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Election Day: Is the American experiment still viable?

By Greg Strange
web posted November 2, 2020

On Tuesday we’re going to get down to cases in America.  Everything is on the line.  And everything that you think is normal right now, today, could be fading or gone very shortly.  The left insanely wants to destroy everything that has made America great: the Founding Principles, freedom of speech, the Second Amendment, capitalism, Judeo-Christianity, all of it.  Trump, on the other hand, wants to preserve it.  The election will tell the tale, assuming we can get something close to an honest vote count.

So, we’re going to find out a lot of things in the coming days, weeks and months.  For instance, we’re going to find out if any semblance of traditional American values, which brought about the most freedom and prosperity for the most people, will be upheld.  The Founding Fathers said that this American enterprise could only work with a virtuous population.  Given the last 50 years of precipitous moral decline, and given that the Founders are now vilified by a large, morally confused segment of the population, you know we’re in deep trouble.

We’re going to find out if capitalism can survive the insanely increasing popularity of socialism, the most failed and murderous economic system in history.  We’re going to find out if the “ideas” of the vapid Marxist twit, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, will be our future or if she will be relegated to nothing more than a nettlesome gnat buzzing around our head but doing little damage.

We’re going to find out if the much ballyhooed “suburban women” will vote for the destruction of their own environments just because they don’t like Trump’s personality and tweets.  Biden is in favor of an Obama-era scheme called “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” that would basically force high-density and low-income housing into the suburbs, all in the name of “fairness.”  The only possible outcome of that would be to ruin what made the suburbs attractive to begin with.

We’re going to find out if the lie/delusion of “systemic racism” will continue to be an acceptable excuse for people to riot, burn, loot, assault, murder and destroy at will with little or no consequences.  We’ll see if a significant number of blacks finally leave the failed Democrat plantation in favor of something better or if they will continue on with the party that supports the Marxist terror group, Black Lives Matter, and see their communities further destroyed.

We’re going to find out if Hispanics will vote for Trump in large numbers despite the endless accusations of racism and xenophobia over his thoroughly rational desire for an enforceable border and his sometimes indelicate language about that issue.

We’re going to find out if the rule of law can hold up against anarchy, violence and straight up nihilism.  We’re going to find out if voters in places like Portland, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, New York City and countless other Democrat-controlled cities will continue to vote for the destruction of their own cities.

In short, we’re going to find out if the United States that conservatives know and love is salvageable or if it will simply join the rest of history’s civilizational detritus.  We’re going to find out if the majority of Americans have been rendered incapable of rational thought and if they will allow a relative handful of crazed, angry Marxists to topple the greatest country on earth.

By the way, Trump better have the troops in place and ready to go in anticipation of having to invoke the Insurrection Act on election night or whenever the violence begins.  It should have been invoked after the riots began for the criminal/martyr, George Floyd, but apparently Trump was talked out of it by some very foolish people.  The consequences have been endless, widespread riots right up to the present day.  There is almost no chance a winner will be declared on election night and we know the left has its malevolent plans in place for chaos and violence if their candidate doesn’t win.  That cannot be allowed to go unanswered or get any kind of foothold.  Otherwise, what good is it voting for Trump?

Even if Trump wins and the inevitable violence is quickly quelled, that doesn’t mean you can relax.  The left never sleeps.  It never stops plotting its sick campaign against what is good and normal.  Its soulless ingratitude and its psychotic dissatisfaction with everything under the sun are never slacked even for a moment.  Its list of things that must be destroyed never gets shorter, only longer.  Its malevolence and nihilism know no bounds.  If Trump wins, it may be nothing more than a temporary reprieve – and if the violence is allowed to continue, it may not even be that.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction . . . .  It must be fought for, protected and handed on . . . or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children . . . what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

He said that in 1964.  And now, forty years after he was first elected president in 1980, we are smack up against it.  Will we rise to the occasion or are we headed for the unthinkable?  Everything is on the line. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2020 Greg Strange.




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