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Biden doesn’t stand for anything, but all signs point to a far left presidency

By Rachel Alexander
web posted September 14, 2020

Even Democrats admit that voting for Joe Biden is a vote against President Trump, not a vote for Biden’s policies. Biden has gone back and forth on issues — in fact recently, not just looking back at his more than 40 years in office — and hasn’t come out strongly for much of anything. Ask most Democrats which policy position of Biden’s they like and they won’t be able to name one. If they’re an experienced Democrat, they’ll merely fall back on one of the traditional differences between Democrats and Republicans, like abortion or the Second Amendment. 

But voting for Biden isn’t going to improve things. He may be waffling now, since he’s trying to run to the middle in order to win over the moderates and swing voters, but he’s shown that he can be pulled to the far left.

Earlier in the campaign, he said he would end fracking. Now that he realizes it could cause him to lose Pennsylvania and the rust belt, he now supports fracking. Likely Democrats Biden would pick for his cabinet include the far left crew who ran against him for president. The senators in the group all co-sponsored a bill that would spend an estimated $50 trillion-$90 trillion on climate change. This would destroy the energy industry and cause more rolling blackouts in California. It’s impossible to tell whether he would pursue a carbon tax. 

Biden has said he will cut taxes for the middle class, and those making $400,000 a year won’t see any tax increase. But this is a false promise; even President George H.W. Bush, a Republican in favor of tax cuts, was unable to keep his promise of not raising taxes. With all the spending the Democrats are proposing, combined with all the spending on COVID-19 relief,  there is no way Biden will be able to stick to this. Richard Reeves of the Brookings Institute, a left-leaning think tank fairly representative of Democrats, explained in 2017 why taxes must be raised on the middle class. He says in order to afford all of the spending, we need to remove tax deductions on mortgage interest, state income taxes and local property taxes. This will significantly raise taxes on the middle class.

Muzaffar Chishti, a senior fellow and director of the MPI office at the New York University School of Law, said Biden’s positions on immigration have evolved “quite a bit” — even from the beginning of his own campaign. The Obama administration deported more illegal immigrants than the Trump administration, resulting in the nickname “deporter-in-chief” for Obama. Biden’s website says he would resume similar policies to the Obama administration. He hasn’t called to abolish ICE. But Biden has admitted that the Obama approach to illegal immigration was wrong, and vows to change that. So which is it? Does he want to continue Obama’s policies there or not? He will be under tremendous pressure to distinguish his administration, and with race issues dominating the country currently he will be pushed to the left. 

For months, since the rioting broke out in May after the death of George Floyd, Biden stayed quiet about it. Now that the polls are showing the vast majority of the public doesn’t approve of the rioting, he has finally started criticizing the rioting. He even flubbed that, first blaming it on far right wingers instead of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

But that will change. His vice presidential running mate Kamala Harris, who has been ranked the most liberal member of the Senate, promoted and fundraised for a group bailing out the rioters. Since Obama was a black Democratic president, it is very likely Biden would continue his policies in dealing with issues of race. Obama did nothing to stop the rioting, in fact he made it worse by encouraging the rioters. After George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, Obama reacted by saying, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” 

If you think the rioting is bad now, wait until Biden assumes the presidency. He will let it go on and on. And the rioters have shown they won’t relent if Democrats are in power. The rioting is occurring in the big blue cities run by Democrats, targeting the homes of Democratic politicians. It’s worse than it was under Obama, so if allowed to continue under a Biden administration, we’re going to see even more killings and destruction. 

Biden will make Obama look tame. If people think they are getting another Obama, they are mistaken. All the signs — if you look beneath Biden's dishonest waffling — point to a much more radical presidency. Biden already adopted significant portions of Bernie Sanders’ platform after Sanders dropped out of the race. If Biden wins the presidency, expect to see him adopt much of the rest, including the unaffordable Medicare for All, tuition-free public college and the Green New Deal.

Biden has kept fairly quiet on some issues, such as religious freedom, abortion and guns, in order to have it both ways, but these issues are usually where Democrats predictably lurch to the left when in power. We saw what happened under Obama as the left made inroads in these areas, making life difficult for many of us. That was just the tip of the iceberg. The Democratic Party has become so radicalized in recent years, as evidenced by its leaders becoming Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that it is terrifying to think what they are going to do next with Biden in power. 

I was always skeptical of warnings about how bad the country could become if a Democrat is elected, thinking a lot of it was fear mongering, but when I saw the drastic changes under the Obama administration, I realized some of the predictions will come true under a Biden administration. There are certain things you are no longer allowed to say or do, and that list is going to become longer under Biden. You think the cancel culture is bad now, it’s going to spread even further to moderate Democrats, apolitical people, conservative minorities, conservative LGBT, and the self-employed (by targeting their customers); threatening them too if they don’t promote far left views. Trump is the main person holding this back from expanding.  ESR

Rachel Alexander and her brother Andrew are co-Editors of Intellectual Conservative. She has been published in the American Spectator, Townhall.com, Fox News, NewsMax, Accuracy in Media, The Americano, ParcBench, Enter Stage Right and other publications.mericano, ParcBench, Enter Stage Right and other publications.




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