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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Nine: A childhood and nation at death's door with overnight Christians

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 25, 2011

"Will my mother ever do it again?"

What's that?

"Try and kill herself?"

Who knows?

Hmmm … then what is next?

The story of two abortions.

"Boy … this isn't good … I sure know that! Uh … hmmm … what now?"

Michael will just try to stay away from his mother.

"Music, right, the piano … right, I can go there … yeah … "

"Listen to me!!" yelled Mother.

Michael kept playing the piano.

Mother hit him. She aimed for his face and hit his neck.

That is when he … or I … hmmm … went to the phone and called Father to come pick me up.

Here is where the first glimpse of myth and the likes of Sisyphus show up.

Rolling the rock up, only to see it fall again.

On a national level, here's my editorial snapshot of today's, national rock lifting games:

James C. Capretta, Michael Tanner and Mark Steyn paint a bleak picture of Congress and the American nation. With the Gang of Six playing suicidal fiscal games and Obama offering no alternatives, the larger aims of this New World Order Architect, President Barack Obama, are not only America's bankruptcy and future as a Third World economy but her utter dependence upon her greatest creditor and enemy, Communist China.

Meanwhile a Norwegian terrorist, not Islamic, shakes the world with a replay of both the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Ft. Hood shooting in Texas combined.

God help us all.

There is one thing my late and Republican father obviously shared with Communist China: their love and "dependence" upon abortion as a major solution to challenges that confront their mutual self-interests.

Now the practice of "retroactive abortion" becomes endemic to even self-proclaimed, Christian terrorists such as the Norwegian Bomber and his cold-blooded killing of children.

"As you do unto the least of these (children), so you do unto me," warned Christ in the New Testament.

Hmmm … how could this man possibly call himself a Christian?

It's suspiciously bizarre that this Norwegian terrorist only created his Facebook page (now deleted) on the 17th of this month, merely days before an attack he had obviously planned for months. He clearly did it to advertise his Christian credentials.

How real can those declarations and credentials be?

Unfortunately his membership in Nordisk as a "defense" organization … is now raising more than eyebrows.

The Norwegian's one, incontestably certain achievement is consummate evil.

The Norwegian terrorist proved his cunning and intelligence with his hellish success. With that in mind, did he really not know the fallout from his actions as a "Christian"?

How diabolically on time for President Obama and the American Progressives to exploit!

Christian hypocrisy!!

Meanwhile, back in the hell of my mother's alcoholism, the phone call to my father seemed like liberation but … with it and with the subsequent custody proceedings came my mother's opportunity to hang the Christian cross of Judas round my neck.

Gary Wills, another version of  a Christian contradiction-in-terms, a Catholic Progressive – along with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi – has been trying to canonize Judas for quite some time, exalt him as the most Christ-like of characters, this side of Christ Himself.

It's as if the entire New Testament to Gary Wills were a Hollywood film and Judas has received the Gary Wills  Academy Award for best supporting actor.

It is Wills' contention that the entire meaning of The Sacrifice might never have happened if it hadn't been for Judas, but I really doubt that.

The Pharisees would have found a way to nail our Lord to the Cross, with or without Judas.

Yet Judas by any other name is now, and to eternity, Judas.

However, Christ bore the sins of everyone, including and, perhaps, most of all, the sins of Judas, not to mention those of the Norwegian Bomber. Such killings in His name crucified Christ again for as many bombs and bullets fired.

So Anders Behring Breivik has become Norway's incontestable and, I pray, unsurpassable Judas.

The Norwegian Bomber has made the rock of Christian hypocrisy fall back to a nightmare lower than The Inquisition! Children have now become, in the eyes of the Norwegian Killer, his very own version of doomed heretics?!

Meanwhile, out of the demons of my own childhood, a chorus of the Furies mock, jeer, insult, spit at and on my Mother's own personal heretic! Her son!! Her "Judas"!!!

What do I do?

I spit right back, pick up my Rock again and push on.

But is what picks up my Rock really me?!

Hmmm … that is when such a Zen Question really gets interesting!

What makes this Mississippi boy sing with such joy?! He would seem to have no cause for such exuberance.

He's filled with the same divine energy that inspires the mother of Trig, Sarah Palin, to run for the Presidency. She knows for certain that God listens to Trig's song. She is here to help America understand that sacred fact.

Aren't we a child now, at death's door … or Dante with Virgil … or James Joyce with Leopold Bloom … in a Washington, D. C. whore house?

What is an education for, anyway, if not to instill enough courage to face your own ignorance? And enough entertainment to make you forget your own death for awhile?

The terrors of one's own birth, that first gulp of air and the sight of a new world around you?

That is the only New World Order I know and can depend on.

Every effort to make Life any the less frightening only makes it that much more horrible.

Now, as I listen to the computer playback of my Concerto For Orchestra, second movement, I realize now how perfect it all is … Life, I mean. Not the concerto. The Concerto For Orchestra is, I dare say, one of my favorite "Rocks", those that have suffered more than a few "Falls".

Yes I was, in a way, born at death's door, but then again, aren't we all?

One thing you'll learn from this memoir, if you're still interested, is how my soul thinks … or breathes actually.

I know I'm really not famous or rich enough for many readers to be deeply interested so they will drop the book.

It is their loss, not mine. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law & Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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