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Barack Obama

Obama's ignorance: Barack Obama an evil genius? Not a chance, argues Alan Caruba, and the proof is in how the president has handled the mess in Syria

A poisoned imagination? (Part Two):  Mark Wegierski looks at some of the "darker" role-playing games

Michael Lear: Part Thirteen Paco de Lucia Performs Concierto de Aranjuez By Joaquin Rodrigo Plus Other Indisputable Evidence Of This Guitarist’s Divine Genius: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to the late flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia and the superlative skill he employed

Real-Time Self-Government In The Cryptocurrency Frontier: Socialism, Fairness And Morals: Daniel M. Ryan continues his exploration of the world of cryptocurrencies with a view to the role of socialism

Liberal BBC asks, "Is Sport Sexist?" while promoting inequality: A BBC writer wonders if the differing rules in men's and women's sports is sexist which gets Selwyn Duke wondering about all of the other disparities in life

Eco-justice EPA style: Privileged planet; plundered people, Part 2: Last week Debra Rae proposed a game where the EPA had to make life and death decisions by figuring out people's value to society. This week the game reaches its logical conclusion

Dinesh D'Souza criminally sentenced while John Edwards and other liberals skated: Dinesh D'Souza was sentenced recently for illegal campaign contributions to a friend, one that Rachel Alexander argues was far more severe than liberals generally receive

Christians should forgive the Islamic terrorists: Robert T. Smith's pastor recently argued that Christians should forgive the terrorists that attempt (and occasionally succeed) in killing them. He has a counterargument to that

Good riddance to a race-baiting divider: Frank Salvato was overjoyed to hear that Eric Holder had resigned as US Attorney General, a man he blames for fomenting racism in America

Protect the poor – from climate change policies: The Cornwall Alliance works to ensure reliable, affordable energy for poor families worldwide, reports Paul Driessen

The opportunity cost Amazon forfeits in its war with Hatchette: Bailey McIntosh argues that online giant Amazon's war with traditional publisher Hatchette Book Group will come at a price

Reining in college tuition and student debt: Barack Obama has ideas how to make American post-secondary education cheaper but Dr. Peter Morici says the president's prescription doesn't solve the problem

What really drives anti-fracking zealots?: They want to end fossil fuels and capitalism, control our lives and impose eco-utopia, argues Paul Driessen

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