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It’s all over now, baby blue

By Greg Strange
web posted November 9, 2020

With the stark inevitability of a Biden/Harris presidency staring us in the face, I can’t get the Dylan song out of my head – or more precisely, the title of the song.  Yes, it’s morose and reeks of defeat, and sure, the song is about a love affair gone wrong, not politics.  Nonetheless, the title says it all.

The scenes of people filling the streets of New York City in celebration of the Biden victory are nothing other than surreal.  This has been one of the hardest hit cities in the country because of devastating leftist policies regarding COVID-19 and devastating leftist policies based on the lie of “systemic racism,” which encouraged riots and skyrocketing violent crime.” And now its clueless inhabitants are dancing in the streets over a guy whose policies will only reinforce the ideology that will bring them more of the same.

Such scenes were repeated in cities all over the country with tightly packed, unsocially distanced crowds, many of whose members ritualistically acted out violent fantasies on effigies of Trump, all to the cheers of their fellow revelers.  Effigies were kicked, slammed, punched, run over by motorcycles and beheaded in sickening orgies of blind, irrational, celebratory hate.  Again, this was all over the country.  How can we be anywhere other than the twilight of our civilization?

Was there Democrat cheating in this election?  Undoubtedly.  Was it enough to throw the election their way?  Who knows?  But we do know this: even if Trump had won, it would have been a squeaker.  And what that tells us is that fully half the country didn’t learn a damn thing from the last eight months of unprecedented tyranny and insanity from the left and they went right ahead on anyway and pulled the lever for the party of crazy.  (Like in Portland, Oregon, for instance, where the radical mayor who presided over the last six months of anarchy was reelected and where in the wee hours of the next morning Antifa and BLM marched through residential neighborhoods screaming through bullhorns for people to come out and face them.)

Nor did half the country care one whit about the corrupt, malevolent and totally transparent four-year coup attempt that never ceased for a moment, but may have now, finally, come to fruition by dishonestly depriving Trump of another term.  Again, we’ll probably never know how much Democrat cheating affected the outcome, but we do know this with utter certainty: fully half of our fellow citizens are stupidly bent on the dismantling of the finest, fairest, least racist, most advanced, most prosperous civilization in the long and tragic history of the world.  That makes them insufferable, destructive fools unworthy of our respect.

Sound harsh?  Well, here’s what they voted for: endless COVID-19 tyranny over a virus which for the overwhelming majority of people is no worse than the flu; endless identity politics that does nothing but breed hatred between various groups; endless promotion of the lie that “systemic racism” is still a thing in America and the endless justification of endless riots because of that; endless vilification of white people who are all assumed to be irredeemably racist; endless lying, propagandistic fake news; endless vilification of our Founding and our history; endless vilification of the police, who are the only thing standing between civilization and anarchy; endless open borders; endless abortions at any stage of pregnancy; endless vilification of capitalism; endless promotion of socialism, the most failed and murderous economic system in history; endless propaganda about climate change, which will be used to destroy our energy industry; endless promotion of the transgender madness; and maybe even the final nail in the coffin of Judeo-Christianity for not being sufficiently “woke” about sexual perversion and for not giving up every last shred of belief in timeless and immutable truth.

People who vote Democrat believe everything on the above list of depravities is good.  In fact, they actually virtue signal over those things.  Still think we can all just get along when everything they promote is inarguably destructive to America (or any civilization for that matter)?

Mitt Romney does:  “Ann and I extend our congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President elect Kamala Harris.  We know both of them as people of good will and admirable character.  We pray that God may bless them in the days and years ahead.”

Seriously, Mitt?  Gag me with a spoon!  These two radicals you congratulated want to rip this country to shreds in their madcap pursuit of Marxist ideals such as “social justice,” “racial justice,” “economic justice,” “climate justice” and anything else anyone might come up with after a long night and one too many hits off a bong pipe.  We know you’re a useless establishment chameleon, Mitt, but have you actually joined the Marxist mob or is your purpose simply to help manage our civilizational decline in a polite and orderly fashion?  Either way, you epitomize the term “useful idiot.”  (By the way, thanks a lot, Utah, for putting this Trojan horse in the Senate.)

Speaking of “useful idiots,” let’s talk about the Republican “establishment.”  To no one’s particular surprise, they want us to know there is good news in all of this.  Sure, they tell us, it may look politically gloomy right now, but let’s focus on the positive!  So, here it is.  The polls were wildly inaccurate and there was no predicted “blue wave.”  Yay!  Also, Republicans retained the Senate (well, maybe) and actually gained seats in the House.  Whoopee!  And we picked up more black and Hispanic votes this time.  So, let’s look at the bright side, let’s be magnanimous in defeat and start planning for the midterms and then 2024.

Um-m-m-m . . .  I don’t think so, Republican establishment.  In fact, you can take your conventional wisdom and your happy talk and shove it.  See, we are now unquestionably engaged in an existential struggle between good and evil and your failure to stand up against any of it for the last umpteen decades has been monumental, an absolute epic fail.  You are the spineless invertebrate of political parties.  You’ve had our votes because the alternative was unthinkable.  But the unthinkable is now all around us, everywhere we turn, in our face.

America is in total political, cultural and moral freefall.  In cities across the country streets are filled with depraved masses celebrating leftist tyranny and their own potential downfall.  It doesn’t get much more end-of-days than that.  There is really only one answer left for decent Americans with normal Judeo-Christian values who love America and don’t want to live in a nation of decadence, stupidity and chaos – and the answer ain’t the Republican Party.  It’s separation from blue America, and the sooner the better.  Otherwise, we get dragged down with them into a Marxist maelstrom of self-destruction and ruin. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2020 Greg Strange.




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