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Oil pipeline

Obama's war on U.S. energy: During the time that Barack Obama has spent as president, writes Alan Caruba, his administration has approved a number of energy projects -- ones that do little to actually generate energy

Cdn pol Conflicts of notions of freedom, order, and security in a globalized world (Part One): Mark Wegierski tries to give a deeper context to the recent Canadian tragedy

Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: The NFD phoenix stands and delivers: Daniel M. Ryan wraps up his epic look at the chaotic world of alt-currencies and what will eventually happen that world

Michael Lear: Part Sixteen: Aaron Swartz, Chapter One: Though they probably shared little politically, Michael Moriarty pays tribute to internet cause célèbre, the late Aaron Swartz

Are we ready for the fall of Baghdad?: After spending some time in Vietnam recently Ron Holland believes there are parallels between what happened in 1975 and what's happening in Iraq today

Why the welfare state isn't well and it isn't fair: America's growing welfare state is a danger to liberty for a number of reasons and needs to be put down, argues Dr. Robert Owens

Stealth gun control initiative too close to call in Washington State: Rachel Alexander reports on the battle in Washington over an initiative that its opponents claim is a stealthy attempt to institute gun control

American Indian Tribes and the "Rent-A-Tribe" scheme: American Indians have long gotten the short end of the stick but some tribes' involvement in payday loan businesses isn't the right way to pursue the American dream, writes D. Sidney Potter

Proven reserves of failed predictions:  The debate over peak oil: The topic of peak oil has popped up in the news recently and Peter Anderson believes that we're no closer to running out of oil today then we were decades ago when the predictions were made

Germany's generosity: University in Germany became free recently for students. Good news for students but Jonathan Chang argues that there's no such thing as free

Tom DeLay exonerated by final court in Texas; liberal media virtually silent: Did you hear that Tom DeLay was exonerated earlier this month after a legal battle lasting nearly a decade? Rachel Alexander wasn't surprised that you probably haven't

Vietnam over China?: "Made in China" might be the mantra of the day but Dennis Fisher says an increasing amount of the goods you buy are being made in a country that many Americans are familiar with

It's rarely about the environment anymore: Paul Driessen argues that the environmentalist movement is about slashing our energy use, free enterprise, job creation, living standards and freedoms

The Demos' 'good crisis' diversion: Thank heavens for Ebola! Mark Alexander argues that the Obama administration lurches from crisis to crisis in an attempt to advance its agenda and avoid blame

Five compromises Obama should embrace to boost the economy: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Barack Obama should face reality and make some concessions if he wants to truly help the American economy recover some ground

Curbing Obama power grabs: The courts and Senate provide no checks and balances. Paul Driessen wonders could a Republican Senate help?

The role of Hamas and Fatah in the Jerusalem disturbances: Gaza and the West Bank are quiet for the moment but that doesn't mean that Israel's enemies aren't hard at work, reports Pinhas Inbari

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