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The "illuminated" scientific revolution

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 18, 2005

After years of examining a Liberal community, having been one of the New York members, and tracing its roots back to the French Revolution and its deification of savants and assassins, recording its unrelenting progress toward this monster's grandest achievement, the United Nations, I, as an actor, have imaginatively prowled what might be the ambiance of one of Bill Clinton's Renaissance Weekends.

Attending these posh affairs are leaders from diverse fields – artists, scientists, philosophers and even sociologists, a segment of the scientific community that scientific elders look upon with mistrust (in the eyes of some scientists, sociology is about as close to physics as astrology). At any rate, with the sense that most of the Renaissance Weekend participants will eventually be gathering worshipfully around the scientific grouping of Nobel Prize-winning participants, even some of the Peace Prize winners will bow down to Science. So I've realized that the God of Science, as versus the Gods of Art and Philosophy, wears the pants in what is ultimately a self-deified army of the Illuminated Scientific Revolution, or ISR.

These luminaries, so to speak, who believe that only the French Enlightenment carries the true birth of illumination, which literally means a "lightening," a metaphysical bulb that went off in the minds of Descartes and Rousseau, these savants quarreled and bickered in their salons (Voltaire called them "enlightened despots"). They firmly believe that a Third Way is the only possible answer for the future of the human race.

The formula that brought us the Third Way is dialectical materialism. I've defined it in earlier editorials, but the best definition I've read so far is that of Professor Louis Menand in his preface to Edmund Wilson's To the Finland Station. In short, dialectical materialism, a concept cooked up by a would-be scientist and failed poet named Karl Marx, posits that anything and everything can be synthesized. This was basically Marx's understanding of science.

With dialectical materialism, all ideas are equally valid and can be "synthesized" into any Third Way that will seemingly keep the human race alive. That's the hook by which Bill Clinton sold his New World Order to the ruling Illuminati. This allowed the Revolution to move forward, continuing the assaults by the Illuminated Scientific Revolutionaries upon the major financial institutions that sustain and regulate our free market economy.

To Karl Marx and his synthesizing mind, money was no more important than mendacity. That his revolution served the latter more than the former is par for the Leninist course. After the Russian reformers tore down the statue of Lenin, diehard Communists took pride in the knowledge that his message had possessed the soul of Osama bin Laden, whose considerable education in the halls of the Marxist, English-speaking universities taught him all about Lenin and Bakunin and Lumumba and Castro and… the list gets longer until you realize a legion of Lenins lurks out there – "intellectual men of action," as Edmund Wilson described them.

Radical Chic comes to mind. Intellectual, self-proclaimed lions cocktailing with the Black Panthers. Bobby McGee and Bobby Seale sharing beers as well in the "revolutionary" Irish pubs of the world.

Over the 216 years of the ISR, the real scientists – that is, the practicing day-to-day men of medical research – have come to have a greater say in the philosophy of the revolution and the ultimate direction it will take. The goal is a superhuman race and scientific experimentation that will reach the objective at faster-than-light speed.

There is clear evidence from Darwin's revelation of human evolution, from the amoeba to the human desire to progress at all costs, that through natural selection, the superior traits of all races will ultimately prevail and the two-legged God called Man will appear. Presently, the antiquated prejudices of the Christian religion stand in the way of this eventuality.

I don't think it is unrealistic to point out that along with Darwin 's examples of evolution, there is the tempo by which these symbols of progress have appeared. It's as slow as a glacier. There are light years and there are Darwinian millennia, you know. Why? Is it that Reality is a god of sloth? Or is Reality a perfectionist who will not move forward until everything is in place?

I'm here to remind zoologists, anthropologists, geneticists, biochemists and environmentalists that trying to convince the human race there is no divine male force impregnating Mother Earth terrifies us into believing that she impregnated herself, is our only parent and is now, because of overpopulation, on life support. The human race's excess population will have to be butchered, says the ISR.

Napoleon Mengele

I've compared Bill Clinton to the Pied Piper in past editorials. In some versions of that tale, the Pied Piper takes the children to Transylvania.

Since the music coming out of the ISR sounds like an aria from The Phantom of the Opera or Frankenstein: The Musical, it brings to mind the Third Reich's most psychotic cast member, Dr. Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death" at Auschwitz concentration camp. It seems that the Fuhrer and founding father of this Fourth Reich known as the ISR was this mad doctor Mengele, whose spirit survives in today's scientists who can treat life and death as equals and synthesize them into the New World Order's race to create perfect superhuman beings.

What's been "blowin' in the wind," Bob Dylan? The Illuminated Scientific Revolution (ISR), that's what.

You rode it to fame and fortune. Marlon Brando also mumbled his way to millions on its back, as did Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, Jesse Jackson, Jane Fonda, Ted Turner and other lesser lights. The grand bulb of the "illumination," however, is William Jefferson Davis Clinton.

Yes, his middle names stand for the President of the Southern Confederacy, which linked hands with Napoleon's Imperial Designs and never let go. What is a worldwide Socialist Federation but a grand, ante-bellum Southern Plantation? What nation became an ally of the Confederate South? France.

"Yuh jus' gotta keep the slaves happy!" Lyndon Baines Johnson might have exclaimed. That Dixiecrat with his Southern salesman's broad smile instituted the Great Society, while convincing Moscow and Beijing with F16s and carpet-bombing that the United States would run the Slave Camp.

"Jus' cloth yer fav'rite slave in Armani suits and Gucci shoes, play golf with him, send him on a trip to Bilderburg once in awhile, trade jokes with him in the 19 th hole and then, o' course, when ya need him to cover up yo' sexual peccadilloes in the White House, ya just send him packin' off to New York! Welcome to the plantation, honky! Welcome to the reservation, cowboy!"

In the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, a governmentally approved program was begun to take blacks infected with syphilis and not treat them. Let them live in order to afford scientists a closer view of the disease. It's possible that two atomic bombs were used on Japan, because scientists asked for two cities to be sacrificed so they could further their research on the victims of atomic warfare.

In other words, what sits above the would-be plantation owners is the scientific lobby, and its insatiable hunger must be fed. The entire idea of the Socialist Federation is based on the belief that human evolution can be accelerated. The ISR dreams of creating a superhuman race within 200 years. It knows that individual freedom will create a problem for the scientific lobby's undeniable right to use the entire human race as guinea pigs.

In Christian symbology, Christ sacrificed his life to atone for the sins of humanity. The ISR is demanding that the entire human race sacrifice itself for the dream of seeing humanity rise to the status of Godhead.

The leader of the 1930s German Socialist Federation had a limited view of unfettered human intellect. Adolf Hitler was prejudiced. He only thought Germans deserved the title of gods. What's so appealing about the Rainbow Coalition's game plan is that every race has a chance to contribute to the ISR's dream of superhuman beings.

Individual freedom will slow down that game plan, and it's just gotta be tossed.

You can't say the ISR isn't selfless in its demands. Like Osama bin Laden, it is willing to toss lives onto the experimental table of abortion, fetal tissue research, cloning, adult human experimentation, and population control (that is, eugenics). The ISR cheers on this eternal dream of human godhead.

Mothers Against Social Scientists

 There's a North American, non-governmental, feminist lobby called Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. They use any means possible to stop drunk driving and eventually drinking itself. That America 's Prohibition failed miserably is no hindrance to them. If Prohibition didn't slow the flow of booze, then how do you expect the mothers of children killed by drunk drivers to take a second look at their use of preventative law enforcement?

Yes, it's kill the drunk driver before he or she kills our children. With this in mind, I'm positing that a Non-Governmental Organization, devoid even of United Nations influence, will arise. It will be called Mothers Against Social Scientists (MASS).

When these mothers look at the difference between children killed by drunk drivers and those killed by the death policies of the ISR, the number of humans allowed to die by criminal neglect and the population control policies of the UN, then MASS will evolve indestructibly. Add to that the placing of children unnecessarily on drugs like Ritalin, a veritable boon to the pharmaceutical lobby of the ISR, and you have more than enough death and delusion-producing fat for MASS to chew on.

"We must disenthrall ourselves," said Abraham Lincoln in his second inaugural address. He was speaking of the "thrall" in which institutionalized slavery in the South had America in its grip.

When women who've aborted their children "disenthrall" themselves from a psychotic license to kill, to capitally punish their gestating infants for the misdemeanor of being an inconvenience, they will know that the dream of a superhuman race is no more noble than Hitler's German ubermensch. The Divine Reality will be the "grapes of wrath and the coming of revenge."

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, the TV-movie The 4400 and Hitler Meets Christ, a surreal tragicomedy based on the actor's controversial New York stage play.

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