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Anthony Weiner: More metrosexual fop than man

By Bernard Chapin
web posted June 20, 2011

Granted, the E Channel won't be pleased, but the lengthy, intense soap opera surrounding the mad sexting of fallen Representative Anthony Weiner is now history. The beagle has landed. During a surreal press conference -- in which he was jeered and ridiculed -- Weiner promised to resign from Congress. His future is unknown. The idealistic drones who once idolized him should not fret. There is hope. Indeed, some bigwigs in the Democrat-Media Complex are already brainstorming possibilities for the cyber-frotteur's next move. Some even think that a political career remains open. A better likelihood is that he will wind up at CNN and take part in their current primetime cavalcade of perverts. Time Magazine is actively lobbying for just such an outcome.

Anthony WeinerPersonally, I am pleased by his departure and no doubt many other conservatives exclaimed "good riddance to metrosexual rubbish!" upon hearing the news. In recent years, the Democratic Party has shifted far left, but even in the company of his Jacobin peers, Anthony Weiner always impressed as being one of the worst. For 2009 and 2010, he had a combined American Conservative Union rating of 0.00. I say, "Don't let the boor hit you on the way out!"

Frankly, Weiner's habits appalled. He lied perpetually about Republicans and his characterizing of our positions was always rooted in bad faith. Indeed, the Brooklyn dandy is so fueled by emotion that he only recognizes a logical argument if it follows his tweets and dubs him "hot."

This particular Democratic Party elitist was more drama queen than man as the events of this month affirm. His farewell speech was needless theatre. He could easily have sent a formal resignation letter to Nancy Pelosi, and spared himself massive indignity. Yet when the stage beckoned, Weiner performed.

There is a darker side to his adventures in social media though which can be summed up by the word Thanatos. This would be King of New York City had a drive towards death as pronounced as it was painful. We watched an individual obliterate himself for no apparent reason, yet his political orientation may have been a contributing factor.

Jamie Glazov's observation, as articulated in the pages of his masterful book United in Hate, that political leftism is essentially a death cult was validated in this case. When one really believes that his country is a racist, sexist state and one unworthy of even securing its own border then self-sabotage is a predicable outcome.

Regardless of his motivation, Weiner's decline and fall was one that his former allies used for ideological advantage. Yes, he is a heinous embarrassment but also one that is purportedly male.

Given that we find ourselves in the midst of a misandry bubble, his crisis was soon employed as means to further denigrate men. With disbelief suspended, the press depicted this over-exposed fop as an everyman.

Journalists morphed the radical one-percenter into a "playboy." Who knew? Most of us confused him for a snevie who lucked into a high status position. Indeed, it's a shame that Vegas didn't offer odds as to whether or not Weiner shaved his chest. Had this writer bet his hunch he could have won a fortune once the Cottonelle photos were released.

Time Magazine jumped on the Weiner-induced nacht und nebel in order to resurrect a forgotten feminist to explain to the hoi polloi why it is that powerful men stray. The poster boy for twitter got propped up as yet another justification for why no male should ever be trusted.

The Daily Beast added to the kultursmog. It believed that l'affaire d'Weiner was a cautionary tale that would explain "Why Men Cyber Cheat." A more honest article would have been titled "The Degenerates in our Midst." Yet such a piece could not be penned due to the political left shaming the notion of deviance out of existence.

A coven of mainstream media harpies convened on an ABC Sunday show. Weiner was the engine they revved in the hopes of driving a wayward bus over, not just men, but whites as well.

That all of the commentators were Caucasian is standard. One simply cannot gain membership into a fashionable death cult if she fails to hate her family, her country, and her ancestors. Sophisticated people are above contentment.

The lowlight of the exchange occurred when one of the journalists decreed,

There's also an economist at the University of Michigan who has studied diversity and decision-making and has found that, in every business decision, diversity leads to better decisions. In other words, a group of all white men are not going to reach the best decisions.

What about a group consisting exclusively of all white women? What would the quality of their decisions be? Alas, asking such questions is verboten. For good reason too, as contemplating such indelicacies is de facto proof of misogyny and sexism. It reeks of criticism, and, as we all know, criticism is hate.

The ABC ensemble was all female which means that their contentions were accurate…end of story. As the repugnant hearings of Sonia Sotomayor illustrated, women may say whatever they like about men and there will be no repercussions.

Political correctness insists that women are always victims and men are always oppressors. And an emotional truth cannot be renegotiated. Thus, when it comes to responsibility and reputation, women don't need to have any "skin in the game."

Of course, all of these media angles were fallacious and contrived. Weiner's behavior was irrational and not representative of "men" in the least. Furthermore, we should not discount the possibility that he possesses a personality disorder and may be genuinely ill. Either way, he is a caricature and not everyman.

The Ginger Lee caper tells us all we need to know. Unless one is descended from Seattle Slew, Normal Joes intuit that they will not capture the interest of a porn star by obsessively talking about their "package." Such a tactic is worse than "bad strategy," its delusional.

Yet Lee is one of many examples. On aggregate, his actions were bizarre. Weiner belongs more in the pages of a feminist propaganda comic book than in Congress. He's halfway to achieving that status now though as Gloria Allred cast herself as his new bete noire.

There is no denying that Weiner does not reflect the ways of actual men. His weirdness elucidates instead the effects that a six decade gender war had on those males too weak to question the edicts of the counter-culture.  

In 2011, John Wayne would not qualify as being a real man. Wayne would "have issues" while the real man would be accessible, meek, and inclusive. Such a fellow habitually apologizes for things that he may or may not have done. He also embraces renounces chivalry by perpetually deferring to women.

The real man of today is unmoved by truth. To him, "truth" requires scare quotes and is a spurious concept. Political correctness teaches that sensitivity trumps honesty. Weiner is the passive aggressive embodiment of such men. On the floor of the House of Representatives, he obeyed Nancy Pelosi but as soon as she walked away he probably texted porn links to her daughters.

The antidote to the Weiners of this world is conservatism. Indeed, a conservative's identity revolves around repudiating and/or ridiculing guidelines set by our cultural commissars. With no subject is this reaction more imperative than with masculinity.

As it stands now, feminists inform men as to what kind of women we should lust while new age poseurs redefine manliness as submission. Male college students are taught that they live in a "rape culture" and must purge themselves of their "rape-supportive beliefs."

To all of this, we have a single answer: No thanks. The proper response to societal insanity is to yield no ground whatsoever and that is what we must do. Conservatives should greet these totalitarians with a collective raising of our middle fingers. We are proud men, and the opinion of a neutered leftist counts for nothing.

Weiner frolicked in the cyber world in the manner of a person unmoored from masculinity. Typical males are skeptical of process oriented activities in which an end is never in sight. Foremost in our minds is a hope that "all of this nonsense will lead to consummation."

However, Mr. Weiner thought differently. All the endless tweeting, the emails, the exhibitionism, the bubble-headed repartee, and the inevitable media spectacle were the goals he had in mind. Thus, the future mayor of New York City turned out to be merely a freak and not a man at all. ESR

Bernard Chapin wrote Women: Theory and Practice and Escape from Gangsta Island, along with a series of videos called Chapin's Inferno. You can contact him at veritaseducation@gmail.com.


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