argues Paul Driessen
54.5 mpg and the law of unintended consequences: Rules that make cars less affordable – and less safe – are unethical and should be reconsidered, says Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr.
The ABC's of journalism's eroding integrity: If ABC News ever had a good reputation, writes Alan Caruba, its recent performance on several stories have shredded it completely
Computers and society from the 1980s to today (Part Three): Technological advance might lead to dystopia, argues Mark Wegierski
An ecstatic loneliness: Preface: Michael Moriarty launches a new ambitious series this week that focuses on his life and the long journey that ended with his retirement in Canada
Is the inertia greater than the momentum?: Dr. Robert Owens says Americans have a dysfunctional government made up of kleptomaniacs writing phony checks on the future and a population addicted to easy money and unfunded entitlements. What's the solution?
The Olympics and feminist-style reporting: Selwyn Duke wasn't very impressed at the coverage of Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen's record setting performance 400-meter Individual Medley and how the media related it to Ryan Lochte's performance
Obama mamas: It never fails to impress Lisa Fabrizio how quickly the media turns from gatekeepers of knowledge to outright apologists for a Democratic president
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Twenty Three – A novel approach: As Chris Clancy's journey in China continues he becomes increasingly bored with his job, learns about doing business in China and sees girlfriend Thiti launch her own small enterprise
The bully politics of sequester: Frank Salvato would like Republicans in Washington, D.C. to deliver a very simple message to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Unemployment rises, hundreds of thousands quit looking: The unemployment rate rose once again in the U.S. and Dr. Peter Morici says don't expect any real job growth any time soon
Of course I'm intolerant, aren't you?: Last week J.J. Jackson came out in support of Chick-fil-A and it earned him a huge volume of e-mail from people who disagreed. This week? He tells you about the things he hates
Team Obama fines oil companies for not using fantasy fuel: Deroy Murdock argues there is no such thing as "cellulosic" ethanol, but EPA fines companies for not using it
Voting for wildlife extermination: Extending the wind energy production tax credit will drive eagles and other majestic birds to extinction, says Paul Driessen
The separation of medicine and state: Richard E. Ralston argues that it is absolutely essential that government take itself out of the business and regulation of medicine
What really triggers a resource crisis?: Dennis T. Avery tries to clear up some confusion about what actually causes a resource crisis and why they happened in the past
The "worst President ever": Alan Caruba builds the case that Barack Obama has achieved a singular status amongst American presidents: Being the worst ever at his job
Computers and society from the 1980s to today (Part Two): What is the relationship between society and technology, Mark Wegierski asks
Chapter Sixty of The Haunted Heaven: A Few Hard, Cold Facts: Michael Moriarty wraps up his epic Haunted Heaven series with some final observations and a preview of his next project for ESR
Federal Reserve has few arrows left in its quiver: Dr. Peter Morici believes the U.S. Federal Reserve will soon announce more measures to stimulate the economy...but argues they don't have many weapons left
What everyone forgets when debating gun control: Gun control is once again on the front burner but Selwyn Duke argues both sides forget a crucial reason for gun ownership
No joke: Dr. Robert Owens says the political left continues its war on requiring photo IDs to vote -- among other hinky election games they're playing
The disturbing implications of Barrack Obama's anti-business rant: Barack Obama's recent remarks on who really builds American businesses had some very worrisome aspects that were overlooked by many people, argues Kevin Gabriel
It's The Muppet Show! With special guest – liberal ideology!: J.J. Jackson doesn't think much of the Jim Henson Company's decision to drop future partnerships with Chick-fil-A because of the restaurant chain's stance on gay marriage
The Aurora Propaganda Award goes to...: Selwyn Duke surveys some of the purple prose written about the humble AR-15 in the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting
On talking without thinking: Chris Clancy was hugely disturbed by one pundit's thoughts immediately after the shootings in Aurora, Colorado
Intelligent life goes missing at USDA!: A campaign to promote avoiding meat? John W. Lillpop says the USDA is becoming increasingly boneheaded
Obama's green "investments" drown in red ink: Deroy Murdock argues that sacrificing taxpayer dollars on the altar of green ideology is destroying the American economy
Western wildfires – horrific, devastating … and unnecessary: Paul Driessen has a question: New fire-fighting technology could help put them out. Why isn't it being used?
Lingua Publica

September 2012

Obama is hope-less: After four years of failure Alan Caruba thinks Americans can safely conclude that the presidency of Barack Obama has been an unmitigated failure
The purpose of democracy: Democracy is like every tool, it can either be a benefit or a hazard. Bruce Walker argues that American patriots need to respond when democracy is used for ill
Chapter Six of An Ecstatic Loneliness: Three Christopher's of England And Paul Robeson: Michael Moriarty reflects on several men -- some he met, others not -- whom he admired even if he didn't agree with their beliefs
Whither Québec? (Part Two): Has that province's effect on Canada been generally anti-traditionalist, asks Mark Wegierski
No one wins: Dr. Robert Owens believes that the Obama administration needs to be honest with itself and the American public when it describes who the nation's enemies are
Can Syria's rebels overthrow Assad? An interview with Jellyfish Operations: Jen Alic interviews Michael Bagley, president of private intelligence boutique Jellyfish Operations about the rapidly changing scene in Syria
America's Achilles Heel: Careerism: A desire to protect what one has -- or could one day have -- is at the root of why so many untruths go unchallenged, writes Michael Moriarty
Trying to make the barn door fly: J.J. Jackson argues yet again that attempting to fix America's economic issues the way economists and politicians today prefer can only end in failure
Romney is right—U.S. must get tough with China: Dr. Peter Morici says that Mitt Romney was right recently when he stated there was a need to reevaluate America's economic relationship with China
The ObamaNation plantation: Mitt Romney got into a bit of trouble last week for an old video in which he argues Democrats attempt to create dependency. Mark Alexander says he was right to say it
Taxation without participation: Michael R. Shannon also supports Mitt Romney's remarks and argues that the current reality reflects a nation where you increasingly have no responsibility to pay for your own government
Climate Alarmism: Our sanity and wallets need a break: Billions of taxpayer dollars are disrupting our politics, science, energy policies and economy, argues Paul Driessen
Countdown to Obama's defeat: The fact that even liberals are getting tired of Barack Obama and his broken promises would indicate a change in November, writes Alan Caruba
Chapter Five of An Ecstatic Loneliness: Obama Plays TEGWAR with The Arab Autumn: Michael Moriarty weighs in on the Chicago teachers strike and the increasingly ugly turn that the "Arab spring" has taken
Whither Québec?  (Part One): Mark Wegierski offers extensive historical background to the recent provincial election
Chicagoland: Useful idiocy on display: If you want a real-life example of what liberalism usually ends up being, writes J.J. Jackson, you could do worse than to observe the Chicago teachers strike
The supply-side solution?: Chris Clancy hails Romney-Ryan for looking to the past for fixes that work to current economic dilemmas
Fed, QE3 can do little to boost sagging economy: Dr. Peter Morici argues that trade, exchange rate and energy policy missteps have left Ben Bernanke with few options
Reap the whirlwind: Barack Obama's response to the murder of an American ambassador last week tells you everything you need to know about his world view, says Dr. Robert Owens
The Obama foreign policy: A non sequitur: Frank Salvato believes that the response to Christopher Stevens' murder in Libya is indicative of a foreign policy that doesn't correspond to reality
Obama's dezinformatsia: On virtually every front -- domestic or foreign -- says Mark Alexander, the Obama administration has told outright lies, spread disinformation or harmed the interests of the United States
After four years of Obama, exceptionally unexceptional is us!: Barack Obama set out to prove the United States wasn't an exceptional nation and example and John W. Lillpop says that the American president has finally realized his goal
Convention intentions: Now that all has been said and done by the Democrats at their convention, Lisa Fabrizio decides to weigh in on what actually happened there
Government of, by and for the EPA: Paul Driessen argues that the EPA advances anti-energy agenda, with little regard for Americans' health or welfare
Somebody owns your life: Richard E. Ralston argues that Barack Obama's belief that you've accomplished nothing without the help of government obviously informs his health care policies
Helping at-risk populations survive tornadoes: Better building preparation and public shelters will increase survival rates argue Matthew Biddle and David R. Legates
Maureen Dowd falls out of love: Yesterday Maureen Dowd had some unflattering things to say about Barack Obama and Alan Caruba says that means a lot
George Grant and Canada in process: Eleven years after '9/11' Mark Wegierski reflects on the question -- has a more authentic traditionalism become impossible in current-day Canada?
Chapter Four of An Ecstatic Loneliness: The Mao Zedong of The Third Millennium: Whether you love or hate Bill Clinton you have to acknowledge the man is a master of what he does...something Barack Obama learned last week, says Michael Moriarty
Is there any hope of change?: Dr. Robert Owens would love to be more optimistic but he sees both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both taking the United States to pretty much the same place...just the speed of decline varies
Another disappointing jobs report: The American economy continues to struggle to add jobs, says Dr. Peter Morici, and its because the government won't due what's necessary
Police state: Two recent police shootings in New York City have Michael Moriarty wondering about what police are being told about the use of deadly force
Social Security: Issuing checks & hollow–points: Michael R. Shannon doesn't buy into the conspiracy theories when news broke that the Social Security Administration was buying bullets but he argues it does show why the government is so in debt
People of the Government, by the Government, for the Government?: J.J. Jackson argues that the Democratic National Convention proved last week that the Democratic Party just doesn't get America
The truth is dead...long live the truth: Perhaps the most important issue this election campaign isn't the economy or taxes but plain old honesty, writes Frank Salvato
All that is wrong with America -- front and center at DNC!: John W. Lillpop lists ten big things that came out of the Democratic National Convention he thinks illustrates why the Democrats are falling to pieces
True caring, compassion and social justice: Dr. Howard Sachs, a former Democrat of the Jewish faith, reflects on our politics of caring and compassion
The courts and the EPA: Alan Caruba hopes for a Romney/Paul victory in November if only to begin the process of reigning in the Environmental Protection Agency
Where's the case for organic foods?: A new major study argues there are no health benefits to eating organic food and not surprisingly it was largely ignored, reports Dennis T. Avery
Tattoo this: "It's the Sun, stupid!": Willie Soon and William M. Briggs report that new Berkeley BEST project temperature records confirm: changes in solar radiation influence climate
The "likeability" factor: How important is it to be liked if you want to be president? Alan Caruba says it plays a role but there's something else that's more important
We will win: Ever the eternal optimist Bruce Walker says all signs point to a conservative victory in November and in society as a whole
An Ecstatic Loneliness: Chapter Three: Michael Moriarty continues his personal reflections with thoughts on alcoholism and the beauty of the recent Summer Olympics
Fukuyama, twenty-three years after: Some still unanswered philosophical questions (Part Two): Mark Wegierski argues that "the critique of modernity" is largely absent from Fukuyama
A plethora of platitudes: The political season is beginning to heat up and Lisa Fabrizio says Americans can now expect to hear some standard refrains from the Democrats
Who needs enemies?: Chris Clancy found the Republican National Convention to be an efficient machine with a unified message. He doesn't expect the same from the Democrats
GM's Volt powerless to resist market forces: GM has once again suspended production of the Volt and J.J. Jackson says it's time the automaker understand the reality of the car's lack of appeal
Socialism is as socialism does: Barack Obama is leading the United States from being the first among nations to being just another vote in the United Nations, argues Dr. Robert Owens
The endless war: Saudi Arabia goes on the offensive against Iran: Felix Imonti reports that Saudi Arabia is working hard to make sure that Iran gains no advantage from the unrest that has been sweeping the Middle East
Obama's America: 2012: If you haven't seen Obama's America: 2016 yet, writes Mark Alexander, then you owe it to yourself to see this year's most provocative documentary
Dang! I missed Todd Akin's keynote address: With all the hubbub about Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, Michael R. Shannon could be forgiven for thinking he was a prominent member of the GOP
You know you're a moron if…: If you plan on voting for Barack Obama this November Alan Caruba has a fairly extensive list of why you're an idiot to do so
Establishment GOP mimics progressives in power grab: Frank Salvato wasn't very pleased at some of the back room shenanigans that the GOP establishment pulled off at the Republican National Convention
Germany's new "renewable" energy policy: Wind and solar power + soaring electricity prices = outsourced jobs + more coal burning. Meanwhile, eco activists demand "sustainable lifestyles" – for other people, writes Kelvin Kemm
Lingua Publica

October 2012

The grown-ups and the grade-schoolers: Bruce Walker argues that the contrast between the Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden tickets couldn't be more stark...two act like adults, the other two like children
Whither Québec? (Part Six): Mark Wegierski points to some possibly contradictory elements of that province's nationalism
Fear, anxiety, and anticipation: Alan Caruba will grudgingly follow the remainder of the presidential election and admits to some fear that his fellow citizens won't make the right decision
Chapter Ten of An Ecstatic Loneliness: Frank Rich In The Bunker: Michael Moriarty responds to a recent Frank Rich broadside in New York Magazine which attempts to eviscerate the American conservative movement
The $70,000 question on Libya: Linda Prussen-Razzano would like to know why the U.S. government has spent money to buy time on Pakistani television to apologize for something it has no connection to
What to expect if Obama, Romney win: Dr. Peter Morici can imagine two different Americans depending on who wins the presidential election in a few short weeks
The petrodollar system: A brief overview: 1974 – 2012: Chris Clancy explores the history of the U.S. dollar as fiat currency and where America's long economic journey may end up
Fiscal cliff or launch pad? Part 2: Foundations of liberty: Debra Rae finishes her two part series looking at the philosophical aspects of economic issues facing the United States
Why does affirmative action end at the gridiron?: With affirmative action once again back in the news thanks to a new court challenge, Dr. Robert Owens poses a simple question
Everything about Obama's presidency has been "not optimal": J.J. Jackson says Barack Obama proved himself a master of understatement during his appearance with Jon Stewart last week
It doesn't matter what Obama knew or when he knew it: Plenty of people are asking when exactly Barack Obama knew that the Libyan embassy was in danger of attack but Frank Salvato has other questions he'd rather have answers to
Candy Crowley plays biggest loser with Obama: Selwyn Duke wasn't particularly enamoured with the way he believes Candy Crowley attempted to sway last week's debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
No farm bill: Just food and tax inflation: Thanks to failure by the Obama administration, says Dennis T. Avery, Americans are facing higher prices across the board for food
Winners and losers energy policies: We can and must rejuvenate our economy by developing America's resource bounties, argues Paul Driessen
Dinocrats: Democrats are the hip and the young? Bruce Walker says if people actually took a look they'd found the exact opposite -- the young stars belong to the GOP
Whither Québec? (Part Five): Mark Wegierski examines more of the historical background which has seen Québec and the rest of Canada at loggerheads
An Ecstatic Loneliness: Chapter Nine: Michael Moriarty never fought a global war but he feels a certain kinship with Winston Churchill, a man he feels he would have understood
The great ethanol scam: Ethanol subsidies are robbing Americans at the gas pumps and people around the world of reasonably priced food, says Alan Caruba
Without hope you're hopeless: No matter what the polls say Dr. Robert Owens firmly believes that the American people still believe in freedom. 
The worst has yet to come - Part 3: Chris Clancy continues his argument that American foreign policy has long been about protecting the U.S. dollar and whether the nation could default on its debt
Obama treating women like breeding animals: Rachel Alexander argues that despite the support of some high profile female celebrities, it's foolish to believe that Barack Obama is more female-friendly
In praise of Felix: Some thought it a foolish publicity stunt but Steve Martinovich found a lot of merit to Felix Baumgartner's jump from the Earth's stratosphere
The U6 – The scary side of the unemployment numbers: There is more than one unemployment rate and J.J. Jackson says that the other numbers show in greater detail why Barack Obama has failed in his job creation promises
Obama's 'October Surprise' #1 -- Obfuscation and diversion: Mark Alexander thinks it a lovely surprise for Barack Obama that the nation's unemployment rate fell one month before election
My answer for Lloyd Marcus: Vote for Barack Obama if you must but Selwyn Duke doesn't want to hear that you're voting for him simply because you're both African-American
Fiscal cliff or launch pad? Part 1: Keynesian v. Austrian Model: Debra Rae launches the first of a two part series looking at some of the economic issues that the average citizen should be aware of when voting next month
A progressive obsession: The failure of progressive policies, argues J.R. Werbics, lies in a philosophically explained obsession with something that doesn't belong to liberals
Chief Justice Roberts, Obamacare and the Supreme Court emperors’ clothes: Are justices uniquely honest angels?: Dr. Lester Jackson revisits this year's U.S. Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, timely given the next American president can continue down the same road when selecting future jurists
Liar-in-chief: Alan Caruba argues that Barack Obama's entire history as president has been of one damnable lie after another -- from promises to his record
The real enemy: Liberals argue that the enemy are the wealthy and their pawns. Bruce Walker responds with what he believes is the real enemy of Americans
Whither Québec? (Part Four): Mark Wegierski examines the appeal of the ADQ in 2007
Chapter Eight of An Ecstatic Loneliness: The Obama Nation's Most "Useful Idiots", Bill and Hillary Clinton: Michael Moriarty ponders the allies in Barack Obama's universe, including its two most popular representatives
Election 2012 and the clash of narratives: Robert Bidinotto argues that the progressive zero sum approach to national wealth needs to be vigorously combatted
The worst has yet to come - Part 2: Chris Clancy continues his argument that American foreign policy has long been about protecting the U.S. dollar and explains how that came about
Who inherited what from whom?: Barack Obama made much during last week's debate of the problems he "inherited" in 2008, something Mark Alexander would argue with
An empty chair would have fared better: Democrats mocked Clint Eastwood's "Empty Chair" speech but it turns out Barack Obama couldn't do better, argues J.J. Jackson
Election 2012: It all boils down to one question: Frank Salvato says Election 2012 can be distilled to one essential question: What do you want?
Did he do what needed to be done?: Did Mitt Romney do enough last week during the first presidential debate in order to change his fortunes? Dr. Robert Owens weighs in
Do we want Mr. Nice Guy as president?: Even liberals admitted that Mitt Romney won last week's first debate but Barack Obama continues to score as more likeable. Selwyn Duke isn't concerned by that
EPA admits to death camp tactics: America's chief environmental agency recently admitted to testing on humans that could have ended their lives. Alan Caruba isn't very surprised by this
Can it all be coincidence?: Don Fredrick argues that there are a lot of coincidences when it comes to Barack Obama and the many unsavory connections associated to him
GOP: It's the message, not the messenger: Dr. Peter Morici believes that voters aren't preferring Barack Obama over Mitt Romney because of who they are, but rather for what they are saying
The sure cure for voter fraud: Concerned about some Chicago-style voter fraud this November? Bruce Walker has a radical suggestion on how to avoid the problem
Obama's tyrannical Executive Orders: Barack Obama has instigated a number of dodgy Executive Orders and Alan Caruba says there's another big one in the works
Whither Québec? (Part Three): Was the political architecture of Confederation flawed from the start, asks Mark Wegierski
Chapter Seven of An Ecstatic Loneliness: The Domestic "Red" Line: Michael Moriarty predicts a war in the future, one that he says has its germination in a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973
Sometimes geopolitics make strange bedfellows: Appreciating the allies you have: No one sets out to have unsavory allies in geopolitics but sometimes you have to make do with what you get, argues H. Scott Shore
Romney needs to articulate his plans for dealing with interest on our debt: J.J. Jackson wants a realistic plan by Mitt Romney to deal with the massive interest costs of the American debt
The worst has yet to come - Part 1: Chris Clancy argues that American foreign policy has long been about protecting the U.S. dollar and explains how that came about
Have the terrorists won?: Lisa Fabrizio wonders if the course that Barack Obama has taken America on has ended up serving the purposes of the nation's enemies
Don't surrender without a fight: By all measures Mitt Romney should have a healthy lead over Barack Obama in the polls and the fact that he doesn't is depressing many. Dr. Robert Owens has some advice for Romney and the GOP
Collectivist mindset: Recipe for revolution: Much muddled thinking goes into the creation of a collectivist mindset and Debra Rae takes it upon herself to explore some of it
From Haile Selassie to Bibi Netanyahu: Last week Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu warned the world of Iran's plans for nuclear weapons. Alan Caruba has a feeling that the world wasn't listening
America's last stand?: Frank Salvato believes that engagement by the American people into the current boring political campaign might be enough to defeat Barack Obama and his agenda
Outsourcing, China and the presidential campaign: Dr. Peter Morici argues that both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have the sin of outsourcing to atone for
The FDR model for buying presidential elections: People continue to be surprised by the weak American economy and Barack Obama's strong poll numbers. Mark Alexander has an explanation
Lingua Publica

November 2012

Fear, everywhere, fear: Alan Caruba gets a lot of email and he's noticed one commonality: There are a lot of frightened people out there and it's only going to get worse
Whither Québec? (Part Eleven): Mark Wegierski continues to look at different scenarios for the future of Quebec and the rest of Canada
Chapter Fifteen of An Ecstatic Loneliness: "You gotta problem with that?!": The state of the America might remind some people of Rick and Elsa in Casablanca and judging by Michael Moriarty's latest essay he sees some darkness before the light as well
The Democrats' big problem: The Democrats should be sitting pretty after taking the presidency again but Bruce Walker says that history argues there are storm clouds approaching
Fisheaters: Many Roman Catholic traditions have gone by the wayside in recent decades and Lisa Fabrizio says many Catholics don't know why or unaware of how they add to the richness of faith
It's always darkest before the dawn: While the political side of our current situation is filled with work and hope for a better tomorrow the spiritual side is filled with joy, opportunity, and eternal reward, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Invasion of the liberal body snatchers: Selwyn Duke hears a lot about "reaching out" to groups that generally don't support the GOP. He doesn't think any plan would amount to much without the capture of three important pillars of American society
Distinguishing leadership from politicianship: Michael R. Shannon says a local politician in Virginia's Prince William County should be an example to his congressional brethern
California dreaming, Ontario's nightmare: Plenty of ink has been spilled about the financial nightmare that California is in the middle of but Victor Fedeli argues that Canada's Ontario could also wind up the same way
Gaza déjà vu: Another conflict and another temporary cease fire between Israel and a terrorist group. Alan Caruba says that absolutely nothing has changed in the Middle East status quo
California is destroying itself. The US is next: California is driving itself into the ground economically, says Alan Caruba, and it's serving as a micro example of what's happening across the entire nation
Whither Québec? (Part Ten): Mark Wegierski continues to look at different scenarios for the future
Chapter Fourteen of An Enchanted Loneliness: A New Eternity: Michael Moriarty predicts a very dark future for the world and the United States thanks to the efforts of the leaders of the progressive left
Beyond the tipping point: It took some time for the election results in the United States to sink in for Chris Clancy and he's not sure he has any answers to pressing questions
States don't need to petition to leave the union: Last week it was reported in the media that hundreds of thousands of Americans were petitioning to have their states secede from the union. J.J. Jackson has some thoughts on the matter
Mapping the right road forward: Mark Alexander doesn't think much of petitions to secede -- or the idea of secession itself -- and says conservatives need to plan a realistic course to take them back to victory
Republicans advocate surrender after defeat: Republicans announcing support for amnesty for illegal immigrants as a sop to the Hispanic community are putting power before principle, argues Michael R. Shannon
Was the 2012 election stolen?: Selwyn Duke says the evidence of massive election skullduggery is continuing to build with reports coming in from across the United States
Calling a spade a spade: Evidence? Dr. Robert Owens believes there is enough proof already that massive vote fraud took place in several key states
Tough love: Dr. M. Sidney Wallace recently had lunch with some of his friends and the mood was somber with a tinge of fear for the future thanks to the re-election of Barack Obama. There was, however, a bright spot for them
Doth Obama 'protesteth too much' in defending Susan Rice?: John W. Lillpop says that Barack Obama's defence of Susan Rice last week was purely a case of political theatrics -- though one that backfired on him
Obama calling: America's life after death: Selwyn Duke argues that the re-election of Barack Obama, which he sadly predicted, likely spells the end of what remained of the America of old
Moderate Romney fails to deliver for GOP: Another moderate GOP candidate, another Republican loss at the polls. J.J. Jackson says the party needs to re-think its approach
Chapter Thirteen of An Ecstatic Loneliness: "God has other plans": Michael Moriarty openly despairs last week's election results in the United States but he believes the future of America is in hands greater than the electorate's...and Barack Obama
More false BPA "science" by news release: Alan Caruba argues that a new study which purports to show that bisphenol A is dangerous to humans is a load of tripe
Whither Québec? (Part Nine): Mark Wegierski looks at different scenarios for the future of Québec and Canada
Obama likely won re-election through election fraud: Rachel Alexander is making a claim that will likely anger more than a few on the left: Barack Obama may be president today due to widespread voter fraud
The joy of the Lord is my strength: Many conservatives are still hanging their heads over the re-election of Barack Obama last week, but not Dr. Robert Owens
Trade deficit, fiscal cliff threaten second recession: Barack Obama has his second term but Dr. Peter Morici says the president has a huge problem looming if he wishes his tepid economic recover to continue
Election 2012: A lack of vision: Last week's election results showed something very clear, argues Frank Salvato. The United States is no longer a center-right nation politically
Halftime is over ... we're back in the fight!: Yes, the Republicans lost the presidential election but Mark Alexander argues that the war against progressive politics isn't over
New social contract; old strategy: Part 2: "Soft Law" and social justice: Debra Rae concludes her look at the latest drive for "social justice" with an exploration at some of the mechanisms the progressive left is using to push their agenda
Is Pakistan's paranoia pushing it into a nuclear war with India?: Felix Imonti argues that Pakistan will eventually engage India in a nuclear exchange if it continues down the path it has charted
Michigan's insane 25x25 proposition: A postmortem: Kevon Martis explains why Michigan voters wisely rejected the crazy idea of 25% electricity from renewables by 2025
New study: Ethanol costs one million jobs: A new study argues that corn production converted into ethanol is costing one million jobs and it will only get worse for consumers, says Dennis T. Avery
If you're not reading this, please don't vote: Voting may be a basic right but Selwyn Duke would actually be happier if some people just stayed home
Vote to save the nation!: Your vote against Barack Obama may be the most important vote you've ever cast, argues Alan Caruba
Chapter Twelve of An Ecstatic Loneliness: Who’s Smiling Now?: Barack Obama's smile and the future of the United States regardless who wins tomorrow evening informs Michael Moriarty's latest column
Whither Québec? (Part Eight): Mark Wegierski looks at the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum, and its immediate aftermath
Unions uber alles…suffering citizens be damned: In New Jersey, argues J.J. Jackson, being a member of a union is more important than being a senior citizen who has been without power since Hurricane Sandy hit
Alien voices: After a few weeks in Italy Lisa Fabrizio needed some American TV and made her way to TCM and was reacquainted with an old favourite
History holds its breath: The hour is too late and the outcome too important to use the subtle innuendo of the professional objectivity all historians are trained to present, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Free it up and let it work: With the election only a day away Chris Clancy plans to bunker up and watch if Americans do the right thing
American story: Steve Martinovich has read a hundred books exactly like Sen. Marco Rubio's An American Son: A Memoir but he still couldn't help but enjoy it
Can Democrat-leaning voting machines win election for Obama?: Selwyn Duke is more than a little suspicious at news that voting machines in several states seem to be opting for Barack Obama even when a voter inputs Mitt Romney
The 2012 election is between liberty and tyranny: The choice between the two primary candidates couldn't be more clear, says Mark Alexander, in what may be the most important election since the mid-1800s
New social contract; old strategy: Part 1: Rousseau style social justice: Debra Rae explores the latest push for a global "social contract" and the mind set that informs it in the first of a two part series
Can Romney create those 12 million jobs?: Mitt Romney has boasted that he could create 12 million jobs if elected president. Dennis T. Avery says it's a realistic pledge
This is it: Although Frank Salvato is not filled with confidence concerning the American electorate he still urges them to ask themselves some questions before they head to the polls tomorrow
Fractured fairy tales: Greens hate natural gas and fracking, but costly, parasitic wind energy can't live without it, argues Paul Driessen
Hurricane Sandy: Obama's Social–Worker–in–Chief moment: Thank heavens for Hurricane Sandy, writes Michael R. Shannon, because Barack Obama finally got to act like a president during an emergency
Revisiting voting blocs: Are they more fluid these days?: Politicians traditionally rely on reaching out to voting blocks with specific issues and Alan Caruba argues that Barack Obama is in trouble with several key groups
Chapter Eleven of An Ecstatic Loneliness: The "Disposition Matrix" of Politically Correct Depravity: Michael Moriarty argues that the controversy over Libya and Barack Obama's new war on terror measures are the end result of why he left the United States years ago
Whither Québec? (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski looks especially at the 1990s, and the 1995 Quebec sovereignty referendum
Which future do you want?: Frank Salvato believes a second Obama term would spell economic ruin and Greek style fiscal crisis for the United States
Obama's reelection will ensure complete U.S. economic collapse: A Barack Obama victory on November 6 would effectively spell the end of the American economy, argues Rachel Alexander
Romney v Obama, Adult v Adolescent: Mark Alexander hopes there is enough time before the presidential election for Mitt Romney to connect with the grassroots
Choose this day who you will serve: Dr. Robert Owens doesn't believe that America is a secular nation and would in fact argue that it is still a deeply Christian nation
On truisms and reality: Four years of Barack Obama have proved that three great truisms from the last century remain valid, writes Chris Clancy
Supreme Court warning to conservatives: Do not confuse relief with joy: Dr. Lester Jackson argues that a Mitt Romney victory on November 6 doesn't automatically mean that the future of the Supreme Court is safe
Trump's proposition: Donald Trump's deal to donate money to charity in return for Barack Obama's education and passport information was greeted with derision, something that Kevin Gabriel says was undeserved
Michelle Obama worried liberals too stupid, too dependent to vote?: A recent plea by Michelle Obama for liberals to get out and vote has J.J. Jackson wondering if she believes her husband's supporters are just plain stupid
Hurricane Sandy's message to America: Power outages are likely as Hurricane Sandy makes landfall and Alan Caruba says there's a greater message for the nation when it comes to electricity
Obama border patrol: National security on the cheap: It takes money to properly secure a border and Jim Kouri reports that the Obama administration simply isn't spending the money...or wasting what it does
Electoral medicine: If your medical choices are gradually being forced into a voting booth, argues Richard E. Ralston, than making the right choice of candidate is even more important then ever
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December 2012

Plotting the destruction of the U.S. economy: A fiscal cliff looms, Barack Obama plans to be in Hawaii and the free enterprise system hangs in the balance. Alan Caruba argues that it's all part of a plan
In search of an independent left and right (Part Three): Mark Wegierski examines the convergences between authentic left and right
Chapter Eighteen of An Ecstatic Loneliness: A Crocodile In The Oval Office: The madness at Sandy Hook, Jamie Foxx and Barack Obama all figure in Michael Moriarty's thoughts for this week
Everybody wants to go to Heaven: Dr. Robert Owens declares that proposals made by both sides to avoid the fiscal cliff are simply unworkable and avoid the real problem
Understanding the numbers on gun-related deaths: Linda Prussen-Razzano goes over the numbers to show that increased gun control cannot be justified by the numbers of people killed by firearms
It's official: Mayor Bloomberg needs mental help: Have you heard? NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment. Selwyn Duke can only shake his head
Are Democrats smarter than Republicans?: In the war over the fiscal cliff it certainly seems like the Democrats are outmaneuvering the Republicans, says Dr. Robert Owens
Leadership when the sky is falling: As management Steven Martinovich has endured a lot of seminars on the topic. He was pleasantly surprised by Into the Storm: Lessons in Teamwork from the Treacherous Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race
Fed's easy money policies will end in tears: Dr. Peter Morici believes the continued supply of cheap money courtesy of the U.S. Federal Reserve can only end with catastrophe
The Constitution isn't a black box: A U.S. federal mandate that all new cars must come with black boxes? J.J. Jackson wants to know where to find that in the constitution
The 'NeoComs': It's not often that you can coin a new political term but thanks to the inspiration that is Barack Obama, Mark Alexander has done just that
Judge: "Choose Life" out in North Carolina: Selwyn Duke says the reasoning a judge used to bar anti-abortion licence plates in North Carolina simply makes no sense whatsoever
The great global warming swindle: Over the years the global warming debate has morphed into a blatantly anti-human movement and Chris Clancy says Doha was merely a reflection of that
Obama's Walt Disney energy policies: Wishes upon stars won't make energy dreams come true – but will bring nightmares, argues Paul Driessen
End the wind PTC and business/government cronyism!: Mary Kay Barton says that New York State and US wind power is an expensive, ecologically harmful scam
The Doha wealth redistribution process moves on: Climate alarmists didn't get all they wanted – but they put us on a very slippery slope, write David Rothbard and Craig Rucker
UN treaties erode US sovereignty, exert control: Another day, another attempt by the UN to take control over another global resource. Alan Caruba says it's time for the US to get out
In search of an independent left and right (Part Two): Lower immigration and fiscal probity are not necessarily solely right-wing policies, Mark Wegierski argues
Chapter Seventeen of An Ecstatic Loneliness: Barack Obama’s Cuba or Havana North: Is the United States turning into another Cuba? There are certainly some parallels, argues Michael Moriarty
Not just another pretty face: These days all you have to do to be a sex symbol is take off your clothes. Lisa Fabrizio says you used to have to earn that description
Time to remove Boehner as speaker?: Rachel Alexander argues that Speaker of the House John Boehner should be stripped of his position for undermining conservatives in the GOP
I'll see your economic collapse and raise you national demise: Selwyn Duke wonders if the solution to the fiscal cliff isn't something a little more extreme than simply raising taxes or cutting spending
Happy days are here again: The media and the ruling party in Washington, D.C. both say that things aren't so bad. Therefore, Dr. Robert Owens says we should all be happy!
Harry Reid strikes again with obstructionism!: J.J. Jackson says Republicans gave Democrats a chance to vote on a proposal by Barack Obama to end the fiscal crisis but Harry Reid decided against it
The jackass caucus's 'Grecian Formula' for economic collapse: Mark Alexander, like you, is tired of hearing about fiscal cliffs but gamely he analyzes Barack Obama's attempts to pass budget measures
The Stupid Party is going to raise taxes: John Bender argues that the Republicans hold the strong hand in the fiscal cliff crisis but it looks like they'll eventually relent and vote for higher taxes when they don't have to
Let Obama leap the fiscal cliff alone: The GOP will be blamed if the US goes over the figurative cliff so Michael R. Shannon says it's time to simply give Barack Obama what he wants
The engineered collapse: Robert Rohlfing can't help but think that the looming fiscal cliff isn't some modern invention created by irresponsible politics...but a long-term plan
Transcendent commitments as 2013 unfolds: Four years ago Debra Rae penned a column looking at the near future. Upon the coming dawn of Barack Obama's second term she decides to do it again
Dealing with Obamacare: Like it or not Obamacare is a reality. Richard E. Ralston says Americans opposed to it still have jobs to do
Ukraine crushed in $1.1 billion fake gas deal: The Ukraine was recently at the wrong end of a fraudulent gas deal. Jen Alic wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't more than a simple scam
What we should care about: The battle for liberty is not the same as the fight for prosperity, argues Bruce Walker, any that is a truth that many conservatives have lost sight of
America went over the fiscal cliff long ago: All this talk of American rapidly approaching a fiscal ledge is sadly humorous to Alan Caruba. He dates the real fall several decades ago
In search of an independent left and right (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at what the "anti-system opposition" may hold in common
Chapter Sixteen of An Ecstatic Loneliness: The Great Communist Squeeze Play and American Suicide: The US stuck between several unpleasant choices and almost none of them lead to freedom, writes Michael Moriarty
Obama's re-election mandate: Guess whose money he's targeting next?: Rachel Alexander says that the very man who campaigned on giving the poor and middle class a break is going after the worst off in those very two groups
Who does he say that he is?: Who does Barack Obama remind you of? Dr. Robert Owens tries to answer that question with help from both his friends and foes
Prepare for the tantrums to get worse: As the "fiscal cliff" looms ahead J.J. Jackson believes that the political left will behave like a six-year old child if they don't get exactly what they want
US power grid vulnerable to just about everything: It would only take some knowledge and the necessary appropriate weapons to take down large sections of the US power grid and no one is doing anything about it, reports Jen Alic
Prophetic words: Chris Clancy can't help but agree with a recent Peter Hitchens essay that essentially argued that the America of old is now dead and gone
Forging forward: "Flexible" foreign policy: Barack Obama essentially has a free hand when it comes to foreign policy during his second term and that's something that should scare Americans, writes Debra Rae
In defense of old white men: Every age as its unfashionable people and it would appear that old white men are today's acceptable prejudice. Selwyn Duke doesn't share society's latest target of hate
American patriots and guns: The re-election of Barack Obama last month has Mark Alexander and many people thinking about the future of the Second Amendment
Evangelicals flying blind: A code of ethics has been released for evangelical pastors to adhere to. Michael R. Shannon doesn't have a divinity degree but he's pretty sure there's already a book they should be following
America, Home of the brave and land of the free: A recent re-reading of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address has prompted Dr. M. Sidney Wallace to write his own declaration to the nation
Alice in Wonderland science: Our energy and environment deserve better – in South Africa and Qatar, argues Kelvin Kemm
Facing a triple threat: Doha, EPA and Congress: They are putting our energy, economy, jobs, living standards, health and welfare at grave risk, says Paul Driessen
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