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America is the home of the brave

By Alan Caruba
web posted October 22, 2001

It is time to say it. Our media, particularly the 24/7 television news, are serving the interests of the enemy, the terrorists, by feeding into our fears instead of strengthening our resolve.

Passersby read a news zipper outside the New York Post offices in New York on October 19, 2001 telling of a confirmed case of skin anthrax at the tabloid newspaper.Theirs is a short-term response to the events of September 11th and what has followed with the anthrax mailings, but I founded The National Anxiety Center in 1990 because spreading anxiety-fear--was already a well-established industry, maintained fulltime by the environmental organizations forever telling us that the earth was doomed, the water was undrinkable, the ozone was disappearing, the forests were disappearing, urban sprawl was destroying all the open space, ad infinitum. Their colleagues in this endeavor were and are the print and broadcast media of this nation.

If we weren't being assaulted by Green lies, we heard from yet another group, the so-called consumer advocates, who told us that everything we ate was dangerous whether it was movie house popcorn or Chinese food. We were told we would get brain cancer from the wires that transmit electricity to our homes and workplaces or from using our cell phones. Even playgrounds, we were informed, were horribly dangerous for children.

We've been under attack by the animal rights lunatics that would forbid us from having a pet dog, cat, bird or fish. No circuses. No rodeos. No zoos. These terrorists have been attacking university and commercial laboratories where the quest for cures to disease have suffered grievous losses.

Hardly a day has gone by without being told about breast cancer or prostrate cancer or some cancer. President Nixon declared "war" on cancer in the 1970's and it would appear that this war has been painfully slow in delivering on its promise. Most certainly, the war on drugs has been a losing proposition.

Now we are in a new war and this one is fought by terrorists. Our response is bombs and bullets. As a nation, we have been brainwashed to want to fight wars without casualties. It can't be done. If you want the military to wage war on those who want to kill you, some of our own will die in the process.

This is the oldest lesson of war. Worse, we are trying to fight the new one with a totally feminized military where the men are more fearful of some soldier or sailor in skirts charging sexual harassment than they are of an armed enemy.

In short, we have become a nation of wimps and sissies, afraid of everything because we have been deluged for decades with warnings, warnings and more warnings that everything we eat, drink and breathe will kill us. I have some news for you, the average life expectancy of Americans has actually increased-again-to 77 years of age. We are not dying like flies, we are living longer than ever.

Some of us, however, did die. On September 11th they did so in dastardly and cowardly acts perpetrated by Arab Muslims, mostly from Saudi Arabia. So what was the first response to this? A plea that we understand that Islam is a "peace loving" religion and that we not, heaven forbid, "profile" Arabs as potentially terrorists. Okay, there are many Arab-Americans who are as patriotic as you or I, but there are an unknown number, perhaps in the thousands, who are here illegally, who need to be rounded up and deported. That goes for the rest of the Arabs here as tourists or on student visas. Too bad if it disrupts their plans. We are at war!

You want to stop being afraid? Stop listening to the people who, for years, have been telling you that global warming is more dangerous than al Qaeda and the dozen other crazed terrorist groups functioning in the United States and elsewhere around the world. There is no global warming. The earth hasn't warmed in the past half century.

You want to stop being afraid? Get a damned annual medical checkup and do what your doctor tells you to do. Watch your diet. Don't smoke. All those sensible things you already know about.

You want to stop being afraid? Write to your senators and representatives in Congress and tell them to give law enforcement and our intelligence agencies the manpower and the money to really do the job. Write and say you want our military funded fully. Tell them you want President Bush's missile shield.

You want to stop being afraid? Arm the pilots of commercial airliners. Most are former military personnel and trained in the use of small arms. Instead of putting planeloads of totally defenseless people into the air, let's have the option of killing a hijacker before he kills everyone else on the plane. Let's tighten up security in our airports 100%.

You want to stop being afraid? Let's make it a lot harder for terrorists to drive across the borders of Canada or Mexico without being tracked wherever they or anyone else goes in the nation. Let's tighten our immigration laws and let's deport every single illegal alien living in this nation. The estimate ranges from six to eleven million of them.

You want to stop being afraid? Make sure our military gets what it needs to fight the enemies of America, to take and hold whatever territory we want.

Bring back Selective Service so that every eligible young American has the opportunity and the privilege to serve his nation. George Washington was a citizen soldier, along with everyone else who volunteered to fight our Revolution. Let's put an end to a military composed of an underclass of people who might not have been able to attend college or had other opportunities available to a bunch of middle and upper class kids. It used to be that, if you were an American of age to serve in the military, you were expected to do your duty!

You want to stop being afraid? Demand that the United States tap its own oil reserves in Alaska and off the coasts of California and Florida, among other places. There's enough oil in Alaska to render us independent of Saudia Arabia for three decades or longer. And then let's encourage the development of new coal mines. This nation gets nearly half its electrical energy from coal and we have huge, untapped reserves of it, some of which was put off limits by that noted draft-dodger, William Clinton. Let's make it easier to tap and transmit natural gas as well.

You want to stop being afraid? Let's build more nuclear energy plants to provide the US with energy that is not dependent on imported oil and which is good for the environment because it does not emit any pollution at all.

You want to stop being afraid? Shut down the Department of Education so your children can actually begin to get an education instead of a socialist indoctrination.

You want to stop being afraid? Shut down the Environmental Protection Agency so it can't wage endless war on the economic heartbeat of this nation, its manufacturing, agricultural, and transportation capabilities.

Want to stop being afraid? Let's get out of the United Nations and let this enemy of the United States implode without us to keep it going with our dues, our military, our diplomatic support for what is little more than an organization that intends to strip us of our Constitution and our national sovereignty.

In short, we need to unleash America's power to defend itself and punish its enemies. We need to take off the Green straightjacket and create new businesses and to grow existing ones to compete in the global marketplace. Let's put Americans back to work.

Let's demonstrate that democracy and freedom is our gift to the rest of the world. God bless America! Home of the brave!

Alan Caruba writes a weekly column, "Warning Signs", posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center. The Center has just published "A Pocket Guide to Militant Islam", available direct from (c) Alan Caruba, 2001 All rights reserved.

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