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Illegal immigration...surely contributing to America's downfall

By Felicia Benamon
web posted September 19, 2005

Illegal immigration has been a dominant topic among concerned Republicans in the fight to save our sovereignty in America. Closing the borders to protect against those who would come across our borders to commit crimes and who wish to attack Americans through terrorist activity.

Illegal immigration is an issue that, in my opinion, should have been a problem tackled soon after 911. I remember talking about closing our borders before the 911 attacks. We then learned after 911 that Middle Eastern men had been in our country taking flying lessons, intending to cause us harm, all right under our noses! Since then, the Homeland Security team has been assembled and the screening of any one coming into the US through our airports is a bit better, but our Southern border with Mexico is still wide open! This concerns me, because there has been increased terror activity to the south of the US. This falls under Homeland Security and should be an issue President Bush should be tackling head on. This is the main reason Republicans and Democrats alike, should continue to press the Bush Administration to close the borders. I'm not against those who want to make a better life for themselves, but be realistic. In a post 9/11 world, we cannot afford to let just anyone come across the border.
We are faced with so many problems stemming from illegal immigration. Heath issues, violence, and the very real fact that terror groups can just walk across the border, right into our country. I've written the President on my concerns. President Bush says that he wants to do something about border control, and has taken few steps to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants, but this is a national crisis we are facing. I wonder why President Bush does not hold talks with Mexico President Vincente Fox about providing a better life for his people. Providing jobs, better security, etc. for those in Mexico so that there isn't a dash for the border of America. America cannot stand the burden. Border cities in America have experienced an increase in violence, and the Minutemen, a group of American citizens concerned about their country, have stepped in to help the border patrol. But I feel the President should do more to back up the efforts of the Minutemen and border patrol.
My letter to the President below. I used the online format at GrassFire.org - Petition to Secure our Borders to supplement my argument. It will take citizens like us to bring to attention how concerned we are about this problem:

To Honorable President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney:

As a concerned citizen, I want to point out the many problems with Illegal Immigration. It is an overwhelming problem and an issue that needs to be addressed ASAP. Our nation is under a threat of sustaining terrorist attacks from our South. We don't know who is coming in our country. It will already add to the big problem of keeping track of terror groups already in our midst. Combine that with the wanton act of illegal immigrants practically walking over to the United States causing problems here and there. Right now, we cannot think about the fact that some people want to come here and get jobs to work, it's a health crisis, and a matter of safety for Americans living on the borders who have been attacked by illegal immigrants coming across. If we leave our borders open, we open up America to all sorts of problems that we will reap in the future. Terrorism, health problems, violence, eroding of our national identity, you name it.

I am calling on the President and leaders in Congress to establish a National Plan of Action to Secure Our Borders. Illegal immigration is a national security crisis of the highest order and also poses a long-term threat to the American way of life. I support legislative and executive efforts that embody these principles:
Secure our borders. Existing immigration laws must be enforced as an essential component of our Homeland Security.
No amnesty. Until the flow of illegal immigration is stopped, our nation should not even consider granting amnesty or other similar efforts (such as the current "temporary worker" proposal) that provide legal residency, privileges or other benefits to current illegal aliens. We have a crisis right here among the American people where illegals are extracting free medical care and benefits from ordinary Americans. We are overwhelmed here and America cannot take it much longer.
Aggressive deportation. Immediate investment in aggressive effort to deport the 12 million illegal immigrants currently within our borders – if you're caught, you are sent back.
No benefits. Erect a wall of separation between illegal aliens (and their children) and tax-dollar paid benefits reserved for U.S. citizens and legal aliens. I support H.R. 418 that prohibits illegal aliens from being issued drivers licenses and prevents terrorists from abusing the asylum laws of the United States.
No work. Stricter punishment of U.S. businesses that knowingly employ illegal aliens. Establish national database of legal immigrants to assist both public and private sectors in this effort.
English first. Legislation that establishes English as the required and preeminent language throughout the United States. Public and private sectors cannot be required to provide services in alternative languages. This is what I mean when I say that our national identity is being eroded. Many places, you cannot get a job unless you know Spanish. People of all backgrounds who seek a better life in America should assimilate. We should not try to bend over backwards for them.
Mr. President, Vice President, I am one of many concerned Americans who want to see a change in your policies regarding illegal immigration. America cannot play host to a huge illegal immigration problem. It is hurting us. I ask that you please do something about this problem ASAP. It is much appreciated.
Felicia Benamon
We have a variety of people from different backgrounds living in the United States...this is what makes America so unique. The dominant language here in America is English. Why is it then that we have to cater to a specific group of people and are encouraged to speak or learn Spanish? I now hear that ABC wants to air prime time shows Spanish. Don't get me wrong, I love learning different languages, but like many other Americans, I get upset when I have to "Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish."
If I were to visit another country in which the country's dominant language wasn't English, it would be to broaden my horizons, to immerse myself in the culture. I would not demand that English be spoken, or try to influence the country's culture in any way. It's selfish. Same goes for America. Anyone who is looking to start a better life in America, or to get a better perspective from the culture here, I say assimilate! Learn English.
Our sovereignty at stake
One thing that has had me looking on in surprise in regards to Hurricane Katrina help... Mexican troops being deployed to help Hurricane Katrina victims. Mexican troops had not been on American soil since the 1800's! So it was a shock to me that they came across the border to help. I wonder why they were here. Was it necessary? Why were they needed? We are a sovereign nation...it rubs me the wrong way when troops from other nations step on American soil. Call me patriotic or whatever, but I just feel our own troops, the greatest military in the world, are much more capable of handling disasters than any other country would. Surely, I appreciate the efforts of some countries to send aid, but not in the form of military support.
Due to an increase in crime and violence, Arizona and Texas have declared a State of Emergency along the border.  Citizens of California are concerned as well and want to follow suit. If lawmakers are declaring an emergency about illegal immigration, and are trying to get some help from Washington, I would think this should be something of concern to all of us.
Canada is not off the hook either. Terror cells abound in Canada. Canada could clamp down on terrorism a bit more and make sure their borders are secure. But I have to say...at least people aren't just walking over.

America should be a fort right now. We cannot afford a tremendous loss of life because we are negligent in protecting the borders. It's again up to us citizens to let our lawmakers know that we face a national crisis. We can't be too friendly in the effort to bring multiculturalism to America. Our enemies could easily exploit that. We must stay vigilant!

Felicia Benamon is conservative writer, blogger, and activist.  She writes for various conservative sites including TheRant.us, Michnews.com, Capitolhillcoffeehouse.com, and TheConservativeVoice.com.  You may reach Felicia at Feereports@aol.com.  Her website:  Fee's political website (c) 2005


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