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The Second American Civil War

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 28, 2011

Between Madison, Wisconsin, Tripoli, Libya, and all the other capitols erupting in protest throughout the Middle East, lie half of America and most of North Africa. Television network prophets foresee the entire mess stretching throughout the increasingly precarious European Union, not to mention the nuclear bomb-rattling within the tyrannies of North Korea and Iran.

In such circumstances I immediately simplify matters in full and complete resignation to the inevitable. This is all undeniable foreplay to World War III. The most disturbing fact for Americans is that this World War III first necessitates a Second American Civil War.

Such suicidal brinksmanship had actually begun on September 11, 2001: a Kamikaze encounter between eternally incompatible residents on earth. In this case: A Red or Communist/Islamic Non-aggression Pact vs. the profoundly shaken Judeo-Christian Culture. The depth of sleep encompassing Americans "at the wheel" is still mind-numbing. It surpasses the sloth of the American government during the Kennedy assassinations.

The only comforting reality for Judeo-Christianity? A Communist Islam is a profounder pipe-dream and contradiction-in-terms than the West has ever been. The Red Jihad is far more vulnerable than the multi-millenniums-old fact of Judeo-Christian co-dependence.

I have no doubt that eventually Judeo-Christianity will prevail over this very insane marriage of convenience between Marx and Mohammed.

What, however, will remain of America and American leadership in the face of its Second Civil War?

The gloves are now beginning to be pulled off in Madison, Wisconsin.

The coming budget battle in Washington may shut down the government once more.

No? Some solution may have been reached about the budget? Is Obama in the same conciliatory mood that the Clinton administration always reached for when its saber-rattling bluffs were called?

You wouldn't know it from the trouble the President and his union friends helped to stir up in Wisconsin.

Senator Obama's abstentions on major decisions in Illinois are not a policy that works in the White House. The President has clearly pushed the envelope with even his strongest puppets in the American press. They won't endure the Obama evasions for long, not under these conditions.

What now?

Does the increasingly incendiary presence of angry labor unions in the Wisconsin punch-up signal the difference between the government shutdowns of Clinton's administration in 1995 and Obama's metaphorical bankruptcy in 2011?

Is the Left really serious this time? About terrifying the American people?

Of course.

Obama's whole "fundamental transformation of the United States" seems increasingly dependent upon a Second American Civil War. But will Obama and the unions win?

I am certain, despite the Mainstream Media's 2008 campaign estimates of the similarities between President Abraham Lincoln and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, President Obama is unquestionably more of the Confederacy's  Jefferson Davis than America's Abraham Lincoln.

Among the President's bullying advisers in labor, i.e. Richard Trumka, or even among the serpentine likes of Cass Sunstein, is there a Robert E. Lee anywhere among them?


What if we look for a Progressive military genius in the Progressive New World Order, its United Nations and Sino-neo-Soviet collaborators?

Well, that, for me, recalls France's diseased efforts to help the Southern Confederacy during the Civil War.

What a diabolically inevitable but profoundly historical irony that our second Jefferson Davis should turn out to be our first, African-American President.

Only in America, early 19th Century Russia and 18th Century France could humanity be offered such an unpredictably wide range of anarchic, suicidal and oxymoronic alternatives.

Because of America's growing civil war, world conflagration might prove to be inevitable. That will not happen, however, until the Second American Civil War has begun in full force.

When the Communist Muslim Axis decides to join the Obama Nation's Confederacy in defeating a traditionally American will to live and remain free? Unlike America in the 1940's, the inevitable combatants of World War III – Communist Islam vs. Western Civilization – will depend upon an equally inevitable civil war in the United States.  It will be the outcome of America's Second Civil War that will decide the inevitability and outcome of World War III.

However, once the Obama Nation of a Confederate New World Order reaches outside itself for military help from the United Nations?

That is cheating and the entire human race will know it.

Humanity will recognize "broken rules" in a flash, and the American MSM, Blue Dogs and RINO's will be split down the middle in their allegiances and loyalties.

Will the American armed services – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines – suddenly become the docile slaves of a Confederate Obama Nation? A "Regime", as the New World Order's Godfather George Soros describes it, committed to legalized abortion in the same way the South was willing to die for legalized slavery?

Will American forces remain docile during the possible invasion of America by United Nations and/or Canadian forces?

We know that State and Local Law Enforcement will hardly be lining up to be drafted into Federal Puppet Brigades.

Doomsday Scenarios, so frequently projected upon the drawing tables within governments, both free and tyrannized, are now being posited daily.

What is the possible outcome to a Second American Civil War? And why am I so sure there will be one?

The bipartisan – and I mean bipartisan – New World Order agreement with Roe v Wade and legalized abortion has already set Confederate Washington on a collision course with the American conscience and with America's very identity.

As with slavery, America again refuses to see her own limitations, her inability to sustain the inhumanity of policies such as legalized slavery and the unrestrained, legalized murder of infanticide.

A simple review of World War II should show the American Progressive Confederacy the futility of their, by-now, inevitably compulsive leap into a World War III.

One thing about America: she has never been known for half measures in anything.

That psychological fact, of course, insures both America's honors and her bloodiest tragedies. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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