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It's a given that filmmaker Michael Moore has received a free pass from the media when it comes to his creative efforts. From Roger & Me, Moore's debut, to Bowling for Columbine his movies have escaped any critical attention when it comes to his facts, something that no conservative filmmaker could ever hope for. It's a shame because throughout his career Moore has distorted facts to suit his own political causes and they were always on the screen for anyone to check. With the exception of a few lone voices, no one has bothered.

Moore WatchIn an attempt to remedy that, a group of bloggers -- Lee from Right-Thinking from the Left Coast, Jim from Right Thoughts, and Rachel from Piquant Rants and Sassy Impudence -- have joined together to create Moore Watch, a web site devoted to "unearthing the truth behind the doublespeak and falsehood that spews from the mouth (and keyboard) of Michael Moore on a regular basis." Given just how much doublespeak and falsehood that represents, it's fortunate that the web site serves as a clearinghouse for other people's efforts and there is a lot of ground to cover.

Along with stories and information that directly refute Moore's absurdities, the web site also presents background information on related issues, such as the effect of gun control in England. Moore Watch proves that blogs can not only be link farms but valuable collections of information about narrow but important subjects.

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