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Rev. Dr. J.H. Jackson - A patriot of African-American history

By Charles A. Morse
web posted February 4, 2002

Unless I'm taking the concept too literally, Black History Month seems to me to be an appropriate time to examine African-American history. In my cursory analysis, I am immediately struck by how modern African-American history seems to feature only leftists. Patriots, those African-Americans who have looked to the American system to solve problems of injustice, are virtually ignored. Our "liberal" culture has glorified only those African-Americans who have genuflected to the left, those who have supported totalitarian state programs or have agitated for violence. The left leaning "liberal" establishment, which is predominantly white, has promoted these African-American leftist leaders, I would contend, as a subtle means of preserving a "white mans burden" form of racism.

A case in point regarding an African-American patriot who remains curiously unknown is that of the Rev. Dr. J.H. Jackson. The Rev. Dr. Jackson presided over the 87th Annual National Baptist Convention held in Denver, Sept. 1967. With 6.3 million members, the Baptist convention was the largest African-American organization in its day, yet, this conservative organization, and this convention, attended by 30 thousand people, attracted barely a mention in the media. At the time, the media was too fixated on the ramblings of violent Marxist lunatics Stokeley Carmichael and H. Rap Brown, who were being marketed and presented to the American people as leaders of Black America.

At the convention, the Rev. Dr. Jackson proclaimed, "those who cry 'to Hell with America' should leave and go to the country that they love." He said, " For those who do not have the money, we will pay their fare." His speech was interrupted 15 times by standing ovations. In attendance were respected and accomplished African-American leaders from across the country. Dr. Jackson stated, to waves of applause, that if there wasn't enough jail space for the violent revolutionaries, the penal system should be expanded.

Regarding the radical Black Power movement, the darling of the elite press, the Rev. Dr. Jackson thundered, "No hen has the right to cackle who hasn't laid an egg. Black Power folk, many with no soap and no bathtubs, are cackling about their power. They need to do something first." Jackson went on to say, "Black Power is organized hate, and it does not describe constructive and productive action on the part of American Negroes...American Power is color blind." Here was an African-American leader who had the courage to stand up and speak the truth.

While African-American "leaders," such as Carmichael, Rap Brown, the Black Panthers and others of their ilk were agitating for the burning of American cities and violence, genuine leaders such as Rev. Jackson and other patriots, preached achievement, capitalism, and Christianity. While the leftist establishment rewarded the radicals with generous grants through government agencies set up to fight the "War on Poverty" and well as through endowed private foundations, African-American patriots such as the Rev. Dr. J.H. Jackson and other heroes of his ilk toiled in virtual anonymity. While the radicals were rewarded with puff pieces and glamorous cover pictures in Time and Look, continuous News coverage on TV and airbrushed documentaries, op-ed's, and movies, the African-American patriots struggled to promote their message on a shoestring. You see, the African-American patriots, unlike the grant fattened and media pampered radicals, had to work for a living while they championed the cause of their people.

Given the fact that virtually the entire story of African-American history is viewed through the lens of the left, and that leftist leaders were promoted and financed by the establishment left in avalanche proportions, its actually amazing to me that Black America has even survived let alone prospered. If the left, with their big money, big-media, and big power structure had succeeded in what appears to have been a conspiracy to create a race war, there's no telling where our country would be today. The amazing success of African-Americans, and for that matter all of us today is clearly in spite of the left and their African-American apparatchiks. African-American success, actually, is attributable to the irresistible superiority of our American system of capitalism, morality, and freedom.

Chuck Morse is the author of the upcoming book "The Difference between Us And Them."

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