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Based Stickman

The civic-nationalist counterpunch: More winning: The conservative establishment may not be fans but Daniel M. Ryan says the willingness of the New Right to fight back against leftist intimidation is very refreshing

My Pilgrimage: Chapter Ten: On The Edge of Our Seats!: Michael Moriarty says that Donald Trump reminds him much of the late Hollywood producer Mike Todd, one of Elizabeth Taylor's many husbands, thanks to the panache that both men displayed in spades

Treason and patriotism in Canada and the current-day world (Part Four): Mark Wegierski asks the question, how truly democratic is the United States today?

Are Democrats smarter than Republicans?: Given how many times the Democrats have managed to hoodwink Republicans it's a natural question. Dr. Robert Owens argues what he believes to be the truth

The ‘self-reliance’ of North Korea’s desperate leaders: By any measure North Korea is a failed state and Jack Phillips and Leo Timm report that the Stalinist regime responsible will do anything to stay in power

Financial security versus independence: The changing face of the United States should be viewed as an opportunity, write James E. Smith and Alex Hatch

Solar ovens and sustained poverty for Africa: Steven Lyazi argues that African families and hospitals cannot rely on limited solar power instead of electricity

Revisiting Stalin’s Great Purge: A period of extreme repression and terror: The witnesses are largely gone but Jim Liao says the depth of Joseph Stalin's murderous crimes will resonate through out the remainder of human history

Green energy poverty week: Paul Driessen says this week should be dedicated to topics that underscore impacts environmentalists don’t want to discuss

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