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The Stupid Party is going to raise taxes

By John Bender
web posted December 10, 2012

The Stupid Party leadership is a pack of imbeciles.  In the "fiscal cliff" fight they hold the "nut hand" as they say in poker.  Yet they are either too stupid to play it or are too stupid to realize they hold it.

The Stupid Party holds the majority in the House of Representatives.  Therefore they control the purse strings of the government.

Obama and the Democrats are demanding that the Stupid Party go along with punishing the most productive in our society with unreasonable tax increases.  This will hurt the economy and do nothing to solve our debt problem.  Yet the so called leadership of the Stupid Party is on the verge of going along with this asinine plan.

If we had a Speaker of the House with at least average intelligence and just a little backbone, the Stupid Party could turn this into a public relations nightmare for the national socialists who are in charge of the Democrat Party.  They could also save the nation from the consequences of raising taxes in this poor economy.

It is quite simple to do.  Under current tax law there are six tax brackets.  They are 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33% and 35%.  The vast majority of working Americans fall in the 15%, 25% 28% and 33% brackets.  The Stupid party should pass a bill eliminating the 15%, 25% and 33% brackets.  The people in the 15% and 25% brackets would have a tax cut to the 10% bracket.  The people in the 33% would have a tax cut to the 28% bracket.

They should pass this tomorrow and send it to the Senate.  Then every Republican elected official should get in front of every microphone and reporter they can find and say:  "We passed tax relief for the middle class, but Obama and the Democrats are holding that tax relief hostage to their desire to punish the more successful for their success. "

Conservative groups should run ads in print, radio, television, cable and on the Internet pointing out that Obama and the Democrats are holding the Republican's middle class tax cuts hostage for nothing except their disdain for, and desire to punish the successful.  Let the national socialists and their shills in the media try to defend their refusal to let middle class Americans keep more of the money they earn.

Mr. Lee Atwater once told me: "You can't out Democrat the Democrats.  You can't out spend them.  You have to draw a bright line between your position and theirs and go on the attack."  Unfortunately, the Stupid Party no longer has anyone of Mr. Atwater's stature or political skill to run this fight.

Nor does the party have conservatives at the helm in the House.  They must change that if the party is to survive as anything except a "Me Too" minority party.  If Boehner loses this fight Republicans should remove him from the Speaker position and replace him with a conservative, preferably a conservative fighter.

There is no excuse for allowing the radical leftists to raise the income tax on anyone.  All that is needed to stop it is leadership and guts. ESR

John Bender is a freelance writer living in Dallas, Texas.  He is a former staff writer for EtherZone.com and his columns have appeared in various print and internet publications. His work has been cited by Rush Limbaugh and he has been a guest on various radio talk shows including the David Gold Show, the Mark Davis Show, and the Armstrong Williams show. John Bender can be reached at bender@texas.usa.com.







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