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U.S. Constitution

Would we the people ratify the constitution today?: Given the decline of the people of the United States, argues Dr. Robert Owens, it's hard to believe that the country's constitution would be ratified today

White House strategy: Fabricating fear and injustice: Whipping up fear and uncertainty is an old trick but an effective one and Dr. Peter Morici reports that the Obama administration is working it hard

Cuspers – a new generational category proposed: Mark Wegierski suggests a new generational category that would fit in between two older ones

Chapter Forty-Three of Keeping Score In America: Divinely Theatrical Perfection: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to a pair of anonymous dancers whose performance he say on Youtube recently and has been entranced by

Try to ignore Earth Day: Earth Day comes this week and Alan Caruba says, despite relentless media and social pressure, try and think of other happy things

Prosecutor's targeting of gun range exec enters 15th year: Rachel Alexander updates us on a war that one prosecutor has been fighting against a gun range owner without success but at high cost

Hardly time to call Obamacare a success: The Obama administration has been crowing about the "success" that Obamacare has already been. Dr. Peter Morici says they might need to temper their excitement

Palestinian deception and the unwarranted trust of the West: The case of Palestinian accession to international conventions: Alan Baker doesn't think much of the UN's decision to allow the "state of Palestine" accession to over a dozen international conventions and treaties

Five things to know about the Fed's obsession with inflation: Dr. Peter Morici argues the U.S. Federal Reserves' continuing grappling with inflation is imposing a cost on the U.S.

University wants fewer whites — fears "mediocrity": A university president openly calling for fewer members of a single race? At Western Washington University that apparently is a regular occurrence, says Selwyn Duke

Tower of Pisa policies: Paul Driessen accuses the EPA of using lies to shore up policies built on shaky foundations of climate, peak oil and sustainability

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