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Survival depends on stopping the insidious Agenda 21

By Jane Gaffin
web posted April 28, 2014


Another perfectly good word high jacked by the United Nations Mafia mobsters under the guise of Agenda 21. Only when the word is dissected under UN terms and councils questioned vigorously do people begin to realize they've been hoodwinked into believing "sustainability" is good.

It isn't.

Agenda 21 is a pervasive, conspiratorial system absorbing all constitutional-rights systems that cancel liberties and freedoms. Agenda 21 is an odious, complexly-structured blueprint serving a UN social-engineering cult in ruling the masses in the 21st century. It is a ghastly cradle-to-grave, people- control fraud, which, prevalent since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, is about making people's lives miserable.

Under the Gang Green "save the earth" mantra", masses will be denied benefits and amenities that once served human convenience. That means giving up electricity, heat and water in residences and the state demanding total control and ownership over the individual's body, brains, wealth, soul and time. Bluntly put, Agenda 21 spells totalitarianism.

Part of "The Plan" is to combine housing, transportation and landuse. Over the next 25 years, the puppets, acting on behalf of the crafty masterminds, will determine where and what people can build, where they can live, how they will commute, and how far they can stray on a short leash.

Here, I refer the reader to Stephanie Waddell's April 7th Star article "City could aim to get more commuters to use vehicle alternatives" and to this writer's recent Internet article "War of Wills: Agenda 21 Can Be Crushed".

The Agenda 21 plan takes people out of their cars and forces them to move into "transit villages", making sure that residents work within a specific radius of where they must live.

In fact, people may very well be forced to work in the same building where they exist in one of those "stack'em ‘em and pack‘em", high-density concentration ghettos near mass transit. If they have money and any commodities are available for purchase, such as groceries from a Food Bank Canada or UN store, people will be forced to "shop" in the same area where they work and live. Shops will be located underground or on main levels of large buildings with coffin-size apartments above.

Since the word "land" is the vile word in the eyes of the tyrannical UN globalcrats, masses must be corralled into these internment camps to prevent "sprawl". All land becomes public domain -- not owned by the people but will be under global government jurisdiction. Only governments and foreign developers, as authorized under free-trade agreements, can be trusted to control and develop land, waterways and other natural resources for their profits.

Under Agenda 21, the family unit and the middle class will be eliminated. No individual will be allowed to own real estate such as land or a house nor personal property such as a car. Only multi-billionaires will have the luxurious wherewithal of traveling in their chauffeured limousines.

City councils of the world bring communities into this devious "plan" without residents having an opportunity to voice opinions in referendums. Soon, the electorate will be nothing but a memory, anyway.

Most city councillors -- as well as the residents -- probably don't have a click from a clue what Agenda 21 is and don't know those beloved bike lanes are paths paved to hell.

The only thing councillors know and care about is that they get money from an Ottawa pot earmarked "municipality funding" that covers "transportation management", "sustainable community strategies", "sustainable development", "Smart Growth", ad nauseam.

What they may not know is that the money originated at the United Nations and has filtered down and tentacled out into all North American communities and beyond. Whoever pays the bills can be assured that Lenin's "useful idiots" carry out the sinister strategies with heel-clicking precision.

Do you think those roundabouts were installed in North American cities as part of a beautification program or to slow high-speed traffic? Nope. Roundabouts were installed -- and there's more to come -- to frustrate traffic and the drivers.

Do you think bike lanes were put in beside high-capacity traffic lanes and turn lanes incorporated as a centerpiece to accommodate bikers? Nope. These extras -- and there's more reductions yet to come -- were installed to narrow the width of the main traffic lanes to force drivers out from behind the wheel in favour of walking or biking.

How about those extended curbs, complete with planters? They weren't installed as part of a beautification program, either. The planners' intentions were to eliminate some 30 parking places for starters to encourage drivers who can't find a parking place downtown to change to an ambulatory habit.

And the multi-storey parking garage, supposedly on the books to offset lost parking spaces, was not allowed to proceed, although the project had gone as far as tricking contractors into wasting time preparing and submitting bids.

The whole Agenda 21 modus operandi is to make sure people lack convenient mobility. It doesn't have one iota to do with gas Electronic surveillance does not give leeway for the accused to prove innocence in court. Agenda 21 has already put the kibosh to the constitution's "rule of law" system.

The clincher that will force people to quit their vehicles is the Smart gadget that gives snoops the ability to record your vehicle's mileage/ kilometres and tax accordingly. The tax will start at perhaps 10 cents a mile/kilometre, increasing to a dollar, then ten dollars, and climbing.

Soon, the owner will be taxed out of his "unsustainable" car. He will join the other serfs, slaves and peons in their walking and biking; or they can take a city bus, or, in some places, choose a high-speed train; neither mode of transportation will go anywhere. What the grafted North American councillors and board members don't understand is that they too will be cast into the dung heap of society with the same bunch of serfs and slaves they helped create when their mandate as "useful idiots" is fulfilled.

It is past time for Yukoners to begin a strenuous interrogation to find out what politicians at all levels of government know about the insidious implications surrounding the fraudulent Agenda 21 that is already manipulating every aspect of our lives.

Of course, it's a given that the paid-off believers will support everything, regardless how demented the policy. Armed with insolence, the believers will no doubt spook the meek into dashing for cover with their heads bowed and mouths shut. But the believers might meet -- and lose -- their match when trying to rudely outshout the minority group of dissenters who are fed up with politically-correct "believers" and their behaviour.

The whole Agenda 21 scam is based on a pack of lies but can be stopped. There's more ordinary citizens than unscrupulous politicians and bureaucrats.

Power in numbers was proved to work back in April 2010. An angry citizenry rumbled successfully in the streets and inside the legislature, putting an ax through the heart of the Dennis Fentie Yukon government's despicable property forfeiture bill that also flowed from Agenda 21.

This pestilence has to be annihilated before it destroys civilization. ESR

Jane Gaffin is a freelance writer living in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and can be contacted at janegaffin@northwestel.net or visited at http://janegaffin.wordpress.com.






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