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The inevitably Marxist zoo XIII: Smelling a rat

By Michael Moriarty
web posted August 10, 2009

Many Americans are, as they say, "smelling a rat". 

ObamaCare is scaring them.

The terror seems to emanate from this increasingly obvious euphemism: "single-payer healthcare".

The everyday American middle-class are now putting it together that not only will ObamaCare increase the deficit but that the federal government will eventually stand between most Americans and their physicians. The Obama Nation will stand as the all-important "One" that controls the purse strings … and therefore can start making all the decisions.

A human panel's -- or what's even more relevant, a Czarocracy's power over the nation's healthcare -- with the Science Czar having been a public proponent of putting sterilizing drugs in the American water supply (see my editorial, The progressive blitzkrieg)… gee … I'm also, to put it mildly, more than a bit on edge.

With mindsets like that of Science Czar John Holdren, it's not hard for me to envision the government having buried within its population-control measures a eugenics program.

I'm fairly certain that these "scientists" are using scare tactics like "global warming" … or is it now called "climate change"? At any rate, we're being terrorized into surrendering the Earth to Dr. Strangelove, to not only his science but his economics as well.

A massive and profound reshaping and redesigning of the entire human race was clearly Adolf Hitler's dream. Therefore the dreams of the fictional Dr. Strangelove and the horrifyingly real Dr. Mengele appear to be resurfacing within the fabric of the Progressive Movement's long term plans.

An entertaining but over-the-top film, The Boys From Brazil , starring Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier, lays out not only the eugenics framework for a superhuman race but the actual cloning mechanisms as well. It is a cartoon evocation of what actually arose from the turn-of-the-century, evolutionary principles of Sir Francis Galton, cousin of Charles Darwin and inventor of eugenics.

With the likes of John Holdren as a Czar in what looks less and less like a Czardom and more and more like a Soviet Politburo … a federally managed, single-payer healthcare plan is seen as the only possible way to accomplish these increasingly obvious Progressive ambitions.

The federal government of what appears to be this Progressive State must eventually stand between all doctors and their patients.

In the same way the Czardom or "Obamaburo" has taken over control of the car industry, the Obamaburo and its Head Comrade and medically experienced Head Comradess, will make all the major decisions for the medical profession -- because this Obamaburo listens first to Progressive Scientists such as John Holdren before honoring anything as mundane as a general practitioner.

To fully appreciate this one-hundred-year-old Progressive dream … of … well … "Progress" … you have to go to college, preferably an Ivy League one. Only then can you fully comprehend not only the obligatory nature of these Progressive dreams but also the long term implications inherent in them.

Contrary to the multi-millennium, Judeo-Christian Golden Rule that harmonizes mankind, what makes a Progressive universe of humanity expand … is power!

The uh … yes, the pursuit of power … for certain, select individuals … and power achieved through a Progressively forceful manipulation of the Collective, there's the Obama Czardom's or Obamaburo's formula.

With the Progressive assumption of an inherently divine or god-like power within … uh … some human beings - not others - this Progressively Elitist's Game Plan, for the American Collective particularly, will proceed … and can not proceed otherwise!

In other words, Jehovah can just, well, move out of the way … or else!!

It's the "or else" that Americans will soon be facing over the demands of the increasingly impatient, Progressive Democratic Party, its blitzkrieg-like establishment of beachheads surrounding the Stimulus, Cap 'n Trade and, yes, that all-pervasive, seminally important Healthcare bill … and the deepening deafness of its spokespersons who are running into mounting belligerence among American citizens, non-Ivy Leaguers, who … as I've said … smell a rat!

The greatest, most troubling and most telling holdouts from this megalomaniacal, worldwide plan, as we are seeing, are those Americans who not only attend "Tea Parties" but also, as I do, smell bigger rats down the road. In short, these men and women are waking up to the long term goals of the Progressive New World Order.

Read Hitler's Scientists by John Cornwell if you don't understand the implications of Progressive leadership, such as the sponsors and directors of Planned Parenthood who follow in the footsteps of a documented eugenicist, Margaret Sanger.

Or read Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism.

Given the increasingly transparent and firmly connected dotted lines of the "Apollo" plan, best revealed weekly on the daily Glenn Beck program – FOX network, 5pm, EST - given this conglomerate so centrally important to electing Barack Obama as President, this Obama Game Plan reads like a handbook for "Change" that only a fully informed, eugenics-driven, liberally fascist and Progressively Marxist power-player could not only believe in but belligerently and if necessary, militantly see put into action.

Hmmm … so far, a few, very bright people think President Obama is merely a cross between Richard Nixon's corruption and Jimmy Carter's vacillating weakness. How could he be the one to inspire the key and culminating, totalitarian climax to the 100 year old Progressive Movement's dream?

Perhaps the President will just declare, "That's the end of the nice guy!"

Hmmm … and then?

We'll see … but if the Blue Dog Democrats are lucky and the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, start seeing their names go down in history with the insanities of Obama, Pelosi and Reid … no … no, that would be asking too much.

The Clintons categorically have "passed the point of no return" when it comes to the long term goals of Progressives.

Others among the Blue Dogs, however, will come to a halt.

The coming schism within the Democratic Party will look like a parting of the Red Sea, through which the actual Chosen of America will flee to safety.

President Barack Obama, to further mix the metaphors, will prove to be not only the Achilles' heel in the entire Progressive Movement,  he will have entered as the Trojan Horse that destroys his very own City of Progress, the one I spoke of last week.

As for next week, perhaps we'll examine the Biblical Clintons. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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