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web posted June 2, 2003

"The United Nations has been exposed as a safe haven for terrorists and their regimes. They have proven themselves incapable of, and uninterested in, the task of ridding the world of terrorists." -- Oliver North

"Trashing our history and its icons has become the identifying phenomenon of our national culture, what there is left of it." -- Wesley Pruden

"Age no more confers adulthood than a high school degree guarantees literacy." -- Kathleen Parker

"There are a number of militant conservatives or activist conservatives or whatever you want to call them, who decided that our coverage was liberal and Fox's was accurate. I don't quite understand it, because I don't see it in the coverage." -- ABC anchor Peter Jennings

"Presently illegal 'assault weapons' will soon become legal again unless Congress acts. In a May 15 report, CNN aired a demonstration of an illegal versus legal 'assault weapon' that showed the presently illegal one blowing apart cinder blocks, while the legal model did no apparent damage. After the NRA accused CNN of 'faking' the presentation -- since both rifles should cause the same damage -- on May 19 CNN conceded their demonstration was misleading." -- Liz Swasey, Media Bias Alert

"My personal reason was that, although I love Al Gore and I like many of his ideas, I just had a problem with his wife. I know I'm going to get myself in trouble. Look, I have a loud mouth." -- actress Kirstie Alley revealing why she reluctantly voted for Bush

"Let's start at the end. Here's a little quiz: After plunging himself and his newspaper into a major credibility crisis, 27-year-old Jayson Blair met with a) his pastor, b) his parents, c) a defense attorney or d) a literary agent. The correct answer is, of course, 'd.' ... Ah America, where there is no shame and being a nasty, lying creep gets you a lucrative afterlife in books and movies." -- Mona Charen

"We newsmen must always appear objective; truth is a secondary consideration." -- Paul Greenberg

"Thank God for the Oslo Accords, the Mitchell Plan, the Camp David Accords, and the Road Map to Peace, because without them, we'd have a lot of bombings." -- Rush Limbaugh

"Here's something you'll hear. I don't know if this magazine is out, but according to the latest issue of Washingtonian magazine, Bill Clinton has decided to run for mayor of New York City in 2005. That's what I hear. Which is perfect, the city that never sleeps and the man who sleeps with everyone. .... He'd be the city's second black mayor." -- Jay Leno

"The UN Security Council voted to allow the U.S. and Britain to rule Iraq until they feel Iraq is ready for democracy. Nobody seems to be in any rush. Right now the Iraqis would be happy if the U.S. and Britain felt they were ready for electricity. .... The Pentagon said U.S. soldiers pay Baghdad police, electrical, and sanitation workers every day in $20 bills. It's bad news for Democrats. In addition to knowing how to win a war in two weeks, the Army will return trained and ready to run Chicago." -- Argus Hamilton

web posted May 26, 2003

"It is more than irony that Republicans are the staunchest backers of school choice when the beneficiaries are primarily minority children whose parents mostly vote for Democrats, and Democrats oppose it in the face of overwhelming approval among one of their biggest constituencies. A market economy offers larger slices of the economic pie to all who are willing to work for it. A market education system will offer a better education for children, which is their ticket to success. Some politicians say more money is the answer to the problems in the public schools. If it were, the United States would have the best-educated students on earth, because we are spending record amounts. School choice is the answer. If the politicians and unions stand in their way, parents, who care more about their children than a politician ever will, are going to demand, and get, the schools they want and their children need." -- Cal Thomas

"...[W]ithout the knowledge of who we are as a people and what we stand for, we are creating a situation where our liberty could be in jeopardy. Our freedom, our strength as a country is threatened by this lack of knowledge." -- Victoria Hughes

"The value system of this country calls on us to help others in need, even when the sacrifice is great. We see that as part of the responsibility of maintaining freedom not only at home but for those who wish to emulate (but not necessarily replicate) our aspiration for liberty, if only for the next generation. Such is the promise of our call to arms." -- Paul M. Rodriguez

"The moral relativism implicit in postmodernism has soaked into the entire culture. The central assumption of post-modernism is that independent moral judgments are impossible and that conviction is a substitute for fact. If my personal truth is true 'for me' no one can say otherwise. ... I once defended myself against the charge of racism from a college student by citing the definition from the dictionary. She responded that 'dictionaries are meaningless' all that mattered is how she felt. 'One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'; 'it depends on the meaning of "is" '; 'who are you to judge?'; 'it's all relative'; 'perception is reality'; on and on: These are the barnacles that build up on a society which takes postmodern thought seriously. When Hillary Clinton ran for the Senate in 2000, she told voters the only question was which candidate is more 'concerned' about the issues facing New Yorkers -- not which candidate was more qualified or which candidate had better ideas. ... If you can't grasp why this is a terrible trend, ask yourself this: When you hire a plumber, are you looking for someone who can fix your toilet, or are you looking for the person most concerned about fixing your toilet? ... The answer explains why we don't hire postmodernists as plumbers, and why we shouldn't hire them as politicians -- or professors -- either." -- Jonah Goldberg

"The media needs to ask itself some tough questions about its own rules of engagement abroad, the use of bribe money, and the ethical and voluntary responsibility of its pundits and writers to account to their readers, when they have for so long consistently fed them nonsense and error. Universities, in turn, must ask themselves fundamental questions about tenure and teaching loads: Why does tuition consistently rise faster than inflation; why is free speech so often curbed and regulated; and why did so many prominent professors, during the past two years, in a time of war, say so many dreadful things about their own military -- from general untruths about 'millions' of starving, refugees, and dead to come, to the occasional provocateur applauding the destruction of the Pentagon and wishing for more Mogadishus?" -- Victor Davis Hanson

"The Democratic Party needs to hold a huge, happy funeral for its dead ideas. Then it needs to give birth to inspiring new ones. That would be the greatest favor the Dems could do for themselves, for Republicans, and for America. But insisting that every American success is really a failure serves no one's interests. President Bush has soared in the polls because he's a man of action and because his actions have been intuitively correct. His opponents, trapped in a culture of rejection as reality defying as that of the terrorists, have become nothing more than political suicide bombers. Fortunately, they tend to detonate among themselves." -- Ralph Peters

"After a grueling fight [in Iraq], a company of infantrymen was resting and opening their first mail delivery of the war. One of the young soldiers had received a care package and was sharing the home-baked cookies with his friends. A photographer with a heavy French accent asked if he could have one. The soldier looked him over and said there would be no cookies for Frenchmen. The photographer then protested that he was half Italian. Without missing a beat, the soldier broke a cookie in half and gave it to him." -- Jim Lacey

"The wish not to have to update one's Rolodex burns fiercely in the political breast. ...In the Middle East, clinging to the status quo even as it's melting and dripping on to your shoes is one reason why the region is now a problem." --Mark Steyn

"All the road maps, however exquisitely drawn by all the president's men, lead only to dead ends." -- Wesley Pruden

" ...[Federal funding of sex studies turns] Uncle Sam into a taxpayer-funded Peeping Tom. Wouldn't you love to ask James Madison if this was the sort of expenditure he envisioned when drafting the Constitution?" -- Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute at Concerned Women for America

"Is the War on Terrorism World War IV? That's the name given to this conflict by scholar Eliot A. Cohen and former Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey. What they intend to suggest is that this war is as much of an existential threat as were the first and second world wars and the Cold War. Osama bin Laden would agree. ...When will the War on Terror be won? No one knows. The first step toward getting the job done is simply to accept that we are at war -- not everyone does accept that, even now. The second step is to understand who we are fighting and what it will require to defeat them. The third step is to do what is required." -- Clifford D. May

"It makes its own statement about Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins that even they won't marry each other." -- Norman Liebmann

"I was all too aware that on the night of the Academy Awards, 15 Marines had been killed - kids my son's age. And their families, I'm sure, did not have the Academy Awards turned on that night. I am not comfortable with adding to their misery, and so I prefer to keep my liberal-a**, left-wing limousine-liberal mouth shut until these lives are no longer being spent." -- Dustin Hoffman on why he didn't make an anti-war protest at this year's Academy Awards ceremony

"According to a CBS news poll, 66 percent of Americans cannot name a single Democratic candidate running for president. The other 34 percent are Democratic candidates." -- Jay Leno

"Democrats held a presidential debate in Iowa in front of a union crowd. It was quite a show. The candidates spent ninety minutes discussing ways to prevent corporations from making profits so we can get this economy moving again." -- Argus Hamilton

web posted May 19, 2003

"Businesses just want to be left alone. They want to be liked. And they have a pathological fear of lawsuits. So when shareholders or union leaders who are more radical than their rank and file demand family benefits for homosexual couples -- and threaten embarrassing protests and boycotts -- it is much easier to comply. When Jesse Jackson shows up in the corporate office demanding not just racial equity in hiring but millions of dollars paid to his organizations, most businesses give it.... Ironically, groups that actually support the American freedoms that have given businesses their prosperity are generally shut out of corporate grants. Those funds instead go to groups whose policies, if put into place, would destroy the very businesses that are funding them." -- Gene Edward Veith

"The growing arbitrariness and unreality of the government's official racial categories is a reason for dropping them. Unfortunately, the spoils system that has grown up around them gives interest groups a stake in perpetuating them. But race relations are being bedeviled by battles over quotas, preferences and other badges of victimhood and diminished competence. A cooling of the acrimonious scramble for group preferences might be one result of blurring the false clarity of the racial categories that the census uses and that fuel the scramble. And in this, blurring would be not imprecision, but accuracy." -- George Will

"Adherents of this anti-American creed variously describe themselves as 'Marxists,' 'anti-globalists,' 'anti-war activists' or, more generally, 'progressives.' Their secular worldview holds claims that America is responsible for reaction, oppression, and exploitation across the globe and causes them to regard this country as the moral equivalent of militant Islam's 'Great Satan.' This explains the otherwise incomprehensible practical alliances that individuals who claim to be avatars of social justice make with Islamo-fascists like Saddam Hussein." -- David Horowitz

"According to the 2000 Census, residents who reported as Asian, or in combination with one or more other races, totaled 11.9 million -- or 4% -- of our population. In my book that makes Asians a minority. ... If you see things that way, and think Asian-Americans are eligible for preferential treatment, it simply means you haven't kept abreast with modern racial enlightenment. A minority group is not a minority if, as a group, it is successful." -- Walter Williams

"But in this country, government has no rights. It may have power, authority, responsibility -- but only the people have rights. At least since 1776, the American government's legitimacy has depended on the consent of the governed." -- Paul Greenberg

"Just as conservatives must remember the limits of government, libertarians must understand the importance of virtue. A free society rests in part on shared values, including a common understanding of the intrinsic value of each individual and the obligation to respect others' rights." -- W. James Antle III

"The money people earn is their own and they have a moral right to keep as much of it as possible. It does not belong to Congress." -- Ron Paul

"The [New York Times Jayson] Blair scandal is not just evidence that reporters can go off track. It's a reminder that diversity programs can undermine the standards that made great institutions great." -- John Leo

"Who cares if the Times newsroom 'looks like America' if they all think like Howell Raines?" -- Brent Bozell

"The American Left is the only intellectual force in Western history to gain moral superiority by being wrong. In world history, I can think of only one other movement that has gained moral and intellectual superiority in this way, the mullahs of Islamic fundamentalism." -- R. Emmett Tyrrell

"Well, I'm going to argue to you that in broadcast journalism, this is much less likely to happen because you've got so many people working on every story that there are more people to ask questions, but in print, if one person wants to say he went someplace when he didn't go someplace, it's much harder to catch." -- Diane Sawyer defending broadcast journalism against the possibility of fabrication and distortion in light of the Jayson Blair scandal

"When people think of trustworthy journalists named Peter, I don't think the name Collins comes to mind." -- ABC News statement responding to charges from former ABC reporter Peter Collins that the network's biggest talkinghead, Peter Jennings, ordered his scripts rewritten for a pro-Marxist slant

"I think conservative leaders are acting in an hysterical manner, that the chairman of the RNC simply came to speak with us. He was well received and we appreciated his visit, and I think that they are making a lot of noise over nothing, in essence." -- David Smith of the Human Rights Campaign on RNC efforts to maintain ties with the homosexuals amid Sen. Santorum's recent comments

"Penn crosses over a bright line into unprotected speech when he publicly advocated the violent overthrow of the U.S. government." -- Film producer Stephen Bing, who recently fired Sean Penn from his starring role in an upcoming movie for Penn's anti-American activities. Bing now faces a $10 million lawsuit filed by Penn

"Sen. John F. Kerry has been citing his valorous Vietnam record more often than Gen. George Patton cursed." -- Ann Coulter

"You are one of my favorites, and I'd hate to stick this Titleist between your eyes." -- U.S. President George W. Bush to a photographer intruding on his golf match Sunday in New Mexico

"[A run for governor] could be very intimidating. But I said to myself: 'Hey, which of those guys ever won Mr. Universe? Who had Danny DeVito as a twin brother? Who did a movie with Sharon Stone? Who is married to Maria Shriver?' Me, so there you go." -- Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the possibility of a California gubernatorial campaign in 2006

"He's a moron, he's an old man. If your uncle started talking like that at Thanksgiving dinner, you know, you'd all have a talk when he left the room about how you have to keep an eye on Uncle Bobby." -- Dennis Miller on Sen. Robert Byrd

"Hey, those Clinton-Dole debates on "60 Minutes" -- not doing well. The ratings are really bad, in fact there's talk it may not be back next season. They say to be renewed, Bob Dole will have to come off as more charming and Clinton will have to come off as more honest. So in other words, they're screwed. .... Have you watched it? Do you think it's good? It is kind of dull, isn't it? If they want some real fireworks, they should have Bill arguing with Hillary. I'd pay to see that." -- Jay Leno

"The Los Angeles Police announced ... that one hundred and fifty LAPD officers have been sent to Baghdad to train the local police. Let's watch the fun. The three great mysteries of the world are Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle, and how U.S. authorities in Baghdad expect LAPD training to prevent looting and rioting." -- Argus Hamilton

web posted May 12, 2003

"Iraq needs, quickly, four things that America required years -- decades, really -- to acquire. First, a leader who symbolizes national unity. Second, a constitution that establishes federalism that accommodates and tempers regionalism and durable factions. Third, an interpreter of the constitution who can prevent centrifugal tendencies from turning federalism into a force that makes the central government too weak to prevent disintegration through secession. Fourth, the institutions -- and mores -- needed for an entrepreneurial market system." -- George Will

"In the last twenty-five years, no one has killed more Muslims than Saddam Hussein. Yet, only two of 57 Muslim states lined up against him. In the same interval, no nation in the world has saved more Muslim lives than the United States (Afghanistan, Somalia, Kosovo and Kurdish Iraq); yet only 2 of 57 Muslim states recognized the debt enough to support America's war effort. The Arab world in particular is a collection of medieval theocracies and fascist regimes, who supported first Hitler and then the Communist empire. Its culture is xenophobic and its media is effectively controlled by the state. How could America conduct itself in liberating any Arab country or neutralizing any Arab threat without provoking a negative reaction?" -- David Horowitz

"The use of force has been -- and remains -- our last resort. Yet all can know, friend and foe alike, that our nation has a mission: We will answer threats to our security, and we will defend the peace." -- U.S. President George W. Bush

"Think of the scenes we've all witnessed. They will certainly take their place alongside the Berlin Wall, the liberation of Paris. ... What all of you have accomplished will go down in history books." -- U.S. Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, speaking to U.S. troops during a visit to coalition headquarters in Qatar

"Only the most extreme Bush-haters in Washington, Hollywood, and Europe would now suggest that America's mission failed in Iraq. Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rumsfeld have been vindicated like few leaders in modern American history." -- Joe Scarborough

"Few arguments in international diplomacy are so convincing as a convincing victory." -- Paul Greenberg

"We are bound and determined that that the Clinton gun ban on semi-autos and so-called 'assault rifles' will not be re-enacted. I promise you that."-- NRA's Wayne LaPierre

"It should not be easier to sue a doctor than to get an appointment with a doctor." -- Sen. Judd Gregg

"I have done too much gambling, and this is not an example I wish to set. Therefore, my gambling days are over." -- Bill Bennett

"Western journalists and Iraqi families looking for the remains of vanished loved ones seem to be the primary visitors so far to Iraq's political prisons and graveyards. Maybe it would be useful for the U.S. military to arrange a tour of these facilities for Tariq Aziz and other captured regime leaders while we still have the world's attention. Afterward, Mr. Aziz could sit down for a 'Nightline'-style town meeting with Iraqi citizens, explaining why the murders, torture and conspicuous consumption of Saddam and his cronies was necessary and good for Iraq. Al Jazeera could provide TV coverage. U.S. Generals Eisenhower and Patton arranged tours of Nazi death camps for Germans after World War II, and it proved a useful step on the way to Germans drawing the proper lessons from their experience." -- Wall Street Journal

"For those who grade presidential photo-ops, this was an A++. I mean, look at the pictures of the President on the flight deck. He looks like one of the pilots -- I'll say one thing, he was very careful to take that helmet off before he got out on the flight deck. Nobody wants a picture in a helmet looking like, remember back in 1988, Michael Dukakis in the tank." -- ABC's George Stephanopoulos

"It is not widely known, but in time it will be widely known, the length to which the French government went to frustrate the U.S. initiative in the Mideast. It was not merely a matter of threatening a veto in the United Nations. The French...went so far as to share intelligence with Iraqi agents, giving them data useful in frustrating the American advance. ...[T]he French government was willing to put all of its resources into frustrating the U.S. diplomatic, and subsequently military, offensive." -- William F. Buckley, Jr.

"The battle over Iraq may be over, but the war on terror is not. Our nation continues to face a ruthless enemy -- and thus a test of our national character. Do Americans have it in them to run not just a sprint, but a marathon? Do we have what it takes to prosecute the war on terror over the long haul?" -- Gleaves Whitney

"Basically what Mr. Jennings wanted was for me to make a favorable pronouncement about the 10 years of the Sandinista revolution, and he called me up, massaged my script in a way that I no longer recognized it." -- Peter Collins, former ABC reporter, on a 1989 segment that anchor Peter Jennings demanded be pro-Marxist

"What we’re having now is a round of whining by entertainment celebrities who asked to be taken seriously about something other than their entertaining and then when they are taken seriously enough that people criticize them harshly, indeed threaten to boycott them, they find that they cannot stand the heat and they don't understand what they need to do is get out of the kitchen." -- Brit Hume

"For a card-carrying liberal, I was surprisingly unapologetic about our decision. Why should I sacrifice our daughter's future to an abstract principle?" -- Ms. April Falcon Doss explaining to Washington Post editor why her daughter was educated in private schools

"The administration gave the perfect response to the United Nations claim that it alone can confer legitimacy on the running of Iraq: We ignored it." -- Charles Krauthammer

"Taking 'the peace process' seriously requires a strong stomach and a taste for fantasy and satire. " -- Wesley Pruden

"It's like asking a quartet consisting of Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and Bruce Willis to mediate between the United States and Iraq." -- Mona Charen on the "Quartet" diplomats cobbled together, of the U.S., Russia, UN and EU, to "process" peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs

"Congratulations to Funny Cide, winner of the Kentucky Derby. I read today something like $1.6 million was waged at the Kentucky Derby ... but enough about Bill Bennett. .... All the politicians in Washington think Bennett is wrong. I mean, gambling with his own money. Who does that?" -- Jay Leno

"The New York Daily News reported Tuesday that Bill Clinton is working furiously on his memoirs. They said he locked himself in a Las Vegas hotel room to work on the book. His writing is so vivid there was lipstick on the towels the next morning." -- Argus Hamilton

web posted May 5, 2003

"Nowadays, it is fashionable for liberals to complain about the rise of the conservative counter-media. Supposedly, the mainstream media does their best to be fair, while the conservative counter-media are free to be partisan. Had the mainstream media honestly opened itself to conservative reporters, as it has to liberals, things might have turned out differently. But so long as the mainstream media keeps producing the sort of partisan and ignorant nonsense it has deployed in its effort to destroy Sen. [Rick] Santorum, it will deserve all the criticism from conservatives that it gets." -- Stanley Kurtz

"Putting aside what Daschle, Kerry, Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic leadership actually think about issues, no party leadership -- of either party -- can stray too far for too long from the strong feelings of their party's activists, contributors and special interests. In military terms, they can't outrun their supply lines -- unless they are prepared to be a guerrilla band and live off the land. And Tom 'the Dakota indoorsman' Daschle, Jack '57 varieties' Kerry and Ted 'another Chivas' Kennedy don't strike me as natural-born guerrillas." -- Tony Blankley

"Whether you're Sunni or Shia or Kurd or Chaldean or Assyrian or Turkoman or Christian or Jew or Muslim -- no matter what your faith, freedom is God's gift to every person in every nation." -- U.S. President George W. Bush

"It may be a dangerous world, and it may be an untidy world, but our country and our friends and allies are going to be able to preserve our way of life, [so we] still can continue as free people, not climb into holes and hide from others. We're going to be able to do that because we've got the ability and we have the kinds of capabilities that will enable us to do that." -- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

"Whether you were for or against this war, whether you preferred that the war be done with the UN's approval or without it, you have to feel good that right has triumphed over wrong. America did the right thing here. It toppled one of the most evil regimes on the face of the earth, and I don't think we know even a fraction of how deep that evil went. Fair-minded people have to acknowledge that." -- Thomas Friedman

"America has authentic values, and even politicians should be held accountable for knowing what these values are." -- Paul M. Rodriguez

"A strong nation can tolerate citizens who do not share its fundamental beliefs and goals. But then a point comes where there are just too many freeloaders and naysayers. There is just too much negativity for the positive citizens to overcome." -- David C. Stolinsky

"If America is to win the peace in Iraq and the next battles elsewhere, it must engage on behalf of its friends and potential friends by tapping into its own revolutionary roots." -- Saul Singer

"If veto-wielding France was actively colluding with Saddam's regime to oppress the Iraqi people and to prepare for a prospective attack, then...those who urged the Bush administration to subordinate American foreign policy to the French veto have a lot to answer for." -- James Taranto

"The two big losers of the (Iraq) war in the media were Gen. Barry McCaffrey and Wesley Clark. They were so wrong. They got way out on a limb on criticizing the Pentagon and the war plan and obviously the success of the operation cut the limb off." -- UVA political science professor Larry Sabato

"We should look to ...[Fidel Castro] as one of the Earth's wisest people, one of the people we should consult." -- Oliver Stone

"I think one must be careful in assuming that intellectuals have some kind of insight. In fact, if the track record of intellectuals is any indication, not only have intellectuals been wrong almost all of the time, but they have been wrong in corrosive and destructive ways." -- Sander L. Gilman, University of Illinois at Chicago

"You know the world is turned upside down, so the popular jest goes, when the top rapper is a white boy, the best golfer is black, the Germans 'don't want to study war no more,' the Russians want to play kind and gentle, the Chinese are offended by diplomatic rudeness, and the French complain about arrogance." -- Wes Pruden

"I'm not sure that intelligence has much place in diplomacy, other than to let one make bad choices in better prose." -- Fred Reed

"Washington is a Hollywood for ugly people. Hollywood is a Washington for the simpleminded." -- Sen. John McCain

"Good news for Hillary Clinton -- she's finally finished her book. Bad news for Bill Clinton -- Hillary's finished her book." -- Jay Leno

"The London Guardian found documents showing Paris fed intelligence to Baghdad before the war. Iraq got diplomatic secrets and military guidance from France. Who else could have taught the Iraqis how to lose their entire country in two weeks?" -- Argus Hamilton

web posted April 28, 2003

"You can imagine some Democrats muttering in chagrin today, 'Why did North Korea have to give up their demand so easily?' This attitude is reminiscent of the posture of the Democratic Party in the late 1980s. Back then, it was so out of step on so many issues that it had been forced into the position, in the words of party theorists Elaine Kamarck and Bill Galston, 'of tacitly hoping for bad news -- a stance the electorate can smell and doesn't like.' Usually sensible liberal commentator Peter Beinart recently wrote of North Korea that the administration portrays 'its calm as steely resolve. But it actually signifies a refusal to face reality.' As recent days have demonstrated, it is Bush's critics who have the reality problem -- one they ignore at their peril." -- Rich Lowry

"The United States is a powerful country, and one of the things we ought to do is use our power to make the world more peaceful and more free." -- U.S. President George W. Bush

"High competence and power get the world's full attention, particularly when combined with intelligence and restraint." -- John Leo

"Nothing can make war anything other than tragic. But comparing this war with other wars -- rather than with perfection -- it has been a marvel of military accomplishment and humanitarian concerns." -- Thomas Sowell

"Here in a nutshell is the classic modern-day misunderstanding of freedom: Freedom means not just the right to be free from government sanction, but also to be free from consequences." -- David Hogberg

"Iraq needs only four people to achieve post-Saddam success. Unfortunately, they are George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Marshall." -- George Will

"If the U.S. departed the UN, the UN would have left only real estate in New York." -- William F. Buckley, Jr.

"The challenges ahead in Iraq -- and in the rest of the Arab and Muslim worlds -- are enormous. They will only be made more difficult by the those who called 12 years of indulging Saddam a 'rush to war,' who called three weeks of combat a 'quagmire,' and who now imply that the sacking of a museum vitiates the liberation of a nation from Ba'athist tyranny." -- Clifford D. May

"Consider the greatest military collapse of modern times, the infamous French fold at the start of World War II. Germany invaded France on May 10, 1940, didn't get to Paris until June 14, and didn't get a French surrender until June 22. Even the French -- the French! --were able to hold out for 44 days. If Saddam prolongs the fighting for another 5 weeks, all he will be doing is rising to the level of military competence set by France." -- Jonathan Last

"I have a confession: I have at times, as the war has unfolded, secretly wished for things to go wrong. Wished for the Iraqis to be more nationalistic, to resist longer. Wished for the Arab world to rise up in rage. Wished for all the things we feared would happen. I'm not alone: A number of serious, intelligent, morally sensitive people who oppose the war have told me they have had identical feelings." -- Salon executive editor Gary Kamiya, arguing that he would have preferred more casualties to the 'larger moral negative' of a military victory boosting President Bush's political base

"If this is murder, well, then any time a late-term fetus is aborted, they could call it murder. There's something about this that bothers me a little bit. Was it born, or was it unborn? If it was unborn, then I can't see charging ... a double-murder." -- Mavra Stark, NOW President for the Morris County, New Jersey, chapter, objecting to charges of murder brought against Scott Peterson for causing the intentional deaths of his wife, Laci Peterson, and his unborn son, Conner

"TV networks don't rerun programs as often as Democrats rerun their class-warfare 'reality show'." -- Cal Thomas

"For crying out loud, the Democrats don't even have the sense of the French to understand what side to try to get on in this thing now." -- Rush Limbaugh

"People ask, 'Why aren't you really making fun of Democrats right now?' And we say we'd love to if we knew where they were." -- Jon Stewart

"President Clinton suffers from a very bad case of victory envy. Victory envy is when you're a loser and you didn't have any victories and now you see a guy who did it for real. And you realize that after all your puny Tomahawk missiles and your puny midnight or 2 a.m. attacks on the information building -- I mean, all the different pathetic things that President Clinton did in foreign policy -- suddenly you see what a real commander in chief and a real president is like." -- Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, on how our former national embarrassment fancied himself more of a big shot than he ever was

"So far, the war in Iraq has cost about 20 billion dollars -- approximately the same amount as the tab Teddy Kennedy has run up at the Shamrock Bar & Grill." -- Norman Liebmann

"You cannot expect the kind of heroic sacrifices necessary for urban guerrilla warfare when the alternative is peace, freedom, looting, and MREs." -- James S. Robbins

"Pentagon officials say our military did not use the majority of the ammunition we brought to Iraq. They still have a lot of their ammunition. Which is not good news for Syria. That can't be good news for Syria. .... You probably don't know this, but Syria is an ancient Arabic word for 'next!'" -- Jay Leno

"Saddam Hussein and his sons were spotted Saturday in Northern Iraq by former Iraqi officer Mohammed al-Ajil. He said they looked healthy. President Bush is the first to say there's nothing like running to keep you looking and feeling great." -- Argus Hamilton



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