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The "post-modern" epoch

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 4, 2005

I've been looking forward to this editorial. Why? The title alone will be what I hope is the entire record of a major chapter in the Judeo-Christian History of Civilization. Yes, if anything will convince socialists of their place in the only afterlife they believe in, which is history, they'll quickly know their place in the eternity of the millennia to come.

From their point of view, all remaining human history will be seen and evaluated through "post-modern" intellects, like those of Edmund Wilson's hagiography to Lenin and Norman Mailer's "revolutionary" New Journalism.

Post-modern is an oxymoron erupting in popularity from the "deconstruction" era of philosopher Jacques Derrida. "Modern" is anything considered new in any contemporary setting. It's a relative term and not an absolute; and "deconstruction" is the French effort to slowly erode the absolute meanings of words. Marxists firmly believe that there will only be Socialism and anything too new or "modern" will be aborted from future historical accounts.

Post-modern history might bend a bit to include a few counter-revolutionary efforts, but only to show how implacable is the irrefutable paradigm that Socialism offers Mankind. The pursuit of perfection is like that. It's also the first sign of a Nazi mentality.

Why the human race has accepted a holocaust without prejudice over one with racial bias, like the Third Reich – well, that's human nature for you. However, from now on, no one can look down on the 20th Century Axis, the German and Italian efforts to rule the world and engage freely in genocide. A new and triumphant prejudice has arisen. I call it "intelligenci-ism." Superiority can be gauged by intelligence quotients, college entry exams, graduate honors and awards – and superior intellects must be placed in charge of Mankind's future, or so the argument goes.

From "intelligence-ism" and the propagation of it by social scientists has arisen a new holocaust called "humanicide." With 1.5 million gestating Americans butchered in clinics every year as the smallest per capita death by abortion rate in the world, and the entire human race accepting this willingly as part of the United Nations' Population Control Solution – well, how far are we really from the Wannsee Conference and Adolph Hitler's Final Solution?

The Post-Modern Quarter of a Millennium chapter I foresee will be viewed in the Judeo-Christian History's previews of coming millennia. "The Post-Modern Epoch is, perhaps, one of the most interesting crossroads of atheism's efforts to prove God's non-existence, certainly the most convincing. Beginning with the French Revolution's declaration that not only a Christian King has been beheaded by the ‘People's Revolution,' but that all religious worship is dead as well, we see the progress of this benighted enlightenment through the French bloodlust of guillotines, its first emperor Maximilien Robespierre, then onto its centuries-long idolized heroic figure of Napoleon Bonaparte, whose defeat at Waterloo was only a temporary delay until the reappearance of Napoleon III, who failed in his attempt to invade the United States during the Civil War.

"While coteries of revolutionaries began forming all over Europe, a failed poet named Karl Marx collected the essence of the growing, atheistic rage and compiled his two-volume bible for the perpetuation of the French Revolution's major handiwork: Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto. With Marx's German input and the wide distribution of these works during the 19th Century, atheistic fervor grew, the architecture of a socialist federation began to form, and terrorism became a sine qua non for victory. Lenin and Mikhail Bakunin, both masters of domestic and foreign terrorism, led this more mature version of the French Revolution into Russia.

"And so the Soviet Union was born. The massive power that a socialist federation under marshal law gave Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin convinced Adolph Hitler that his totalitarian state must be a socialist federation and not simply a military dictatorship. Thus was born the Nazi empire.

"With the fall of the Third Reich, Stalin's Russia strengthened and expanded. China fell to the Communists led by Mao Ze Dong in 1949. With lightning speed, the future of the human race had become a battle between Free World Democracy and Communism. Out of Communist fundamentalism and the growing ubiquity of Socialism in every corner of the Free World, an unannounced church was born. Within this virulent atheism, a Reform Arm called Liberalism was sent into Free World countries to disseminate a more palatable version of the French Revolutionary dream. Entwined with the Liberal call to unending ‘good intentions,' the Judeo-Christian world fell as easy prey to offshoots of this propaganda arm (such as Liberation Theology). For the Christian world, the inference was that ‘Christ was Robin Hood.' For Israelis after the Holocaust, it was easy to convince them that Karl Marx was their real Messiah.

"During a tense Cold War, the Free World, America particularly, became the target of a Franco-German Educational Imperialism. Marxist faculties invaded every English-speaking hall of higher learning, from Oxford and Cambridge to the Ivy League. Students graduated, firmly believing that Karl Marx knew more about the future of the human race than did Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Tom Paine and Benjamin Franklin. With such a growing enemy within, it is no wonder that Socialism was injected into America by disenchanted old money like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and southern Democrats like Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton. At the turn of the second millennium came a new concept, shared by both the U.S. Republican and Democratic parties: the Third Way – basically the belief that Capitalism and Socialism can be happily married. If they couldn't, then it would mean atomic war and the end of the human race as we know it.

"With this thunder hanging over the earth, the Free World, the British Commonwealth in particular, capitulated to the Third Way. The last remaining holdout was the United States of America. In election year 2008, the battle between the American Capitalist Republic and the worldwide Socialist Federation of the United Nations will be fought."

How will this jump cut through revolutionary history end? There are only two alternatives: a Post-Modern History of Civilization or a Judeo-Christian History with the Post-Modern Epoch as only one chapter – a period that began its fall with the Presidential election of 2008.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, the TV-movie The 4400 and Hitler Meets Christ, a surreal tragicomedy based on the actor's controversial New York stage play.

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