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Indict the 'Trump/Russia Collusion' conspirators: Clinton/Comey/Brennan: A report released last week found that the FBI "discounted or willfully ignored material information that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between Trump and Russia" and Mark Alexander says someone needs to pay for that

Durham Report thoroughly debunks Russiagate conspiracy, proves agencies are weaponized against political enemies: The Durham Report proved, if anyone had any real doubts, that America's federal agencies have been weaponized against anyone who doesn't have a D next to their name, argues Rachel Alexander

If we had a national popular vote, election fraud would become a lot harder: Recent federal elections have spotlighted concerns about the integrity of the process in some states and Rachel Alexander has come to believe that the solution is turning it into a national by the states

The Trump presidency: A one-term postmortem: Mark Alexander argues that no president has ever been more relentlessly assailed by the enemies of liberty than Donald Trump

Our presidential election wasn’t too different from third world Uganda’s: Last week Uganda held a presidential election and Rachel Alexander argues that the similarities between what happened there and what's going on the United States today are too close to be ignored

The left falsely claims most people won’t notice a difference under Biden: The political left has claimed that the average person waking up under a Biden administration will notice no changes to their lives but Rachel Alexander doesn't quite believe that

Long past time for conservatives to abandon the GOP: Michael R. Shannon believes that conservatives in the Republican Party should send a very clear message in January in Georgia and stay away from the ballot box

RINOs should be ashamed for turning on Trump: Rachel Alexander is nothing short of angry over how many Republicans have essentially turned their backs on President Donald Trump and his continuing fight over the election

The election is realistically over, but here’s why we should not stop the battles: The US Supreme Court's decisions have effectively ended the 2020 Presidential Election, writes Rachel Alexander, but that doesn't mean that conservatives should lay down their flags

Hunter Biden, You can come out now!: The media methodically buried every single scandal that emerged from Hunter Biden's laptop, writes Mark Alexander, and then had the gall to claim before and after the election that the allegations were probably the result of foreign disinformation

What is going to change in the Middle East under Biden?: Assuming Joseph Biden assumes the presidency in January, his administration promises a big shift in priorities and policies when it comes to the Middle East and Israel, says Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser

Preserving courtroom and verdict integrity: Paul Driessen argues that the American civil justice system is as much at risk as the integrity of ballots, elections and democracy

National election fraud: Evidence of national chicanery during America’s 2020 presidential election: The battle over the results of the 2020 presidential election continues but Sam Jacobs argues it is pretty clear that massive voter fraud occurred

If half the country thinks Biden won by felony fraud … it’s not over: Given the record of the "truthiness" of the media during the Donald Trump administration, argues Rachel Alexander, she doesn't put much stock in their declaration that Joe Biden has won the presidency

It’s all over now, baby blue: To say that Greg Strange was dismayed by the celebrations of Joe Biden's victory is understating the reality of it. He believes people were celebrating the rise of a new tyranny over their own lives

With locally-run elections, a handful of big Dem cities now can control entire US: Thanks to fraud and control of a few key cities, writes Selwyn Duke, the Democrats essentially have taken over the United States and can put whomever they want in the White House going forward

Israelis and Africans for Trump: Paul Driessen believes that US President Donald Trump’s policies have reshaped Middle East politics and have rejected eco-imperialism for Africa and USA

Here’s how and why Trump will take the Electoral College: Donald Trump is facing a steeper fight this year than he did in 2016, says Rachel Alexander, but she believes that the incumbent president can still pull off another victory

Election Day: Is the American experiment still viable?: On Tuesday, argues Greg Strange, Americans will find out whether the founding principles that their country was founded upon are actually still in play

The Democrat Party of division and hate: The Democrats' primary political strategy has been, and remains, argues Mark Alexander, to foment division, creating fear, anger, and hate

The gaslight election: Scot Faulkner argues that the soon-to-be over election has been dominated by a fraudulent reality created by a Leftist media and academia echo chamber

Unseen and unsaid: The most telling character difference between Trump and Biden: It's a popular narrative that Donald Trump is classless and attacks anyone who gets in his way. Selwyn Duke says if you examine the record you find that who Joe Biden attacks is markedly different from the president

Why racists are backing Biden: Democrats have done more to oppress black Americans, believes Mark Alexander, than the KKK and other racist groups could ever hope to do

The Biden family Green New Deal: Some will profit from the Green New Deal if enacted, while most people’s life, living standards and environment take a big hit, writes Paul Driessen

Is this another reason the FBI hid the Hunter Biden laptop?: It is alleged that the FBI sat on the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop for some time before the contents became known to the public. Why? Selwyn Duke has a one possible explanation

How Big Tech is working on stealing the presidential election from Trump: Rachel Alexander says the tech industry is in full drive to both alter American society and deny Donald Trump an election victory next month

Shameful moderator bias at the Vice Presidential debate: If you were particularly surprised at the level of bias at last week's vice presidential debate, Selwyn Duke wasn't

Social media election riggers — The Demos' BFF: The Democrat/Social Media monopoly on ideas has essentially rigged the 2020 election, argues Mark Alexander

What if Antifa sponsored a presidential debate?: You'd be forgiven, writes Michael R. Shannon, if you thought the first presidential debate was sponsored by Antifa given how it played out

Mike Pence got the debate buzz, but Obama is the Real Lord of the Flies: You know when journalism has descended to a new low when a fly landing on a candidate's head during a debate is the big news, writes Selwyn Duke

Stealing an election, the slow–motion way: Donald Trump may have an unassailable lead on election night next month but Michael R. Shannon says that doesn't mean he'll end up winning a second term

White radicals? still goes to Biden for President webpage: If the reverse were true the Democrats and media would be having a field day but Selwyn Duke says Joe Biden's campaign is pretty silent about the fact that redirects to his web site

Suburban 'White Privilege' Democrats: The Biden/Harris yard signs sprouting up, argues Mark Alexander, project much more than a political preference

Why 2020 is so important: What happened this year in Virginia should scare every conservative into voting November 3, argues Scot Faulkner

Your life under the Green New Deal: Paul Driessen builds a case that your lives, living standards and world would suffer dramatically under a Biden-AOC-Harris GND

Warning: A Biden/Harris constitutional crisis just ahead: Mark Alexander says if the socialist Democrats suffer another Electoral College loss in November, they and their riotous constituents will not go quietly

Fat chance Arizona picks Biden: A poll recently reported that the state of Arizona was -- remarkably -- leaning "blue" in the presidential election. Rachel Alexander doesn't give that much credence

Biden doesn’t stand for anything, but all signs point to a far left presidency: When he isn't flip flopping on issues he's pretending to be a centrist but Rachel Alexander believes a Biden presidency would be nothing but a far left exercise

The ballot box as Pandora’s Box: Given all of the problems that America has already faced this year, writes Michael R. Shannon, one would think that politicians are at least working hard to ensure this November's elections go smoothly. Unfortunately, he says, that isn't the case

It's actually the 'Harris-Biden' ticket!: Mark Alexander argues that Kama Harris is the real Biden ticket holder, and she is a perilous opponent for President Donald Trump

Joe Biden on gun control: Understanding Biden's 2020 platform and the Second Amendment: Joe Biden may suffer from an inability to communicate even the simplest concepts at times but Sam Jacobs argues that throughout his career he's been very consistent on opposing Second Amendment rights

Shock poll! No, it just surveys more Democrats and people unlikely to vote: As with 2016 polls are showing that a Democrat nominee is ahead of Donald Trump. Rachel Alexander argues that the large majority of those polls are little more than massaged and biased in nature

Democrats, please stick with Biden for your presidential nominee: Democrats, at least for the moment, seem to have made their choice -- Joe Biden -- on the grounds that he doesn't represent the extreme wings of the party. Then he opened his mouth on a regular basis. Rachel Alexander hopes Democrats don't reconsider their choice

Would a victorious Joe Biden be removed for mental incapacity?: The Democrat Party is, at least for the moment, faced with two very unpalatable choices for a potential presidential nominee, writes Selwyn Duke, and Joe Biden is one of them

Will the coronavirus defeat Trump’s reelection?: Rachel Alexander is quite worried that the coronavirus may well defeat Donald Trump at the polls, doing the job that the Democrats quite obviously couldn't

The Demos' 2020 economic doom platform — WuFlu apocalypse: Mark Alexander says the Pelosi/Schumer tag team is doing what Demos do best — using the misery of others as fodder for their political agenda

Big tech’s civilization-busting bias: Big Tech has the ability, argues Selwyn Duke, to change the course of the next election by just enough to ensure a Democrat victory in 2020

The myth of Bernie Sanders’s honesty: Bernie Sanders, for whatever you think of him, is widely credited for at least being authentic in his beliefs. The problem, writes Selwyn Duke, is that Sanders actually appears to be dishonest with both voters and himself

Bloomberg's brokered Demo convention gambit: Mark Alexander believes that Michael Bloomberg is positioning himself as an insurance policy against Bernie Sanders's nomination

Is Pelosi timing the impeachment articles’ release so as to damage Bernie?: There has been much theorizing as to why Nancy Pelosi hasn't released the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump yet. Selwyn Duke wonders if she's more interested in taking aim at some of her fellow Democrats than the president

The Trump Administration — Keeping America great in 2020 and beyond!: The Democrats' best hope in 2020, argues Mark Alexander, is to attempt to drive the American economy into nothing short of a recession

Perils of the left: The unrecognized, profound danger of Elizabeth Warren: Conservatives may generally view Elizabeth Warren as a bit of a joke, Selwyn Duke says she would genuinely make for a very dangerous president for a number of reasons

Andrew Yang: The robots are coming – to take your jobs and destroy the economy: Entrepreneur and lawyer Andrew Yang has joined the Democrat race for that party's nomination and one of his economic planks is anti-robot. David Richman rises to the defense of our robotic pals

How to defeat Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth Warren has yet to announce her candidacy for the Democrat nomination and yet she already looks like person to beat and the GOP better have a plan, writes Rachel Alexander

Another WaPo pollaganda whopper: Collusion between the Democrat Party and its MSM propagandists -- such as a gross incident in the Washington Post last week -- is an abject betrayal of the First Amendment, argues Mark Alexander

The biggest threat to 'free and fair' elections: Big tech: Mark Alexander argues that Facebook and Google have done more to undermine American elections than Russia could

Here’s why Democrats want illegal immigrants counted in the 2020 census: It's pretty unsurprising why Democrats essentially want illegal immigrants counted in the next census, writes Rachel Alexander, it will improve their future election chances

Kamala Harris is not African American and her ancestors owned slaves: Democrats are as happy as clams that Kamala Harris is in the race for the Democrat nomination but Rachel Alexander says her main strength -- her race -- doesn't actually exist

An arrow aimed at America’s heartland: A growing movement to change how Electoral College votes are pledged to a candidate is nothing less than an attack on America, argues Dr. Robert Owens

Pastor Pete delivers another homily: South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has proclaimed himself the Christian Democrat candidate but Michael R. Shannon says that probably isn't going to help him much inside or outside the party

Joe Biden and the collective constituencies strategy: It’s a combination of fielding a lot of candidates, raising a lot of money, and folding each candidate's constituents into an amalgam of general-election voters, says Mark Alexander

Beto-Bernie — The 2020 version of Obama-Biden: Mark Alexander believes that a Beto-Bernie ticket would create a formidable socialist tag team to oppose Donald Trump in 2020

Howard Schultz could use a little caffeine: Former Starbucks CEO and chairman Howard Schultz appears to want to run for the Democrat nomination in 2020 and Michael R. Shannon says he faces an uphill battle to even generate interest let alone a victory

Take Sanders's 2020 campaign seriously and literally: Bernie Sanders is crushing his opponents' fundraising efforts, and his campaign has already signed up more than a million collectivist volunteers, reports Mark Alexander


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