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U.S. Supreme Court

A Supreme Court, not supreme wisdom: The U.S. Supreme Court has spun out of control in recent decades but if it still contains any shred of its original role, writes Alan Caruba, you can thank John Marshall

A poisoned imagination? (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the atrophy of real imagination in a media-dominated "cyberworld"

Michael Lear: Part Fifteen: The Inevitable Outcome of Israel’s Modern Resurrection And Miraculous Survival: Why does Israel survive? Because they make their enemies disappear. That's a lesson that the rest of the Western world needs to understand, writes Michael Moriarty

Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: Not quite a government: Daniel M. Ryan continues his look at the world of cryptocurrencies with his involvement in one particular system, his efforts to right that ship and how that relates to the real world

Moon-virus taken more seriously than Ebola: Remember the concern over the potential of a virus returning with astronauts from the moon? Harold Witkov argues more precautions were taken in the 1960s for that then the very real threat of Ebola

Nobama: Barack Obama came into office promising transformation and hope. Today? Dr. Robert Owens says the president has indeed brought the transformation but wonders if the United States will survive it

Effects of Russia's food sanctions on European supply and Moscow demand: Russia may have banned the importation of some foods from European nations that levied sanctions on it over the mess in the Ukraine but doesn't mean you can't get the cheese you want, reports Daniel Gurevich

Google's row with France – corporate and personal income taxes are obsolete: The current fight between Google and France over the issue of corporate taxes illustrates exactly why in this age any kind of income tax just doesn't make sense, argues Dr. Peter Morici

Yemen changes hands. Will an Iranian stronghold emerge near the entrance to the Red Sea?: When it comes to the Middle East the world is focusing on Syria and Iraq but Dr. Jacques Neriah says we need to be watching Yemen as well

The rise of the professional slut: A recent declaration by actress Lena Dunham that she had been raped in college has Selwyn Duke shaking his head

Historic, revered gun range about to be shut down by the left: A small but historic gun range has been fighting for its survival due to the attacks of a leftist town council and Rachel Alexander says you can help save it

Will Ukraine commit economic suicide?: Tomorrow the Ukraine will impose a heavy tax burden on its gas producers something that James Stafford reports will likely destroy them as a counterbalance to Russian gas

We need some regulatory patriotism!: Barack Obama condemns tax inversions, but pillages America with his regulatory agenda, writes Paul Driessen

Obama misleads students about climate and energy: Climate change actually has little to do with energy choices, say Bob Carter and Tom Harris

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