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Are white Republicans ready for black Republicans?

By Nelson "Joseph" Taylor
web posted July 18, 2005

There is an obstacle the GOP has to seriously overcome despite the fact that the DNC takes full political advantage of it. That obstacle is the separation of African-Americans from their, natural political affiliation with the GOP. President Bush has taken the lead in being historically inclusive and many Republicans have privately (with little fanfare) taken up the cause by demanding that, black Republicans have open access to the GOP political structure and leadership.

I felt overjoyed by the responsiveness of dozens of my fellow young Republicans who warmed up to my wife and me with an incredible sincerity in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, too many Republicans are stuck on stupid and are resistant to change. Words can't explain how unwelcoming the looks, behavior and lack of engagement from some fellow Republicans left my wife and I discouraged at times during the convention (despite my initiating with them). If I had a weaker constitution or a lack of self-confidence I would've allowed my discouragement to fester into a social/political retreat.

But, I'm just not that guy; so, I won't give up and won't stop working with my white brothers and sisters because I know they'll eventually realize that African-Americans want the same things they want and that there is no need to be so standoffish.

There are two kinds of white Republicans that are going to destroy the GOP if we let them. They are the so called "Country Club" republicans and the "fascists" or "Right-wing Socialists" who hide among us.

I am a proud capitalist pig and advocate the use of country clubs (even the ones not open to black folk ­ it's a freedom of association thing). The problem is that, the Republican cats that would frequent a country club which, openly rejected qualified black applicants on the basis of race tend to bring that snobbery into the political game and our economy. The hard leftists sometimes find their political rhetoric about my GOP being validated by country club republicans actions and they tout this validation at every opportunity while of course, ignoring the rampant bigotry of the left.

The right-wing socialists on the other hand are far more serious. They would legislate from the bench just as quickly as an ACLU Democrat would so long as; the ruling was something they wanted. Right wing socialism is simply "authoritarianism" that like its left-wing cousin it too assumes that we the individual are too stupid to handle freedom responsibly.

Just as the lefty socialist wants to heavily regulate and centralize the free market economy in America, the right leaning socialists want to heavily regulate social behavior.

The primary redeeming value of the Republican Party is that they want the states to vote individually on the issues. This is far more acceptable because the people in individual states know what's best for them and should be given the opportunity to govern themselves through representative government. Any other option puts us in a place where an elite is dictating to a proletariat and since my ancestors have already done the slavery thing there is, no need for me to experience it (yes, socialism is slavery).

The knee jerk response to my previous arguments from the left and right will be devoid of the following liberal (yes I meant liberal) attributes:

Decentralizing government
Protection of individual rights
Fully advocating a capitalist system without regret
Protection of individual private property rights
Protecting the right to freely associate with whomever one chooses

Spiritually, I am sick and tired of the far left dividing and conquering America via our social, economic and ethnic differences.

Regardless of whatever differences I may face with my fellow Republicans I know for sure that the leftist Democrat response will be what it has been toward young black leaders banging on the door of the powerful elite ­ nigger take your place at the back of the political bus, do not pass go, do not forget to collect your welfare/unemployment check and thank you for flying perpetual poverty airlines.

The left's idea of economic empowerment is government handouts and very limited access to the economic power centers of America. We can and should put these elitist, marxist, bigots on notice that, their nonsense isn't welcomed in my country. I have no doubt that, the left's greatest fear is that, black folk will leave the DNC plantation en masse. The lefts second greatest fear is black and white cooperation via a GOP political insurgency.

We should feed on these fears; make them a reality thus, leaving the elitist black Democrats and their white marxist handlers looking over their political shoulders.

Nelson "Joseph" Taylor is the proprietor of http://www.theblackmale.com and can be reached at slickmedia@theblackmale.com. (c) 2005 Nelson "Joseph" Taylor


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