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Bush versus the American people

By Carol Devine-Molin
web posted June 25, 2007

Regarding the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA), citizens are assiduously writing and phoning their elected representative to stop this legislation, but to no avail. President Bush is hell-bent on getting this legislation through, primarily with the assistance of the liberal Democrats although he's not above arm-twisting a few Republicans. Reportedly, Bush has convinced Senator Mitch McConnell to vote for this abomination. What's most troubling is that the president is side stepping the concerns of the American citizenry and the conservative base of his own party that have been his staunch supporters.

George W. BushWhat gives? Has Bush become demon possessed or a brain-dead zombie? Or is he having a psychotic break? Unfortunately, it's nothing as exotic as the aforesaid, although any of those possibilities would certainly make for a good read. I think we're looking at the classic downfall of many powerful men - hubris and grandiosity give rise to profoundly poor judgment. OK, that and the fact that Bush is in a crummy mood since he's had six and a half years of being pummeled by almost everybody. If only the president would take out his aggravation on the liberal Democrats (paging Senator Ted Kennedy and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid) instead of playing footsies with them.

On the subject of the immigration bill, we hear the proponents repeat the mantra "the status quo is unacceptable", but what exactly is the emergency that calls for immediate legislative action? The citizenry has lived with the illegal alien issue for a considerable timeframe, and one or two more years is not going to make a heck of a difference. We also hear Bush et al say that these illegal aliens are "living in the shadows". Yet, on a grassroots level, we know that these people are out-and-about working and are often known to local law enforcement. In fact many illegal aliens have been through our courts and criminal justice system, making it possible to ascertain quite a bit of information on them. So it's largely a misconception that they're remaining under the radar screen.

As cited by a recent Rasmussen poll, only 20 percent of American voters want Congress to pass the Immigration proposal that's on the table. The Bush-Kennedy "Amnesty Plus" bill would create a huge underclass and prohibitive costs for the American taxpayer. Moreover, the legislation will fail at halting the flow of illegal aliens, given the terrific incentives in play with little in the way of sanctions. We always have to keep in mind that legalizing low-skilled, poorly educated workers is an extremely expensive undertaking since, over time, these individuals and their families will be able to draw upon myriad government programs that are already financially shaky including Social Security, Medicare, and assorted social services (60 federal means tested welfare programs). In light of the millions of illegal aliens under discussion, the fiscal impact upon our nation would be catastrophic.

Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow and Domestic Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation, explains that "Low-skill immigrant households, on average, receive three dollars in benefits for every one dollar paid in taxes."  Reportedly, the bill under discussion would generate 66 million immigrants over the next twenty years, the majority of whom come from Mexico and other Latin American nations. And we're also learning that the wealthy, corrupt families that run Mexico don't like to pay taxes. In other words, they don't want to take care of their own needy citizens and have essentially dumped their responsibility upon Americans.

Is that all Americans can expect?  A steady flow of impoverished, uneducated immigrants that will bleed the taxpayers and bankrupt the nation? Americans feel betrayed by Bush and others in the political class that are attempting to foist this "national suicide" Immigration bill upon us. Rather, Americans deserve better, and if anything our nation requires a steady flow of skilled, educated immigrants that will expand our nation's prosperity. As is our tradition, America can take in some poor as well, but we first have to determine what we can afford without giving short shrift to our own less fortunate citizens such as the children of the inner cities and individuals with disabilities. President Bush should at least be listening to some common sense Americans, instead of being thoroughly responsive to the dopey elites that are passing universal judgment from their ivory towers. The proof is in the pudding – The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act is possibly the most reckless piece of legislation ever written.  The sponsors of the bill were engaging in purely magically thinking. In other words, they were just wishing that the 12-20 million illegal aliens were suddenly "legal", and that the American taxpayers would compliantly foot the bill for these new legal immigrants and their families, irrespective of the terrible consequences.

Moreover, many people want to know why President Bush is so aggressively promoting this Immigration bill, even going so far as to revive it from near death in the Senate and attempting to entice us with $4.4 billion for border security in this next go-round. It's about legacy. The theory being promulgated is this: President Bush intends to advance his Big Picture agenda – globalization - for America.  Bush, like his father, is an internationalist who shares a vision with other elites.  

Globalization has been an ongoing process, and America is now purportedly being primed for the next step, with the American public being kept out of the loop:  Big Business wants a steady flow of cheap labor and it now appears America will be the repository of a new underclass if the politicos and Corporate America get their way. The globalist vision reportedly calls for "deep integration" of the US, Canada and Mexico as a trade bloc and security zone, with free flow at the borders and with national sovereignty dissipating over time. The idea is to ultimately develop an extensive trade bloc that includes North, South and Central America. That being said, I guess we can forget about the border fence. In any event, America is being poised to survive and thrive once the powerful Asian trade blocks emerge. It's really just a pipe dream of the powerful at this juncture, and there's quite a bit that can get in their way, particularly Americans that fiercely oppose a significant threat to American sovereignty. ESR

Carol Devine-Molin is a regular contributor to several online magazines.


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