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The black sun of "society": The socialist United Nations

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 11, 2005

In an earlier editorial, I discussed the "black hole" of Socialism. It dawned on me that such a description is obviously incomplete. What life-affirming being would willingly throw its financial life, liberties, rights and freedom of thought into such an all-engulfing dark quicksand?

Socialism is not a black hole. It's a black sun. The endlessly voracious maw of its greed is veiled in light, a luminescence that draws us to it. The light, like the moon, is a reflection of our very own light, our infinite capacity to love. The lunar-like sheen is really a mirror to ourselves, but hardly the essence of what we really are, which is love. That is why Liberal good intentions sugarcoat the black hole with our own reflection, and why the U.S. Democratic Party has grown so powerful.

Lucifer is not called the Bearer of Light for nothing. He basks in the light of reality's love. I say reality because the name of my political party is the Realists 2008. Yes, indeed, "reality" is as close a synonym for our Christian God, as the enemy will be obliged to accept. The opposing parties will say, "Obviously, Mr. Moriarty, your image of reality and ours differ greatly."

"Nothing truer, sir, can be said in this entire election," I will reply.

I suspect that the Democratic and Republican Party candidates will find me "on another planet," as they say.

"Well," I rebut, "a man's gotta do what a woman wishes she could."

One of my jobs is to hold a mirror up to the Black Sun and reveal what's behind all that Liberal make-up.

The masters of socialist cosmetics in North America were former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and former U.S. President Bill Clinton. A photo of Trudeau, taken at least a year before his death, reveals a great deal about his considerable intellect. In it, I see a man in hell. His belief in reason over passion eventually drove out his own delusions. The gnarled face of Trudeau in winter revealed no trace of the ebullience he once brought to the world's political arena.

Trudeau's mischievous smile while dancing smugly behind the back of Queen Elizabeth tells you everything about his certainty, his belief that a Constitutional Monarchy and Commonwealth Empire is easy pickings for a Marxist. He's been proven right, unfortunately. With the likes of Prime Minister Tony Blair, Great Britain has been more than willing to join what amounts to a European Soviet Union. Thank God, France, like Yasir Arafat in the last round of peace accords, was too greedy to accept the European Union's Constitution.

Judging by recent photos, Clinton's face has been undergoing a similar transformation. Of course, he blames it on the chef of Air Force One and the hamburgers they served him for eight years. These, he says half-jokingly, are what gave him a heart attack. His face is undergoing the same awakening that Trudeau's went through. This is shocking his heart. Clinton knows he's wrong. He realizes that he led America into an ambush and there's not a thing he can do about it. He passed the point of no return when he lied under oath while testifying before a grand jury that was deliberating his possible impeachment. That America forgave Clinton for committing perjury reveals how deeply they are in the thrall of a new god called Society.

It isn't the God-given sexual appetite that bothers Clinton. It's the growing realization that God, in his Progressive Southern Baptist mind, has become Santa Claus. His intellect knows it is blasphemy at the highest level. That is one reason I called this series of campaign-related articles Metaphysical Treason.

In my previous editorial, The Post-Modern Epoch, I traced a period of human history that began with the beheading of a Christian monarch, Louis XVI, in 1793. I showed how the beginning of what has become a Franco-German Empire has stretched through Robespierre, Bonaparte and Napoleon III – five aborted French Republics; three major, homicidal socialist federations of Russia, Germany and China; culminating in worldwide Socialism under the Imperial United Nations. Only the United States remains to be swallowed up by Socialism in the next presidential election of 2008.

It is my aim, as the Presidential candidate of the Realists, to point out that both American parties, Republicans and Democrats, are going to pull the same wool over the American middle-class as the Canadian Liberals and the Bay Street Conservatives dropped on the Canadian middle class.

Hopefully, the result of that effort, once I've pointed out the Third Way's strategy, will prove to be the ultimate Waterloo for the last Napoleon, William Jefferson Clinton.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, the TV-movie The 4400 and Hitler Meets Christ, a surreal tragicomedy based on the actor's controversial New York stage play.


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