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It is with sorrow that Enter Stage Right announces that long-time contributor Jane Gaffin passed away last month

Donald Trump

The Trump Card — Ace of anger affirmation: Mark Alexander is no fan of Donald Trump or his campaign but he argues that the billionaire represents something that the GOP leadership needs to hear and understand

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Five: "What is this world coming to?! A President Donald Trump?!?!": What's made Michael Moriarty a bit of a Donald Trump fan? Despite all of his flaws, he writes, the billionaire candidate is far better than a continuation of the Obama agenda

360 years since the Swedish siege of Czestochowa, and 11 years since a 60th wedding anniversary celebrated there (Part Five): Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, eleven years ago

No one serves jail time for smoking pot: Pot activists love to bemoan the fact that people are being sent to jail for smoking pot. Former prosecutor Rachel Alexander says that fact is actually a big load of fiction

China's rigged markets will ultimately destabilize global capitalism: The recent turbulence in China's stock markets have so far had a limited effect on Western markets but Dr. Peter Morici says going forward that will change

Obama's unilateral surrender foreign policy: A hack revealed a massive amount of classified information on millions of Americans and the Obama administration refuses to do anything about it, says Michael R. Shannon

Criminalizing right to conscience: Part 2, Social engineering: Debra Rae completes a two-part series on the war against people who choose to follow their own consciences in public policy matters

EPA deletes "navigable" from statute – states sue: Ron Arnold reports that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been flooded with lawsuits over a controversial water rule

Saudis expand price war downstream: Thanks to Saudi Arabia there are low oil prices and a supply glut and Gaurav Agnihotri argues the oil rich nation is intent on hammering all of its competitors

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