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Shame on Amnesty International and the rest of the morally-challenged leftists

By Murray Soupcoff
web posted March 31, 2003

Time for today's laugh-out-loud hilarity of the day. Amidst continuing reports of Saddam's militia 'irregulars' deliberately sabatoging Basra's water purification plants, firing mortar rounds against unarmed Shi'ite protestors, and gathering up Iraqi civilians, pointing guns in their back, and marching them in the direct line of fire of Allied troops while firing away at the Allied soldiers from behind these involunatry 'human shields', comes the latest charge of human rights violations from the sanctimonious American haters at Amnesty International and other leftist "humanitarian" NGO's.

Yes, you know what's coming. The villain of this latest Amnesty International laughfest is none other than (surprise, surprise!) the United States of America. And what horrible human rights outrage have those nefarious Yankees committed now? Why those horrible sadists bombed Iraqi television's main station in Baghdad.

According to the ever-vigilant human-rights advocates at Amnesty International, the bombing could be a breach of the Geneva convention: "The bombing of a television station, simply because it is being used for the purposes of propaganda, cannot be condoned. It is a civilian object, and thus protected under international humanitarian law."

And the sactimonious International Federation of Journalists describes the attack as an attempt at censorship: "I think there should be a clear international investigation into whether or not this bombing violates the Geneva convention," the group's general secretary whined. "We have every reason to believe this is an act of censorship against media that US politicians and military strategists don't like."

Now that's a real sign of having your priorities in order. The Iraqis appear to have carried out their own unique breach of the Geneva convention, executing three American P.O.W.'s on the spot after an ambush of an American supply convoy in southern Iraq. Saddam's militia irregulars forcibly employ innocent Shi'ite civilians as human shields, while they blast away at exposed American troops -- just daring the Americans to fire back. But Amnesty International chooses to take a stand on protecting the right of Saddam Hussein and his thugs-in-arms to continue to broadcast hours and hours of mindless propaganda images of goosestepping militias, of Saddam kissing starving Iraqi children before retiring to one of his billion-dollar palatial palaces for an ample seven-course dinner, and of virile Saddam 'doubles' riding horses and mindlessly shooting wild life of all persuasions.

Puleeez! What has happened to the humanitarian left? Have they become so immersed in their envy and hatred of the United States that they look away from the most horrific violations of the rights of ordinary Iraqis in order to score petty technical points in their small-minded ideological war to discredit America at any cost?

Have they become so blinded by their now instinctive sentiment that any enemy of the U.S. must be worthy and good and a friend -- even if he is a psychotic dictator who rules by dint of terror, torture and violation of every moral principle that Amnesty International stands for?

Shame on these petty left-wing moralists -- idealists who have been transformed by emotions of envy and resentment into compulsive American haters -- increasingly fulfilling only one role in international politics, as 'useful idiots' for the growing legion of despots and tyrants in the world.

If things keep going the way they are, it looks like many of today's human-rights organizations will soon be as outmoded and unnecessary as the United Nations.

After the Allied victory in Iraq, bulldozers in California may soon be clearing the way for a liberal Jurassic Park, commemorating all the outmoded institutional relics of the waning hate America era, including Amnesty International, PEN, PETA and the United Nations.

Murray Soupcoff is the author of 'Canada 1984' and a former radio and television producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He also was Executive Editor of We Compute Magazine for many years, and is now the Managing Editor of the popular conservative Web site, The Iconoclast.

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