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Progressive protest

What can't happen here did: The United States was never supposed to fall victim to a revolution by progressives but Dr. Robert Owens argues that it has and he explains how it happened

Board wargames – an introduction (Part One): Mark Wegierski first explains, for those of you who aren't old school grognards, what are historical boardgames?

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Forty-Two: Eva Cassidy: This week Michael Moriarty switches from politics to something a little more illuminating: the late Eva Cassidy, an American vocalist and guitarist gone too soon

Refugee crisis lays bare EU dysfunctions, cultural silos: The flood of refugees streaming into Europe may be a human tragedy unfolding but it is also showing the extent of problems on the continent, says Dr. Peter Morici

The Muslim schism over Jerusalem: Muslims maintain that Jerusalem is an important site for their religion but Pinhas Inbari argues that it is Israel that most effectively protects the Al-Aqsa Mosque

High school coach bullied into dropping prayer at football games: Rachel Alexander recently found out that the coach of her old high school football was forced to stop praying at football games and she's not happy about it

Obama's 'gay' army affirmative action plan: Eric Fanning is Barack Obama's choice to lead the United States Army and Mark Alexander says its another example of pursuing an ideology over any other consideration

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