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Et tu, Donald

By Robert T. Smith
web posted March 26, 2018

While not perfectly aligned to the Roman calendar date of March 15, beware the ides of March has echoed from the distant past warning to Julius Caesar and now on to the Americans.  Unceremoniously shived this March on national TV by their President under the guise of a straw man appeal for military spending, the supporters of MAGA have been duped into being force-fed additional profligate spending by an apparent liar.

Beyond any foreseeable military outside threat, the national debt and unmoored spending pose an existential threat to our country….not the geographical area that encompasses the United States of America, but the ideals that once made it the big G of MAGA.  The glee of the Democrat is repulsive, the smugness of the Republican establishment as they set the agenda repugnant.  Loaded beyond even past ridiculous wasteful spending, this aporkalypse written by, and disgorged upon the Americans by the special interest D.C. denizens of the establishment is treasonous. 

From the time of its coining by the American colonists, no taxation without representation has been foundational to Americanism.  Not our generation, nor the next generation, nor generations yet born can begin to pay off the insane amount of debt accrued to date and compounding every second beyond comprehension.  These future generations have no representation in this generational theft.  Even if we were not an aging population, there simply will not be enough workers to pay for our retirement and healthcare, the national debt and interest, and their hoped-for way of life.  Nope, no more American dreamers.  Welcome to your inherited country generation loser.    

But maybe it was our fault.  What made us mere working class believe that we could reclaim our government and country.  Did we miss something when we faced physical assault to simply show up at a Trump rally or wear a MAGA hat?  Did we not hear the scorn heaped upon us by the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, the mainstream media?  Did we not understand when we were mocked and ridiculed for supporting a rich, playboy, businessman whose only claim was to have a love for America and Americanism?  The unenlightened class has once again been put in it’s place and the establishment has reasserted it authority over us uppity peasants. 

What will become of the Donald?  At this point, it is not really who would contribute to the Trump campaign or show up at a Trump rally for him or a Republican running for office, but why?  Page after a thousand pages of spending on items antithetical to the former Trumpsters, and directly promised over and over again by the Donald when campaigning to be stopped.  Nothing to meet the basic agenda promised over and over again at rally after Trump rally. 

In its simplest terms, Mr. Trump signed his own impeachment papers.  Russian roulette with all the chambers loaded, cheered on to pull the trigger by the establishment R’s and D’s alike.  House impeachment, count on it.  Maybe he resigns before all his buddies in the Senate stand him to trial because he surely would find out just what Julius Caesar did in his Senate.  He is not one of them and they loathe him.

It won’t be just that simple though.  As good tyrants know, a lesson must be taught to anyone who may once again show up and think to drain the swamp.  No, not just forced from office, but financially broken and in their most ardent hope Mr. Trump and/or his children incarcerated. That will be the lesson to the next person who thinks to rally the citizens to their cause in opposition to the ruling class.

It seems at some point Mr. Trump became confused and thought we liked him and not the things he said he would do.  While the swamp slowly destroys the Donald and his family, who now will have his back?  Et tu…Et tu... ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.




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