January 2015 - December 2015

January 2015

ObamaCare must go!: Alan Caruba argues that the facts show that ObamaCare continues to fail spectacularly and that the Republicans in Congress must take action
"Inter-not" -- Has a Canadian right-wing "blogosphere" had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? (Part One): Mark Wegierski expresses some skepticism
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Seven: John Boehner's Defining Moment: Michael Moriarty doesn't often have praise for John Boehner but his recent request for Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress was a masterstroke
Printing money won't save moribund European economies: The EU has announced that it will engage in quantitate easing in order to shore up the continental economy but Dr. Peter Morici argues it won't work for several reasons
Prisoners of fear: Jan Jarboe Russell's The Train to Crystal City: FDR's Secret Prisoner Exchange Program and America's Only Family Internment Camp During World War II tells a story that must not be forgotten, writes Steven Martinovich
Bankrupt? Who's bankrupt?: Dr. Robert Owens sometimes finds it hard for people to take him seriously even when he's eventually proven right -- so take that into consideration when reading his latest prediction
Iran: "Killing of Senior Hizbullah and IRGC Officials Will Hasten Israel's Destruction": Israel's continuing war against Hezbollah -- and the collateral damage Iran is experiencing -- isn't making the Persian nation happy, writes Michael Segall
Crushing the U.S. energy export dream: The U.S. as an exporter of oil and natural gas? There are politicians and pundits dreaming of such a day but Arthur E. Berman thinks its plain dumb thinking
Community colleges offer a smooth transition: Dale Schlundt isn't dismissing the value of a university education but he argues that community college could be the answer to many questions
2015 SOTU: 'Mission accomplished -- I'm just awesome!': Mark Alexander watched Barack Obama's State of the Union address last week so you didn't have to -- and he didn't much enjoy it
Supreme Court malfeasance: The United States Supreme Court is set to hear a case on same-sex marriage case and Alan Caruba believes that extending marriage to gay couples would be a blow to religion and tradition
Methane deceptions: Paul Driessen says deception, agenda and folly drive latest Obama EPA anti-hydrocarbon rules. Are farmers next?
How to defeat radical Islam: Experts and lay people alike are searching for ways to engage and destroy radical Islam. Bruce Walker says a strategy from the past is probably the answer
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2015 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the media and the academy
The Divinely Human Prison, Chapter Six: The Communist Jihad And Why President Obama Hasn’t Been Impeached: Why is the United States saddled with men like Barack Obama? Michael Moriarty argues it is because of a spineless opposition
Do you have hope?: There is plenty to be pessimistic about -- both at home and around the world -- but Dr. Robert Owens argues that now more than ever you have to have hope
NASA keeps telling "warmest" lies: A new claim by NASA of record heat in 2014 is an outright lie, argues Alan Caruba, and shows the extent of its desperation on the topic of climate change
Meet Ima Do-gooder and Mia Mystic: Affable spokespersons for deception: Ima Do-gooder and Mia Mystic might read as overblown caricatures but Debra Rae argues they exist and they have a real effect on the world
My "Ugly American" moment dwarfed by Obama's: Harold Witkov was last in France about ten years ago and did not distinguish himself -- but he did a lot better then Barack Obama
Obama apologizes to the French for choosing football over anti-terrorism march: Barack Obama apologize? Rachel Alexander imagines what the American president might have said if he had actually apologized to France for skipping the solidarity march
Obama's bogus community college giveaway: Barack Obama wants to send more people to community college but Dr. Peter Morici believes both students and the country wouldn't be well-served
The United Nations and helpers aim to destroy Christianity: A ware against Christianity? Despite what the media says Jane Gaffin says it does exist
North African fighters in the Syrian and Iraqi conflict: The reality and implications: Thousand of Africans are currently fighting in Syria and Iraq -- generally on the side of ISIS -- and Dr. Jacques Neriah explains why and what it means
GOP majorities -- now what?: Republicans have now formally taken over Congress but Mark Alexander argues there is a great danger to the GOP: The GOP itself
Je ne suis pas Charlie — I'm sane: In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the office of Charlie Hedbo many declared themselves one with the murdered cartoonists -- Selwyn Duke was not one of them
The EPA's methane madness: The EPA's focus on methane is misguided and nearly exclusively the result of poor science combined with dogma, writes Alan Caruba
The dangers of big government medicine: The point of big government medicine isn't to treat people and promote, argues Richard E. Ralston
Merchants of smear: Paul Driessen says that Barack Obama, Al Gore other climate alarmists refuse to debate, but love to vilify – and love their money
Muslims and the left's death by tolerance: In true European fashion the political left called for tolerance after the attack at the office of Charlie Hebdo and Selwyn Duke has some thoughts on that
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2015 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues to note the lack of an infrastructure or "eco-system" for conservatives
The Divinely Human Prison, Chapter Five: Barack Hussein Obama – Rather Like Helen Keller – Is Blind, Deaf and Dumb To The Meaning Of America: Barack Obama reminds Michael Moriarty much of the legendary American that Hellen Keller -- except without the insight into the damage he continues to do to the American nation
Hollywood and Communism: The hack, allegedly by North Korea, of Sony's servers should have reminded people of Hollywood's long ignorance of the evils of communism, writes Bruce Walker
What happens when progressives tax (and spend): It might offend a few people out there but Dr. Robert Owens says that the moment a country figures out it can bribe its citizens, that country has embarked down the road to ruin
Our political class: 114th Congress: A new year and a new Congress -- complete with Republican control -- and Alan Caruba is more than pleased that he doesn't have their job
Boehner re-elected Speaker . . . and you got played: Surprised that John Boehner was so easily re-elected as Speaker of the House? Rachel Alexander says the vote was never really in doubt
Can Tunisia navigate the cross-currents of the Muslim world?: The "Arab Spring" got its start in Tunisia just a few short years ago and Freddy Eytan wonders if a new government will continue the move towards a free and modern nation
Anti-growth policies slow jobs creation: Dr. Peter Morici argues that a confluence of factors will conspire to keep American job growth far lower then it could be
The oil price is not the price of oil: Sel Graham argues that what you and the experts think are oil prices probably aren't the actual prices for the commodity
Energy crisis as early as 2016: Enjoying those low gas prices? Dan Steffens believes that at this time next year we'll be paying a lot more for it as market equilibrium is restored
Obama's ratings rising: With an American economy that is slowly growing, lower oil prices and continued low inflation Barack Obama's approval ratings are beginning to rise. That's bad news for America, says Mark Alexander
Vetoing bipartisan energy, job and economic growth: President Obama makes it clear that the only "common ground" he respects is his liberal turf, writes Paul Driessen
White House climate lunacy: A good reason why so much environmental extremism is coming from the White House likely has to do with one of Barack Obama's primary advisors, writes Alan Caruba
Big Business explains continuing gasps of discredited green movement: How does the environmental movement survive based on their poor track record? Rachel Alexander argues that their life's blood is courtesy of America's very rich
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2015 (Part One): A conservative infrastructure is still lacking, says Mark Wegierski
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Four: The Third Millennium Biblical Prophets: Walid and Theodore Shoebat: Michael Moriarty believes that Walid and Theodore Shoebat may be modern masters of the art of biblical prophecy based on what he's seen so far
Saving lives in the Middle East: Faith-based groups are racing against time, winter cold and Islamist butchers to reduce the slaughter in Syria and Iraq, reports Paul Driessen
The bad Christian and the good Secularist: Critics of Christianity make great hay out of the imperfection of its adherents. Selwyn Duke responds that most of those critics obviously don't "get" Christianity
Did the Saudis and the US collude in dropping oil prices?: Falling demand? Over production? An attempt to damage US oil production? That's what the media has generally said is behind falling oil prices -- Andrew Topf has another theory
Stocks remain the ordinary investor's best bet: Where does Dr. Peter Morici have his money? Despite stock prices that keep rising ever higher, he argues that the stock market remains a viable option
HarperCollins and the ultimate map of Israel insult: Recent news about an atlas that HarperCollins sells in the Middle East reminded Harold Witkov of a slight he suffered some years ago
The failed Palestinian effort at the UN: Dore Gold explains why a recent resolution put forward by Jordan -- and subsequently defeated at a UN Security Council vote -- was objectionable to Israel
Making predictions: It's a new year and that occasion demands some predictions about the months ahead. Alan Caruba takes on that worthy challenge with an extensive list
Bush, Romney, Cruz, Paul, Perry or ?: GOP hopefuls are beginning to manoeuvre their way into declaring their candidacy for the party and Rachel Alexander takes an early look to see who the favorite could be
Happy New Year message sent by Islamic jihadists: An analysis: While you were ringing in the new year last week, reports Jim Kouri, Islamist terrorists went on a bit of a rampage to send the message to the world that they remain eager to carry on the fight
Google goes off the climate change deep end: Chairman Eric Schmidt should heed his own advice – and base energy policies on facts, say Paul Driessen and Chris Skates

February 2015

There will always be war: Once again the world is faced with a dire threat -- and once again in the Middle East -- and history argues that latest foe must be destroyed, argues Alan Caruba
A collection of essays questioning Canada's high-immigration consensus: Mark Wegierski notes that the Fraser Institute goes beyond economics into social and cultural questions in The Effects of Mass Immigration on Canadian Living Standards and Society, edited by Herbert Grubel
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Eleven: Evil’s Eternal Rise and Fall: Middle Eastern terror army ISIS are an evolutionary improvement upon an old idea, writes Michael Moriarty, and Barack Obama is determined to treat them with kid gloves
The disaster of Affirmative Action: Designed to help, Bruce Walker argues that Affirmative Action has instead harmed students of all races and cultures
Congress shouldn't trust Obama to negotiate trade deal: It appears that both Republicans and Democrats agree with Dr. Peter Morici that Barack Obama is ill-suited to negotiate major trade deals
Why not one governor is qualified to be president: Selwyn Duke doesn't trust any governor to be president as they don't seem to be doing a very good job of promoting liberty in their own states
We need more of Moore: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore hit the news recently thanks to an interview with Chris Wallace and Dr. Robert Owens says the results are proof positive why America needs more men like him
The unalienable rights of man: Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore also spoke to Chris Cuomo and made a solid defence of where Americans' rights come from, argues Mark Alexander
Remaking America for global governance: Interfaithism, eco- and social- justice, transhumanism, techno-fascism: Barack Obama speaks often about "remaking America" without explaining what he means. Debra Rae thinks she knows
Why oil prices must go up: Enjoying the continuing low oil prices? Nick Cunningham says that prices are bound -- and have to -- go back up at some point
ISIS butchers: A medieval serial killer on steroids: Islamic State recalls Bluebeard, the French knight who tortured and murdered children, writes Valerie Ogden
The EPA's ozone nightmare: The Environmental Protection Agency is currently in a fight to gain more power to regulate ozone, something that fills Alan Caruba with dread
The climate con goes on: Paul Driessen reports on Climate Chaos, Inc. and media allies banning news and books on climate realism
A conservative America: America is a conservative nation and as such it needs a conservative champion -- something that the GOP better pay heed to for the next presidential election, writes Bruce Walker
A brief history of conservative publications in Canada (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the mid-1990s, and beyond
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Ten: The Clowning Genius of President Iago: Michael Moriarty charges that Barack Obama -- along with the last two presidents surnamed Bush -- have essentially surrendered the United States to evil
Are we seeing history repeat itself?: If world events seem familiar -- at least if you're a student of history -- Alan Caruba says its because the world's path is going in an old direction
How to force an ethics-plagued Democrat to finally resign: Oregon governor John Kitzhaber finally fell on his sword last week but Rachel Alexander believes that he resigned for reasons different from those reported
Bibi reads writing on White House wall; Will (hopefully) speak before Congress: Why is Benjamin Netanyahu likely to speak in front of Congress? Harold Witkov believes its because the Israeli prime minister truly gets it
Canadians win another round against the Bank of Canada: Most Canadians are unaware of COMER v the Bank of Canada but Jane Gaffin says its a legal battle which could benefit Canadians tremendously
Greek default will discredit Angela Merkel: When -- and it is only a question of when -- Greece defaults on its debt Angela Merkel won't come out of it looking good, writes Dr. Peter Morici
America's parallel universe: Much ink has been spilt about Brian Williams and Jon Stewart recently and Robert T. Smith says some of what has been said says a lot
Huge hoax holds humanity hostage: Dr. Robert Owens isn't going to skate around the issue: He believes that the climate change orthodoxy is nothing but a big fat lie
Divestment ethics and realities: Eliminating fossil fuels from investment portfolios hurts colleges, workers and poor families, argues Paul Driessen
Egyptian President Sisi calls for reform of Islam: Early last month Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called on the Islamic world to reevaluate how it viewed jihad. Dr. Jacques Neriah says its an important first step
Obama's dangerous Iran nuke deal: Is Barack Obama hell-bent on reaching a nuke deal with Iran? If so, says Alan Caruba, the results can only be catastrophic
Anatomy of a bad Iran deal: A preliminary assessment: Dore Gold is worried that any potential deal with Iran on its nuclear program won't be designed to eliminate it, but rather "constrain" its growth
Vilifying realist science – and scientists: Ultra-rich Green groups attack climate scientists who question "man-made climate chaos" claims, reports Paul Driessen
The Arab armies: The Arab world does not suffer for large and in some cases well-equipped armies. Alan Caruba would like to know why they don't have more skin in the anti-ISIS game
A brief history of conservative publications in Canada (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the Mulroney Years and their aftermath
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Nine:  The New World Order’s Marxist-Muslim Thief In The White House, Barack Hussein Obama And The Possible Salvation Of An Arab Winter: Michael Moriarty holds hope that at some point the enemies of freedom are driven back yet again
Don't tell Someone Else: Many Americans fail to ask where the economic fruits they harvest actually come from and Dr. Robert Owens believes they will likely soon find out
BO's $4 trillion budget debacle: Republicans have a majority in Congress and Barack Obama's proposed budget is a good example of why they better make use of it
As economy slows, fewer new jobs: The American economy continues its anemic growth and Dr. Peter Morici says the end result are fewer jobs and people who are joining a new class of non-workers
Goldwater Institute sues: State bars are unconstitutional mandatory unions: Rachel Alexander lauds a Goldwater Institute lawsuit designed to end state bars as cash cows for liberal political activity
Terrorists and our idiot president: "Idiot" is a strong term but Alan Caruba says there is no other word that can be used to describe Barack Obama and his failed Middle East policies
The UN Commission of Inquiry on the Gaza Conflict: A clear violation of all accepted international rules and norms governing fact-finding missions: Alan Baker argues that the recent resignation of William Schabas as Chair of the UN Gaza inquiry has raised some interesting questions about its findings and the UN's procedures
America's second age of Pericles: If you listen to Barack Obama the United States is returning to the days of wine and roses but Dr. Peter Morici says the country only looks good in comparison to others
The real white privilege and my radio race war: Selwyn Duke recently engaged in a broadcast debate concerning the subject of "white privilege" and the results were as you would expect
Divesting people of better living standards: Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek argue that "disinvestment" of fossil fuel holdings is misguided, irresponsible, lethal – and racist
Will new AG support civil forfeiture reform?: As a prosecutor Loretta Lynch was enthusiastic about using civil forfeiture, something that worries Alan Caruba a great deal
"Inter-not" -- Has a Canadian right-wing "blogosphere" had an impact on politics, society, and culture in Canada? (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at some Canadian conservative think-tanks
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Eight: Barack Hussein Obama’s Favorite Project: The Death of America: There is no evidence to indicate that Barack Obama is animated by nothing more than to destroy the America that was an inspiration to the rest of the world, argues Michael Moriarty
Romney's class act: Regardless of what you think of Mitt Romney's conservative credentials, writes Bruce Walker, he showed character by announcing he was running in 2016
Obama's corporate tax raid would sack the elderly: Barack Obama wants to tax the overseas profits of American companies, something that Dr. Peter Morici argues would cost the U.S. long term
The witch-hunt against Bob McDonnell: Is a liberal legal system going to war against former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell? Rachel Alexander argues the evidence supports that contention
The northeast nanny-staters and the blizzard that never was: Last week was supposed to the see the latest "storm of the century" but Selwyn Duke is a little more annoyed by the reactions and actions of those in government
Obama's 'middle-crush economics': It probably won't surprise you but Mark Alexander didn't think much of Barack Obama's State of the Union address last week and its priorities
My problem with Sarah Palin: Another election cycle and another potential Sarah Palin candidacy...plenty of conservatives remain fans of her but Selwyn Duke isn't one of them
The plutocratic left: Leftists hate the rich? Bruce Walker argues that the reality shows that they lust after money even as they attack others for enjoying the fruits of their labours
Getting the couch potatoes back to work: The United States needs to get millions back to work and Dr. Peter Morici doesn't believe that either main political party is up to the job
I come to bury Renewable Fuel Standards: Paul Driessen will not praise ethanol mandates that kill jobs, raise food costs, and hurt poor families and wildlife

March 2015

Let the budget battles begin: The announcement last week of a proposed budget will once again set the stage for a battle between those who are concerned for the future and those who simply don't care, writes Alan Caruba
Who owns Canada? (Part One): In this series of articles, Mark Wegierski examines the tensions between different regions in Canada
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Fifteen: The Fruit On The Tree Of The Bush/Clinton New World Order: The Black Muslim/Marxist POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama: Barack Obama is nothing but the inevitable fruit that was born of the Bush and Clinton eras, says Michael Moriarty
Light one candle: If America seems mired in a spiritual and emotional darkness, writes Dr. Robert Owens, he believes that there is one way to light up the path ahead
Why Americans don't care about ISIS: ISIS runs rampant butching its way across the Middle East and Americans don't care. Rachel Alexander believes it has something to do with the man in the White House
School choice litigation is winning: There are more and more charter schools across the United States and the movement as a whole is winning, writes Brian Symes
BO: I love me, I love me not...: The GOP must understand Barack Obama's motives to defeat his actions, argues Mark Alexander
Censorship by design: Criminalization of child evangelism: First things first, Part 1: In the first of a three part series Debra Rae explores the increasing criminalization of teaching children the Christian gospel
Eric Holder: Biting the hand that protects you: Eric Holder is nothing but a race hustler, charges Greg Strange, whose chief talent is whipping up the anger of crowds
100,000 layoffs and counting: Is this the new normal?: Andrew Topf believes the Canadian oil sands may be the first of the major oil projects that will see job losses thanks to low oil prices
It's not "global warming." It's "springtime.: In the northern hemisphere Spring has arrived and Alan Caruba wants you to be on guard for any claims that the season and unnatural climate change are linked
Radical environmentalism's death campaigns: Its anti-DDT war is a lethal "death-rate solution" imposed on Third World countries, writes Paul Driessen
Ferguson is not America: Ferguson is once again in the news and Alan Caruba says a confluence of factors have combined to make that community very dysfunctional
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Fourteen: The Increasingly Painful Realities of Fiction: American Television's House of Cards: You may already be watching House of Cards but if for some reason you aren't, Michael Moriarty wishes to draw your attention to one of the finest television dramas airing today
A brave sortie against political correctness (Part Two): Mark Wegierski examines Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech, a critique of political correctness by Frank Ellis, whose own career was undermined by his dissent from its strictures
Does the sun set in the west?: It's a big question: Dr. Robert Owens asks has the U.S. Constitution -- and by extension the United States itself -- failed and the end will eventually come for the American experiment?
Stagnant productivity, sluggish growth abroad weigh against Fed raising rates: Dr. Peter Morici believes there are four primary factors that will cause the U.S. Federal Reserve to hold off on rate hikes later this year
Time for Obama to give back his Nobel Peace Prize: Barack Obama started his presidency by winning the Nobel Peace Prize -- for what no one actually knows -- but since then he's been an eager user of America's military, writes Rachel Alexander
Everyone is guessing when it comes to oil prices: Will oil prices rise or fall? Nick Cunningham believes that anyone with an opinion -- educated or not -- is just speculating
The left's latest 2A assault: Ban ammo: The BATFE's recent move against "green tip" 5.56 ammunition was part of a wider gun control move, writes Mark Alexander
Iran's defiance: Flaunting a cruise missile with 2,500 km range: Iran's unveiling last week of new long range cruise missiles was designed to send a message that it will give up neither its nuclear or missile programs
The EPA thinks you're stupid: Given some of the behavior and actions of the EPA in recent years, argues Alan Caruba, they must believe that you're a moron
Crony biofuel politics wag the dog: A governor and his son lobby for ethanol – and expect presidential candidates to endorse it, reports Paul Driessen
America's military power in a steep decline: Just a few years removed from active war and America's military is already in the state that it is unprepared for future challenges, argues Alan Caruba
The left and vested employment: Leftists hand out jobs to solidify their support and reward their followers -- Bruce Walker believes that conservatives need to begin fighting that patronage system
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirteen: America's Back-Door Suicide: Death isn't always immediate, writes Michael Moriarty, as the United States seems intent on dying through indirect means
A brave sortie against political correctness (Part One): Mark Wegierski examines Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech, a critique of political correctness by Frank Ellis, whose own career was undermined by his dissent from its strictures
A world of oil: Is putting gas in your car a moral good? Alex Epstein's The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels argues so and Steve Martinovich reviews his efforts
Where are the jobs? America's new leisure class: Job growth remains sluggish and Dr. Peter Morici says that's essentially created a class of Americans at the bottom of the economic pyramid who live off the government
Chicago on the Potomac: The current inhabitant of the White House -- and doubtless future presidents will continue the trend -- has essentially turned the nation's capitol into a version of Chicago's machine politics, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Nation of drivel: Rachel Alexander abhors the state of discourse in the United States these days and says Americans need to act
Bill Nye on Muslim terrorism: Jews need to get to know their neighbors better: Selwyn Duke couldn't help but laugh at Bill Nye's assertion that Israelis just need to get to know their neighbours better in order to have peace in the Middle East
A bad agreement with Iran will undermine Middle East stability: Michael Segall argues that a bad deal with Iran will essentially allow the Persian nation to dominate its neighbours and destabilize an already shaky Middle East
Memo to the GOP: Find a pile driver: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress last week reminded Mark Alexander once again that there is a paucity of leadership both inside the White House and on Capitol Hill
Here's what will send oil prices back up again: When it comes to the price of oil, what goes down must inevitably go back up and Martin Tillier explains why oil prices will eventually begin to rise once again
Obama amnesty plan: Legalize foreigners, "Take Over the Host," push "Citizens into the Shadows": Barack Obama's plan to transform America included last year's de facto amnesty which Selwyn Duke argues was designed to create a country within a country
Silencing skeptics – financing alarmists: Paul Driessen wonders if Congress and media will examine government, environmentalist and university alarmist funding?
Green slander: The green orthodoxy is losing the battle over man-made climate change and that means that the attack dogs have been unleashed, says Alan Caruba
Conservatives and "gaffes": Conservatives always seem to be accused of committing "gaffes" so Bruce Walker has an answer ready for any conservative leader facing that accusation
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twelve:  An American President Increasingly Slow And Indelibly Soft On Undeniably Genocidal Islam: This week Michael Moriarty discusses which American contender for president is the greatest enemy of ISIS and its allies and what the ultimate stakes are
A summary of the dilemma of hypermodernity: Mark Wegierski presents a précis of one of his most salient, earlier-published essays
A rose by any other name: Are groups like ISIS Islamic? Political leaders say no but Dr. Robert Owens says many Muslims would disagree
How to win the Christian baker/Same-sex "wedding" cake debate: Don't want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because of honestly felt religious beliefs? Selwyn Duke may have the answer for you
Five things to know about the Fed raising interest rates: Interest rates are likely to begin rising soon and Dr. Peter Morici says several things you expect to happen -- such as higher mortgage rates -- likely won't
The Islamic armageddon lies between Turkey and ISIS: Turkey's recent incursion into Syria to rescue the remains of an early Ottoman leader puzzled many but Pinhas Inbari believes it's easily explained
The end of freedom in America: The Federal Communications Commission's decision to impose "net neutrality" effectively means White House control over the internet, argues Alan Caruba
Political correctness: Western civilization's bizarre, postmodern affliction: Greg Strange says that the west is sowing its own seeds of destruction by not clearly labeling its enemy and learning the lessons from the past
Newly released book provides the framework to end the scourge of Islamic jihad: Jim Kouri believes that Van Hipp's The New Terrorism:How to Fight It and Defeat It offers some solutions in the war against the latest evolution of terrorism
The easy oil is gone so where do we look now?: Future oil recovery is going to be more expensive and difficult and Andrew Topf lays out who has what
Climatist jihad?: Climate Crisis extremists attack experts who challenge claims of imminent climate Armageddon, says Paul Driessen

April 2015

Why the Fed may (almost) never raise interest rates: Forget asking when the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, Dr. Peter Morici wonders if the question is can they ever?
Who owns Canada? (Part Five): Mark Wegierski examines Stephen Harper’s policies towards Canada's regions
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty: The New World Order's Point of No Return: Barack Obama is the latest, and perhaps last, step in gutting America of her sovereignty and freedom, argues Michael Moriarty
Supreme Court to rule on same-sex marriage: On April 28 the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on the permissibility of gay marriage in America and Alan Caruba hopes they rule against
If it isn't America first, what is it?: The original America First movement got a bad name but Dr. Robert Owens says it gave birth to a good idea when it comes to trade
Sleazy gun-control bureaucrats shut down legendary gun range: The saga of a legendary gun range in Washington state reached a side conclusion on Friday with it being shut down, reports Rachel Alexander
Oil price war may benefit both US shale and Saudi Arabia: Many experts believe that low oil prices are hurting U.S. producers -- something that Saudi Arabia is pleased with -- but Mike McDonald says everyone can win in the current climate
France's position on the emerging nuclear agreement with Iran: Since the Islamic revolution France has had no great love for Iran and its clear they want severe limits on the Persian nation's nuclear program, writes Amb. Freddy Eytan
The White House is lying about climate change and health: The Obama administration is making some big claims while linking weather and your health -- Alan Caruba argues they are out to lunch
The Whitehouse-White House inquisition: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse says reaction to intimidation is "overheated" – but he ignores Tides Foundation abuses, says Paul Driessen
What today's American politics tell us: The fact that Hillary Clinton is the leading Democratic candidate for the American presidency speaks much -- or rather little -- of the state of politics today, argues Alan Caruba
Reorganize the Executive Branch: It might be a fantasy but Bruce Walker would like Congress to grant the next president the power to completely refashion the federal bureaucracy
Ecology – a long, difficult path ahead: Mark Wegierski quite pointedly looks at various possible convergences of ecology and traditionalism, on the 45th anniversary of the first Earth Day
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Nineteen: The Hegelian Push  And Hillary’s New World Order: Michael Moriarty reacts to Hillary Clinton's announcement that she is seeking the presidency, why he'd rather that not happen and who he is proving an early endorsement of
Which presidential candidates will support a White House Council on Boys and Men?: It may not be politically popular but Rachel Alexander believes that the next American president should form a special task force to focus on the problems of men and boys
The game-changing water revolution: Interview with Stanley Weiner: We may be not far from the day when water is expensive and in short supply. James Stafford interviews Stanley Weiner on how that problem could be fixed
Taxing patriots — liberty v the U.S. Tax Code: There are no two ways about it, writes Mark Alexander. The power to tax is also the power to strip away liberty
Khamenei redefines Iran's red lines for nuclear talks: Barack Obama may be pleased with the nuclear deal tentatively reached with Iran but Michael Segall reports that in Iran it isn't so cut and dried
A thousand ways to die: It seems every day there is another warning about something that can kill you. Alan Caruba says everyone needs to relax and enjoy life
Make the leftist media the 2016 issue: The establishment media is openly hostile to conservatives so Bruce Walker believes that the right should return the favour during the next election cycle
Avoiding Hillary misery: Alan Caruba isn't sure that America can take another round of the Clintons, particularly what we have learned about Hillary Clinton over the past two decades
Who owns Canada? (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the long struggle of Western Canada for a serious voice in Ottawa
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Eighteen: The Problems of Friendly Advice: Advice from a friend of Michael Moriarty's prompted him to ruminate on what he believes is the likely future of the United States
Is the culture war over?: The brouhaha surrounding Memories Pizza and gay pizza weddings have prompted Dr. Robert Owens to wonder if cultural conservatives have lost a war without realizing it
Ted Stevens: The left's original blueprint on how to destroy an elected Republican: Want to know how to destroy a Republican politician? Rachel Alexander says Ted Stevens is the modern example of how to do it
How much longer can OPEC hold out?: Lower oil prices are causing some serious problems for OPEC, writes Gaurav Agnihotri
Economics makes Iranian nuclear deal unenforceable: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the lifting of sanctions -- part of the nuclear deal with Iran -- will create a regional economic superpower that can ignore any demands
Using the global warming hoax to destroy America: Barack Obama's recent pledge to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions will only destroy the United States, argues Alan Caruba
The Obama climate monarchy: Barack Obama is using the EPA, CEQ and other federal agencies to fundamentally transform America, argues Paul Driessen
A president, not a potentate: Despite the fact that Americans seem to be increasingly rejecting his agenda, Alan Caruba says Barack Obama is governing in the style of a king
Who owns Canada? (Part Three): Mark Wegierski examines the tensions between Ottawa and Western Canada, especially Alberta
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Seventeen: Mahatma Gandhi And The Future of The Free World: With the state of the world as it currently is, writes Michael Moriarty, it may be Richard Attenborough's Gandhi which has a road map to the future
Five reasons why prospects for jobs, wage gains are dimming: Last week saw another dismal jobs report from the U.S. Labour Department and Dr. Peter Morici says you shouldn't expect better going forward
The politics of Easter: On Easter Monday Dr. Robert Owens would like to take the opportunity to remind you that the real election and candidate took place a long time ago
The Saudi military intervention in Yemen: Saudi Arabia recently launched airstrikes inside Yemen and the fact that the U.S. wasn't aware it was going to happen speaks loudly, writes Dr. Jacques Neriah
Censorship by design: Criminalization of child evangelism: The hostile Christian, Part 3: Debra Rae wraps up her look at Child Evangelism Fellowship with the stereotypes that are heaped on Christians by their critics
Social media erasing the Ivy League advantage: More and more people are discovering that what they say on social media is making the rest of their life and achievements irrelevant, writes Rachel Alexander
Obama's virtual war on Israel: Everything he has done towards Israel during his two terms as president has proven Barack Obama is an enemy of that country, says Alan Caruba
The sum of all lies: Barack Obama's deal with Iran on its nuclear program -- plus all of his other failures in the Middle East -- have proven that his foreign policy is built on a foundation of lies, says Mark Alexander
Giving away your health care "equally": Richard E. Ralston argues that government provided health care is really about one thing and one thing only
Ax the Income Tax: For Americans tax day -- April 15 -- is coming up and Dr. Peter Morici argues that the income tax should be retired in favour of a value added tax
Is Warren Buffett wrong about oil stocks?: Warren Buffet made waves recently when he sold off the bulk of his oil stock portfolio. John Manfreda explores whether the wily investor made the right call
Perverse climate "morality": Current climate policies mean energy deprivation, poverty, disease and death for billions, writes Paul Driessen
But what does the Supreme Leader say?: Alan Caruba argues that regardless of what happens in the nuclear talks with Iran, the only man's whose opinion matters is Sayyed Ali-Khamenei, the country's Supreme Leader
Who owns Canada? (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the role of Toronto in Canadian history
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Sixteen: Why America Has Deserved The Likes Of Barack Hussein Obama: The reason why Michael Moriarty left the United States two decades ago is the same as to why his former home is currently suffering the ravages of Barack Obama
The king is dead…long live the king: Steve Martinovich thought Killers of the King: The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles I was a engaging look at how dreams of freedom gave way to bloodshed in Stuart England
Jettison the Empire to save the Republic 2015: Dr. Robert Owens would love to see the U.S. end its alliances and bring the troops home in order to save the country from its entanglements
The Libyan quagmire: Since the fall of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011, writes Dr. Jacques Neriah, the situation in Libya has become extraordinarily complicated with little hope for a stable and functioning country
Next up at the Fed: Quantitative tightening: What goes down must go up: Dr. Peter Morici believes that the Fed will reverse its policies of recent years and interest rates will rise
Leftist sharks finally circling around Sheriff Arpaio: For years the left has been praying for an opportunity to take down Maricopa County's Sheriff Joe Arpaio and they may finally get their wish, writes Rachel Alexander
GOP candidates continue to toss money down cornhole: Most Republicans running for the GOP nod claim to be for the free market but Michael R. Shannon argues they revealed their true spots recently
Terrifying the Republican establishment: Sen. Ted Cruz's jump into the GOP race earned him a lot of attacks from both Republicans and Democrats but Alan Caruba counts himself a fan
Censorship by design: Criminalization of child evangelism: Sullied separation principle, Part 2: Debra Rae continues her look at Child Evangelism Fellowship and the efforts of one journalist who doesn't like religion and education mixing
The tip of the climate spending iceberg: Paul Driessen explains how your tax and consumer dollars finance Climate Crisis, Inc. and hobble America
Driverless cars poised to transform automotive industry: Are driverless cars the 3D television of the automotive industry? Darrell Delamaide says you'd better expect to see them in auto dealerships sooner rather than later

May 2015

Fixing income inequality without the minimum wage: Anyone expecting to raise the fortunes of the less well-off by raising the minimum wage is going to be disappointed, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Who owns Canada? (Part Six): Mark Wegierski now looks at the Atlantic region, which has an ambiguous relationship with Ottawa
Memorial Day 2015: Today marks the day Americans are asked to honor the sacrifices of their nation's soldiers -- past and present -- and Alan Caruba has some thoughts on war and peace
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty-Four: The Thinning Thread: Barack Obama, and a predecessor, remind Michael Moriarty of television program The Americans in how they view the world
The eternal optimist: Dana Perino's And the Good News Is...: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side is an unfailingly positive account of her life in- and outside of the White House, says Steven Martinovich
GOP presidential candidates tricked into flip-flop on Iraq War: Given the catastrophy occuring in Iraq it was safe to say that the GOP presidential candidates could all safely criticize Barack Obama on that issue...well, they could until recently, writes Rachel Alexander
The lessons of the Syrian chemical weapons discovery: The recent discovery undeclared Syrian chemical weapons and the lack of a Western response carries big ramifications, says Brig.-Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser
I'm standing with Pat: Pat Buchanan may have fallen out of favour amongst many conservatives but Dr. Robert Owens believes the outspoken commentator still have a lot to offer the conservative movement
Wounded Warrior warning: Questions have been raised lately about how the Wounded Warrior Project has been spending its money and Mark Alexander decided to investigate
Stupefying generations of Americans: The American education system has deliberately dumbed down several generations of citizens, writes Alan Caruba
Meet the Bill Maher from the right who is changing entertainment: Rachel Alexander profiles Evan Sayet, that rarity of rarities, a conservative comedian and former writer for Bill Maher
My 2015 commencement address: Alan Caruba has nothing but sympathy for this year's graduating collegiate class, a cohort which faces American economic, political and cultural decline
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty-Three:  The Bush/Clinton  American Suicide Pill Delivered By The Obama/Soros/Winfrey Marxist/Muslim Cabal: Michael Moriarty considers the GOP to be little more than allies of the America destroying progressive left
Seventy years since V-E Day – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, and the aftermath of the war in Poland
Good bye America it was good to know you: Dr. Robert Owens argues that the America of old is under attack by an administration intent on importing new voters and ignoring the law of the land
Wind energy myths spun by lobbyists and salesmen: Mary Kay Barton argues that industrial wind is a net loser: economically, environmentally, technologically and civilly
The poverty of Obama's foreign policy: Barack Obama believes that his efforts at diplomacy are more important than American power, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Bee facts changed – green agendas did not: Activists and White House appear ready to present new justifications for unjustified policies thanks to the Pollinator Task Force, writes Paul Driessen
Saudi Arabia continues to turn screws on U.S. shale: Low oil prices may be hurting Saudi Arabia, writes James Stafford, but the oil kingdom is still managing to take a big bite out of American shale oil production
Endless racial discord: The era of Barack Obama has been the era of race riots and discontent and Alan Caruba says the president and his advisors can thanks themselves for that
How can so many world leaders be so wrong?: When it comes to the subject of climate change. writes Alan Caruba, world leaders tend to be wrong far more than they are correct
Seventy years since V-E Day – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at Poland under German and Soviet occupations
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty-Two: Empress of The American Soul: Megyn Kelly: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly for being among the few to defend free speech last week
The dismaying RINO co-opting of Rush Limbaugh: Dr. Lester Jackson doesn't think much of Senator Marco Rubio and even less of Rush Limbaugh's recent cheerleading for the presidential wannabe
Baltimore prosecutor deliberately heightens racial tensions: As a former prosecutor, Rachel Alexander didn't think very highly of the charging of several police officers in the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore
Fewer jobs, strong dollar put Yellen in an awkward corner: The U.S. Federal Reserve would love to raise interest rates but Dr. Peter Morici argues a poor economic reality is forcing it to stay its hand
The status of Western military aid to Kurdish peshmerga force: The Kurdish pershmerga is doing much of the heavy lifting in the war against ISIS but aren't receiving the necessary weaponry to do the job, says Lazar Berman
Obama's economic disaster: The average American can definitely say that they are worse off now then they were when Barack Obama took office in 2009, writes Alan Caruba
The Iceman Cometh?: Paul Driessen asks if a quiescent sun portends a new little ice age: a chilly era for humanity and agriculture?
Encounter with a killer?: One recent day Mark Alexander suffered surgery, encountered a flash flood and a woman who thought she was in the presence of someone fresh off a murder
Circumstantial evidence: There was a time someone as scandal-plagued as Hillary Clinton wouldn't be able to sniff the presidency. These days are different, writes Alan Caruba
Seventy years since V-E Day – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the beginning of the war, and Poland’s contributions to the Allied war effort
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty-One: History's Greatest Violinist: Sergey Kachatryan: Armenian Sergey Kachatryan is the greatest violinist ever? Michael Moriarty says you may disagree with him but that is his opinion
Why does "Never Again" keep happening again: Since World War II the world has stated "Never Again!" when it came to genocide -- and then looked the other way when it happened, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Why America doesn't grow: American economic growth has been lacklusture in recent years and Dr. Peter Morici tells us why
2016 presidential field on guns and liberty: The NRA held a major meeting recently and several presidential hopefuls showed up in an attempt to earn support, says Mark Alexander
Why the US should worry about oil sector jobs: Low oil prices have so far have not had a negative impact on the U.S. economy but Mike McDonald says that could change soon
Israeli security policy in Syria: Iran and Hezbollah are keenly interested in the Syrian civil war thanks to the enhanced position it could give them to act against Israel, writes Yossi Kuperwasser
Silencing skeptics, conservatives and free speech: Congressional Democrats and the Vatican recently joined White House and Leftist assaults on basic rights, writes Paul Driessen

June 2015

The Iranian President toes the Supreme Leader's red lines: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made it pretty clear last week that regardless of what agreement is made concerning his country's nuclear program, no inspectors would ever step foot in military sites, reports Michael Segall
Examining the future of the "broader right" in Canada and the United States (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at mass education and mass media in both countries
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Devil’s Rule: The horrific act that Dylan Storm Roof committed last week in a South Carolina church has prompted Michael Moriarty to think of the nature of evil
Goodbye Uncle Alan: It is with sadness that Steven Martinovich announces the passing of long-time friend and ESR contributor Alan Caruba
Cultural Marxism: Nobel scientist sacked for making innocent joke about women: Regardless of what you think about Sir Tim Hunt's joke about women in laboratories, writes Selwyn Duke, he shouldn't have been fired for it
South Carolina gunman partially a product of left-leaning culture: The savage that shot innocents in a South Carolina church last week was a product of today's culture, writes Rachel Alexander
The dark side of the shale bust: Nick Cunningham says that lower oil prices that have stifled American oil production is having a variety of negative consequences for places like North Dakota
Educators need to strive for enhanced understanding and retention: Dale Schlundt believes that educators need to modify their approach when teaching college students if they are to make practical use of their knowledge
Rachel Dolezal's complexion problem: If you thought that Michael R. Shannon wasn't going to have fun with the fibbing Rachel Dolezal, you apparently don't know him well enough
Trump sends Perino into near meltdown: Donald Trump pledged to build a giant wall between Mexico and the U.S. and get America's neighbour to pay for it. John Bender believes its doable
A culture shattered: Part 1 of 5—The Dialectic Scheme: Priming the Pump (1960s); Testing the Waters (1970s): Within the lifetime of someone about to entire their retirement years the culture of the United States has radically shifted, something that Debra Rae explores in a new series
Lame ducks should stay off "high horses!": Barack Obama opined that massacres like the one that happened at an African-American church last week in South Carolina don't happen in other civilized nations. John W. Lillpop charges that Obama is responsible for just that
Scott Walker and academic tenure: Bruce Walker believes that Scott Walker's recent proposal to end tenure for university professors could shake up the entire country
Goodbye Uncle Alan: It is with sadness that Steven Martinovich announces the passing of long-time friend and ESR contributor Alan Caruba
Examining the future of the "broader right" in Canada and the United States (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at multiculturalism and varied types of "affirmative-action"-type policies in Canada
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty-Eight: America’s First Presidential Tyrant: Is Barack Obama attempting to do his best to drive Americans into wars both abroad and at home? Michael Moriarty believes so
Egypt's projection of military power in the Middle East: For decades Egypt was loathe to involve itself in military adventurism but the rise of groups like ISIS have forced the Sisi government to begin projecting its power, says Dr. Jacques Neriah
The wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time: Another war in the Middle East? Dr. Robert Owens argues that it is not in the United States' interests to take on Iran or ISIS
Does this ballistic vest make me look fat?: Individualism is frowned upon in the military but apparently some want gender to play a bigger role, writes Michael R. Shannon
Coming attractions at the Supreme Court theater of the absurd: Within the next few days the U.S. Supreme Court may have some big things to say about some very important social issues, reports Dr. Lester Jackson
The left disbars another conservative prosecutor: The legal left's war against conservative prosecutors continues with another notch added to their count, says Rachel Alexander
Busting the "Canadian Bakken" myth: A Canadian version of the Bakken shale oil fields? Andrew Topf says there are a number of reasons why two fields in the Northwest Territories won't be producing any time soon
Bystander Nation: The brutal torture and murder of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper shows some part of America would rather close their eyes than act, argues Michael R. Shannon
The Islamization of world soccer?: The recent attempt to expel Israel from FIFA shows that the country's enemies are fighting their war against it on all fronts, says Pinhas Inbari
Obama's Asian trade deal sells out American workers: Barack Obama may have been rebuffed by both Democrats and Republicans late last week on his push for an Asian free trade deal but the battle isn't over, writes Dr. Peter Morici
Twin peaks – twin lies: Paul Driessen and Tom Tamarkin report that supposedly record-high temperature and carbon dioxide levels supposedly bring record chaos
We are a conquered nation: Dr. Robert Owens has been a fixture in the conservative movement for decades and what he has to say about the state of America isn't very comforting
Examining the future of the "broader right" in Canada and the United States (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at some of the differences in society, politics, and culture
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Cutting Edge Of Third Millennium American Corruption: Barack Obama reminds Michael Moriarty at least a little like Vladimir Lenin, if not in the latter's savagery, in his ultimate aims
Caitlin Jenner? Hello sucker!: You probably won't be too surprised to find out that Alan Caruba doesn't think much of the story surrounding "Caitlin Jenner"
Secret Kremlin ‘troll farm' spreads fake news about U.S.: The more things change, the more they stay the old disinformation trick from the Soviet Union is back and updated for the information age. writes Rachel Alexander
God and evil: My answer for Michael Savage: Michael Savage recently discussed the question of how God could allow evil in the world. Not satisfied, Selwyn Duke has a response to him
All we need is love (and coercion): Robert T. Smith says that tolerance isn't the name of the game for alternative lifestyle activists, it's the forced acceptance of those lifestyles
The great tree that fell in an empty forest: Sen. Ted Cruz's biggest fan could possibly by Lester Jackson. He explains why Cruz has his support for the GOP nomination
Make American medicine American again: Richard E. Ralston wants to bring back medicine back the way it used to be and that means removing government from the equation
The evolution of the oil weapon: The financial weaponizing of oil production is a highly effective tool as history proves, writes John Manfreda
Baltimore: A Democrat model of 'American Exceptionalism': The city of Baltimore is rapidly approaching the status of a failed community and Mark Alexander argues that Barack Obama would bring that to all of the U.S. if he had a chance
Putin and Buffett's war on U.S. pipelines: Billionaires use secretive foundations to finance anti-pipeline protests – and get even richer, writes Paul Driessen
The Hillary enigma: Plenty of people are mystified by Hillary Clinton -- as in who she really is -- but Alan Caruba argues that you need to look at her past to know who she is today
Who owns Canada? (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski looks at an important question – in what sense is Canada a nation?
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty-Six: The Now Unending Prospect Of Undeniably American Treason: It's a serious charge but Michael Moriarty says that the American president is guilty of nothing less than treason
Biker shootout: Libs going wacko over race in Waco: Trust the media to make the story of a shootout between bikers and police a question of race thanks to an ungainly comparison to Baltimore, writes Selwyn Duke
Strong dollar, port strike slow growth, postpone Fed interest rate increase: The U.S. Federal Reserve would love to raise interest rates but Dr. Peter Morici says several factors are forcing the body to stay its hand
Memo to the GOP: Get Iraq right: Mark Alexander is beginning to lose patience with GOP presidential hopefuls that are running away from war in Iraq
The real climate threat to our national security: Ron Arnold discusses national security, the Seattle oil rig, hypocrisy, and Greenpeace's dirty money
Hedge funds forcing corporations to pay shareholders are good for the economy: Dr. Peter Morici lauds activists and institutions that are forcing publicly held companies to return more cash to their shareholders
Who's afraid of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?: The Trans-Pacific Partnership has divided both the left and the right and Rachel Alexander tries to find a middle-ground on the issue
Barack "Climate Change" Obama: Why does Barack Obama keep banging the drum on the climate change issue? Alan Caruba believes that he has the answer
Harper's climate pledge is hot air: Canada has no way to ensure that developing nations keep their commitments, says Tom Harris
Curbing EPA abuses: Think the corruption in FIFA is bad? Paul Driessen says action is needed now to end EPA deception, fraud, collusion, tyranny and destruction

July 2015

Why empires fall: That which rises must inevitably fall and that holds true for nations as anything else. Why do empires last a predictable amount of time...and more importantly why to they fall predictably? Dr. Robert Owens explores the issue
360 years since the Swedish siege of Czestochowa, and 11 years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated there (Part Four): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, eleven years ago
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Four: War of The "Godfathers": Donald Trump Versus George Soros: If billionaire George Soros is the patron saint -- and the man behind the curtain -- then mercurial businessman Donald Trump may be able to play that same role for the right, says Michael Moriarty
Taking down left-leaning judges: The judiciary has made a lot of the progressive left's agenda in America possible and Rachel Alexander says there is a new push to start reining in their power
Greek bailout can't succeed without ending German mercantilism: In order to fix the problems in Greece, writes Dr. Peter Morici, Germany and other northern European nations also need to make some changes
The Warren Buffett Shuffle: Predatory label put on Berkshire division: Warren Buffett is one of those rare billionaires that's actually loved by the public but D. Sidney Potter believes the public view of him might change a little if people knew about his Clayton Homes division does to low-income people
Criminalizing right to conscience: Part 1, Verbal- Precedes Social- Engineering: Debra Rae launches a two-part series on the war against people who choose to follow their own consciences in public policy matters with a look at language
Obama internet giveaway may open Pandora's box of porn: Barack Obama recently announced a federal initiative to provide internet access to hundreds of thousands of low-income homes and Michael R. Shannon has a few thoughts on that
If Black lives really mattered...: If Black lives really mattered to the Democrats and their allies, argues Mark Alexander, they would change the policies that keep African-Americans from rising
More job losses coming to U.S. shale: Low prices, reduced demand and high debt are combining to create a bad situation for U.S. shale producers, says Gaurav Agnihotri
An errant environmental encyclical: Pope Francis' prescriptions will perpetuate poverty, disease, premature death in Third World, says Paul Driessen
Economics makes nuclear deal with Iran unenforceable: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the lifting of economic sanctions against Iran will create a regional superpower that pursue any goal that it wishes
360 years since the Swedish siege of Czestochowa, and 11 years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated there (Part Three): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, eleven years ago
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Three: The Obama/Bush/Clinton Surrender Of America To Complete Rule By The United Nations: The Obama administration has proven time and time again that its allegiance is not to the United States, but rather to foreign bodies, argues Michael Moriarty
Netroots Nation's group identity politics disintegrates into anarchy: The left has always been praised for its ability to unit disparate factions but Rachel Alexander believes that last week may have shown some cracks in the façade
A culture shattered: Part 5 of 5—Era of enforcement (2010s): Debra Rae concludes her five-part series on the radical transformation of America's culture in recent decades with a look at how the new agenda is enforced in American society
Egypt accuses Turkey of subversion: The cold war between Turkey and Egypt got a little warmer earlier this month when the African nation accused its former ally of supporting a terrorist group its battling against, writes Dr. Jacques Neriah
New York City and the powder room police: A New York City official's stated hope that all public washrooms in the city be made transgender friendly has Michael R. Shannon shaking his between making jokes
Take a bow for the new revolution: Paul Driessen believes that Americans are less inclined to be fooled again, or to "smile and grin at the change all around"
Jade Helm 15 and the conspiracy theories: Jade Helm 15, a massive U.S. military training exercise, began in several U.S. states last week and Mark Alexander was a little tired of hearing conspiracy theories from the right wing about it
OPEC, get ready for the second U.S. oil boom: The U.S. is poised to introduce technical innovations that will cause an explosion in the country's oil production -- and OPEC is none to pleased
In the end, Germany, not Greece, will be the loser: Dr. Peter Morici believes that further attempts by Germany to force austerity on Greece will not have their intended effect
360 years since the Swedish siege of Czestochowa, and 11 years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated there (Part Two): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, eleven years ago
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Two: Simon Schama: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to British historian Simon Schama, who he urges you to become familiar with as soon as possible
Obama and EPA imperil minority welfare: "Clean Power Plan" would bring imaginary benefits – and real health and welfare damage, write Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek
A culture shattered: Part 4 of 5—Legitimizing the antithesis (2000s): Debra Rae continues her five-part series on the radical transformation of America's culture in recent decades with a look at the first decade of the new millennium
Driving policies through fraud and fear-mongering: A physician, Charles G. Battig, offers sanity-based perspectives on EPA's "Data Derangement Syndrome"
Is ISIS growing persecution a sign of the End Times?: ISIS a biblical sign of the End of Times? Rachel Alexander believes that it's not far-fetched if you are a Christian with an understanding of the Bible
Constitutional principles are required to save American medicine: Richard E. Ralston argues that Americans can't expect anything from the courts when it comes to Obamacare and that the only fix is in the form of your political representatives
How Apple Computer delivered Gen. Jubal Early's last defeat: Michael R. Shannon didn't think much of Apple's decision to remove all applications its online store that had a depiction of the Confederate battle flag within them
Don't panic, nothing has really changed in the oil markets: A recent downward movement in oil prices had many thinking that big things are afoot in that market. Dan Doyle has a message for those people: Not quite
Ethanol and biodiesel: Guilty as charged: Bogus biofuel trading costs us millions – while the absurd biofuel program costs us billions, charges Paul Driessen
Keep the crazy away from sharp objects and sharp comments: One Salon writer apparently wants to use the mental illness of a few individuals to deprive all Americans of their firearms, writes Michael R Shannon
360 years since the Swedish siege of Czestochowa, and 11 years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated there (Part One): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, eleven years ago
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-One: The Enablers of American Suicide: The Bush family and Barack Obama have done much to advance the notion that America needs to be tied to something "bigger" than itself, says Michael Moriarty
A culture shattered: Part 3 of 5—Reimaging campaign (1990s): Debra Rae continues her five-part series on the radical transformation of America's culture in recent decades with a look at the 90s
SCOTUS turns down former Rep. Rick Renzi's appeal of legal assault: Last week the US Supreme Court turned down former Congressman Rick Renzi's appeal of his criminal conviction and with that Democrats managed to add another conservative scalp to their collection, says Rachel Alexander
U.S. oil glut an EIA invention?: Leonard Brecken wonders if the DoE's Energy Information Administration is playing games with production numbers to create a non-existent glut in US oil production
They're just committing the crimes Americans won't commit: The murder of an American last week in San Francisco by an illegal alien has Selwyn Duke using some strong language to describe his fellow citizens who support how things are today
Illegal alien celebrates 4th of July jailed for murdering American woman: San Francisco's sanctuary city policy for illegal immigrants claimed another citizen's life last week , reports Jim Kouri
Social Security: To draw or not to draw? That is the question: Dr. Robert Owens is now qualified to withdraw full Social Security benefits ... but he's not sure he wants to partake of that particular ponzi scheme
Examining the future of the "broader right" in Canada and the United States (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the weakness of the Canadian conservative infrastructures
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty: Harvard Lawyers: James Joyce was brutally honest in his writings -- both about himself and the world at large. If only Barack Obama had the same gift, writes Michael Moriarty
The sooner Greece defaults and dumps the Euro the better: Financial markets are waiting anxiously to see what Greece will do but Dr. Peter Morici argues that the answer should be pretty clear what Athens should do
Time for conservatives to go on the offensive in the Framing Wars: Conservatives are ending up on the losing side of a lot of issues because they don't know how to effectively frame the debate, says Rachel Alexander
Tear down that flag: In the wake of the recent shooting at a South Carolina church a culture war has taken place against the Confederate battle flag. Robert T. Smith says its an easy way to avoid some tougher questions and issues
Random thoughts about the possibility of a second Civil War: Could the U.S. fall into another civil war? Robert Farago believes so and he provides he what thinks will be the triggering event
Clinton's Benghazi Cover Up 3.0: Mark Alexander argues that Hillary Clinton is now on her third version of events surrounding the 2012 attack on the American embassy in Benghazi
A culture shattered: Part 2 of 5—Disingenuous disinformation campaign (1980s and 1990s): Debra Rae continues her five-part series on the radical transformation of America's culture in recent decades
The green mirage – and con job: Musk, Schmidt, Simons and their billionaire buddies build empire based on climate and energy BS, say Paul Driessen and Tom Tamarkin
Why Buffett bet a billion on solar: Master investor Warren Buffett has been sinking money into solar technologies lately and Henry Hewitt explains why it was a good investment
Twin peaks – twin lies: Supposedly record-high temperature and carbon dioxide levels supposedly bring record chaos, write Paul Driessen and Tom Tamarkin

August 2015

A willing suspension of disbelief: Bruce Walker argues if that if the political left survives -- and even thrives -- on anything its the lie. It's impossible, he says, for the left to trade in anything else
George Grant's vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Two): On the 50th anniversary of George Grant's Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 50 years of Canadian history
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Eight: Beyond Villainy and Treason: American Suicide: Whether by accident or design Barack Obama is apparently attempting to destroy the United States, charges Michael Moriarty
Bringing the factory to the science class: Michael Hiltzik's Big Science: Ernest Lawrence and the Invention that Launched the Military-Industrial Complex tells an engrossing story of how science was transformed and the man at the center of it, writes Steven Martinovich
The Nuclear Deal: No pause in Iran's vow to destroy Israel: Nuclear deal or not, writes Michael Segall, Iran continues to promise it will one day soon destroy Israel
The deceptive misuse of legislator voting records: Plenty of GOP candidates are pointing to their voting records as proof of their conservative credentials...something that Dr. Lester Jackson finds debatable
Bombshell: New evidence reveals prosecutor corruption in trial against imprisoned former Congressman Rick Renzi: Rachel Alexander reports that a former Arizona congressman may have been the victim of a corrupt prosecutor and could be exonerated
WOTUS: Woe to us: After contaminating the Animas River, the Environmental Protection Agency wants to regulate the water in your backyard, writes Marita Noon
Another Teflon Clinton?: The continuing scandal over Hillary Clinton's private and insecure e-mail server and its untold number of state secrets that may not be so secret has Mark Alexander wondering if she'll survive long enough to win the Democratic nod
America's big 'green' wrecking machines: Mary Kay Barton argues that politically connected industrial wind zealots are destroying rural America and electricity markets
Climate Crisis, Inc.: Paul Driessen says that $1.5 trillion and a book by Larry Bell explain how the profiteers of climate doom keep the money flowing
Iran's Supreme Leader challenges U.S. policy in the Middle East: A nuclear deal with Iran hasn't apparently softened the Persian country's attitudes towards the west or the United States in particular, writes Michael Segall
George Grant's vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part One): On the 50th anniversary of George Grant's Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 50 years of Canadian history
The Divinely Human Prison:  Chapter Thirty-Seven: Dr. Ben Carson: Last week Michael Moriarty endorsed long-shot candidate Carly Fiorina for the GOP nomination...this week he decides to change his mind and his throw his support behind Dr. Ben Carson. It's early...he's allowed
Straight talk from Bernie Sanders: With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Rachel Alexander pens a speech that she can imagine that socialist Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders would deliver
Quicker growth not improving jobs outlook: The American economy may have added jobs in July but Dr. Peter Morici argues that all is still far from well when comes to job growth and wages for American workers
The abomination of Obamanation: If you're a Christian, writes Dr. Robert Owens, it's hard not to look at today's America and think a wrath isn't being invoked against the nation and its ways
Why is Barack Obama mute about "hate speech" spewed by Louis Farrakhan?: Recently Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said some pretty heinous things that didn't exactly advance race relations. John W. Lillpop wants to know why Barack Obama didn't condemn those comments
Turkey attacks the Kurds and the Islamic State: The Obama administration may have hailed the entry of Turkey in the war against ISIS but Dr. Jacques Neriah says Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is more committed to another war
The Saudi oil price war is backfiring: The Saudis started the ongoing oil price war in an effort to destroy some competition and build market share. Gaurav Agnihotri argues that it's not going very well for them
EPA's gross negligence at Gold King: Fear-mongering, pollution standards and negligence rules apparently don't apply when EPA is at fault, writes Paul Driessen
What establishment GOP candidates must accomplish: Dr. Peter Morici argues that establishment GOP candidates need to start connecting with the concerns of ordinary Americans...unless they want Hillary Clinton in the White House
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Six: The Soul of America And Carly Fiorina: Michael Moriarty has expressed his admiration for the insurgent candidacy of Donald Trump in the past, a mistake he admits now as he comes out in support of businesswoman Carly Fiorina
Remembrance of things past: Mark Wegierski revives memories of a mostly happier time in East-Central Europe, more than a decade ago
Meet Mom & Dad the libido extinguishers: The U.S. birthrate declined for the sixth straight year in 2014 and everyone is puzzled as to why. Not Michael R. Shannon -- he thinks he knows the reason
The hope that does not disappoint: It's hard to be hopeful in America today but Dr. Robert Owens believes that given the opportunity Americans will choose the side of right
The strange 'Black Lives Matter' movement: The "Black Lives Matter" has made some headlines lately -- mostly for interrupting the speeches of far left politicians -- and Rachel Alexander says nothing about the movement makes much sense
Condemnation and condolence by the UN Secretary General — genuine or politically biased?: Ban Ki-moon recently, and correctly, condemned an attack on a Palestinian family by a Jewish extremist, but Amb. Alan Baker wonders why the UN Secretary General is selective with his condemnations
Global oil supply more fragile than you think: The world is awash in cheap crude right now but Nick Cunningham believes that does not bode well for future needs
Surrender like a Boy Scout: Selwyn Duke is not surprisingly displeased with the recent Boy Scouts of America decision to given in to pressure and allow gay scout leaders
EPA's punitive, fraudulent Clean Power Plan: Paul Driessen argues that Congress, states and our next president must end EPA harm to human health and welfare
The Trump Card — Ace of anger affirmation: Mark Alexander is no fan of Donald Trump or his campaign but he argues that the billionaire represents something that the GOP leadership needs to hear and understand
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Five: "What is this world coming to?! A President Donald Trump?!?!": What's made Michael Moriarty a bit of a Donald Trump fan? Despite all of his flaws, he writes, the billionaire candidate is far better than a continuation of the Obama agenda
360 years since the Swedish siege of Czestochowa, and 11 years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated there (Part Five): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, eleven years ago
No one serves jail time for smoking pot: Pot activists love to bemoan the fact that people are being sent to jail for smoking pot. Former prosecutor Rachel Alexander says that fact is actually a big load of fiction
China's rigged markets will ultimately destabilize global capitalism: The recent turbulence in China's stock markets have so far had a limited effect on Western markets but Dr. Peter Morici says going forward that will change
Obama's unilateral surrender foreign policy: A hack revealed a massive amount of classified information on millions of Americans and the Obama administration refuses to do anything about it, says Michael R. Shannon
Criminalizing right to conscience: Part 2, Social engineering: Debra Rae completes a two-part series on the war against people who choose to follow their own consciences in public policy matters
EPA deletes "navigable" from statute – states sue: Ron Arnold reports that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been flooded with lawsuits over a controversial water rule
Saudis expand price war downstream: Thanks to Saudi Arabia there are low oil prices and a supply glut and Gaurav Agnihotri argues the oil rich nation is intent on hammering all of its competitors

September 2015

What can't happen here did: The United States was never supposed to fall victim to a revolution by progressives but Dr. Robert Owens argues that it has and he explains how it happened
Board wargames – an introduction (Part One): Mark Wegierski first explains, for those of you who aren't old school grognards, what are historical boardgames?
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Forty-Two: Eva Cassidy: This week Michael Moriarty switches from politics to something a little more illuminating: the late Eva Cassidy, an American vocalist and guitarist gone too soon
Refugee crisis lays bare EU dysfunctions, cultural silos: The flood of refugees streaming into Europe may be a human tragedy unfolding but it is also showing the extent of problems on the continent, says Dr. Peter Morici
The Muslim schism over Jerusalem: Muslims maintain that Jerusalem is an important site for their religion but Pinhas Inbari argues that it is Israel that most effectively protects the Al-Aqsa Mosque
High school coach bullied into dropping prayer at football games: Rachel Alexander recently found out that the coach of her old high school football was forced to stop praying at football games and she's not happy about it
Obama's 'gay' army affirmative action plan: Eric Fanning is Barack Obama's choice to lead the United States Army and Mark Alexander says its another example of pursuing an ideology over any other consideration
In answer to Carly's critics: Carly Fiorina has been slowly increasing in popularity and with that comes attacks on her present and past. Robert Bidinotto mounts a defense
A quick glance at fashion, cosmetics, and cosmetology in Poland: In this conclusion to several "Polish articles" of 2014-2015, Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, 12 years ago
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Forty-One: The Outsiders: The establishment probably thought the election for 2016 was set with their favoured candidates for both the Republicans and Democrats but something happened on the way to the forum, writes Michael Moriarty
Why they lie to us: Why does the elite -- however you choose to define that term -- lie to the average man? Dr. Robert Owens says its because it maintains their power
Kim Davis' problems are just beginning. Wait until she tries to buy flowers: Michael R. Shannon's recent essay arguing that Kim Davis was in the wrong garnered him plenty of hostile email. This week? He decides to revisit the subject
Who's really in charge?: Greg Walcher argues Americans don't need to shut down government to exert congressional authority. Here's an alternative
The anchor baby myth: The "anchor baby" has been the focus of much of the debate over illegal immigration in the United States -- and Mark Alexander says its time some facts came into play
This is what needs to happen for oil prices to stabilize: Despite a modest tick upwards in the price of oil last week, prices are still in flux. Dan Doyle says a few things need to happen before that commodity begins to stabilize itself
Insanity on steroids!: Paul Driessen says economies are collapsing, the Middle East is imploding – and Obama and his pals obsess over … the climate! 
Who was Jim Crow and why is he calling me a racist?: Given American history, Dr. Robert Owens doesn't take to conservatives being called racists by anyone
George Grant's vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Four): On the 50th anniversary of George Grant's Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 50 years of Canadian history
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Forty: Barack Hussein Obama As The American Suicide Pill: The time will soon come where what the fundimental character of the United States is going to be past 2016, says Michael Moriarty
An insider's look behind the mainstream media's crumbling facade of power: Just as video killed the radio star, so has technology taken a huge bite out of the prestige and power of old media, argues Rachel Alexander
The default next move for oil is downwards, and here's why: Martin Tillier argues that oil prices have yet to reach their bottom and that's largely because traders don't believe that the bad economic news from different corners of the world will stop any time soon
Globalization curbs Federal Reserve's options, impact: Will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates or stay their hand yet again? Dr. Peter Morici believes that their decision may not be as important as it once was
 "Gender-neutral" bathrooms, the mixed-up kid and homosexual dad: As you can imagine, Selwyn Duke isn't much of a fan of children asserting what their gender is and one San Francisco's school's decision to adopt gender neutral bathrooms
Be a creator, not an inheritor: Dale Schlundt believes that more professions could do with a little dose of individualism to both differentiate the people practicing them and push knowledge forward
Opening Pandora's Box: The death of hope?: When political campaigns are run on the mantra of "Change", writes Charlotte B. Cerminaro, you know you can generally trace the origin of the ideology behind it to a single point
Obama's Middle East legacy: A catastrophic humanitarian crisis: The heart-breaking images of refugees fleeing from the civil war in Syria are disturbing on their own but the reasons why the crisis happened are virtually all the result of the Obama administration's Middle East policies, writes Mark Alexander
The mistaken rationale behind the Iran nuclear deal: Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser argues that the nuclear deal that was reached during the summer with Iran is built upon a number of mistaken conclusions
Obama's deceitful, unsustainable energy decrees: Wind and solar reap taxpayer loot, while hydrocarbon energy, industries and jobs get pummeled, reports Paul Driessen
The disintegration of Syria and its impact on Israel: Brig.-Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser reports that conflict in Syria is beginning to have serious repercussions for Israeli security
George Grant's vision of Canada increasingly attenuated (Part Three): On the 50th anniversary of George Grant's Lament for a Nation, Mark Wegierski traces the last 50 years of Canadian history
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Clenching Fist Of Barack Hussein Obama: A whole lot of people are happy that Barack Obama managed to govern the United States for two terms, says Michael Moriarty
It is time to put the limit back in limited government: As a small scale farmer Dr. Robert Owens knows all about a government more interested in regulation than allowing its citizens freedom of action
Why isn't the DC Police Chief in jail for not issuing gun permits?: Kim Davis is spending time in prison for not issuing marriage licences to same-sex couples so Rachel Alexander would like to know why other government officials aren't ending up in jail for similar behavior
OPEC divorce and self-destruction thanks to Saudi oil strategy?: Is Saudi Arabia pursuing a suicidal course with its current oil and spending policies? Dale McEndree explores the oil kingdom and what its likely to do in the future
Weak jobs report lessens prospects for Fed boosting interest rates: Another month, another disappointing jobs report. Dr. Peter Morici argues that keeping interest rates low will do little to power up the American economy
How Kim Davis' refusal to issue marriage licenses helps same–sex marriage: Michael R. Shannon is an evangelical Christian but he thinks Kim Davis' refusal to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples is a mistake
China's turmoil good news for U.S. economy and stocks: Chinese economic issues may have caused global market turmoil but Dr. Peter Morici believes that China's problems are America's good fortune
Straight Outta Compton: Very inappropriate nostalgia: "Black Lives Matter" is the slogan of the day but Greg Strange can't reconcile that movement with the popularity of the biopic Straight Outta Compton
Climate issues we do need to address: Paul Driessen says we need to fix the climate of fraud, corruption, and policies that kill jobs, hope and people
Showdown in Jackson Hole: The Fed challenged on its own turf in Wyoming by group likely to finally start dismantling it: Is the U.S. Federal Reserve's future a long one? Rachel Alexander says if one group has its way, that won't be the case

October 2015

The evil of gun-free zones: Gun free zones are such a bad idea that not even liberals truly believe in them. For that reason, argues Selwyn Duke, they should be made to live in them
Examining the space opera/star empires subgenre (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at space opera/star empires in literature, film, and television
The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter One: Michael Moriarty launches a new series of essays which begin with him going over some personal and global history
Troubles at Wal-Mart, IBM and the New American Century: The new century isn't being kind to such titans as Wal-Mart and IBM because they failed to recognize that the online world can eat their lunch without much effort, writes Dr. Peter Morici
Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: Dr. Robert Owens recently offered a number of prescriptions to fix the United States, ones he doubts would seriously be entertained by the monster in Washington, D.C.
Iran's stake in Syria: Russia may be generating the headlines with its involvement in Syria but Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall says that Iran is in hip deep fighting on behalf of Bashar al-Assad as well
Oil market showdown: Can Russia outlast the Saudis?: The Russians and Saudis are locked in a two-man economic battle over global oil prices and Dalan McEndree isn't sure that either can survive the fight
Crock Boy: When the media get owned by a 14-year-old: News that clock "inventor" Ahmed Mohamed was moving to Qatar didn't exactly surprise Selwyn Duke
Why Mr. Ed gives better lifestyle advice than the media: Michael R. Shannon takes to task a mainstream media that can't help falling for every micro-trend and proclaiming it to be a revolution in our society
Inflation is higher than you think and Fed should raise rates now: Dr. Peter Morici argues that inflationary pressures are building in the American economy and its time for Fed chief honcho Janet Yellen to hike rates
The 'truth'? Rather '[un]truth': Hollywood is attempting to resuscitate the reputations of Mary Mapes and Dan Rather -- they of Rathergate fame back in 2004 -- and Mark Alexander hopes the effort fails badly
Trump and the chumps: What's a serious candidate, anyway?: Donald Trump has basically been written off by pundits and establishment officials as a clown show that's temporarily tapped into a groundswell of anger. Selwyn Duke believes they're all wrong
Board wargames – an introduction (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at various subgenres of the hobby, and examines it from a sociological standpoint
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Forty-Four: The Second American Civil War: Washington, D.C.  Versus The Founding Fathers: It's doubtful America's Founding Fathers had today's nation in mind when they launched their revolution and Michael Moriarty says the enemies of that revolution are on the march
What is Occam's Razor?: Occam's Razor is a time-honoured principle that helps people cut through complexity and Dr. Robert Owens applies it to the current American political and cultural scene
Turning the tables on Verizon and other cable buccaneers: Charles Murray argues in a new book that conservatives need to start engaging in civil disobedience. Michael R. Shannon believes the first targets for people of all political stripes should be the cable companies
Former Congressman Renzi deserves a new trial: Was former Congressman Richard Renzi the target of a corrupted FBI investigation? Rachel Alexander believes so and that Renzi should receive a new trial so the truth can finally come out
The freshman voter: Every election cycle brings new voters eager to cast their ballots but Dale Schlundt wonders if society hasn't done them a disservice by failing them to ask the right questions
Israel, God's glory: What hope Ishmael?: Part 2, God hears: Debra Rae concludes her look at the biblical story of Ishmael and Isaac, sons of Abraham, reflective of what's going on in the world and the Middle East to this day
The difference between lies and the truth: Mark Alexander says that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's careers are essentially based on ensuring that the truth never gets out
EPA unleashes health-hammering ozone rules: It may be incompetence overseas, but in the USA President Obama intends to reduce jobs and living standards, argues Paul Driessen
China to continue expanding its influence in the oil and gas sector: China's economy may be garnering headlines for its recent troubles but John Manfreda says a coming move by the government to create a mid-stream pipeline company shows its determined to remain a player in the energy game
Elizabeth and Sheldon Torquemada: Paul Driessen argues that Elizabeth Warren and Sheldon Whitehouse are pursuing an agenda of intolerance and retribution against critics of their ultra-liberal policies
More wars for peace will not bring peace: Call him an isolationist if you will but Dr. Robert Owens believes that the United States should return to its traditional role of avoiding foreign wars and securing the homeland
Board wargames – an introduction (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at some near and distant relations of historical boardgames
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Forty-Three: The Soros/Obama Omelette: A report on a recent Clinton Initiative Conference which starred some familiar faces prompts Michael Moriarty to revisit the influence of billionaire George Soros
TPP: Unfair to American workers, consumers, and companies: Dr. Peter Morici and Rep. Curt Clawson argue that the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership will help Asian workers at the expense of those in America
What really drives Obama's destructive Mideast policy?: The Obama administration has taken a fragile situation in the Middle East and completely smashed it to pieces. Why? Selwyn Duke believes he has the multi-faceted answer
Is Russia plotting to bring down OPEC?: That Russia has interceded in Syria to support its ally Bashar al-Assad but Dalan McEndree believes Vladimir Putin may also be acting to protect his country's troubled energy industry
Putin's airstrikes in Syria undermine NATO, destabilize Middle East: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Vladimir Putin's military excursion into Syria has effectively undermined NATO and given Russia the means to extend its influence in the Middle East and Europe
Why conservatives elected to Congress turn into moderates: A good number of Republicans sound like Tea Party members during their campaigns and then become anything but...Rachel Alexander explains why many of the GOP turn into moderates
Israel, God's Glory: What Hope Ishmael?: Part 1, Divine Prerogative: Debra Rae explores the biblical story of Ishmael and Isaac, sons of Abraham, and reflective of what's going on in the world and the Middle East to this day
The Gulag Archipelago: Is Solzhenitsyn's grand opus a vision of our future?: The anti-intellectualism that marked the Soviet Union has found a home in the United States and Charlotte Cerminaro wonders if Americans have woken up in their own gulag?
Welcome Home, Lt. Bonnyman: An American hero who lost his life in war returned home recently after seven decades and Mark Alexander pays tribute to him
Three campaigns that may save your life--if the government permits: Richard E. Ralston reports on three therapies that could save lives but are being held up by the Food and Drug Administration for further and seemingly endless testing
A conversation … or a lecture?: Pope Francis and all of us could learn a lot from an actual conversation on energy and climate, argues Paul Driessen
Bribery, back room dealing, and bullying' in Ukraine: The origins of Burisma: James Stafford

November 2015

The West should unite to crush ISIS: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the Western powers need to come together and launch a war against ISIS...but with some big conditions imposed by the United States
The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Five: The New World Order's Suicide: Powerful forces are seeking to reshape the United States, writes Michael Moriarty, and the very battle they seek to pick will likely also destroy them
Examining the space opera/star empires subgenre (Part Five): Mark Wegierski looks at space opera/star empires in FASA's BattleTech future-history
Why should God save America: Dr. Robert Owens makes no apologies for being a Christian and believes that the United States needs to make some choices on its future moral course
Saudis planning for a war of attrition in Europe with Russia's oil industry: Europe has long been Russia's chief oil market but the Saudis are working hard to change that, reports Nick Cunningham
Suicide of the West: Mark Alexander looks at recent comments and reporting which have proven that America's president and his party have essentially ceded victory to Islamic terrorists
Terrorism and a cold winter refugee crisis: A brutal cold spell could kill refugees. Paris COP21 delegates need to discuss this climate issue, write Paul Driessen and Joe D'Aleo
Want to make income inequality worse? Elect Bernie Sanders: Isaiah Garner argues that Bernie Sanders may sound appealing -- at least to those people inclined to believe what he's selling -- but he would only do tremendous damage to the United States
Islamic influx: Why a religious test for immigrants is moral and wise: It's an idea that many people oppose on a visceral level but Selwyn Duke says the differences in cultures around the world mean that a "religious test" to immigrate to the United States makes sense
Endangering our citrus industry: Paul Driessen says an Appeals court decision makes it harder to protect trees from devastating citrus disease
Will carnage in Paris cause Obama to revise his reckless plans to import Syrian refugees?: The same day that saw the savage terrorist attacks in Paris also saw a report that the Obama administration would speed up processing of Syrian refugees. John W. Lillpop wonders of Obama will reconsider his plan
Obama's condemnation of terrorist attacks rings hollow to many: A few hours before the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, Barack Obama appeared on ABC and proclaimed ISIS had been "contained". Jim Kouri is not impressed
The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Four: Battle of The Books And The Price of The New World Order’s Evil Good Intentions: In the wake of the attacks in Paris, Michael Moriarty has some thoughts on the confluence of interests and philosophies which have created the world today
Examining the space opera/star empires subgenre (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at space opera/star empires in three "mini" board wargames
How many nails does it take to seal a coffin: The text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been unveiled -- if you have time to read the two million word document -- and Dr. Robert Owens isn't a fan of the free trade deal
The GOP debate: Missing the banana boat on immigration: Selwyn Duke believes that most of the Republicans running for the party's nomination just don't get the immigration issue on any level -- illegal or otherwise
San Francisco too expensive for socialists to live there: A recent referendum in San Francisco would have banned renting out your home to strangers, illustrating perfectly why the city has gone to hell, writes Michael R. Shannon
Is your deodorant causing American children to starve?: Bernie Sanders apparently believes that having a choice in which deoderant you can buy is one of the causes of poverty in the United States, reports Charisa Shin
Political climate shifting against the oil and gas industry: As if continuing low oil prices weren't causing enough problems, Nick Cunningham reports that oil companies are beginning to face an onslaught from politicians as well
Green Tech – the climate crisis syndicate: Manufactured climate crisis fears and renewable energy schemes create a gold mine for the rich, says Paul Driessen
Robot cars: The return of the Sunday driver: So-called autonomous cars are coming at some point in the relatively near future and you might not be surprised to know that Michael R. Shannon is a bit skeptical of them
The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Three: Vladimir Putin and his secret, psychopathic ally, Barack Hussein Obama: Vladimir Putin is working hard to reshape the world within his reach and Michael Moriarty argues that U.S. President Barack Obama is giving him all the help he needs
Examining the space opera/star empires subgenre (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at space opera/star empires in the Traveller/Imperium future-history
Rush the Big Voice on the Right: Rush Limbaugh recently penned a piece for the National Review examining his place in broadcast history and Dr. Robert Owens has nothing but praise for the man
Veterans Day emblems under fire: "The Red, White, and Blue" or the White Flag of Surrender"?: Debra Rae reports on a controversy at a Christian university that planned to honour a famous veteran but is being prevented from presenting the country's colours or the Pledge of Allegiance
Media nixing comments sections: When "civility" really means "political correctness": An increasing number of online web sites are getting rid of their comments sections over concerns of "civility". Selwyn Duke argues that its merely designed to stifle any criticism
'Our shared values'?: Barack Obama loves to use the words "our shared values" in his speeches so Mark Alexander decides to explore what the U.S. president probably means with that propagandistic phrase
Obama to issue Executive Order to enact "No Thug Left Behind" lunacy!: John W. Lillpop believes that Americans should ready themselves from another pronouncement by Barack Obama, this time to help former prisoners gain employment
Judge unravels illegal activity by prosecution that ensured a conviction of Renzi  — But will he do anything about it?: At a recent hearing a judge tore apart the prosecution for violating convicted former Congressman Rick Renzi's rights, reports Rachel Alexander
Oil megaprojects won't stay on the shelf for long: Continuing oil prices -- with no rise forecast any time soon -- have put a number of oil recover megaprojects on the backburner but Nick Cunningham says that won't last
The terrible cost of demagoguery: Dr. Peter Morici says that Barack Obama's decision to kill off the Keystone Pipeline will cost the United States in several ways
Government-style "fairness" for the 1%: Paul Driessen argues that Obama cronies get abundant favors – at the expense of working class Americans
Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Just another Bernie Sanders?: Canadians will see a new prime minister sworn in this week as Justin Trudeau takes power. Rachel Alexander isn't pleased
The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Two: Vichy Canada: Michael Moriarty has previously had a lot to praise about Canada in the past but the recent election of Justin Trudeau does not fill him with confidence for the near future
Examining the space opera/star empires subgenre (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at two space opera/star empires board wargames
Let's really clean the barn: John Boehner is no longer the speaker of the House of Representatives but Dr. Robert Owens says the clean-up in government has yet to begin
GOP media takedown: A recipe for victory: Last week's CNBC GOP debate provided Republicans with a valuable opportunity to call out the media party, writes Selwyn Duke
Unleash Ted Cruz to save America!: John W. Lillpop says the CNBC GOP debate showed Ted Cruz to be a real conservative unafraid to challenge the media
Palestinian incitement to violence and terror: Nothing new, but still dangerous: Amb. Alan Baker argues that the latest Palestinian-Israeli tensions, and resulting violence, is due to the ongoing attempts by Palestinian authorities to whip up a frenzy
Stop blaming OPEC for low prices: OPEC works for its members' benefit but Nick Cunningham says the facts don't support that the organization has driven prices down due to increased oil production
Leading on Paris climate treaty?: Paul Driessen argues that we should lead from behind – instead of with brains in our behinds – on this new Treaty of Paris

December 2015

The most important lessons of 2015: Thanks to Barack Obama 2015 wasn't a good year for the United States, something that Mark Alexander hopes doesn't repeat itself this coming year
Examining the "right-wing Green" critique of current-day America (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at some broader bases of support for these ideas
The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Nine: America’s Last Chance?: Michael Moriarty believes some divine help will be necessary in order for the United States -- and the world -- to avoid lapsing into a new order of tyranny
Merry Christmas and a Happy New America: This time of the year is usually filled with cheer and optimism for the coming new year but Dr. Robert Owens is finding it difficult to buy in
Last chance: Will Mitt Romney jump into the presidential race?: With the continuing popularity of Donald Trump beginning to worry the Republican establishment, Rachel Alexander wonders if they will turn to Mitt Romney
From Obamacare to solar panels, big government is a disaster: There seems to be little that America's federal government can't touch that it also can't screw up, argues Richard E. Ralston
Hiding Malik's face: To be or not to be a Muslim — that is the question: Believe it or not, writes Selwyn Duke, there were people angry that pictures of Tashfeen Malik were (belatedly) displayed by the media
14th Session of the Provisional World Parliament: Global governance -- Step-by-step, inch-by-inch: Next week will see a meeting in India which Debra Rae argues is working towards transnational governance -- something that many conservatives have forgotten was a concern
From the Echoes of 1776: A monetary revolution is coming: Is it possible that the United States would ever move back to the gold standard? Stefan Gleason believes that a looming debt crisis makes it very possible
Shafting taxpayers – promoting crony corporatism: Paul Driessen says an in-progress omnibus budget deal ends oil export ban, perpetuates renewable subsidies, redistributes wealth
Why saving doesn't make sense: Be frugal and save your money, is the advice (hopefully) given to young people today -- but Natalie Sampsell wonders if the system has been designed to punish saving
How much oil is needed to power Santa's sleigh?: Later this week Santa Claus has a big trip ahead of him and Michael McDonald uses some fancy math to figure out how much the trip would cost powered by oil
How far can the Syria conflict spiral out of control: Interview with Pelicourt: Events in Syria continue to spiral out of control as ostensible allies bicker and attack each other. How long can this last? James Stafford interviews Robert Bensh of Pelicourt for some answers
Examining the "right-wing Green" critique of current-day America (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the concerns about America running out of space and resources
The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Eight: The "Ugly American" versus American Suicide: Michael Moriarty can't help but admit shock as to how far Barack Obama has managed to get in his anti-American agenda -- one that can only be reversed by a bit of Ugly Americanism
The man made global warming hoax: Part deux: The climate change conference in Paris over the past two weeks was really only about one thing, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Stay out of the Bushes: The best reason not to vote for an establishment candidate: Selwyn Duke is no fan of GOP presidential candidates who publicly declare that they are unable -- or unwilling -- to do the job they are seeking
Political parties: Needed, effective, and flawed: Political parties are a reality of politics in a free state but Dale Schlundt argues that they do much harm to the average citizen
RIP Austin Hill: Beloved conservative columnist and talk show host of 'PC Friday': Noted conservative columnist Austin Hill passed away recently and Rachel Alexander pays tribute to a formidable man
The misconceptions of the Soviet collapse: How the USSR's demise made the world more dangerous: The collapse of the Soviet Union freed hundreds of millions of people but it also freed some very dangerous forces, says Davis Cousar
Warriors on leadership: Anyone looking for lessons on leadership had best look outside of the White House, writes Mark Alexander, and to famous American soldiers
Democrats reassure perpetrators instead of victims of San Bernadino: Michael R. Shannon is a little tired of Democrats rushing to show their solidarity with the Muslim community in the United States while asking for nothing in return
Reprieve! Binding Paris treaty now voluntary mush: The Paris treaty is a weak one but Obama still wants to send US energy use and living standards backward, write Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek
Strippers suffering from low oil prices: Low oil prices are hitting a lot of people hard, reports Michael McDonald, including strippers. No, not that kind of stripper...
San Bernardino shooting: Political correctness kills: Not surprisingly, after last week's terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Selwyn Duke heard a lot of politically correct braying by the media and politicians
Examining the "right-wing Green" critique of current-day America (Part Two): Mark Wegierski notes the criticism of both consumerism and the welfare-state
The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Seven:"Off The Rose": Michael Moriarty dearly hopes that Carly Fiorina is America's next president as he believes she is qualified to clean up the mess that decades of progressive political leadership have created
Socialism is the problem, capitalism is the solution: As the United States continues to descend down the rabbit hole of planned economies and central control, Dr. Robert Owens argues there is only one solution
A great time to be alive: If you're a jihadist determined to help bring down Western civilization, writes Greg Strange, then these must be the days that you prayed for all of your life
Why is the U.S. reluctant to bomb ISIS oil fields?: Critics have attacked the apparent American reluctance to bomb ISIS oil facilities despite the support they provide the terrorist organization. Ryan Opsal says the strategy is defensible
The escalating cost of Obama's foreign policy failures: Barack Obama is simply passing along the costs of his titanic foreign policy failures to whomever occupies the White House in a few years time, argues Mark Alexander
W.B. Yeats and the Second Coming: W.B. Yeats' The Second Coming may be nearly a century old but Charlotte Cerminaro says the poem quite adeptly predicted the spiritual sickness of today's world
ISIS, Turkey and oil – The bigger picture: Interview with Pelicourt: James Stafford interviews Robert Bensh of oil and gas company Pelicourt about the challenges that the Middle East brings to global peace and investing
Why it's cheaper to ask Dr. Seuss why babies won't eat: The National Institutes of Health has spent over a $1 million to learn some fairly inane "facts" about how babies think about the food they eat, writes Michael R. Shannon
Hulu running homosexual-themed ad during family/kids programming: Television streaming service Hulu apparently was attempting to court some controversy over an ad which featured two men kissing during family and children's television programs, reports Selwyn Duke
A new strategy for tax cheats: You can guess what would happen if you used the same tactics that climate alarmists employ, writes Paul Driessen
Terror is terror is terror: The idea that Iran can play a role in Syria and combatting global terrorism is one that staggers the mind, argues Michael Segall
Examining the "right-wing Green" critique of current-day America (Part One): Mark Wegierski begins his look at a little-known school of ideas
The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Six: The Vision of Deepa Mehta: Film buff Michael Moriarty has remarkably until recently never been exposed to the films of Deepa Mehta...and now that he has, he's full of praise for her work
Terrorism threatens European prosperity and democracy: Unlike earlier terrorist attacks, writes Dr. Peter Morici, the recent wave of attacks in France threatens the long-term vision of Europe as a functioning entity
Feminist teacher's lesson plan: Discriminate against boys: A feminist teacher recently hit the headlines for refusing to allow the boys in her class to play with Legos, which Selwyn Duke argues says much about the leftist agenda
Russian airstrikes hit Turkish convoy delivering weapons to ISIS in Syria: Following the shooting down of a Russian jet by Turkey, writes Jim Kouri, tensions and belligerent behavior have increased between the two countries
Time for a congressional investigation? Shattering new developments of corruption in Rep. Renzi trial: Rachel Alexander continues her reporting of the corruption surrounding Rick Renzi's trial and she increasingly believes the former congressman deserves a new trial
Debt is good...Wait, what?: Lillian Ji made a bet with her sister that she may have to pay off in a few short weeks...a pressure she says makes a mockery of Paul Krugman's claim that national debt shouldn't be a concern
Hillary Clinton's no-go plan: Hillary Clinton's plan to end "income inequality" in the United States reminds John Hoy of a children's parable involving a cat, some fish and a farmer's field
Turkeys we're not thankful for: The tasty birds are affordable. Government turkeys enrich crony corporatists, but cost us dearly, writes Paul Driessen
Oil jobs lost: 250,000 and counting, Texas likely to see massive layoffs soon: As the oil industry continues to grapple with low prices with the resulting job losses, Charles Kennedy says it may be just the beginning


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