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Colonial American History
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Hillary Clinton

Circumstantial evidence: There was a time someone as scandal-plagued as Hillary Clinton wouldn't be able to sniff the presidency. These days are different, writes Alan Caruba

Seventy years since V-E Day – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the beginning of the war, and Poland’s contributions to the Allied war effort

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twenty-One: History's Greatest Violinist: Sergey Kachatryan: Armenian Sergey Kachatryan is the greatest violinist ever? Michael Moriarty says you may disagree with him but that is his opinion

Why does "Never Again" keep happening again: Since World War II the world has stated "Never Again!" when it came to genocide -- and then looked the other way when it happened, writes Dr. Robert Owens

Why America doesn't grow: American economic growth has been lacklusture in recent years and Dr. Peter Morici tells us why

2016 presidential field on guns and liberty: The NRA held a major meeting recently and several presidential hopefuls showed up in an attempt to earn support, says Mark Alexander

Why the US should worry about oil sector jobs: Low oil prices have so far have not had a negative impact on the U.S. economy but Mike McDonald says that could change soon

Israeli security policy in Syria: Iran and Hezbollah are keenly interested in the Syrian civil war thanks to the enhanced position it could give them to act against Israel, writes Yossi Kuperwasser

Silencing skeptics, conservatives and free speech: Congressional Democrats and the Vatican recently joined White House and Leftist assaults on basic rights, writes Paul Driessen

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