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The comrade-assisted suicide of North American liberalism

By Michael Moriarty
web posted August 15, 2005

It began with Timothy Robbins' film Bob Roberts. Here was an American "revolutionary" artist predicting what his comrade-in-arms Norman Mailer also prophesied in his first novel, The Naked and the Dead: that an American, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant conservative would be there to literally smash these revolutionary dreams to pieces.

Others of the Edmund Wilson/American Marxist fraternity are now saying that the "beast" is the white, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant President George W. Bush himself. However, Bush, Jr. does not have the Tom Sawyer smile of Bob Roberts nor the military credentials of General Cummings. This Junior does not play a musical instrument either.

So, there are in the Bush Jr. curriculum vitae some major, missing pieces to Mailer and Robbins' prophetic profile of the giant, WASP, American Beast. Mailer's vision, spawned in the Paris Sorbonne, and Robbins' conjuration out of Warren Beatty's Soviet Hollywood have only been entirely and profoundly fulfilled by a beast that arose out of their own Democratic Party backyard. When William J. Clinton becomes the head of the Napoleonic United Nations, he will bear the title of General. All the other trappings of Bob Roberts have been his since the moment he crawled out from under the rock of Hope, Arkansas, and set his sights not only on the Kennedy Presidency but also on the very robes of Napoleon himself, the Secretary Generalship of the United Nations.

How confident of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency to help fast-track the Arkansas wunderkind right by the Mario Cuomo, into the White House and thence safely into the throne of the UN. That the family of George H.W. Bush (as the president's father is now called to avoid confusion) and the Clinton power couple have been playing volleyball with the Oval Office for 17 years is a very clear reflection of Pierre Trudeau's achievement with Bay Street Conservative Brian Mulroney (who brought Canada the hated GST – the 7% Goods and Services Tax on everything, aka the Gouge and Screw Tax). All these parties maintained the illusion of a two-party democracy while entrenching a backroom deal between capitalists and communists. And of course this was all done "to save the human race from nuclear suicide."

How thoughtful of them. How well intended, how… well, Third Way.

That this synthesis of dialectical opposites must of necessity replace any idea of a Republic, dispense with it for an increasingly centralized Federalist authority and institute an American government of the Supreme Court, by the Supreme Court and for the Supreme Court Politburo, is just acceptable collateral damage.

With success in the hundreds of billions of dollars, the American capitalist George Soros has literally become the finance adviser and minister to the UN's entire socialist federation conglomeration. What's ownership of billions when compared to the control of hundreds of trillions in and out of the banks and offshore holdings of socialist federations like Scandinavia and Canada?

Barack ObamaSoros has unequivocally named Illinois Senator Barack Obama as the man who will be the Democratic Party candidate in 2008. With Soros backing Obama and only George H.W. Bush secretly behind Hillary Clinton, I think the odds favor Soros. The ostensible power of the presidency cannot possibly compete with worldwide socialist popular opinion as represented by the UN.

Sorry, men of Crawford, Texas, you are just outgunned and certainly out-popular opinioned in the world by the Soros conglomerate. The final chapter of the Bush/Clinton agreement to pass the Oval Office from George Sr. to Bill Clinton to George Jr. and then to Hillary Clinton just won't happen, sirs.

President Obama will help the Republican Party window-dress its very bruised image much more effectively than the Leninist Hillary.

Obama recently received Time Magazine's seal of approval in the issue celebrating Abraham Lincoln as the Greatest American. This is all that the Senator really needed from the mainstream American press.

Presidential candidate Obama will coast to the 2008 campaign, appearing briefly and infrequently with charming pass-bys on the Jay Leno and David Letterman talk shows. Larry King will greet him as warmly as the medium James Van Pragh is welcomed once a month. Obama will sail to the Oval Office as America's first, African-American President.

Well, at least, that's how Chicago's Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. sees it. The University of Chicago's black think tank is there to strategize on behalf of the Napoleonic Black Hope of the basically French Revolutionary victory over the American Revolution.

Obama's obvious loyalty to Africa, his keeping an African name, is a nostalgic look back at the French Colonial Empire where the Blacks much preferred servitude on French African plantations over the anarchy of inter-tribal warfare. That France ended up the only ally of the Southern, slave-holding Confederacy is an irony, but Obama seems quite content to overlook that. He'd rather spend his time, as he did in the Time article, disparaging the Emancipation Proclamation as "more a military document than a clarion call for justice" and positing the real motives and thinking within the mind and intellect of Abe Lincoln.

To Obama and his Rainbow Coalition, slavery under a French Louisiana Confederate "Massa" has proven to be preferable over the precarious and challenging individual freedom African-Americans faced in the capitalist northern U.S. states.

The Marxist Italian film director Pier Paolo Pasolini predicted that the ultimate Napoleon would be an African-American. This may very well come true in Obama's case.

"Revolutionary" artists like Pasolini, Mailer and Robbins have an extraordinarily prophetic gift. Yet they overlooked the fact that it will be the UN's next Secretary-General Bill Clinton who will preside over a President Obama. How metaphysically blind of these Italian and American prophets to not see the Monster in their own Napoleonic Palace on the East River of Manhattan.

This is where Clint Eastwood and the Canadian liberal Paul Haggis, author of Million Dollar Baby, enter the picture. The Academy Award-winning hit was ostensibly an advertisement for euthanasia, but carries far more subconscious and subterranean secrets than meet the eye. The heroine of Million Dollar Baby is the female version of that great American Liberal careerist Bill Clinton, who is trapped in a Leninist Boxing League and Religion.

North American liberals' full recognition of the fact that their naiveté is no match for life-negating Communism will drive them to bite their tongues, as the million-dollar heroine does, cut them in two for putting their lives in danger with their careerist ambitions, and ultimately beg their comrade mentors to assist in their suicide. Once dead, the liberal heroine's mentor will just slip off into an unknown wilderness of his own, as Eastwood's boxing coach does at the end of Million Dollar Baby. If the Book of Revelations is correct, the Eastwood Liberal Elder will stay in hiding for one thousand years, after which he'll make one more run at American Democracy and then die forever.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, the TV-movie The 4400 and Hitler Meets Christ, a surreal tragicomedy based on the actor's controversial New York stage play.


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