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The engineered collapse

By Robert Rohlfing
web posted December 10, 2012

We can live in a state of denial, or we can acknowledge the fact that we have an engineered collapse of not only our economic system worldwide, as well here in the United States, but also the traditional social make up as well. The examples of this are almost too numerous  to list, but the very fact that this is occurring is telling in how we as a nation founded on Judo- Christian values and conservative fiscal policy have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into acceptance to allow this to happen. 

The long slow slide off the cliff has been in the works for much longer than what we witness today. To bring about the transformation from a thriving economic country where individualism and self reliance were benchmarks to a nation that today is made up of nearly half its citizenry is dependent on the government just to get by on a daily basis has been plotted and executed for nearly a century and a half.

The United States has weathered through many economic downturns in the past, we have experienced natural disasters and manmade disasters as well. Throughout our history those economic downturns were short lived thanks in large part to the resilience and fortitude of our citizenry, the common core value of independent nature to plow through the diversities and obstacles have always been strong. Two times in our history though we have been convinced that we have to set aside those core values and turn to the government and allow it greater control and power to manipulate just how much freedom we will eventually have. Under FDR's administration we allowed for the government to gain greater control and power that our founders warned us against, today we once again are leaping over that cliff to give even more of those freedoms and rights away.

FDR understood that the citizen base would turn to the government in the face of back to back crisis, just as the Obama administration does today. History shows that due to the policies of FDR the Great Depression of the 20th century was prolonged. During that time frame it did set up the mechanisms that allowed it to institute power grabs that mirrored many of the power grabs taking place across the globe at the same time in history. So much of history has been revised over the years to reflect that administration in a positive light, that the true nature of how devastating it actually was is almost lost today. FDR understood what Rahm Emanuel said: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste", just as President Obama does today. Emanuel was not alive when FDR seized upon the crisis facing the nation then, but he, like Obama learned from many of the radicals of that day.

Radicals and power hungry people have known thought history to bring about mass change and transformation, you have to first overload the current system to such an extent that the populace would be clamoring for someone, anyone, to rise to the top and create a sense of stability. Hitler and Lenin both portrayed this to their fellow countrymen, just as FDR and Obama are now being portrayed to the public. Following FDR's death leaders in our government were so alarmed by the almost complete dictatorial powers that he was allowed that they amended the constitution to limit the time that a president can serve in office. Today we have those that are calling for a reversal of that limitation, while at the same time assisting in the process that is forcing more and more Americans to turn to the government just as they did under FDR.

In 1966 Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven at Columbia University proposed a strategy that we see today playing out where they outlined that to hasten the fall of Capitalism as we know it, you have to overload the system. They understood that to do so you had to flood the governments bureaucracy with impossible demands that it could not sustain. Due to many of the programs that we have today that were created under FDR and later LBJ we have the vehicle that will allow the collapse. Cloward and Piven understood then that pushing a society to the brink would create the crisis that Emanuel spoke of. When FDR created the soft socialist programs he understood that citizens would be lulled into the belief that the government would always ensure that funding would be there to cover them, but as we all know this has never been a realistic case. LBJ understood that as long as you gave away so called benefits that you would ensure a voter base for years to come.

In the election of 2012 let's be honest,  people voted not to place our country on a fiscal path to recovery, but based their vote on who would deliver them the most government handouts. The engineered collapse thus found the fuel to propel it to its final destination. Years of manipulation and capitulation have brought us to this point. Administrations past and present  have ensured that we will get to the finish line and our media and education system covered for them along the way. The reality that we as a nation that stood as the beacon of hope to those around the world that were trapped in the quagmire of top down government oppression in whatever form you like to call it has all but faded. Half of this nation and leaders from both political parties have worked to extinguish that flame and have now embraced our road to collapse. ESR

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