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Philip Dru Obama

By Henry Lamb
web posted April 26, 2010

Philip Dru is a fictional character created by Colonel Edward Mandell House.  House was a political activist in Texas before becoming campaign manager for Woodrow Wilson.  For eight years, House was Wilson's Czar-in-chief, and worked to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a government that operated like the government in his novel:  Philip Dru: Administrator.

Barack Obama must have read that book, and loved it.  His performance in office is quite similar to the performance of Philip Dru.   Philip Dru believed that:

"Our Constitution and our laws served us well for the first 100 years of our existence, but under the conditions of today, they are not only obsolete, but even grotesque." (p.222).

Listen to Obama explain why he believes that the Constitution is "…an imperfect document, and deeply flawed…."

 Dru believed that government and labor should be represented on the board of every corporation, and that "…his country was debased by the power of wealth, under the thin guise of the constitutional protection of property."  Dru also believed that Congress was an unnecessary obstacle to good lawmaking, and thus, he eventually bypassed it.

The similarity between Philip Dru and Barack Obama is uncanny.  Obama set out immediately to create an "Administrator" type of government by naming more than 30 Czars that bypassed Congressional approval and oversight, each with administrative power and responsible only to the Administrator-in-chief. 

Obama wasted no time getting representatives of government on the boards of the auto industry and in effective control of much of the financial industry.  He has publicly pledged to support "Card Check" and has favored unions over management at every opportunity.  

 Dru believed that "…the property and lives of all" should be under the protection of the Administrator, who alone, had the power to make laws (pp 154, 221).   

Every action Obama has taken during the 15 months he's been in office has been designed to put the lives and property of every citizen and corporation - under the "protection" (read: control) of the government. 

He plunged the nation into debt to the tune of nearly a trillion dollars with his so-called "recovery" act.  He transferred to government control nearly 16 percent of the economy and complete control over health care for the entire nation with his so-called health care reform act.  He is now planning to take control over the entire financial industry with his so-called financial reform act.  This proposal goes way beyond regulation and is, in fact, government control of the financial industry.

The 89-page reform proposal was prepared by the Department of the Treasury.  It calls for the creation of a new "Financial Services Oversight Council," to be chaired (surprise, surprise) by the Secretary of the Treasury.  The new Council will supersede the authority of all other financial regulatory agencies and will have a completely new staff, housed (surprise, surprise) in the Department of the Treasury.

It will create a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, another new bureaucracy with extraordinary rule-making and enforcement authority.  This could well be the government's "Brown Shirts" for the financial industry.

Obama is true to one of his campaign promises: he is fundamentally changing the United States of America into a nation totally controlled by government.  The Constitution – which Obama believes to be flawed – created a government controlled by the people.  Apparently, Obama believes this idea to be "…obsolete, even grotesque."

Some form of the Cap & Tax bill will be front and center soon.  It too, will be forced upon the people one way or the other.  If the Senate balks, look for the EPA to implement new penalties administratively – for producing carbon dioxide.    It's coming.

The emergence of discussion about a Value Added Tax (VAT) is no accident.  Regardless of how it is downplayed by the White House, it is a major part of the White House agenda.  The incredible debt incurred by the Obama administration, combined with his ambitious government-control agenda, has to be funded.  The VAT provides a way that the administration can say it will be a temporary tax, designed to eliminate the debt.  Who can be against eliminating the debt?

The VAT will not be temporary, nor will its use be limited to debt retirement.   Obama is following the same procedure used throughout Europe where the "temporary" VAT now ranges from 15 percent in Cyprus, to 25 percent in Norway and several other countries.

Philip Dru Obama is making unbelievable progress towards converting the United States to an "Administrator" type government under the control of his personally-chosen sub-administrators.  His policies ignore the Constitution and the expressed will of the American people.  The nation Obama is building is looking much more like the socialist nations in Europe, than the free-market America our founders created.

Obama can be stopped.  It will take more than 41 Senators and 177 Representatives in Congress.  It will take a majority in both houses of Congress who still believe in the U.S. Constitution, and that the government it created is the most perfect societal organization yet devised.   Now is the time to be choosing incumbents to be replaced and finding new candidates who can replace them. 

The litmus test should be simply to replace incumbents who support Philip Dru Obama's brand of government, with new candidates who have demonstrated a belief in, and love for, the U. S. Constitution. ESR

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance,"  Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.


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