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Drawing “liberally” from a brilliant article by Liel Leibovitz found in tabletmag.com, the September 7th edition, entitled “The Plot Against Jewish Education,” we discuss The New York Times’s “hit job” into the yeshivas of the Hasidic communities in Brooklyn, etc. Along the way, San Francisco citizens decry their lack of safety, fearful that their city’s “glory,” like Rome’s, “is of another day.” We continue to comment on the liberal, progressive church’s commitment to “dismantle” the vestiges of colonialism, and the incursion of the state into the religious liberties of our private institutions. We finish with a recap of the travail imposed upon the liberals of Martha’s Vineyard, who were unceremoniously burdened with fifty immigrants, compliments of Governor Ron DeSantis.

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Joe Biden

For the Week of September 19, 2022

The big 'If' Republicans win: Mark Alexander believes that Joe Biden's rising approval numbers are about to hit a hard ceiling

Cdn pol Canada in context (Part Four): Mark Wegierski surveys developments from 1993 to 2003 in Canadian politics, culture and society

Should we engage with trolls harassing us about politics on social media?: Depending on who you talk to, the advice is either to ignore online trolls or engage them in total war. Rachel Alexander, who has plenty of experience with trolls, examines the issue

To cure inflation, we must target the disease: Government spending: There are plenty of people blaming high labour costs and a certain Russian leader for the massive increase in prices for Americans but Carmen Ashburn says the people need to look at Washington, D.C.

Old News

About all you 'election deniers': Joe Biden and Democrats are betting, says Mark Alexander, that Americans have forgotten that he and his Demos are on the record as "election deniers" going back decades

Cdn pol Canada in context (Part Three): Mark Wegierski surveys developments from 1968 to 1993 in the Canadian political and cultural scene

Gab founder believes ‘Christian nationalism’ is viable, not how the left portrays it: Andrew Torba has come under a lot of fire over his notion of "Christian nationalism" and Rachel Alexander reviews his book, Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide For Taking Dominion And Discipling Nations, which explains what it actually is

History repeats: Abandoning sound money leads to tyranny and ruin: As history has amply shown, and modern events have underlined, every time a nation moves away from sound currency, nothing but economic catastrophe and tyranny follow, argues Jp Cortez

Tehran’s mounting violations of the Iran Deal and its accelerating march to a nuclear weapons arsenal: While everyone is pretending that Iran hasn't continued its efforts to enrich uranium with the ultimate goal of creating nuclear weapons, writes Amb. Dore Gold, the country has been nabbed repeatedly for violating the Iran Deal

Washington, DC’s energy colonialism: Washington, DC’s climate virtue signalling will hammer DC residents – and neighboring states even more, argues Paul Driessen

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