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Allen West: Conservative role model

By Bernard Chapin
web posted July 25, 2011

Allen WestFew conservative politicians inspire and hold more promise than Representative Allen West. Everything about this south Floridian communicates honor and the classical virtues. His resume is essentially a one man Republican Pride Parade. Before taking office, he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. While serving in Iraq, West acted in a manner to protect his soldiers from assassination of which most of us are incapable. Leftists deemed his actions a war crime. Conversely, conservatives, who are not members of a suicide cult, viewed his advanced interrogation techniques of a terrorist for what they were: "Winning!" West later said, regarding the incident, "if it's about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I'd go through hell with a gasoline can." Now West is a Congressman and perhaps the brightest Reaganite in the class of 2010. Fortunately, his passion remains visible on a daily basis.

Unlike your average Republican, who caves, crosses the aisle, and wonders why his or her constituents have yet to grasp the fine points of politically correct communication, Rep. West ignores the siren whine of our degraded culture. He dares to articulate conservative principles in a muscular fashion and reflexively battles the sacred cows of the political left.

In short, he's a hero. The kind of change we've been waiting for. West's uniqueness was particularly evident during his victorious campaign against Congressman Ron Klein last autumn. The skirmish was uglier than an Andrea Dworkin memorial slideshow.

As readers recall, Democrats always play the man and never the ball. They are not interested in factual debate because pseudo-liberalism is predicated upon irrational impulse. Leftism is a masochistic creed that seeks to make its acolytes feel better by debasing society to the point in which their own malignant personalities seem only mildly abnormal. Obviously, such endeavors do not translate well into the format of argumentation and debate.

Following their handbook, they tried to [yawn] render West beyond the pale. However, the attacks rose above standard ad hominem and subsequent appeals to disjointed emotion. Klein's approach descended to an "unprecedented new low" as they purposefully leaked out West's social security number. If the reader is wondering what that has to do with balancing the federal budget please reread my previous paragraph.

Instead of behaving like a typical RINO and fighting fire with Vaseline ("please desist sir" or "okay, I'll give up"), West verbally blowtorched Klein. The challenger called the incumbent "a mama's boy" who did whatever Nancy Pelosi told him to and nothing but a "pathetic liberal." West also suggested that Klein "man up."

During the contest, a "rising star" of the Democratic Party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, thrust herself into the fray. The reasons for this are unknown. It was not her donnybrook but she organized a rally in front of West's campaign headquarters anyway.

She was ostensibly there to protest West penning articles for a biker magazine. Elements of this magazine (not authored by West) massively offended feminist sensibilities; sensibilities best encapsulated by the phrase "real men obey." As a result, the current Chairwoman of the Democratic Party claimed that West deems it "OK to objectify and denigrate women."

Despite all the leftist induced drama, Allen West won anyway in November, but he did not forget Wasserman Schlutz's attacks on his person. Then, last week, the Congresswoman decided to once again bait the same bear on the floor of Congress. She stated that West backed a "plan [Cut, Cap, and Balance] that would increase costs for Medicare beneficiaries, unbelievable from a member from South Florida."

Finally, West had heard enough. He sent Wasserman Schultz an email featuring some pretty astute psychological analysis:

…You are the most vile, unprofessional ,and despicable member of the US House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up…understand that I shall defend myself forthright against your heinous characterless behavior…You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!

Every irreverent word of his email was accurate. The feminist impresario immediately evidenced her own cowardice and dishonor by leaking its text to Politico. Then she promptly played the victim. This is a ubiquitous tactic among feminists who run to whatever guardian they can find after writing a check their derrieres cannot cash.

Predictably, the leftist media moved against him and depicted his letter as a "tirade" and that he now faces "sexism charges." Why was his email sexist? Due to his expressing some perfectly valid criticism of a female politician whose name isn't Bachmann or Palin. This is verboten in an age of cultural Marxism.

Women are the equal of men except when it comes to dealing with consequences. Therefore, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee quickly rallied behind their dazed pugilist. The organization saw the West/Fonda Wasserman-Schultz spat as a fund raising opportunity. His message was a "hate-filled screed" which is PC code language for "daring to hold a woman accountable for her behavior."

Sensible members of society must reassert the fact that criticism is not hate. When women place themselves into the public arena, they must take ownership of their decision. People are going to talk back to you in life, and even command & control oriented Democrats must accept this eventuality.

Independently, Rep. Wasserman Schultz is a very shady individual and nothing but a more fluent version of Barney Frank. Despicable is an excellent word for her. She exemplifies all the traits endemic to the Alinskyite as politician.

Wasserman Schultz voted for Obamacare -- a word she even forbids us from using! -- which hypocritically slashed Medicare by $500 billion. Then, in June, she accused those Republican politicians in favor of Voter ID laws as wanting "to drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws." Who knew!

Sadly, Mrs. Wasserman Schultz simply lied about her opponents. What could possibly be wrong with the state insisting that voters prove who they are before they cast a ballot? Nothing, characterless behavior indeed. If anything, given her history, Rep. West was quite reserved in his assessment of her qualities.  

In the days since, there have been widespread calls for an apology from West. Several of Wasserman Schultz's female peers in the Democratic Party have asked GOP members to act as their white knights and "to rebuke" him. Forgotten footnote Keith Olbermann even weighed in and demanded that West "just resign."  To his credit, Allen is a new kind of Republican. He refused saying "that is not happening."

Mrs. Wasserman Schultz is nothing but a gender arsonist. Luckily, Allen West refused to beg for forgiveness. After all, why would he? He did nothing wrong. Every conservative must learn from his example and emulate the proud Floridian in the future. If more men in this country did so and stood up to the harridans of the Democratic Party, our republic would not be teetering at this very moment.

The Obama Presidency is no time to worry about niceties and formalities. If conservatives wish to be free then they must learn how to fight. Allen West is a superlative instructor in the art of war. He is a magnificent role model. If this noble man ever becomes our president we will be a gleaming city on the hill once again. ESR

Bernard Chapin wrote Women: Theory and Practice and Escape from Gangsta Island, along with a series of videos called Chapin's Inferno. You can contact him at veritaseducation@gmail.com

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