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If math is white supremacy, civilization is finished

By Greg Strange
web posted March 22, 2021

Two plus two equals four.  No controversy there, right?  Because in this universe, which happens to be governed by immutable laws of physics, which are expressed through unalterable mathematics, two plus two must always equal four, there’s only one right answer.  And no one could possibly quibble with that, right?

Wrong!  Reality-denying leftists insist that two plus two is deviously misleading and adds up to a whole lot more than four, if it even adds up to that.  It’s all part of the larger equation of – and you know what’s coming – the dastardly, ubiquitous, never-ending, all-encompassing . . . drum roll, please . . . white supremacy!

It’s that invisible, incorporeal and malevolent something-or-other that only leftists and race hustlers can detect in present-day America, but which according to them permeates everything, including math and probably right down to the subatomic quarks, neutrinos and hadrons that constitute the fundamental particles of matter itself.

If you’re waiting for the woke insanity to burn itself out, you best not be too optimistic.  There is no bottom in sight.  And in line with the current woke spirit of the age, the left has now come for math and the state of Oregon, to no one’s surprise (after all, it spawned Antifa), is totally onboard with that.  The Oregon Department of Education, in an e-mail, recently “suggested” that teachers take a course called “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction.”  Here are a few choice excerpts from that e-mail:

“The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false . . .  Upholding the idea that there are always right or wrong answers perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open conflict.”

“White supremacy culture infiltrates math classrooms in everyday teacher actions.”

The course itself has numerous helpful suggestions, such as:

“Identify and challenge the ways that math is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist and racist views.”

“Expose students to examples of people who have used math as resistance.  Provide learning opportunities that use math as resistance.”

Huh?!  Did this drivel come out of Mao’s Red China?  Will every first-grade arithmetic class in Oregon now become a Maoist “struggle session?”  And how long before these “suggestions” become mandatory?  The stupidity is unfathomable and the damage it does will be real.  For instance . . .

Let’s say you’re a young black kid who has the misfortune of living in the People’s Republic of Oregon.  And let’s say you have a dream of becoming an aerospace engineer or maybe even an astronaut.  In order to achieve that laudable goal you’re going to need to learn a ton of math.  But then one day in class you are informed by your “teacher” that math is white supremacy.  What are you going to do then?  You’re just a kid, you don’t know anything about leftist politics.  You’re not armed with the knowledge that would enable you to call this out for the garbage that it is.  So what do you do?

Being obviously ambitious, will you find a way to rise above this destructive ideology and go on to achieve your goals?  Or . . . will your dreams be destroyed by this ideology because you get convinced that going for it would make you a shill for the white power structure and so instead, you become a revolution-fomenting BLMer who seeks to destroy rather than create?

It’s anybody’s call, but one thing’s for sure.  That any American school would allow itself to be poisoned by this sick ideology that contends that math is white supremacy is unconscionable.  If actual white supremacy was even one thousandth the significance that the left claims, blacks would still be picking cotton on plantations and serving mint juleps to their “massa.”  Instead, though, here in the real world, they can do and achieve anything they want, including becoming president (and now vice-president*), without even the slightest opposition based on their race.  (*See debate on whether or not Kamala Harris is really black – or black enough.)

In reality, there has never been more support, promotion and encouragement for “people of color” from every institution (government, education, media, corporate, sports, medical, legal, etc., ad infinitum) in the history of mankind!  But according to the left – which, by the way, happens to control all our institutions – white supremacy permeates everything, including math.

Is there a building somewhere, some kind of headquarters, at least the size of the pentagon, where thousands of dyspeptic leftists sit around and try to come up with creative ways to slap a “white supremacy” label on virtually everything under the sun, now including math?  It doesn’t help when misguided, secular humanist billionaires like Bill Gates donate their wealth – in his case, one million dollars – to such unfathomable idiocy.  Talk about money down a rat hole!  It’s his worst waste of money since Windows Vista and potentially far more destructive, but being a moral idiot, he actually thinks what he’s doing is virtuous.

Here’s a question for Bill Gates and the entire pantheon of woke, race-obsessed do-gooders:  If math is white supremacy, why do Asians excel at it, outperforming the alleged white supremacists who allegedly use it to keep nonwhites down?  And furthermore, why couldn’t black people do the same?

To change one word in an expression coined by James Carville back in 1992, “It’s the culture, stupid.”  As we all know, Asians have a culture which places high value on academic achievement.  Any other culture that wants to do the same, can.  The only remaining question is, why don’t some cultures?  But that’s for those cultures to answer.  One thing is certain.  Screaming “white supremacy” over every nonwhite failure, including math scores, will only keep them mired in failure for that much longer.

Look, do you want anything to work, your cell phone, your GPS, your car, your microwave oven, your computer, your television, your electric tooth brush, anything at all?  Then you better not be down with woke math which doesn’t require “right” answers.  Do you want airplanes to fall out of the sky, bridges to collapse, power plants to blow up?  Then join Bill Gates in his twisted campaign against math and against sanity itself.  And then stand back and watch countries like China mop up the floor with us.  In fact, it would be shocking if China were not secretly funding woke programs on all fronts.  In espionage lingo that’s called “subversion” and it’s made all the more easy when the country you want to subvert is subverting itself like there’s no tomorrow.

If the left’s war against math and science and reality itself keeps up, we’re going to end up back in some kind of state of pre-civilization.  Would that finally make them happy?  Not likely.  I can just hear them now:

Fire discovered, then wielded as a weapon by white supremacists!

Dawn of agriculture leading to the enslavement of people of color!

Domestication of animals gives unfair advantage to whites!

Invention of the wheel used to roll over the rights of BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color)!

Invention of the abacus exploits divide between technological haves and have-nots!

As long as there is a political and/or cultural left that has a significant degree of power, sanity cannot prevail in any area of life.  Math is no exception. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2021 Greg Strange.




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