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Colonial American History
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Green slander

Green slander: The green orthodoxy is losing the battle over man-made climate change and that means that the attack dogs have been unleashed, says Alan Caruba

Conservatives and "gaffes": Conservatives always seem to be accused of committing "gaffes" so Bruce Walker has an answer ready for any conservative leader facing that accusation

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twelve:  An American President Increasingly Slow And Indelibly Soft On Undeniably Genocidal Islam: This week Michael Moriarty discusses which American contender for president is the greatest enemy of ISIS and its allies and what the ultimate stakes are

A summary of the dilemma of hypermodernity: Mark Wegierski presents a précis of one of his most salient, earlier-published essays

A rose by any other name: Are groups like ISIS Islamic? Political leaders say no but Dr. Robert Owens says many Muslims would disagree

How to win the Christian baker/Same-sex "wedding" cake debate: Don't want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because of honestly felt religious beliefs? Selwyn Duke may have the answer for you

Five things to know about the Fed raising interest rates: Interest rates are likely to begin rising soon and Dr. Peter Morici says several things you expect to happen -- such as higher mortgage rates -- likely won't

The Islamic armageddon lies between Turkey and ISIS: Turkey's recent incursion into Syria to rescue the remains of an early Ottoman leader puzzled many but Pinhas Inbari believes it's easily explained

The end of freedom in America: The Federal Communications Commission's decision to impose "net neutrality" effectively means White House control over the internet, argues Alan Caruba

Political correctness: Western civilization's bizarre, postmodern affliction: Greg Strange says that the west is sowing its own seeds of destruction by not clearly labeling its enemy and learning the lessons from the past

Newly released book provides the framework to end the scourge of Islamic jihad: Jim Kouri believes that Van Hipp's The New Terrorism:How to Fight It and Defeat It offers some solutions in the war against the latest evolution of terrorism

The easy oil is gone so where do we look now?: Future oil recovery is going to be more expensive and difficult and Andrew Topf lays out who has what

Climatist jihad?: Climate Crisis extremists attack experts who challenge claims of imminent climate Armageddon, says Paul Driessen

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