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RINOs should be ashamed for turning on Trump

By Rachel Alexander
web posted December 21, 2020

It’s been appalling to see so many Republicans desert President Trump in the election fraud challenges, telling him to give in and concede. Fox News started out the trend election night by calling Arizona for Biden. RINO judges piled on, dismissing election challenges with flimsy excuses that no one bought. Gradually, elected officials have turned on him.

The MSM loves talking about the politician defectors but never explains why they’re deserting. They’re deserting because politics has never been about principles for those Republicans. They ran for office looking for fame and fortune; most of them are narcissists. They survive in office based on campaign contributions and other perks. They are beholden to the wealthy corporations, special interest groups and billionaires funding their reelections. Once those establishment players start threatening to withhold the money supply, they cave.

Their funders understand politics less than they do. They are terrified of being exposed and labeled as fringe conspiracy theorists. It’s even worse for them to be exposed than the politicians, since usually there is nothing out there about them in the public eye to balance it out. Being labeled a fringe conspiracy theorist can destroy their reputations. Once the left was able to start getting traction successfully making Trump — a former RINO himself, longtime Democrat and most powerful man in the world — look like a conspiracy theorist challenging the election, the donor class ran away fast. 

A lot of conservatives don’t understand this because they haven’t worked on the inside for politicians or their funders (I have), and don’t think this way themselves. They are conservatives for the principles, not for the money and fame. These background deals never see the light of day because the MSM won’t reveal them — the MSM wants people to think RINOs are deserting Trump due to some sort of principles. So guys like John McCain, Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney can stand up and pretend to act all principled and self-righteous while the money in the background flies under the radar. 

I’ll never forget hanging out one night with a wealthy funder of a politician I used to work for. I’d become friends with the funder and tried to identify with him on a personal level. On election night, when it became clear the politician was losing, the funder started bashing the poor guy and moving on. He couldn’t even let him lose gracefully for one night. It was on to the next person of influence, and he bounced right over to the winning candidate. I couldn’t understand it, because that’s not how I’m wired. But that’s how it works and those of us with principles need to wake up and accept reality, there is a class of fake Republicans out there and they are all over in power. The left is brilliant at manipulating their weaknesses of narcissism and desire for power.

It was no surprise when Fox News turned against Trump, because they had been gradually moving to the left due to the unreliable Murdoch family ownership. Fortunately, Newsmax and OAN are making significant inroads into replacing the network.  

Those speaking up against Trump began election night with the usual RINOs, like Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol and Karl Rove. Then state and election officials in the disputed states turned on him. And now numerous members of Congress have piled on, including Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Has-beens piling on include former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, George W. Bush and his brother Jeb. They wouldn’t want the high-paying speaking gigs to dry up, they don’t want to be referred to in the MSM for the remainder of their lives as defending Trump’s baseless conspiracy theories. 

I understand that quite well. When the left targeted me back in 2010, as collateral damage trying to take down my politician boss, they made me defend everything he had done, including things he had written that had nothing to do with me. I didn’t agree with his aggressive approach (although I never thought he was unethical), so it would have been easy to save my own skin and desert him. I didn’t, and so for years after that, every time the MSM mentioned me it was always in association with the worst things they could come up with about him. Who wants the next stage of their career to revolve around defending decisions and statements someone else made that they had no control over? Every single one of his high-profile associates except me and one other woman deserted or turned on him, and she paid for it with her career, she is unable to practice law, forced to work as a paralegal.

Fortunately, lots of prominent Republican officials have not deserted Trump. Many GOP leaders signed onto the Texas lawsuit in some way, including state attorneys general and members of Congress. Arizona AG Mark Brnovich submitted an amicus curiae brief that included 20 states, but there were far more. House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy of California has not caved in and said Biden won. Others standing up against the fraud are too many to list. 

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks is leading the effort to challenge the results on the House floor, accompanied by Gaetz and incoming freshman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. On the Senate side, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama said he may challenge the Electoral College results in January. Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky are expected to join him. 

Congress is supposed to approve the Electoral College results on January 6. If just one member of the House and one member of the Senate disapprove of a state’s electoral slate, then the Electoral Count Act of 1887 says the House and Senate must come to an agreement on which slate to approve, and the House will vote based on one vote per state delegation. There are 26 state delegations controlled by Republicans, and 22 controlled by Democrats.  

While at first that sounds great, remember there are plenty of RINOs in the Republican delegations. And if they cannot come to an agreement, then the governors get to decide, and all the governors in the contested states have certified for Biden. Notice this coincidence: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said on November 18 that he would not certify the votes for Biden until the election challenges were over. Well the election challenges were still going on in the courts in Arizona, and the legislature was holding hearings at that exact moment, but he went ahead and certified the votes anyway on December 1, blowing off a phone call from Trump while doing so. Sources say he wants to run for U.S. Senate or president. 

Trump hasn’t given up. He said on November 27 that he would concede on December 14 if enough states certified electoral votes for Biden. December 14 came and went and he did not concede. While there is realistically little chance he can turn things around through the legal proceedings and legislative hearings, it is imperative to continue fighting as much as we can for the soul of the nation to combat this election fraud, or future elections will go down the same way. ESR

Rachel Alexander and her brother Andrew are co-Editors of Intellectual Conservative. She has been published in the American Spectator, Townhall.com, Fox News, NewsMax, Accuracy in Media, The Americano, ParcBench, Enter Stage Right and other publications.mericano, ParcBench, Enter Stage Right and other publications.




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