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The collapsing left

By Bruce Walker
web posted July 29, 2002

The old, three networks who ruled American political culture like despots for forty years were too frightened a few months ago when Bernard Goldberg's blockbuster Bias topped the bestseller list to even mention it on their news programs, although the putative "competition" between those corporate dinosaurs should have made ABC or MSNBC leap at the chance to demonstrate the flaws of their "competitor."

So also should the New York Times or Washington Post have pounced upon Goldberg's bestseller in print media as evidence of the weak broth of broadcast news. So also should PBS have pointed out the natural superiority of public over private media. Where are the checks and balances within the institutions of the information industry? Where are the voices of outrage at secret corporate conspiracies?

You knew we were going to go with a Coulter picture, not a Goldberg picture, didn't you?

Bernard Goldberg is not a conservative, any more than Christopher Hitchens is a conservative, but the dread of any criticism of their monolithic, constricted party line is so intense that even ideologically friendly critics must be ignored. So now who is at the top of the bestseller lists? Ann Coulter, who - like most of us - lacks the residual sympathy that Goldberg or Hitchens had in their complaints.

The gutless oblivion of the establishment Left is proof of how little real world support these aristocrats sense exist for them outside the perfumed, stale salons of their tiny community. Perhaps the braver members of this craven crew have glanced at a recent Gallup Poll which shows an astounding sixty-one percent of Americans consider themselves "conservative." Perhaps some other jellyfish liberals have noted that snipping at President Bush has had no impact upon his popularity at all.

Conservative smell blood. The big, bad bully of the Left is fat, lazy, ignorant, and unpopular. The shrill cries of feminists, the scowling frowns of professional minority leaders, the quirky opinions of oddball academics - all these offend Americans these days.

Plain spoken words are seen as smart and wise, and Newspeak phrases like "morally different" and "ethically challenged" and "multi-cultural" are understood by Americans to be cowardly talk so much a contrast to the courage of soldiers, sailors, airmen, firemen, policemen, nurses, and other heroes of the last five months.

Americans no longer feel guilty for being affluent, healthy, safe, stable, and content. We know longer care what silly excuse or ridiculous accusation is served up by our own countrymen to defend evil people who do commit unspeakable crimes. The very real danger of a thermonuclear device incinerating a million of our countrymen somehow trumps the perceived hubris of a nation which is powerful because of its goodness.

As we rally around the flag, the President, the principles of our nation, we must wander away from those who have always consider America some source of secret evil in the world (but who have shown no interest in living anywhere else). In this migration, people we once considered liberals - like Rudy Giuliani - have become simply Americans.

Is the Left, though, really collapsing? Oh, yes! Think back just a and a half-year ago, when our President was holding onto his office by the grace of a single Supreme Court Justice. Think back when Fox News was redlined out of much of America. Think back to the knowing nods of Al Gore. Think back to when Jesse Jackson was preaching to corporate America, and watching executives quiver. How things have changed since then!

How fast will the Left evaporate into nothing, leaving only the rest of us - with our naturally differing opinions and interests to keep a lively dialog - to keep America bustling? It may be quite rapidly indeed. Like the Mafia, the Left relies upon fear. Like the Kremlin under the commissars, it relies upon convincing each person with an independent mind that he is all alone.

One day the Berlin Wall was standing in all its hideous splendor, and the next day the German people tore it down. One month the last thugs of the Kremlin were rallying the nomenclatura and the "organs of state security" to crush the shoots of freedom, and the next month they were gone. The edifice of the Left is rotten to its core, bound only by fear, greed, perversion and nihilism.

Our culture has already reached the point of no return: the Left is discredited and it will collapse utterly. When? Perhaps December 2002, if Republicans gain the Senate and hold the House. Perhaps January 2003, if Castro dies and the full horrors of what the Left has been defending in Cuba becomes terribly clear. The end will come suddenly. The end will come inevitably. And the end, in all likelihood, will come much sooner than any of us hope.

Bruce Walker is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right. He is also a contributor to Citizens View, The Common Conservative, Conservative Truth and Port of Call.

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