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Mob rule

By Dr. M. Sidney Wallace
web posted August 10, 2009

Over the past few days, I have noticed many Democrats, the regular socialist and the blue dogs, speaking at town hall meetings.  The purpose of these meetings is to sell the proposed health care legislation pending before the Congress.  These meetings were then broadcast over television news.  The only problem was that the meetings turned into chaos as genuinely upset voters are demanding that their representatives simply read the legislation.

In the recent past, attendance at town hall meetings provided Democrat representatives an opportunity to pontificate, grand stand and make promises for more government benefits.  Discussions and questions always covered who would receive the new government largest.  The people responsible for paying for the new government program were always the evil rich. 

The meeting attendees are upset with the sweeping socialistic proposals in the pending legislation.  They have read the bill on the Internet.  They understand that the legislation will cause significant changes that will be harmful to them and their offspring.   The Democrat Representatives are incapable of answering questions because they have not read the proposed bill.  They have left the construction of the bill to the socialist in the congress and the President.  The results are the voters jeering the Representative that is playing down their fears.

Nancy Pelosi, a true socialist democrat, said that all of the bedlam is the result of Republican rabble acting as a mob.  She also said that the insurance companies were paying people to attend and disrupt the meetings.  When challenged on these points she, as usual, could not provide any details. 

Now the conservative Republicans are the ones receiving praise for their opposition to the bill. As they hold town hall meetings in their districts, the meetings are civil and the voters are polite and respectful.  The representative is not there to sell something he does not believe in. The voters are cheering because of his or her stand in opposition to the bill.

This begs a basic question.  Why are there not large unruly mobs demanding that the conservative Republicans vote for this bill?  After all the Democrat Party, the President, and the national media says the nation is so evenly split on this issue.  They say it will be best for all Americans equally.   Could it be that the American voters are finally realizing they are losing their nation to a bunch of power hungry socialist?  Maybe equality for all is out of date. 

I suggest a new national expression: equality for all that work for it. ESR

© 2009 Dr. Sidney Wallace. His web site can be found here. He can be reached here.


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