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Are you ready to pay your UN taxes?

By Alan Caruba
web posted February 18, 2002

When I took the oath of duty for my service in the United States Army, I swore to uphold and protect the US Constitution. It was made clear to me that I was not to serve any foreign kings or potentates. My sole allegiance was to the United States of America.

One of these days, if the United Nations' potentates have their way, I am going to receive a tax bill that will include a portion of my earnings allocated to the UN. Their taxation powers will have been imposed as a new layer on top of those paid to the United States.

As it is, my tax dollars and yours already contribute to the dues paid by the US; a full 22 per cent of the entire bill to maintain the UN, but not including the money we give to UNESCO, nor the millions to fund the many military missions we undertake for the UN, but for which we rarely, if ever, receive compensation.

Last year, the US was voted off the UN Human Rights Commission, a seat it held from its beginning in 1948. It has lost it seat on the UN International Narcotics Board and now comes word that it may lose its leadership role with the UN World Food Program where we contributed $24 million last year, more than any other nation. The General Accounting Office is about to release a report that former President Clinton diverted $24 billion, meant for our military, for UN peacekeeping missions around the world from 1995 to 2001.

The "official" amount we are said to have contributed is $3.45 billion. The notion that this nation owes any dues to the UN is a fraud. Had I any choice, not one cent of my money would go to the upkeep of the UN.

UN headquarters in New York: A future tax return processing center?
UN headquarters in New York: A future tax return processing center?

For Americans and others around the world, if the upcoming March 18th through 22nd meeting of the UN's High Level Panel of Financing Development has its way, this global octopus will spread its tentacles of power to impose global taxes.

On the surface, the conference will be passed off as being about boosting foreign aid to needy Third World nations. They are needy because they are mostly run by despots who siphon off aid into their Swiss bank accounts or spend it on military hardware instead of roads and bridges, hospitals and schools.

They are needy because they oppress their own people and destroy their ability to create any kind of a middle class who might unite to demand freedom. In socialist regimes, they are provided with enough "free" services to keep them (in theory) content.

The treaties and protocols created by this "Development" conference will be added to the more than 175 that already directly affect the internal policies of the United States of America, its individual States, and your local government.

(1) They intend to create an International Tax Organization. My father was a certified public accountant. Every year, until he retired, he wrestled with an increasingly complex tax code issued by the Internal Revenue Service. I learned to keep receipts for everything from him. Can you imagine trying to deal with a United Nations tax code?

(2) They intend to levy global taxes and they have their eyes on those that would affect every single financial transaction (currency) and on all energy use. These taxes would most affect industrialized nations by redistributing the funds to those for whom capitalism is an anathema. It isn't taxation.

It's theft.

(3) They are calling for something they call "tax harmonization." This would permit high-tax nations, Socialists, to require their system be imposed on all income earned in the United States. Thus, the welfare states of Europe and the corrupt Third World nations would bring all their economic woes to bear on the citizens of the US. Right now, the President is calling for lower taxes in order to stimulate our economy. Under the rules being proposed by the United Nations, this nation would not have their power.

(4) If someone from another nation moved to the United States, the UN conference will propose that their earnings be taxed to ensure the payment would be made to the nation they fled!

The conference will also call for the United States to increase its foreign aid to "the annual equivalent of 0.7 percent of industrialized countries' gross national product." This means our current level of foreign aid would rise from $12 billion annually to more than $70 billion!

None of the language of the proposals that will be put forth at the UN conference make any reference at all to lowering tax rates, a vital element for economic development, nor will it discuss controlling wasteful government spending.

This conference is about destroying the economic strength of the United States and the restructuring of our economic system to resemble the welfare states of England, France, Germany and nations whose governments take up to 70 per cent ore more of the earnings of their citizens. They then redistribute it into programs such as socialized medicine that simply do not work.

The conference is about controlling all multinational corporations, all international transactions, turning them into cash cows for the United Nations.

The United States has exactly one vote in the UN General Assembly. The vast number of the other 185 nations would be the primary beneficiaries of this scheme to deprive Americans of the right to determine what their tax codes will be and how their tax dollars are spent. Most Americans have no idea they are barely a month away from this act of global government grand theft.

A treaty begins life officially when the UN General Assembly or a special conference adopts the final draft of a proposed treaty. This draft is then circulated to member nations for their "signatures." Delegates from the participating nations "sign" the document, thus indicating their nation's intent to "ratify" it. The signature does not bind the nation to the terms of the treaty, but it does obligate the nation to "take no action contrary to the treaty."

Americans are being duped into accepting restrictions that can do nothing more than increase the cost of the use of all forms of energy by this nation. If there isn't a massive outcry against the forthcoming UN "Development" conference, we will all end up paying taxes to the United Nations.

There is only one solution. The United States must withdraw from the United Nations or it will be subsumed into its plan to determine every aspect of life here and in every other nation of the world. We will end up paying for our own enslavement. There can be no halfway steps toward accommodation.

Wendell Phillips said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." We are about to lose ours.

Alan Caruba is the author of "The United Nations Vs. The United States", available from the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center. He writes a weekly commentary, "Warning Signs", also posted on the site.

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