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Brenda Snipes

Vintage fraud: When progressives lose they tend to get very frustrated and then do whatever they can to either overturn the results or cast them as illegitimate. The Broward County recount fiasco illustrated that perfectly, writes Daniel M. Ryan

Article I Section 5 Clause 1: If Democrats are hell-bent on stealing seats being held by Republicans, argues Bruce Walker, then the Republican-controlled Senate needs to use the constitutional powers granted to it in order to fight back

Herbert Marcuse vs. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World  -- a  thought experiment: Mark Wegierski speculates what philosopher Herbert Marcuse would say about the famous dystopian world created by English novelist Aldous Huxley

A composer’s tenacity: Michael Moriarty is best known for his award-winning acting but these days his exclusive focus is on his music and he explains why and what he's working on in his essay this week

Cdn pol Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the regaining of Polish independence amidst the megapolitan world-city: Mark Wegierski shares some recent Polish experiences in Toronto

Faith is the answer and prayer is the key: For those seeking a deeper understanding of God, argues Dr. Robert Owens, there are two important things that every Christian must be aware of

American Job profiles Trump's working class voter: American Job was a combination reality TV/documentary about workers at the bottom of the economic totem pole and Thomas M. Sipos has long been entranced by it

Mexican journalist reveals the truth about the caravan: As the Honduran caravan slowly winds its way to the Mexico-US border, reports Rachel Alexander, the truth about some of its participants is beginning to get out

Sorry to burst your bubble: People like Pete Singer come up with ways to end poverty at the drop of a hat but Sarah Shin says the reality of the world interferes with feel-good ideas

A glimpse into a world without men: If you think a world -- or even a workplace -- governed by women would be a collaborative and peaceful enterprise you will likely be very surprised by the reality, says Selwyn Duke

Mitch McConnell: How to win without doing anything: Mitch McConnell now presides over a Senate with even more Republicans than before and despite doing little conservative over the years he was the winner during the recent mid-terms, writes Michael R. Shannon

Congress finds another way to not punish children: Food stamps, or the Supplemental Nutrition Association Program to be proper, have their fans but Sarah Coppola believes that they only really harm the poor over the long term

Raising the minimum wage?: Plenty of advocates for an increased minimum wage make a fundamental mistake of not seeing a pretty important link between supply and demand, argues Luke Kim

Blaming climate – ignoring incompetence: California wildfires are incinerating people, wildlife and habitats. Not surprisingly politicians are blaming climate change, writes Paul Driessen

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