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Framing all the pieces -- Conservatives' perspective!

By Eddie Hightower
web posted January 2, 2006

As we at the Hightower home gathered around the Christmas tree to open our gifts early on Christmas Day 2005, I noticed that both my wife and my son received presents which were 1,000 piece zig-saw puzzles. They were of the "signature" type. The very detailed picture on the puzzle was a photograph by a contemporary photographer which he had autographed.

Both my wife's and my son's puzzles had the promise of providing a method of exercising their curious minds in the beginning of the New Year -- 2006. As I thought about their gifts, these thoughts inspired the material for this, my first op/ed column for the New Year which in itself is so full of promise for a change for the better in all phases of the world's welfare in general, and for America's welfare in particular.

As most of us have learned from the members of our families who enjoy the hobby of solving jig-saw puzzles by patiently and properly putting the pieces together, there is a method to their success.

Once the 1,000 unique and puzzling pieces are emptied from their attractive boxes and placed upon the surface of a chosen work table, an experienced puzzle solver takes the first and most important step of gaining a perspective on the eventual solution -- all of the pieces with "straight edges" are separated from those without "straight edges".

Now comes the chore of putting the straight edged pieces together in such a way to produce a frame for what will eventually become a clear and many times a beautiful picture which duplicates that which was displayed on the container in which the puzzle arrived.

Christmas morning I was struck with the thought that the approach which is taken to patiently and properly put the pieces together is somewhat "conservative" in nature, as opposed to the way that contemporary "liberal" approach problem solving.

The conservative approach most often involves picturing what the final solution of a problem will look like, even if the image is only in the imaginative mind's eye. But too many times, the liberal's view of the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" is only a blurred vision, if even that.

It is important to note that conservatives are recognized as those who know where we are going before we begin the journey. On the other hand, those on the other side of the political and philosophical spectrum are famous for wandering aimlessly through their mazes of confusion.

And of course, the conservative portion of "We The People" understands the need to honor the time tested borders of civilized life. Such borders, or limits on human activity, have been the thoughts and beliefs spelled out in documents such as the Ten Commandments, the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and of course that ultimate national treasure in the Archives in Washington -- The Constitution of the United States of America.

Conservatives, when successful in the past, have taken the glorious visions from our minds eyes, such as Ronald Reagan so magnificently did with his immortal "bright shining city on a hill" masterpiece which he framed with the proverbial "straight pieces" which had long been crafted by the Founding Fathers of old. That was rich and reliable material for the building of a prosperous American future.

We The People must strive to ensure that our conservative leaders in 2006, and even further into the future, will keep their focus on that vision which the "Gipper" so eloquently painted for many generations to prosper from.

It would be most disastrous for America's leaders to stumble blindly into an unsure future without reliable guidelines and borders. We The People should have learned by now that the crucial pieces must be put together within the framework of a moral republican styled democracy.

The liberals just love to "work out-side of the box" and even worse, outside of the framework of the Founding Fathers' guiding principles of government and American life.

There are still too many missing pieces needed to complete America's inspiring vision of peace, tranquility, and prosperity at home and the harvesting of the liberty, freedom, and republican styled democracy abroad.

Starting in the beginning of this New Year, let's We The People dedicate our conservative selves to insisting that America's leaders, at all levels, renew the American vision which was first beautifully painted by our pioneer ancestors and was invigorated by more contemporary compatriots as Ronald Reagan.

Let us also insist that America's present Ship of State -- the USS George W. Bush keep a steady course in both domestic and foreign, trouble tossed seas.

We The People of America are engaged in a righteous journey which must be successfully completed with all deliberate speed.

Bon Voyage in 2006 and God Speed!!!

(c) Eddie Hightower 2006

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